There are three suites of plates in direct dialogue with each other : Callot, Goya and Dix. Jacques Callot’s oeuvre Les Grands misères de la guerre is known for its complexity as well as for the barbarism of the images depicting the 30 Years War. Goya saw Callot as an influence for his early 19th-century description of the misery brought about by the Napoleonic wars. After serving in World War I, Otto Dix was inspired by Goya when composing his own set of 50 plates. The other suites of plates in the show, one by Jean Forain and the other by Louis Jou, do not directly reference Goya nor Callot, although both printmakers most likely would have been aware of their work.

Plate 44, "Yo lo vi," from Los desastres de la guerra

Francisco Goya

Madrid: Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, 1892

alcNE2062.25G6A65 1892 Rare Books

Gift of the Library Society