IV. Gay Liberation Movement; Gay Rights; Law; Politics

76. Gay Liberation Movement--general and United States

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Gay rights--History/Gay men--Political activity/Lesbians--Political activity.

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"The Gay Activists Alliance was founded in December, 1969, by a group of men and women who were dissatisfied with the direction of the Gay Liberation Front, which had emerged half a year earlier in the immediate wake of the Stonewall Riots. GAA rapidly became the largest and most visible gay organization in New York... The GAA papers contain the minutes of meetings, internal and general correspondence, and large amounts of ephemera." -- Publisher's brochure.

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"Founded in Los Angeles in 1950 by Harry Hay, The Mattachine Society was the first major gay organization in the United States.... In 1955, a New York chapter of the Mattachine Society was founded. Five years later it was the largest gay rights group in the United States. After 1965 the organization assumed a more outspoken posture. It fought to establish the civil rights of gays, defended men arrested on morals charges and protested the continual police practice of harassing gay bars. The ... papers reflect the vigorous and at times acrimonious debate among its members. They also contain an extensive, and frequently poignant, correspondence with gay men and lesbians throughout the United States, as well as the minutes of meetings, memoranda, and ephemera." -- Publisher's brochure.

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Homosexuality/Gay liberation movement--History.

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"The Gay Activists Alliance was founded in December, 1969, by a group of men and women who were dissatisfied with the direction of the Gay Liberation Front, which had emerged half a year earlier in the immediate wake of the Stonewall Riots. GAA rapidly became the largest and most visible gay organization in New York... The GAA papers contain the minutes of meetings, internal and general correspondence, and large amounts of ephemera." -- Publisher's brochure.

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"Founded in Los Angeles in 1950 by Harry Hay, The Mattachine Society was the first major gay organization in the United States.... In 1955, a New York chapter of the Mattachine Society was founded. Five years later it was the largest gay rights group in the United States. After 1965 the organization assumed a more outspoken posture. It fought to establish the civil rights of gays, defended men arrested on morals charges and protested the continual police practice of harassing gay bars. The ... papers reflect the vigorous and at times acrimonious debate among its members. They also contain an extensive, and frequently poignant, correspondence with gay men and lesbians throughout the United States, as well as the minutes of meetings, memoranda, and ephemera." -- Publisher's brochure.

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Reproduction of original in Thomason Collection, British Library.

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Vol. 2 contains ca. 45 poems on sodomy written during 1730.

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85. Decriminalization of homosexual acts

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