VI. Economic Affairs

90. Gays in the workplace; gays as consumers

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Sexual orientation/Personnel management/Diversity in the workplace.

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Gays--Employment--Law and legislation--United States/Discrimination in employment--Law and legislation--United States.

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Sex discrimination in employment--Law and legislation--Canada/Discrimination sexuelle dans l'emploi--Droit--Canada.

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Lesbians--Civil rights--United States/Gays--Civil rights--United States/Sex discrimination in employment--Law and legislation--United States.

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Discrimination in employment--United States/Gay men--Employment--United States/Lesbians--Employment--United States.

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Pt. 1. Introduction. Ch. 1. Some Historical Perspective / Louis Diamant -- Pt. 2. Corporate Outlook. Ch. 2. Lesbian and Gay Concerns in Career Development / John E. Elliott. Ch. 3. Hiring, Firing, and Promoting / Jo Ann Lee and Roger G. Brown -- Pt. 3. Special Places, Special Roles. Ch. 4. Stigma and Honor: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual People in the U.S. Military / Clinton W. Anderson and H. Ron Smith. Ch. 5. Homosexuality and the Church / J. R. McSpadden, Jr. Ch. 6. The Helping Professions: Attitudes Toward Homosexuality / Richard D. McAnulty. Ch. 7. And Gladly Teach: Lesbian and Gay Issues in Education / Ruth E. Fassinger. Ch. 8. Homosexual Relationships in a Unique Setting: The Male Prison / Gary Thomas Long. Ch. 9. The Homosexual Athlete / Robert L. Barret -- Pt. 4. Aids in the Workplace. Ch. 10. Risk Perception and HIV Legal Issues in the Workplace / Nancy L. Roth and Judith Carman. Ch. 11. Human Resources: Policies and Practices / Sue Margaret Norton and Kim Buch. Ch. 12. Mental Health Issues and the Worker with AIDS: The Impact of Work on Psychological Functioning in Men with HIV Disease / Michael W. Ross -- Pt. 5. The Individual and the Organization: Social-Psychological Issues in the Workplace. Ch. 13. Special Problems of Older Gay Employees / Jo Ann Lee. Ch. 14. Personal Reflections on Coming Out, Prejudice, and Homophobia in the Academic Workplace / Ritch C. Savin-Williams. Ch. 15. Threat, Stress, and Adjustment: Mental Health and the Workplace for Gay and Lesbian Individuals / John C. Gonsiorek.

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Homosexuality--United States/Gays--Employment--United States.

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Ch. 1. Premises -- Ch. 2. Why Gay People Come Out -- Ch. 3. What it Means to Be Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual -- Ch. 4. How Gay People Come Out -- Ch. 5. Homophobia and Heterosexism -- Ch. 6. What Gay Employees Want -- Ch. 7. Common Questions -- Ch. 8. A Model Workshop.

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Homosexuality--United States/Gays--Employment--United States.

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1. Dimensions of the Closet -- 2. The Asexual Professional -- 3. The Sexual Double Standard -- 4. Playing It Straight -- 5. Maintaining Boundaries -- 6. Dodging the Issue -- 7. Coming Out, Moving On -- 8. Dismantling the Closet -- Appendix: The Study.

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Gay men--Employment--United States/Corporate culture--United States/Sex in the workplace--United States/Professional employees--United States.

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Partial contents: Ch. 22. Sexual Orientation: A Workforce Diversity Issue / Mark G. Kaplan and Jay H. Lucas -- Ch. 23. The Invisible Minority: Emancipating Gays and Lesbians in the Workplace / AndreAnna Jovan.

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Minorities--Employment--United States--Case studies/Organizational change--United States--Case studies/Multiculturalism--United States--Case studies.

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Includes index.

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Vocational guidance for gays--United States/Corporations--United States/Job hunting--United States/Gays--Employment--United States.

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1. What can be Done? Sexual Diversity and Labor Unions in Perspective / Gerald Hunt -- 2. No Longer Outsiders: Labor's Response to Sexual Diversity in Canada / Gerald Hunt -- 3. Fighting it Out in Canadian Courts / Cynthia Petersen -- 4. A Short History of Lesbian and Gay Labor Activism in the United States / Christian Arthur Bain -- 5. Lesbian and Gay Caucuses in the U.S. Labor Movement / Miriam Frank -- 6. Domestic Partner Health Benefits: The Corporate Model vs. the Union Model / Desma Holcomb -- 7. The Limits to Union: Labor, Gays and Lesbians, and Marriage in Hawai'i / Jonathan Goldberg-Hiller -- 8. Silence at Work: Trade Unions, Gender, and Sexual Diversity in the South Pacific / Jacqueline Leckie -- 9. Sexual Identity and the Australian Labor Movement in Historical Perspective / Shane Ostenfeld -- 10. At a Turning Point: Organized Labor, Sexual Diversity, and the New South Africa / Mazibuko K. Jara, Naomi Webster and Gerald Hunt -- 11. On the Fringes of the New Europe: Sexual Diversity Activism and the Labor Movement / David Rayside -- 12. Labor Unions and Sexual Diversity in Germany / Ronald Holzhacker -- 13. British Trade Unions and Sexual Diversity: Survey Evidence Since the 1980s / Phil Greasley -- 14. Moving Forward in Unison: Lesbian and Gay Self-Organization in Action / Fiona Colgan -- 15. Laboring for Rights in Global Perspective / Gerald Hunt.

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Gays--Employment--Case studies/Lesbians--Employment--Case studies/Labor union democracy--Case studies/Sexual orientation/Gay rights.

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Gays--Employment--United States/Gay labor union members--United States--Political activity/Gay liberation movement--United States/Gay rights--United States/Civil rights--United States/Coming out (Sexual orientation)--United States.

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Center for Labor and Employment Law at NYU School of Law -- Partial contents: 6. Sexual Harassment and Sexual Favoritism in the "Gay Nineties" / Elise M. Bloom and Michelle E. Phillips. Ch. 7. Commentary on Leonard, Same-Sex Harassment / Michael A. Curley.

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Sexual harassment--United States/Sexual harassment--Law and legislation--United States/Sexual harassment of women--United States/Sex discrimination in employment--United States.

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Foreword / Janeen Arnold Costa -- Introduction / Daniel L. Wardlow -- We're here, we're queer, and we're going shopping! / Lisa Peñaloza -- Gift-giving among gay men / Margaret Rucker, Anthony Freitas, Oscar Huidor -- Mainstream legitimization of homosexual men through Valentine's Day gift-giving and consumption rituals / Peter J. Newman, Michelle R. Nelson -- Desire and deviate nymphos : performing inversion(s) as a lesbian consumer / sidney matrix -- Communities, commodities, cultural space, and style / Anthony Freitas, Susan Kaiser, Tania Hammidi -- Appearance and self-presentation research in gay consumer cultures / Nancy A. Rudd -- "Excuse me, sir? May I help you and your boyfriend?" : salespersons' differential treatment of homosexual and straight customers / Andrew W. Walters, Maria-Cristina Curran -- Discrimination against same-sex couples in hotel reservation policies / David A. Jones -- The effect of homosexual imagey in advertising on attitude toward the ad / Subodh Bhat, Thomas W. Leigh, Daniel L. Wardlow -- The social marketing of Project ARIES : overcoming challenges in recruiting gay and bisexual males for HIV prevention counseling / Douglass S. Fisher ... [et al.] -- Marketing to the homosexual (gay) market / M. Wayne DeLozier, Jason Rodrigue -- Some comments on "Marketing to the homosexual (gay) market ... " / Subodh Bhat -- Out of the closet and into the marketplace : meeting basic needs in the gay community / John E. Bowes.

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