XII. Religion

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130. Christianity -- General

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United Methodist Church (U.S.)/Twenty-first century.

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Foreword / Leontine T. C. Kelly -- Introduction: The Loyal Opposition / Tex Sample -- One of These Days / Amy E. DeLong -- 1. "The Loyal Opposition" and Scripture / Victor Paul Furnish -- 2. Unity with Integrity in God's Mission / Roy I. Sano -- 3. Homosexuality and the Church: Evangelical Commitment and Prophetic Responsibility / Dwight W. Vogel -- 4. Homosexuality and the Social Principles / E. Dale Dunlap -- 5. Homosexual Unions and the Social Principles: Blessing the Incompatible? / L. Edward Phillips -- 6. The Last Prejudice / Gilbert Haven Caldwell -- 7. "The Journey": A Sermon / Jeanne Audrey Powers -- 8. Resisting the Church on Homosexuality / Barbara B. Troxell -- 9. That's the Dumbest Thing I've Ever Heard! A Sermon on Resisting Invisibility / Susan Laurie -- 10. A Journey Toward Authenticity / Terry L. Norman -- 11. Dedicated, Disciplined Dissenters: Ecclesiastical Disobedience and Doctrinal Faithfulness / Ignacio Castuera -- 12. Ecclesial Disobedience as a Spiritual Discipline / Joretta L. Marshall -- 13. Conscience and Ecclesial Disobedience / J. Philip Wogaman -- 14. Friendly to Liberty? / John Kruse -- Conclusion:Razing the Roof / Amy E. DeLong -- App. A. Frequently Cited Paragraphs from The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church -- App. B. 1998 Judicial Council Ruling -- App. C. Bishop Tuell's Response to the Greg Dell Case -- App. D. A Madison Affirmation: On Homosexuality and Christian Faith.

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United Methodist Church (U.S.)/Homosexuality--Religious aspects--United Methodist Church (U.S.).

3075. Wood, James R. Where the Spirit leads : the evolving views of United Methodists on homosexuality. Nashville: Abingdon Press, c2000. 144 p.

Introduction: Sleeping or Watching? -- 1. Seeing Our Differences. The Denver Fifteen. The Controversy over Homosexuality in the UMC. United Methodists and Abortion. Who Would Leave Us over the Issue of Homosexuality? A Crisis for Methodism -- 2. Claiming Our Heritage. Biblical Religion That Is Experienced. The Appreciation of Theological and Social Diversity. Geographical and Social Outreach. The Connection. Social Action as an Expression of Biblical Faith. Signs of Unity -- 3. Talking About the Bible. The Early Church as an Exampe. Imagined Correspondence with the Apostle Paul. Meeting the Living Christ. Taking Culture into Account -- 4. Opening Our Minds. A Lost Evangelical Virtue. All the World's Knowledge. God's Continuing Revelation. Challenging Others to Think -- 5. Enlarging Our Circles. The Bible's Mandate. A Sociological Truth. How Their Circles of Friendship Influence Delegates. The Uniqueness of The United Methodist Church. Points of View. Opening to the Holy Spirit -- 6. Honoring Our Agreements. Reaching Our Agreements. Enforcing Our Agreements.tMinistering to the World. Living with Our Disagreements -- 7. A Time to Lead. Culture Change. God Calls The United Methodist Church. Signs of Waking. A Vision of the Future. Emerging Agreements. A Cloud of Witnesses.

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United Methodist Church (U.S.)/Homosexuality--Religious aspects--United Methodist Church (U.S.).