XX. Literature Appendix

This appendix comprises only a portion of the Library's substantial holdings of literary works with gay, lesbian, or bisexual themes. To be comprehensive, it would have been necessary to check lists of lesbian and gay authors as well as bibliographies of imaginative literature with gay and lesbian themes against the Library's catalogs. Unfortunately, this labor-intensive process was impossible within the limits of this guide's preparation.

This compilation includes only titles retrieved by searching the online catalog for entries with gay, lesbian, bisexual, homosexual, queer, and similar terms in their subject headings or titles. This is relatively successful in identifying anthologies, but less useful for finding works by single authors. This is because library cataloging has only recently begun to include subject descriptions for works of fiction and has inconsistently included demographic identifications of authors.

Readers seeking fuller holdings should check the Library's catalogs for works and authors listed in the bibliographies in the first section below, as well as the following list:

Contemporary Literary Authors of Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Interest Writing in Western European Languages

178. Bibliographies

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179. International Collections -- General

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On order.

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180. International Collections -- Fiction

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The Relative Bargain / George Ilsley -- Hurt Me, Mi Amor / Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco -- jean marc did i evr tell yu / Bill Bissett -- Archaeology / D. Travers Scott -- Torque / Stephen Beachy -- Part of the Oral Tradition / David Dakar -- Brucie Bashes Back / Wes Hartley -- Immigration / Andy Quan -- Death by Bricolage / Aldo Alvarez -- A Matter of Four Pages / John McFarland -- A Rare Moment of Clarity / Craig Takeuchi -- one of your own / A. E. Christopher -- The War Over Jane Fonda / Robert Patrick -- A Letter to My Friend Maeve I'll Never Send / William J. Mann -- Officer's Son / Michael Bendzela -- Breathe the Air / Richard Schimpf -- Papers / Jim Provenzano -- The Man in Milwaukee / Rick R. Reed -- Astray / Tom Musbach -- Bea / Michael V. Smith -- Nomads / Blaine Marchand -- The Truth About Love / Patrick Roscoe -- Jay Wanted to See Angels / Michael Gregg Michaud -- Letter to a Wound / Reinald Shepherd -- Parker's Tractors / Michael Ritter -- Keeping Track / Charles Derry -- Secular Confessions / Tamas Dobozy -- Bus Stop / Townsand Price-Spratlen -- Blood Brothers / Duane Williams -- Dominatrix / Patrick Evans -- Bath, Towel / R. M. Vaughan -- The Boy Who Had Breasts / Jeff Richardson.

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181. International Collections -- Poetry

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182. International Collections -- Drama

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Translated from the French. The function / Jean-Marie Besset -- A tower near Paris / Copi -- Grand finale / Copi -- The return of the young Hippolytus / Hervé Dupuis -- Ancient boys / Jean-Claude van Itallie -- The lives and deaths of Miss Shakespeare -- Liliane Wouters.

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183. Classical and Medieval Literature

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184. American Lesbian & Gay Collections: General

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From Jennifer Blowdryer to Nightmare on Elm Street III / Steve Abbott -- Colder than her eyes / Dorothy Allison -- The furies / Hilton Als -- Dry ice / D-L Alvarez -- Sex fantasy #68 yo ho ho / Daniel Babcock -- Dykes to watch out for / Alison Bechdel -- Burning furnace of charity, abyss of all virtues / Brian Bouldrey -- May I take your order, motherfucker? / Lily Braindrop -- From Francesca's story / Elizabeth Brownrigg -- Slipping / Pat Califia -- Myself sexual / Vaginal Creme Davis -- Dumb bitch deserves to die / Paraleptix -- My community / Robert Gluck -- Sleepy hollow / Richard Hawkins -- Fairy tales / Scott Heim -- Turkey / Richard House -- Six six six rrims / Hudson -- Visitor from darkness / Dennis Hunter -- Fool's love / Bo Huston -- Reproduction / Gary Indiana -- Ex-Catholics do it better / Diviana Ingravallo -- First timer / Michael Jones. Date patrol / Jeffrey Kennedy -- If Kenneth Halliwell had been born 25 years later in America and had never met the famous playwright, Joe Orton / Benjamin Keyser -- Spreadeagle / Kevin Killian -- Dahling / Kate Knuth -- Fag city USA / Larry-bob -- Excerpt, untitled (silence) / Eric Latzky -- Easter Island / Craig Lee -- Robin / Eileen Myles -- The naked lunch / Johnny Noxema, G.B. Jones, Jena von Brucker -- The spouse / Achy Obejas -- A volley of alphabets / Suzette Partido -- The acension of Robert Mapplethorpe / Robin Podolsky -- Dogs have armpits too / Kathleen Ritchey -- Surrender / Sarah Schulman -- Glen's homophobia newsletter / David Sedaris -- Free for the asking / Ken Siman -- From How to kill her / Ana Simo -- The abduction / Craig Smith -- My first time with a F2M-transsexually-surgically-made hermaphrodite / Annie Sprinkle -- It's a wig / David Trinidad -- Boys in prison / Matias Viegener -- Sugar/cookie / Joe Westmoreland -- Elegy for Andy Gibb / Danielle Willis -- Cinderella's hunger.

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185. American Lesbian Collections: General

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