34 variables



for a dbf file with tract-level data for the 34 variables. Of course, you can also use this file to make thematic maps of the Chicago area. Just "join" it with a tract-level boundary file, using STFID as the joining variable.

Here is a data-dictionary for this file. The author of this file is: Map Collection, University of Chicago Library.

Variable name Description
STFID census tract identifier
TRACTNAME census tract description
DENS_PSQKM population per square kilometer
PERSPHOUS persons per household
PCTAFAM percent non-Hispanic African-American/black
PCTASPAC percent non-Hispanic Asian/Pacific
PCTHISP percent Hispanic/Latino
PCT_LT18 percent less than 18
PCT18_29 percent 18-29
PCT30_49 percent 30-49
PCT50_64 percent 50-64
PCT_65UP percent 65+
Z0PLUSHOUS percent occupied housing units in buildings with 10 or more housing units
SINGFAMH percent occupied housing units that are single-family houses
FEMHEADHH percent households female-headed
MARCOUPHH percent households including married couple
PUBTRANS percent workers 16+ using public transit to travel to work
COLLDEGR percent population with college degree
UNEMPL percent workers 16+ unemployed
OWNOCC percent households owner-occupied
NOCAR percent households with no vehicle
POLISH percent Polish ancestry
ITALIAN percent Italian ancestry
RENT median rent of rented housing units
HOUSVAL median value of owner-occupied housing units
HHINC median household income
PCAPINC per capita income
YEARBILT mean year housing built
PCTNONFM percent households "non-family"
LINGISOL percent "linguistically isolated"
FORBORN percent foreign born
PROFMANAG percent workers 16+ professional/managerial
PUBASST percent population on public assistance
RUSSIAN percent Russian ancestry
WHITE percent non-Hispanic white
SAMESEXP percent households with same-sex partner