Indexes for 6- and 25-inch maps of Ireland

This page provides access to indexes for older six-inch (1:10,560) and twenty-five inch (1:2,500) maps of Ireland held at the University of Chicago Map Collection. Indexes are by county. Each index shows holdings for both sets.


Antrim County
Carlow County
Cavan County
Clare County
Cork County
Donegal County
Down County
Dublin County
Galway County
Kerry County
Kildare County
Kilkenny County
King's County
Leitrim County
Limerick County
Londonberry County
Longford County
Louth County
Mayo County
Meath County
Monaghan County
Queen's County
Rosscommon County
Sligo County
Tipperary County
Waterford County
Westmeath County
Wexford County
Wicklow County