Something's Brewing

Something's Brewing: The Art, Science and Technology of Beer Brewing
The John Crerar Library, The University of Chicago
January 8 - March 31, 2007

(this exhibit is no longer on display)

About the Exhibit

There is more to brewing than barley and hops. Beverages have been brewed from beans, oatmeal, honey, molasses, rye, wheat, old bread, and even whole chickens. Ancient Egyptians, medieval monks, and Chicago city founders have all practiced the art of brewing.

The Crerar Library’s latest exhibit, Something's Brewing: The Art, Science and Technology of Brewing, explores the development of brewing, from the ancient Sumerians’ rice-based beverages to the rise and fall of the Chicago brewing industry.


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Selected Bibliography of Additional References on Beer and Brewing Selected Primarily from the John Crerar Library

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This exhibit was created by Andrea Twiss-Brooks and Deb Werner, the John Crerar Library

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