Humor & Science October 2002-March 2003

* This exhibit is no longer on display

About the Exhibit

The nature of the scientific mind may be discovered in elegant mathematical expressions and beautifully designed experiments, and also perhaps by reading "Drool science" or Robert Bakers, "A stress analysis of a strapless evening gown". Our exhibit has chosen this second discovery route by examining examples of scientist's humor and humor with a science theme. Our exhibit's contributors include Chicago faculty and students as well as our own collection of jokes, cartoons, and funny bone-tickling stories.

The exhibit was on display from October 1, 2002 to March 31, 2003 in the atrium of the John Crerar Library at the University of Chicago.


We received wonderful suggestions! Thank you to everyone who contributed - you certainly made us chuckle.

A very special thank you to our Faculty Member who graciously posed for the "funny scientist" picture on the main poster board. The picture makes the exhibit complete!

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please contact Barbara Kern at 773-702-8717 or



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