Kathleen Zar

Small-Scale, High-Impact Renovations: Redesigning Library Spaces on a Budget

Inaugural Kathleen A. Zar Symposium -- Friday, May 8, 2009

The John Crerar Library at the University of Chicago

 About the Symposium

Small-scale or modular renovations of existing library spaces are becoming increasingly common. Are you thinking about creating new group study space in your library? Reconfigured stacks areas for new purposes? Do you want to learn from colleagues how to collaborate with other units on your campus to pool resources to create small but effective teaching and learning areas in your library? Or  to use patron input to guide your small-scale changes? Do you want to add interesting technology to your spaces at a moderate cost? How can you reimagine  your library on a shoestring budget? This one day symposium featured a mix of oral presentations, question and answer sessions, and networking opportunities. The symposium was held in the Kathleen A. Zar Room at the University of Chicago‚Äôs John Crerar Library.  The room itself is a local example of a small-scale library renovation project.

Final Detailed Program

See a list of presentations and abstracts, descriptions of posters, and a schedule for the day with links to videos of the presentations. 

Symposium Presentation Videos

Quicktime video files of the presentations made during the symposium are available from the University of Chicago's Mind Online website.  Mind Online presents a collection of thought-provoking samples from the University's intellectual life, both past and present.

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