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    Blind, Karl. Collection

    Karl Blind (1826 –1907) was a German-born revolutionary and author. This collection contains six letters written by Blind in 1870, mostly to a Mr. Dixon.

    Hunt, Leigh, and Craik Family. Collection

    Leigh Hunt (1784-1859) English critic, essayist, poet, and writer. George Lillie Craik (1798-1866), Scottish writer and literary critic; Jannette Craik (1791), George’s spouse; and Mary Craik (1826-1887), English novelist and poet. This collection contains correspondence between members of the Craik family and Leigh Hunt, probably written from 1849 to 1889.

    Johnson, Oliver. Collection

    Oliver Johnson (1809-1889) American abolitionist and avid follower of fellow abolitionist and social reformer William Lloyd Garrison. The collection includes letters sent by Johnson to Garrison’s sons, Francis Jackson Garrison, and “William,” presumed to be Garrison’s namesake son, William Lloyd Garrison II, regarding the biography Johnson wrote about Garrison.

    Land Grants. Collection

    The Land Grant Collection contains official documents from the General Land Office of the United States government from 1837-1844. These land grants were provided through the Land Act of 1820, enabling individuals to purchase public domain land from the government through credit or installment systems.

    Lincoln, Robert Todd. Collection

    Robert Todd Lincoln (1843 –1926) first son of President Abraham Lincoln and a politician, lawyer, and businessman. The collection contains two letters written by Lincoln and five documents signed by Lincoln as President James Garfield’s Secretary of War.

    Meynell, Alice. Collection

    Alice Christiana Gertrude Meynell (1847-1922) English writer, editor, critic, suffragist and poet. The collection contains ten letters sent by Meynell to a Mrs. Burchett. The letters are believed to have been written before 1877.

    Nickerson, Aaron. Collection

    Aaron Nickerson was a settler who moved to Texas from the northern states shortly after the Texas Revolution and the creation of the Republic of Texas (1836-1845). The collection includes letters he sent to Lizzie Swartwout, a Michigan woman from 1839 to1860.

    Pinero, Arthur Wing. Collection

    Arthur Wing Pinero (1855 1934) English actor and playwright. The collection contains four letters from Pinero to Moy Thomas, editor of the Daily Mail, regarding the production of Pinero’s plays, including Sweet Lavender and The Second Mrs. Tanqueray.