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Guide to the Archival Biographical File circa 1890-2010

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Descriptive Summary


Archival Biographical Files


circa 1890-2010


1300 files


Special Collections Research Center
University of Chicago Library
1100 East 57th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60637 U.S.A.


The Archival Biographical File was established in order to organize and make accessible information on faculty members, officers, trustees, staff members, and other individuals related to the University.The materials have been received from many sources, although the largest portion has come from the Office of University News and Information and its predecessors.

Information on Use


The collection is open for research


When quoting material from this collection, the preferred citation is: When quoting material from this collection, the preferred citation is: [File title], Archival Biographical Files, Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library

Scope Note

The Archival Biographical File was established in order to organize and make accessible information on faculty members, officers, trustees, staff members, and other individuals related to the University.The materials have been received from many sources, although the largest portion has come from the Office of University News and Information and its predecessors.No attempt is made by the Archives to systematically collect biographical information on all members of the University community, but appropriate items are filed here as they are received.

The file includes biographical data sheets, curriculum vitae, obituaries, press releases, articles, and news clippings.Some folders also contain small amounts of letters and other original manuscripts.With a few exceptions, the file does not contain information on students or alumni, unless they have some other affiliation with the University.

Book-length biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs are listed in a separate inventory, "Archival Biographical Monographs."

New materials are regularly received and added to the file.This listing will be updated periodically to reflect any changes.

The Archives has many other resources for obtaining information on faculty and staff members of the University, including official publications, records of departments and offices, and papers of individuals.Please consult a member of the Archival staff for further assistance.

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Subject Headings


Series I: A-B

Folder A, general
Folder Abbott, Edith, 1
Folder Abbott, Edith, 2
Folder Abbott, Grace, 1
Folder Abbott, Grace, 2
Folder Abbott, Nabia
Folder Adair, Fred L.
Folder Adams, James Luther
Folder Adams, Olga
Folder Adams, Robert McCormick
Folder Adams, Ruth
Folder Adams, William E.
Folder Adams, Wright
Folder Addams, Jane
Folder Adler, Katherine Keith
Folder Adler, Mortimer
Folder Albert, A. Adrian
Folder Albright, Evelyn May
Folder Alderton, Walker Moore
Folder Alexander, Mary D.
Folder Allee, Warder Clyde
Folder Allen, Danielle
Folder Allen, Greer
Folder Allen, J. Garrott
Folder Allen, Philip Schuyler
Folder Allison, Samuel K.
Folder Alonso, Amado
Folder Alschuler, Rose Haas
Folder Althoff, Friedrich
Folder Altrocchi, Rudolph
Folder Alving, Alf S.
Folder Ames, Edward Scribner
Folder Ames, Van Meter
Folder Anania, Michael
Folder Anastapolo, George
Folder Anders, Edward
Folder Anderson, C. Arnold
Folder Anderson, Harold A.
Folder Anderson, Herbert L.
Folder Anderson, J. Kyle
Folder Andrade, Manuel J.
Folder Angell, James R.
Folder Arciniegas, Germán
Folder Arendt, Hannah
Folder Arnett, Trevor
Folder Asada, Eiji
Folder Ashby, Eric
Folder Asher, Aaron
Folder Atwood, Wallace Walter
Folder Aubrey, Edwin Ewart
Folder Axline, Virginia Mae
Folder Ba-Bi, general
Folder Bachmeyer, Arthur C.
Folder Bald, Robert Cecil
Folder Baldridge, Cyrus Leroy
Folder Banda, Hastings Kamuzu
Folder Banfield, Edward C.
Folder Barnard, Edward Emerson
Folder Barnes, Charles Reid
Folder Barrett, Charles Sanborn
Folder Barron, E. S. Guzman
Folder Barrows, Harlan H.
Folder Barrows, John Henry
Folder Barth, Karl
Folder Bartky, Walter
Folder Bartlett, Frederic Clay
Folder Baskervill, Charles Read
Folder Baum, Herb
Folder Bay, Emmet B.
Folder Bay, Jens
Folder Beadle, George Wells, 1
Folder Beadle, George Wells, 2
Folder Beadle, George Wells, 3
Folder Beadle, Muriel
Folder Beal, John M.
Folder Beals, Ralph
Folder Bean, Donald
Folder Beauchamp, Wilbur L.
Folder Beaumont, William
Folder Beaver, Robert Pierce
Folder Beck, Charlton T.
Folder Beck, Robert N.
Folder Becker, Gary S.
Folder Beeson, Charles H.
Folder Bell, Laird
Folder Bellow, Saul, 1
Folder Bellow, Saul, 2
Folder Benes, Eduard
Folder Bennett, H. Stanley
Folder Benny, Mark
Folder Bensinger, Benjamin E.
Folder Benton, William
Folder Berelson, Bernard
Folder Bergman, Edwin A.
Folder Bergman, Lindy
Folder Berwanger, Jay, 1
Folder Berwanger, Jay, 2
Folder Bethe, Hans
Folder Bettelheim, Bruno
Folder Betz, Hans Dieter
Folder Bevington, Helen
Folder Bibfeldt, Franz
Folder Bigelow, Harry A.
Folder Billings, Frank
Folder Binyon, Millard Pierce
Folder Bj-Bo, general
Folder Blackman, R.C.
Folder Blackwood, Easley
Folder Blaine, Anita McCormick
Folder Blair, Walter
Folder Blakemore, William Barnett
Folder Blayney, J. Roy
Folder Bliss, Gilbert A.
Folder Bloch, Henry Simon
Folder Bloch, Robert G.
Folder Bloom, Allan
Folder Bloom, Benjamin
Folder Bloom, William
Folder Blumer, Herbert
Folder Bobrinskoy, George V.
Folder Bogardus, Mary I.
Folder Bogert, George C.
Folder Bogorad, Lawrence
Folder Boise, James R.
Folder Bolza, Oscar
Folder Bond, Donald F.
Folder Bond, Judith
Folder Bond, Otto
Folder Bonner, Robert J.
Folder Bonney, Alice Augusta
Folder Boorstin, Daniel J.
Folder Booth, Heather
Folder Booth, Wayne
Folder Borgese, G. A.
Folder Boucher, Chauncey S.
Folder Boulos, Issa
Folder Bovee, Arthur G.
Folder Bowen, Merlin
Folder Bowen, Norman L.
Folder Bowman, Raymond A.
Folder Boynton, Melbourne Wells
Folder Boynton, Percy H.
Folder Bp-Bz, general
Folder Bradbury, William C.
Folder Braidwood, Linda S.
Folder Braidwood, Robert J.
Folder Brandt, Joseph A.
Folder Brauer, Jerald C.
Folder Breasted, Helen C. Ewing
Folder Breasted, James H.
Folder Breckinridge, Sophonisba P.
Folder Breed, Frederick S.
Folder Bretz, J Harlen
Folder Brewer, Nathan R.
Folder Bricken, Carl
Folder Bromberger, Sylvain
Folder Broneer, Oscar
Folder Brooks, Robert C.
Folder Brower, W.C.
Folder Brown, Edward Eagle
Folder Brown, Edward K.
Folder Brown, Frieda S.
Folder Brown, Harrison S.
Folder Brown, Howard M.
Folder Brown, Ina Corinne
Folder Brown, James S.
Folder Brown, Ray E.
Folder Browne, Robert S.
Folder Browning, Don
Folder Brownlee, K. Alexander
Folder Brozen, Yale
Folder Bruere, Richard T.
Folder Brumbaugh, Aaron J.
Folder Brunschwig, Alexander
Folder Buchanan, Douglas N.
Folder Buck, Carl D.
Folder Burgess, Ernest W.
Folder Burgess, R.W.
Folder Burns, Robert K.
Folder Burrows, William
Folder Burton, Ernest DeWitt, 1
Folder Burton, Ernest DeWitt, 2
Folder Burton, William H.
Folder Butler, Nathaniel
Folder Butler, Nicholas Murray
Folder Butler, William J.
Folder Byers, Horace R.

Series II: C-D

Folder Ca-Cl, general
Folder Cady, Kendall
Folder Cambon, Jules
Folder Cameron, George G.
Folder Camille, Michael
Folder Campbell, Roald F.
Folder Canning, John B.
Folder Cannon, Paul R.
Folder Carlson, Anton J.
Folder Carman, George M.
Folder Carmon, Mabel
Folder Carnovsky, Leon
Folder Carpender, James W. J.
Folder Carpenter, Frederic Ives
Folder Carr, Anne E.
Folder Carroll, Mollie Ray
Folder Carroll, Paul
Folder Carruth, Hayden
Folder Casadaban, Malcolm
Folder Case, Shirley Jackson
Folder Caso y Andrade, Manuel
Folder Caspar, Gerhard
Folder Cassels, Donald E.
Folder Cate, James Lea
Folder Chagall, Marc
Folder Chamberlain, Charles J.
Folder Chamberlin, Rollin T.
Folder Chamberlin, Thomas Chrowder
Folder Chandler, Charles
Folder Chandrasekhar, Subrahmanyan
Folder Chase, Francis S.
Folder Chase, Stuart
Folder Chave, Ernest J.
Folder Christ, Jay Finley
Folder Christian, Major Thomas Jackson
Folder Clark, Dwight B.
Folder Clark, Solomon Henry
Folder Cm-Cz, general
Folder Coase, Ronald H.
Folder Cochrane, Eric W.
Folder Coe, Charles J.
Folder Coe, Frank
Folder Coggeshall, Lowell T., 1
Folder Coggeshall, Lowell T., 2
Folder Cohen, Morris R.
Folder Cohn, Bernard
Folder Colby, Charles C.
Folder Cole, Fay-Cooper
Folder Cole, Hugh M.
Folder Coleman, James S.
Folder Collier, Malcolm
Folder Colwell, Ernest C.
Folder Cone, Fairfax M.
Folder Corey, Stephen M.
Folder Couch, William T.
Folder Coulter, John M.
Folder Coulter, Merle C.
Folder Cowen, Denis V.
Folder Cowles, Henry C.
Folder Cox, Garfield V.
Folder Craigie, Sir William
Folder Crane Family
Folder Crane, Charles R.
Folder Crane, Robert
Folder Crane, Ronald S.
Folder Craven, Avery O.
Folder Creel, Herrlee G.
Folder Crewe, Albert V.
Folder Croneis, Carey
Folder Cronin, Annette M.
Folder Cronin, James W.
Folder Cross, Tom Peete
Folder Crosskey, William W.
Folder Crump, Clifford
Folder Culianu, Ioan P.
Folder Culver, Helen
Folder Currie, David P.
Folder Cutler, Norman Joel
Folder Dack, Gail M.
Folder Da-De, general
Folder Daiches, David
Folder Dao, Thomas Ling-Yuan
Folder Dargan, Edwin P.
Folder Davis, Allison
Folder Davis, M. Edward
Folder Dawson, Michael
Folder Debus, Allen
Folder Dedmon, Emmett
Folder DeLee, Joseph B.
Folder Dement, William
Folder Dempster, Arthur J.
Folder Denney, Reuel, 1
Folder Denney, Reuel, 2
Folder DePencier, Ida
Folder Despres, Leon
Folder Despres, Marian
Folder Dewey, Charles
Folder Df-Dz, general
Folder Diamond, Ivan F.
Folder Dick, George, F.
Folder Dickinson, Raymond
Folder Dickson, Don
Folder Dickson, Leonard E., 1
Folder Dickson, Leonard E., 2
Folder Dieckmann, William J.
Folder Dimock, Edward
Folder Dixon, Elizabeth S.
Folder Dixon, Marlene
Folder Doan, Richard
Folder Dodd, William E.
Folder Donnelley, Gaylord
Folder Donnelley, Strachan
Folder Donohue, Maurice
Folder Dorfman, Albert
Folder Douglas, James H.
Folder Douglas, Paul H.
Folder Dowley, Francis
Folder Doyle, Bertram W.
Folder Dragstedt, Lester R.
Folder Dubberstein, Waldo H.
Folder DuBois, Kenneth P.
Folder Duddy, Edward A.
Folder Dudley, Gertrude
Folder Duffy, Paula Barker
Folder Dunham, Allison
Folder Dunham, Katherine
Folder Dunkel, Harold B.

Series III: E-G

Folder E, general
Folder Eaton, Scott V.
Folder Eck, Tom
Folder Eddington, Sir Arthur
Folder Edwards, Davis
Folder Edwards, Newton
Folder Eggan, Dorothy
Folder Eggan, Fred
Folder Einarson, Benedict S.
Folder Einstein, Albert
Folder Eliade, Mircea
Folder Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom
Folder Elson, Hellie Margolis
Folder Elvey, Christian T.
Folder Emerson, Alfred E.
Folder Epstein, Max
Folder Erlander, Tage
Folder Evans, Earl Alisan
Folder F, general
Folder Fairweather, George O.
Folder Fallers, Lloyd A.
Folder Fano, Ugo
Folder Fantus, Bernard
Folder Faris, Ellsworth
Folder Farwell, Robert Lawrence
Folder Faust, Clarence H.
Folder Faust, Mildred E.
Folder Fay, Bernard
Folder Feigin, Samuel I.
Folder Fenger, Christian
Folder Fermi, Enrico, 1
Folder Fermi, Enrico, 2
Folder Fernandez-Moran, Humberto, 1
Folder Fernandez-Moran, Humberto, 2
Folder Field, Marshall III
Folder Filbey, Emery T.
Folder Fishbein, Morris
Folder Fisher, D. Jerome
Folder Fisher, Wayne D.
Folder Fiske, Horace Spencer
Folder Fitchen, Allen
Folder Flacks, Richard
Folder Flint, Edith Foster
Folder Flynn, Frank T.
Folder Fogel, Robert W.
Folder Foster, George Burman
Folder Franck, James
Folder Franklin, John Hope
Folder Frederika, Queen of Greece
Folder Freedman, Daniel
Folder Freedman, Lawrence Z.
Folder Freeman, Martin, J.
Folder Freund, Ernst
Folder Fried, Josef
Folder Frieda, Harry
Folder Friedman, Arthur
Folder Friedman, Milton
Folder Friend, Hugo Morris
Folder Fuller, George D.
Folder Fultz, Harry T.
Folder Fussler, Herman H.
Folder G, general
Folder Gale, Henry Gordon
Folder Gardner, Burleigh B.
Folder Gardner, Martin
Folder Garrison, Winfred E.
Folder Garwin, Richard L.
Folder Gates, Frederick
Folder Geertz, Clifford
Folder Geiling, Eugene M. K.
Folder Gelb, Ignace J.
Folder George, Herbert
Folder Gerard, Margaret
Folder Gerard, Ralph W.
Folder Gertz, Elmer, 1
Folder Gertz, Elmer, 2
Folder Geweke, Lenore
Folder Giannini, Dusolina
Folder Gideonse, Harry D.
Folder Gilbert, Douglas
Folder Gilbert, James I.
Folder Gilkey, Charles W.
Folder Gillespie, Frances E.
Folder Gilson, Mary B.
Folder Ginsburg, Benson E.
Folder Ginsburg, Norton L.
Folder Glascoff, Walter G.
Folder Gleiser, Fern W.
Folder Glick, Philip M.
Folder Goeppert-Mayer, Maria
Folder Goetsch, Charles
Folder Goldblatt, Ann Dudley
Folder Goldblatt, Maurice
Folder Goldiamond, Israel
Folder Goldsmith, Julian R.
Folder Gomori, George
Folder Goode, J. Paul
Folder Goode, Katherine Hancock
Folder Goodman, Howard
Folder Goodspeed, Charles Ten Broeke
Folder Goodspeed, Edgar J.
Folder Goodspeed, George S.
Folder Goodspeed, Thomas W.
Folder Gosnell, Harold F.
Folder Gottschalk, Louis
Folder Grabo, Carl H.
Folder Grace, Alonzo G.
Folder Graves, Lawrence M.
Folder Graves, Robert
Folder Gray, Hanna Holborn, 1
Folder Gray, Hanna Holborn, 2
Folder Gray, Hanna Holborn, 3
Folder Gray, Seymour
Folder Gray, William S.
Folder Greenstein, Jesse L.
Folder Greenstone, J. David
Folder Grene, David
Folder Grodzins, Morton
Folder Gunderson, Charles
Folder Gunsaulas, Frank W.
Folder Gunther, John
Folder Gurley, William F. E.
Folder Güterbock, Hans

Series IV: H-I

Folder Ha-He, general
Folder Haile, F. Berard
Folder Hale, George Ellery
Folder Hale, H.G.
Folder Hale, William Gardner
Folder Hall, Arthur B.
Folder Hall, James Parker
Folder Hall, James Parker Jr.
Folder Ham, Catherine
Folder Hamilton, Earl J.
Folder Hammer, Karl C.
Folder Hancock, John Leonard
Folder Hanke, Milton Theodore
Folder Hanson, J. C. M.
Folder Harbison, Frederick, H.
Folder Harkins, William D., 1
Folder Harkins, William D., 2
Folder Haroutunian, Joseph
Folder Harper, Paul V. (1915-)
Folder Harper, Paul Vincent (1889-1949)
Folder Harper, Samuel N.
Folder Harper, William Rainey, 1
Folder Harper, William Rainey, 2
Folder Harper, William Rainey, 3
Folder Harper, William Rainey, 4
Folder Harper, William Rainey, 5
Folder Harper, William Rainey, 6
Folder Harper, William Rainey, 7
Folder Harper, William Rainey, 8
Folder Harris, Abram L.
Folder Harris, Chauncey D.
Folder Harris, Neil
Folder Harris, Norman Wait
Folder Harrison, R. Wendell
Folder Hartung, Maurice L.
Folder Hartwell, Robert M.
Folder Harvey,Basil C. H.
Folder Hass, Walter
Folder Hauser, Philip M.
Folder Havighurst, Robert J.
Folder Hawley, Florence M.
Folder Hawthorne, John Greenfield
Folder Haydon, A. Eustace
Folder Haydon, Ted
Folder Hayek, Friedrich A.
Folder Hayes, Dr. Joseph W.
Folder Haynes, Rowland
Folder Hays, Nancy Campbell
Folder Hazen, Allen T.
Folder Hearst, William Randolph Jr.
Folder Heckman, James J.
Folder Heisenberg, Werner
Folder Hektoen, Ludwig
Folder Helmbold, Nancy Pearse
Folder Henderson, Archibald
Folder Henderson, Charles Richmond
Folder Henry, William E.
Folder Herbst, Arthur Lee
Folder Herdman, William
Folder Herrick, C. Judson
Folder Herrick, Robert
Folder Herzog, Robert Emanuel
Folder Hewitt, Charles E.
Folder Hewitt, Marvin
Folder Hf-Hz, general
Folder Hibbard, Elisabeth Haseltine
Folder Hickey, Richard H.
Folder Hildebrand, Roger H.
Folder Hilkevitch, Aaron
Folder Hill, E. Vernon
Folder Hill, Howard
Folder Hiltner, Seward
Folder Hiltner, William Albert
Folder Hinton, Edward W.
Folder Hitchcock, Anne McClure
Folder Hodges, Paul C.
Folder Hodgson, Marshall G. S.
Folder Hoelzel, Frederick
Folder Hoeppner, Hans O.
Folder Hoffman, Paul G.
Folder Hogness, Thorfin R.
Folder Holgate, Randy
Folder Holman, Charles T.
Folder Holt, Arthur E.
Folder Holzinger, Karl J.
Folder Hooper, Frances
Folder Hoselitz, Bert F.
Folder Houk, Elizabeth Messick
Folder Houle, Cyril O.
Folder Householder, Alston S.
Folder Howe, John
Folder Howell, F. Clark
Folder Huff, Clay G.
Folder Huggins, Charles B., 1
Folder Huggins, Charles B., 2
Folder Huggins, Charles B., 3
Folder Huggins, Charles B., 4
Folder Hughes, Everett
Folder Hughes, Everett C.
Folder Hughes, George R.
Folder Hughes, Helen MacGill
Folder Hughes, Langston
Folder Hughes, Patrick H.
Folder Hulbert, Eri B.
Folder Hulbert, James R.
Folder Huntington, Samuel
Folder Hurst, Sir Cecil J.B.
Folder Hutcheon, Robert J.
Folder Hutchins, Maude Phelps
Folder Hutchins, Robert M., 1
Folder Hutchins, Robert M., 2
Folder Hutchins, Robert M., 3
Folder Hutchins, Robert M., 4
Folder Hutchinson, Charles L.
Folder Hutchinson, William
Folder Huth, Carl
Folder Huxley, Julian
Folder I, general
Folder Ingle, Dwight
Folder Ireland, Alleyne
Folder Ireland, Philip W.

Series V: J-L

Folder J, general
Folder Jacobsen, Thorkild
Folder Jacobson, Edmund
Folder Jacobson, Leon O.
Folder Jacoby, Neil H.
Folder Jakobson, Roman
Folder Jameson, John Franklin
Folder Janowitz, Morris
Folder Jenkins, Hilger P.
Folder Jenkins, Thomas Atkinson
Folder Jensen, Elwood V.
Folder Jernegan, Marcus W.
Folder Johannsen, Albert
Folder Johnson, D. Gale
Folder Johnson, Earl S.
Folder Johnson, Harry G.
Folder Johnson, Walter
Folder Johnson, Warren C.
Folder Johnston, Devin
Folder Jones, Wellington D.
Folder Jordan, Edwin O.
Folder Jordan, Wilbur K.
Folder Judd, Charles H., 1
Folder Judd, Charles H., 2
Folder Judson, Harry Pratt
Folder Just, Ernest E.
Folder K, general
Folder Kahan, Arcadius
Folder Karl, Barry D.
Folder Kato, Katsuji
Folder Katz, Louis N.
Folder Katz, Wilber G.
Folder Keenan, Philip C.
Folder Keith, W.S.
Folder Kelly, F.G.
Folder Kennedy, David M.
Folder Kennedy, Robert F.
Folder Kenward, John F.
Folder Kenyon, Allan T.
Folder Kersten, Samuel D.
Folder Kerwin, Jerome G.
Folder Kessel, Reuben A.
Folder Kessler, Friedrich
Folder Keynes, John Maynard
Folder Kharasch, Morris S.
Folder Kilkey, C.W.
Folder Kimpton, Lawrence A.
Folder Kimpton, Marcia
Folder Kingsbury, Forrest A.
Folder Kirsner, Joseph B.
Folder Kitagawa, Joseph M.
Folder Klapper, Paul
Folder Kleitman, Nathaniel
Folder Klement, Vera
Folder Kleppa, Ole
Folder Klutznick, Philip M.
Folder Kluver, Heinrich
Folder Knight, Frank H., 1
Folder Knight, Frank H., 2
Folder Knisely, Melvin H.
Folder Knox, John
Folder Koch, Fred C.
Folder Kohlsaat, Herman H.
Folder Kolakowski, Leszek
Folder Kolb, Gwin J.
Folder Konstantinov, Aleko
Folder Korling, Torkel
Folder Kornhauser, Arthur W.
Folder Kosmerl, Francis
Folder Kraehling, Carl H.
Folder Kraus, Ezra J.
Folder Kraybill, Henry R.
Folder Krieger, Leonard
Folder Krogman, Wilton M.
Folder Krueger, Maynard C.
Folder Krumbein, William C.
Folder Kruskal, William
Folder Kubert, Joseph M.
Folder Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth
Folder Kuiper, Gerard P.
Folder Kunz, Valerie
Folder Kurland, Philip B.
Folder Kyrk, Hazel
Folder L, general
Folder Lach, Donald
Folder Laing, Gordon J.
Folder Lamm, Herbert
Folder Land, William J. G.
Folder Landahl, Karen L.
Folder Landan, Sarah
Folder Lane, Alexander
Folder Lane, Geraldine
Folder Lange, Anton Jr.
Folder Lange, Oscar
Folder Larmee, Roy A.
Folder Larsen, Poul
Folder Larsen, Thomas A.
Folder Lasker, Albert D
Folder Lasky, Melvin J..
Folder Lasswell, Harold Dwight
Folder Lathrop, Katherine Austin
Folder Laughlin, Laurence
Folder Laves, Kurt
Folder Laves, Walter H. C.
Folder Lawrence, Thomas J.
Folder Leland, Simeon E.
Folder Lemisch, Jesse
Folder Lemon, Harvey B.
Folder Lentz, Gordon Arthur
Folder Lepawsky, Albert
Folder Leroy, George V.
Folder Levarie, Siegmund
Folder Levi, Edward H., 1
Folder Levi, Edward H., 2
Folder Levi, Edward H., 3
Folder Levi, Julian
Folder Levi, Kate Sulzberger
Folder Levine, Donald
Folder Lewis, Earl M.
Folder Lewis, Janet
Folder Lhotka, Edward R.
Folder Libby, Leona
Folder Libby, Willard F.
Folder Libis, Metta M.
Folder Lillie, Frank R.
Folder Lillie, Ralph S.
Folder Lindsay, John R.
Folder Link, Adeline DeSale
Folder Link, George K. K.
Folder Linn, James Weber
Folder Lloyd, Glen A.
Folder Lloyd, Mrs. Glen A. (Marion Musser)
Folder Loeb, Jacques
Folder Lohman, Joseph D.
Folder Loomer, Bernard M.
Folder Lovett, Robert Morss
Folder Lowinsky, Edward
Folder Lowrey, Perrin Holmes
Folder Lowry, Bates
Folder Lucas, Robert
Folder Luckenbill, Daniel D.
Folder Luckhardt, Arno B.
Folder Ludgin, Earle, 1
Folder Ludgin, Earle, 2
Folder Lyman, Rollo L.

Series VI: M-O

Folder MacAyeal, Doug
Folder MacClintock, William D.
Folder Mackauer, Christian W.
Folder MacLane, Saunders
Folder Maclean, Norman F.
Folder MacMillan, William D.
Folder MacNair, Harley F.
Folder Maier, Norman R.F.
Folder Mallory, Harvey F.
Folder Ma-Me, general
Folder Manly, John M.
Folder Mann, Arthur
Folder Mann, Louis L.
Folder Marcus, Ralph
Folder Marriott, Frederick L.
Folder Marshall, John
Folder Marshall, Leon C.
Folder Marty, Martin E.
Folder Masaryk, Tomas [Thomas] G.
Folder Maschke, Heinrich
Folder Maser, Edward A.
Folder Mason, Max
Folder Massey, Walter E.
Folder Mathews, John Joseph
Folder Mathews, Mitford M.
Folder Mathews, Shailer
Folder Maurer, Siegfried
Folder Maximow, Alexander A.
Folder Mayer, Albert
Folder Mayer, Harold M.
Folder Mayer, Milton, 1
Folder McCaul, Robert
Folder McCleary, Robert A.
Folder McCormick, Cyrus H.
Folder McCormick, T.C.
Folder McCoy, Herbert N.
Folder McDavid, Raven
Folder McDougall, Dugall Stewart
Folder McDowell, Mary
Folder McDowell, Remick
Folder McGiffert, Arthur C.
Folder McGillivray, Edward Wallace
Folder McGrath, Earl J.
Folder McHugh, Gladys
Folder McKeon, Richard P.
Folder McKinley, William, President of the United States
Folder McKinsey, James O.
Folder McLaughlin, Andrew Cunningham
Folder McLean, Franklin C., 1
Folder McLean, Franklin C., 2
Folder McMahon, Francis E.
Folder McMillen, Wayne
Folder McNeill, John T.
Folder McNeill, William H.
Folder McPherson, William
Folder McQuown, Norman Anthony
Folder Mead, George Herbert,1
Folder Mead, George Herbert, 2
Folder Mead, Irene Tufts
Folder Mead, Sidney E.
Folder Meech, Stuart P.
Folder Mehlberg, Henry
Folder Meiklejohn, Alexander
Folder Meland, Bernard Eugene
Folder Meltzer, Bernard D.
Folder Meltzer, Jack
Folder Merriam, Charles E.
Folder Merriam, Ned A.
Folder Merrick, Jane
Folder Merrifield, Fred
Folder Merrill, Robert V.
Folder Metcalf, T. Nelson
Folder Metzler, Lloyd A.
Folder Meyer, G. E. O.
Folder Meyer, Leonard B.
Folder Meyer, Peter
Folder Mf-Mz, general
Folder Michelson, Albert Abraham
Folder Miles, Theodore
Folder Miller, Florence Lowden
Folder Miller, Merton
Folder Miller, Paul C.
Folder Millett, Fred
Folder Millikan, Robert A.
Folder Millis, Harry A.
Folder Mills, Ralph J.
Folder Ming, William R.
Folder Mints, Lloyd W.
Folder Moley, Raymond
Folder Momigliano, Arnaldo Dante
Folder Mondello, Edward
Folder Monk, George S.
Folder Moody, William Vaughn
Folder Moore, Addison Webster
Folder Moore, Eliakim Hastings
Folder Moore, Henry
Folder Moore, Robert D.
Folder Morch, E. Trier
Folder Morgenthau, Hans J.
Folder Morris, Charles
Folder Morris, John
Folder Morris, Norval
Folder Morrison, Henry C.
Folder Morrison, Hugh
Folder Moss, Lemuel
Folder Moulds, John F.
Folder Moulton, Forrest Ray
Folder Moulton, Richard G.
Folder Mrozowski, Stanislaw
Folder Mulliken, Robert S.
Folder Munnecke, Wilbur C.
Folder Murra, John V.
Folder N, general
Folder Nambu, Yoichiro
Folder Neal, Phil C.
Folder Nef, John Ulric (1862-1915)
Folder Nef, John Ulric, Jr. (1899-1988)
Folder Nehru, Pandit Jawharlal
Folder Nelson, Bertram G.
Folder Nelson, Harold H.
Folder Nerlove, Samuel H.
Folder Netsch, Walter A. Jr.
Folder Neugarten, Bernice L.
Folder Newell, Frank W.
Folder Nicoll, Allardyce
Folder Nighswonger, Carl A.
Folder Nitze, William A.
Folder Noe, Adolph C.
Folder Norgren, Nelson H.
Folder Norris, Hoke
Folder North, Sterling
Folder Northrup, George W.
Folder Novak, John B.
Folder Noyes, Ida
Folder Noyes, William Albert, Jr.
Folder Nuveen, John, Jr.
Folder O, general
Folder O’Hara, James E.
Folder O’Leary, Michael
Folder O’Leary, Peter
Folder Oatridge, N.A.
Folder Ogburn, William Fielding
Folder O'Hara, Frank H.
Folder Olmstead, Albert Ten Eyck
Folder Olmsted, Charles E.
Folder Olmsted, Frederick Law
Folder Olsen, Leonard K.
Folder Olson, Elder J.
Folder Oppenheim, A. Leo
Folder Osgood, Cornelius
Folder Overacker, Louise
Folder Oxnard, Charles E.

Series VII: P-R

Folder P, general
Folder Paepcke, Elizabeth
Folder Paepcke, Walter P.
Folder Palevsky, Max
Folder Palmer, Albert W.
Folder Palmer, Alice Freeman
Folder Palmer, James
Folder Palmer, Walter L.
Folder Palyi, Melchior
Folder Park, Robert E.
Folder Park, Thomas
Folder Parker, C. Franklin
Folder Parker, Eugene N.
Folder Parker, Francis W.
Folder Parmenter, Clarence E.
Folder Parsons, E. Spencer
Folder Pauck, Wilhelm
Folder Pepper, George W.
Folder Perlberg, Mark
Folder Perlman, Helen Harris
Folder Petersen, William
Folder Pettijohn, F. J.
Folder Phemister, Dallas B.
Folder Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Folder Philipson, Morris
Folder Phillips, Melba
Folder Picaso, Pablo
Folder Pierce, Bessie Louise
Folder Pitcher, W. Alvin
Folder Platt, Robert S.
Folder Platzman, George W.
Folder Platzman, Robert L.
Folder Poebel, Arno
Folder Polanyi, Michael
Folder Polyak, Stephen L.
Folder Popper, Daniel M.
Folder Posner, Richard
Folder Potter, Edith L.
Folder Potter, Truman Squire
Folder Prescott, Daniel A.
Folder Price, Dorothy
Folder Price, Ira Maurice
Folder Prichett, C. Herbert
Folder Prohaska, John Van
Folder Puttkammer, Ernst W.
Folder Q, general
Folder Quinlan, William A.
Folder R, general
Folder Radcliffe-Brown, A.R., 1
Folder Radcliffe-Brown, A.R., 2
Folder Rago, Henry
Folder Ramanujan, A.K.
Folder Randall, William M.
Folder Randel, Don Michael
Folder Randers, Gunnar
Folder Raney, M. Llewellyn
Folder Raoul, Kwame
Folder Rashevsky, Nicholas
Folder Reavis, William Claude
Folder Redfield, James
Folder Redfield, Robert
Folder Reeves, Dr. Floyd W.
Folder Reid, Margaret G.
Folder Reid, William T.
Folder Reiner, Erica
Folder Reitman, Ben L.
Folder Reynolds, Joseph
Folder Rheinstein, Max
Folder Rhodes, E.L.
Folder Rice, Robert Gale
Folder Rice, Wallace
Folder Rickert, Edith
Folder Rickert, Margaret
Folder Ricketts, Henry T.
Folder Ricketts, Howard Taylor
Folder Ricoeur, Paul
Folder Riddle, Donald Wayne
Folder Riehl, Herbert
Folder Ries, Lester S.
Folder Rippy, J. Fred
Folder Roberts, Arthur
Folder Roberts, Lydia J.
Folder Robertson, David A.
Folder Robertson, Oswald H.
Folder Robertson, Wyndham
Folder Robins, Daniel
Folder Robinson, Ezekiel Gilman
Folder Robinson, Helen
Folder Rockefeller Family
Folder Rockefeller, David
Folder Rockefeller, John D. IV
Folder Rockefeller, John D., 1
Folder Rockefeller, John D., 2
Folder Rogers, Samuel
Folder Romer, Alfred
Folder Roosevelt, Franklin
Folder Rosen, Charles
Folder Rosen, Sherwin
Folder Rosenberger, Ludwig
Folder Rosenheim, Edward W., Jr.
Folder Rosenheim, Margaret K.
Folder Rosenthal, Jane M.
Folder Rosenthal, Marie Louise
Folder Rosenthal, Robert
Folder Rosenwald, Julius,1
Folder Rosenwald, Julius, 2
Folder Rossby, Carl-Gustaf A.
Folder Rossi, Peter H.
Folder Rossin, Morris
Folder Roth, Martha
Folder Rothman, Stephen
Folder Rottenberg, Simon
Folder Rouse, Kenneth
Folder Rubin, Arthur L. H.
Folder Ruff, R.H.
Folder Ruml, Beardsley
Folder Runkle, Martin
Folder Russel, Bertrand
Folder Rust, Henry
Folder Ryerson, Edward L.
Folder Ryerson, Martin A.

Series VIII: S

Folder Sachs, Robert G.
Folder Sacks, Sheldon
Folder Sahlins, Marshall
Folder Salisbury, Rollin D.
Folder Salk, Jonas
Folder Sanderson, Alan
Folder Sandke, Anita S.
Folder Sandmel, Samuel
Folder Sanger, Ralph G.
Folder Sapir, Edward
Folder Saposs, David Joseph
Folder Sargent, Walter
Folder Sa-Se, general
Folder Sawyer, Calvin
Folder Scammon, R.E.
Folder Schein, Marcel
Folder Schevill, Ferdinand
Folder Schindler, Rudolf
Folder Schlesinger, Hermann I.
Folder Schlutz, Frederic W.
Folder Schmidt, Erich Friedrich
Folder Schmidt, Minna
Folder Schmitt, Bernadotte E.
Folder Schneider, David M.
Folder Schramm, David N.
Folder Schroth, Gerhard
Folder Schultz, Henry
Folder Schultz, Theodore W.
Folder Schulze, Susanne
Folder Schuman, Frederick L.
Folder Schwab, Joseph J.
Folder Schweitzer, Albert
Folder Schwitkis, Fred
Folder Scopes, John T.
Folder Scott, Arthur P.
Folder Scott, William E.
Folder Seaborg, Glenn T.
Folder Sears, Kenneth C.
Folder Seele, Keith C.
Folder Seibert, Florence B.
Folder Seidman, Joel
Folder Senior, James K.
Folder Sepkoski, J. John
Folder Sf-Si, general
Folder Shakespeare, J.H.
Folder Shapey, Ralph
Folder Shapley, J.F.
Folder Shepardson, Francis Wayland
Folder Shera, Jesse H.
Folder Sherburn, George Wiley
Folder Sherman, Mandel
Folder Shils, Edward A.
Folder Shorey, Daniel Lewis
Folder Shorey, Paul
Folder Shull, Charles A.
Folder Shultz, George P.
Folder Sills, Milton
Folder Silverstein, H. Theodore
Folder Simon, Herbert A.
Folder Simons, Henry C.
Folder Simpson, Alan
Folder Simpson, John A.
Folder Singer, Milton
Folder Sippy, Bertram W.
Folder Sittler, Joseph
Folder Sj-Sp, general
Folder Slaught, Herbert Ellsworth
Folder Sled, James
Folder Slotin, Louis
Folder Slye, Maud, 1
Folder Slye, Maud, 2
Folder Small, Albion W.
Folder Smith, Byron L.
Folder Smith, Cecil M.
Folder Smith, Cyril S.
Folder Smith, Gerald Birney
Folder Smith, Henry Justin
Folder Smith, J. M. Powis
Folder Smith, J.J.
Folder Smith, Joseph V.
Folder Smith, T. V.
Folder Smith, Zens L.
Folder Smithies, Frank
Folder Smull, Dr. Katherine
Folder Soares, Theodore G.
Folder Sondel, Dr. Bess
Folder Sonnenschein, Hugo
Folder Sorrell, Lewis C.
Folder Spencer, Lyle M.
Folder Spencer, William H.
Folder Sperry, Willard L.
Folder Sprague, Albert Arnold
Folder Sprengling, Martin
Folder Springer, Charles Eugene
Folder Sq-Sz, general
Folder Squires, Dr. Benjamin
Folder Stagg, Amos Alonzo, 1
Folder Stagg, Amos Alonzo, 2
Folder Stagg, Amos Alonzo, 3
Folder Starr, Frederick
Folder Steed, Gitel
Folder Steffer, Walter
Folder Steiner, Donald F.
Folder Steiner, Gary A.
Folder Steiner, Paul A.
Folder Stern, Richard
Folder Stevenson, Adlai E.
Folder Stevenson, Lillian
Folder Stieglitz, Julius
Folder Stigler, George J.
Folder Stone, Harlan, Fiske
Folder Stone, Raleigh W.
Folder Stone, Ursula Batchelder
Folder Storr, Richard J.
Folder Stratton, Samuel W.
Folder Strauss, Leo
Folder Streeter, Robert E.
Folder Strodtbeck, Fred L.
Folder Strong, Anna Louise
Folder Strong, Margaret
Folder Struve, Otto
Folder Stutzman, Frances
Folder Sun-Ra
Folder Sutherland, Zena
Folder Sweet, William Warren
Folder Swift, Charles H. (donor)
Folder Swift, Charles H. (professor)
Folder Swift, Gustavus F.
Folder Swift, Harold H.
Folder Swift, Hewson
Folder Swings, Polydore
Folder Szilard, Leo

Series IX: T-V

Folder T, general
Folder Taft, Lorado
Folder Talbot, Marion, 1
Folder Talbot, Marion, 2
Folder Talbot, Phillips
Folder Taliaferro, Lucy Graves
Folder Taliaferro, William H.
Folder Taube, Henry
Folder Tawney, Richard H.
Folder Tax, Sol
Folder Taylor, Archie
Folder Taylor, Graham
Folder Taylor, Griffith
Folder Taylor, Joshua
Folder Thaler, Richard
Folder Thelen, Herbert
Folder Thomas, William I.
Folder Thompson, James Westfall
Folder Thompson, John B.
Folder Thurstone, Louis L.
Folder Tillich, Paul
Folder Tittle, Ernest F.
Folder Todd, Jesse
Folder Tolman, Albert H.
Folder Towle, Charlotte
Folder Tsai, Loh Sen
Folder Tufts, James H.
Folder Tugwell, Rexford G.
Folder Turkevich, Anthony Leonid
Folder Turner, Lorenzo Dow
Folder Tuzzolino, Anthony
Folder Twain, Mark
Folder Tyler, Ralph W.
Folder Tyren, Helga
Folder U, general
Folder Ullman, B. L.
Folder Urey, Harold C.
Folder V, general
Folder Van Biesbroeck, George A.
Folder Van Pappelendam, Laura
Folder Van Tuyl, Marian
Folder Veblen, Thorstein
Folder Veith, Ilza
Folder Vermeulen, Cornelius W.
Folder Vincent, George E.
Folder Viner, Jacob
Folder Vollmer, August
Folder Von Grosse, Aristid
Folder Von Holst, Hermann E.
Folder Von Weizsächer, Carl F.
Folder Votaw, Clyde W.
Folder Voth, Paul D.

Series X: W-Z

Folder W, general
Folder Wach, Joachim
Folder Walcott, Charles D.
Folder Wales, Prince of
Folder Walgreen, Charles
Folder Walker, Wilma
Folder Wallace, Elizabeth, 1
Folder Wallace, Elizabeth, 2
Folder Waller, Fred M.
Folder Wallis, W. Allen
Folder Walpole, Hugh
Folder Walter, Otis M.
Folder Walters, Carrie Lou
Folder Waples, Douglas
Folder Ward, Frank G.
Folder Warner, W. Lloyd
Folder Wassermann, Friedrich
Folder Watkins, George Harold
Folder Watson, James Dewey
Folder Watson, John B.
Folder Weaver, Richard M.
Folder Weaver, Robert B.
Folder Webster, Elizabeth Bouton
Folder Weintraub, Karl J.
Folder Weisman, Albert P.
Folder Weiss, Paul A.
Folder Weissbourd, Bernard
Folder Weller, James Marvin
Folder Weller, Stuart
Folder Wells, H. Gideon
Folder Wells, Ida B.
Folder Wepman, Joseph
Folder Wheatley, Paul
Folder White, Gilbert F.
Folder White, Leonard D.
Folder Whitecotton, George O.
Folder Whitford, William G.
Folder Whitman, Charles O.
Folder Whyte, William
Folder Wick, Warner Arms
Folder Wickhem, Valerie
Folder Wieman, Henry Nelson
Folder Wigner, Eugene P.
Folder Wikgren, Allen Paul
Folder Wilder, Amos N.
Folder Wilder, Russell
Folder Wilder, Thornton
Folder Wilkins, Ernest H.
Folder Willett, Herbert L.
Folder Williams, Daniel Day
Folder Williams, Lynn A.
Folder Williamson, George
Folder Willoughby, Harold R.
Folder Wilson, John A.
Folder Wilson, John T.
Folder Wilson, Louis R.
Folder Wilson, O. Meredith
Folder Wilson, William J.
Folder Wilt, Napier
Folder Winston, Edward M.
Folder Wirth, Louis
Folder Wood, Edward
Folder Wood, Robert E.
Folder Woodward, Frederic
Folder Works, George A.
Folder Wright, Helen R.
Folder Wright, Quincy
Folder Wright, Sewall
Folder X-Y, general
Folder Yang, Chen Ning
Folder Yntema, Theodore O.
Folder Young, Thomas Fraser
Folder Z, general
Folder Zachariasen, William H.
Folder Zar, Kathleen
Folder Zeigler, A.M.
Folder Zeisel, Eva
Folder Zeisel, Hans
Folder Zeisler, Sigmund
Folder Zimmer, Robert
Folder Zinn, Walter H.
Folder Zygmund, Antoni