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Eubank, Earle Edward. Papers




7 linear ft. (14 boxes)


Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center
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1100 East 57th Street
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Earle Edward Eubank (1887-1945), sociologist and historian of sociology, was chairman of the Department of Sociology at the University of Cincinnati from 1921 to 1945. The Eubank Papers span the years 1925-1946 and comprise fourteen boxes of correspondence, interviews with European sociologists, articles, bibliographies, and photographs compiled for his unfinished history of sociology, The Makers of Sociology. The collection also includes materials for other projects.

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Biographical Note

Eubank's interest in sociology began during his years (1904-1908) at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri. Concentrating on social philosophy and social problems and influenced by a conception of sociology as a humanitarian reform movement, Eubank resolved to pursue a career in charity administration. He entered the University of Chicago in 1912, intending to study sociology and philanthropy under the Reverend Charles Henderson. But his contact with Albion Small, W. I. Thomas, and Robert E. Park led him to shift his orientation in the direction of theoretical and historical sociology. In 1916 he received the Ph.D. degree, cum laude, having written his dissertation, "A Study of Family Desertion," under Park's direction.

After holding a number of short-term positions and heading the Department of Sociology at YMCA College in Chicago from 1914 to 1921, Eubank accepted an appointment in 1921 as head of the Department of Sociology at the University of Cincinnati, a position which he held until his death in 1945. From 1923 to 1931 he was also director of the School of Social Work at the University of Cincinnati.

In 1927, Eubank published Lockstep and Corridor in which his co-author, convicted felon Charles L. Clark, described thirty-five years of prison experiences with Eubank adding a sociological analysis in an extended "criminological note". However, Eubank's academic reputation developed primarily through his so-called "conceptual approach" to sociology. In his 1932 book, The Concepts of Sociology, he drew upon Durkheim's definition of concepts as "collective representations" and attempted to organize them logically into "a single, inclusive, coherent, and consistent scheme" of sociology. He developed his theory of sociology under the rubrics of "societary composition, societary causation, societary change, and societary products," and in his book presented an extensive bibliographic review of sociological literature, classified by concept.

At the time of Eubank's death in 1945 he was still at work on his most ambitious undertaking, an international history of sociology in one or two volumes, entitled The Makers of Sociology. He intended to trace the historical development of the discipline, examining in some detail scholars who had "made the most outstanding contributions to sociological theory." At the outset Eubank had written to leading American sociologists, soliciting their opinions of who constituted the key sociologists of Europe (11:10). On this basis he compiled a list of persons to whom he wrote, requesting interviews during his trip to Europe in the summer of 1934. Most assented and Eubank visited some twenty-five sociologists in England, Germany, Austria, France, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Russia. Following the same general scheme in each interview, he sought information about the life, work, and theories of these leading sociologists, as well as their candid assessments of the state of sociology. Eubank began the study in 1933, but with changes in the projected publisher's perception of the market and the onset of the author's illness, the project was never completed. While there are no drafts of the book, Eubank's detailed interview summaries constitute a valuable source of information about European sociology in the 1930's.

Scope Note

The Eubank Papers are arranged in three series:

Series 1: The Makers of Sociology, comprises three-fourths of the collection and contains Eubank's correspondence, reading notes, interview notes, articles, bibliographies, and photographs for his projected history of sociology.

Subseries 1: Individuals, Eubank's files on interviewees, as well as on other leading European and American sociologists and social thinkers, constitutes this sub-series. Each file includes a bibliography of the individual's own works, as well as literature about him. Where applicable, Eubank's interview notes and detailed summaries are included, as is his correspondence with the individual. In some cases there are also translations of articles by or about the sociologist. Eubank's files of correspondence with Antonin Obrdlik (4:3-4) and Franz Oppenheimer (4:5-7) document his role in assisting these refugee scholars' entry and settlement in the United States.

Subseries 2: Countries. The second sub-series is composed of files on sociology in various countries. These include bibliographies of sociology in that country, as well as Eubank's summaries of his observations on the nature and history of the discipline there.

Subseries 3: Working materials. Eubank's working materials for the book including reading notes, outlines, and questionnaires. His correspondence with D. H. Ferrin, vice president of Appleton-Century, the contracted publisher, and with E. A. Ross of the University of Wisconsin, editor of the Century Social Science Series in which the proposed study was to appear, is also in this sub-series.

Subseries 4: Photographs. Eubank compiled a collection of photos of sociologists which he planned to use in his book. While he took most of the photographs himself at the time of the interviews, others were solicited from the sociologists or their families. Some negatives are included.

Series II: Lockstep and Corridor includes files of correspondence regarding publication of Eubank and Clark's 1927 book, as well as cover and dust-jacket designs and reviews of the book, make up this series.

Series III: The American Seminar consists of materials related to Eubank's 1934 trip to the Soviet Union with the American Seminar, a group of educators, businessmen, and clergymen directed by author and religious leader, Sherwood Eddy. The group visited communes, factories, schools, prisons, and social service institutions, attempting to observe the strengths and weaknesses of Soviet society. The series includes Eubank's summaries of his observations and his analysis of them, as well as photographs which he took on the trip.

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Subject Headings


Series I: The Makers of Sociology

Subseries 1: Individuals

Box 1   Folder 1

Bagehot, Walter

Box 1   Folder 2

Barth, Paul

Box 1   Folder 3

Bekhterev, Vladimir

Box 1   Folder 4

Benes, Eduard

Box 1   Folder 5

Blaha, Arnost

Box 1   Folder 6

Bougle, Celestin

Box 1   Folder 7

Branford, Victor

Box 1   Folder 8

Carr-Saunders, Alexander Morris

Box 1   Folder 9

Chalupny, Emanuel

Box 1   Folder 10

Chernov, Victor

Box 1   Folder 11

Comte, August

Box 1   Folder 12


Box 1   Folder 13

Cooley, Charles Horton

Box 1   Folder 14

Coste, Adolphe

Box 1   Folder 15

De Greef, Guillaume

Box 1   Folder 16

Draghicesco, Dimitrie

Box 1   Folder 17

Duprat, Guillaume

Box 1   Folder 18

Durkheim, Emile

Box 1   Folder 19


Box 2    Folder 1

Espinas, Alfred

Box 2    Folder 2

Essertier, Daniel

Box 2    Folder 3

Farquharson, Alexander

Box 2    Folder 4

Fauconnet, Paul

Box 2    Folder 5

Ferrero, Gina

Box 2    Folder 6

Fouillee, Alfred

Box 2    Folder 7

Freyer, Hans

Box 2    Folder 8

Geddes, Patrick

Box 2    Folder 9

Giddings, Franklin Henry

Box 2    Folder 10

Gini, Carrado

Box 2    Folder 11

Ginsberg, Morris

Box 2    Folder 12

Gumplowicz, Ludwig

Box 2    Folder 13

Halbwachs, Maurice

Box 2    Folder 14

Heberle, Rudolf

Box 2    Folder 15

Hecker, Julius

Box 3    Folder 1

Hobhouse, Leonard

Box 3    Folder 2

Hobson, John A.

Box 3    Folder 3

Kareyev, Nikolai Ivanovitch

Box 3    Folder 4

Kidd, Benjamin

Box 3    Folder 5

Korkunov, Nikolai

Box 3    Folder 6

Kovalevski, Maxime

Box 3    Folder 7

Kropotkin, Alex

Box 3    Folder 8

Lavrov, Petr

Box 3    Folder 9

Le Bon, Gustave

Box 3    Folder 10

Le Play, Frédéric

Box 3    Folder 11

Lilienfeld, Paul von

Box 3    Folder 12

Lindner, Gustav

Box 3    Folder 13

Loria, Achille

Box 3    Folder 14

Maine, Sir Henry

Box 3    Folder 15

Mannheim, Karl

Box 3    Folder 16

Marx, Karl

Box 3    Folder 17

Mauss, Marcel

Box 3    Folder 18

Mikhailovsky, Nickolai

Box 4    Folder 1

Niceforo, Alfredo

Box 4    Folder 2

Novicov, Jacques

Box 4    Folder 3

Obrdlik, Antonin

Box 4    Folder 4


Box 4    Folder 5

Oppenheimer, Franz and Renata

Box 4    Folder 6


Box 4    Folder 7


Box 4    Folder 8

Pareto, Vilfredo

Box 4    Folder 9

Park, Robert Ezra

Box 4    Folder 10

Pearson, Karl

Box 5    Folder 1

Posada, Alphonso

Box 5    Folder 2

Quetelet, Adolphe

Box 5    Folder 3

Ratzenhofer, Gustav

Box 5    Folder 4


Box 5    Folder 5

Richard, Gaston

Box 5    Folder 6

Roberty, Eugene

Box 5    Folder 7

Ross, Edward Alsworth

Box 5    Folder 8

Roucek, Joseph S.

Box 5    Folder 9

Schaeffle, Albert

Box 5    Folder 10


Box 5    Folder 11

Sighele, Scipio

Box 5    Folder 12

Simiand, Francois

Box 5    Folder 13

Simmel, Georg

Box 6    Folder 1

Small, Albion W.

Box 6    Folder 2

Sombart, Werner

Box 6    Folder 3

Sorokin, Pitirim

Box 6    Folder 4

Spann, Othmar

Box 6    Folder 5

Spencer, Herbert

Box 6    Folder 6

Spranger, Eduard

Box 6    Folder 7

Stein, Lorenz von

Box 6    Folder 8

Stuckenberg, John Henry

Box 6    Folder 9

Sumner, William

Box 6    Folder 10

Tarde, Gabriel

Box 6    Folder 11

Thomas, William Isaac

Box 6    Folder 12

Thurnwald, Richard

Box 7    Folder 1

Toennies, Ferdinand

Box 7    Folder 2


Box 7    Folder 3


Box 7    Folder 4

Vaccaro, Michelangelo A.

Box 7    Folder 5

Vierkandt, Alfred

Box 7    Folder 6

Voegelin, Eric

Box 7    Folder 7

Wallas, Graham

Box 7    Folder 8

Ward, Lester F.

Box 7    Folder 9

Weber, Alfred

Box 7    Folder 10

Weber, Max

Box 7    Folder 11

Westermarck, Edward A.

Box 7    Folder 12

Wiese, Leopold von

Box 7    Folder 13

Worms, René

Box 7    Folder 14

Wundt, Wilhelm

Box 7    Folder 15

Yuzhakov, Sergey Nikolaevitch

Box 7    Folder 16

Znaniecki, Florian

Subseries 2: Countries

Box 8    Folder 1


Box 8    Folder 2


Box 8    Folder 3


Box 8    Folder 4


Box 8    Folder 5


Box 8    Folder 6


Box 8    Folder 7


Box 8    Folder 8


Box 8    Folder 9


Box 8    Folder 10 Czechoslovakia

Box 8    Folder 11


Box 8    Folder 12


Box 9    Folder 1


Box 9    Folder 2


Box 9    Folder 3


Box 9    Folder 4


Box 9    Folder 5


Box 9    Folder 6


Box 9    Folder 7

Great Britain

Box 9    Folder 8

Great Britain

Box 10    Folder 1


Box 10    Folder 2


Box 10    Folder 3


Box 10    Folder 4


Box 10    Folder 5


Box 10    Folder 6


Box 10    Folder 7


Box 10    Folder 8

Latin America

Box 10    Folder 9


Box 10    Folder 10


Box 10    Folder 11


Box 10    Folder 12


Box 11    Folder 1


Box 11    Folder 2


Box 11    Folder 3


Box 11    Folder 4


Box 11    Folder 5


Box 11    Folder 6


Box 11    Folder 7

United States

Box 11    Folder 8


Box 11    Folder 9

Institut International de Sociologie

Subseries 3: Working Materials

Box 11    Folder 10

  • Annotated lists of sociologists
  • Procedures and questionnaires
  • Book outlines
Box 11    Folder 11

  • Reading notes
  • Bibliographies
Box 11    Folder 12

Correspondence, 1935-1946

Subseries 4: Photographs

Box 12    Folder 1

Benes, Edvard

Box 12    Folder 2

Blaha, Arnost

Box 12    Folder 3

Bouglé, Celestin

Box 12    Folder 4

Chalupny, Emanuel

Box 12    Folder 5

Comte, Auguste

Box 12    Folder 6

Czarnowski, Stefan

Box 12    Folder 7

Duprat, Guillaume

Box 12    Folder 8

Espinas, Alfred

Box 12    Folder 9

Farquharson, Alexander

Box 12    Folder 10

Fauconnet, Paul

Box 12    Folder 11

Freyer, Hans

Box 12    Folder 12

Ginsberg, Morris

Box 12    Folder 13

Gumplowicz, Ludwig

Box 12    Folder 14

Halbwachs, Maurice

Box 12    Folder 15

Heberle, Rudolf

Box 12    Folder 16

Hecker, Julius

Box 12    Folder 17

Hobson, John A.

Box 12    Folder 18

Lenin, Vladimir Ilich

Box 12    Folder 19

Levy-Bruhl, Lucien

Box 12    Folder 20

Malinowski, Bronislaw

Box 12    Folder 21

Mannheim, Ernest

Box 12    Folder 22

Mannheim, Karl

Box 13    Folder 1

Masaryk, Thomas G.

Box 13    Folder 2

Mauss, Marcel

Box 13    Folder 3

Obrdlik, Antonin

Box 13    Folder 4

Oppenheimer, Franz

Box 13    Folder 5

Ratzenhofer, Gustav

Box 13    Folder 6

Riehl, Hans

Box 13    Folder 7

Roberty, Eugene

Box 13    Folder 8

Ross, Edward Alsworth

Box 13    Folder 9

Schaeffle, Albert

Box 13    Folder 10

Simiand, Francois

Box 13    Folder 11

Simmel, Georg

Box 13    Folder 12

Sombart, Werner

Box 13    Folder 13

Spann, Othmar

Box 13    Folder 14

Spencer, Herbert

Box 13    Folder 15

Spranger, Edward

Box 13    Folder 16

Stalin, Iosif

Box 13    Folder 17

Thurnwald, Richard

Box 13    Folder 18

Toennies, Ferdinand

Box 13    Folder 19

Torga, Nicolai

Box 13    Folder 20

Vierkandt, Alfred

Box 13    Folder 21

Voegelin, Eric

Box 13    Folder 22

Ward, Lester F.

Box 13    Folder 23

Weber, Alfred

Box 13    Folder 24

Weber, Max

Box 13    Folder 25

Wiese, Leopold von

Box 13    Folder 26

Worms, René

Box 13    Folder 27

Znaniecki, Florian

Series II: Lockstep and Corridor

Box 14    Folder 1

Correspondence, 1925-1930

Box 14    Folder 2


Box 14    Folder 3


  • Cover and dust-jacket designs Reviews

Series III: The American Seminar, 1934

Box 14    Folder 4

Summaries and articles

  • "Russian Notes"
  • "Statement concerning the Lenin Commune"
  • "Russian Notes, General Description"
  • "Conversation with Mike Chernesky, Assistant
  • Bookkeeper of the Lenin Commune"
  • "Summary of Discussion between Members of the
  • Commune and American Visitors"
  • "Bolshevo Commune: Reclamation Camp for Criminals"
  • "The Red Giant Rubber Factory, Moscow"
  • "Russia's Provisions for Culture and Rest"
  • "The Health System of Russia"
  • "Lenin"
  • "Recheck on Russia by American Seminar"
  • "The Contradiction of Russia"
  • "Spirit of Blonsky's `Trundovaya Shkola"' (1936)
  • "Regimentation of Youth in Contemporary Europe"(1937)
  • "The Changing Russian Pattern" (1938)
Box 14    Folder 5

Clippings and miscellaneous materials on U.S.S.R.

Box 14    Folder 6

Photographs, Russia

Box 14    Folder 7

Photographs, Europe other than Russia