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Hooker, George Ellsworth.City Planning, Transportation and Housing. Collection




29.5 linear ft. (52 boxes)


Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center
University of Chicago Library
1100 East 57th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60637 U.S.A.


The collection contains bound materials related to urban planning and growth in the United States and abroad. Originally assembled by George E. Hooker between 1900 and 1925 in his capacity as Civic Secretary of the City Club of Chicago, materials in the collection explore aspects of urban growth and improvement pertinent to specific cities along with general information about city development.

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The collection is open for research.


When quoting material from this collection, the preferred citation is: Hooker, George Ellsworth.City Planning, Transportation and Housing. Collection, [Box #, Folder #], Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library

Biographical Note

George Ellsworth Hooker was born in Peacham, Vermont in 1861. He attended Amherst College in Massachusetts and graduated in 1883. He then received an LL.B. from Columbia and a B.D. from Yale. Hooker practiced law in New York, served as a Congregationalist minister in Washington State, and then traveled widely in the US and Europe investigating urban conditions. His frequent travel allowed him to combine that interest with his hobby of studying urban problems. After settling in Chicago, he wrote editorials for the Chicago Tribune and was an incorporator (1903), secretary (1903-1908), and civic secretary (after 1908) of the City Club of Chicago, an organization of Chicago business and civic leaders interested in urban development and reform. As Civic Secretary, Hooker had access to all of the civic committees, and thus contributed to nearly all civic projects in Chicago during that time.

In 1902, the Chicago City Council passed a resolution commissioning Hooker to gather "such literature of general interest on Municipal Administration in Europe as he may find it practicable to obtain" and to investigate and report on "such methods and principles employed in such administration, particularly in dealing with housing, local transportation, open spaces and rapid city expansion, as shall seem to him especially pertinent to the prospective growth of Chicago." Hooker presented his report, entitled "Report to the City Council of Chicago on Local Transportation Development in Great Cities," in February of 1904. Hooker served on a number of commissions on urban problems and civic improvements in Chicago, and he published several works based on these investigations, including Report on Street Railway Franchises of Chicago (1898) and Through Routes for Chicago Steam Railroads (1914).

In a publication called "The Book of Chicagoans," Hooker listed his favorite recreations as bicycling, tramping, and sailing. He also belonged to the Social Workers" Country Club. A Bull Moose Progressive, Hooker belonged to three fraternities, including Phi Beta Kappa. He never married. A pall bearer at Jane Addams" funeral, Hooker lived at Hull House for nearly forty years. George Hooker died on March 21, 1939. He was eulogized as a prominent expert on city problems both in Chicago and around the world.

Scope Note

The materials deal with city planning, housing and urban problems in American and foreign cities. The materials date from 1882 to 1932. The collection includes various types of bound material, among them pamphlets, brochures, booklets, articles extracted from magazines and journals, street maps, typescript reports and documents, typed letters on letterhead, handwritten letters, and mounted and unmounted photographs. Some of the materials are specific to certain cities or countries, and others deal with urbanization in more general terms. Many of the documents are written in German, and several are written in French or Italian.

The collection is divided into four series. Series I: City Planning, contains materials about strategies for urban development and plans for specific city expansions and enhancements. Series II: Transportation, contains materials about various cities" transportation systems and implementation plans. Materials in Series III: Housing, describe the challenges and possibilities for housing in an urban environment. Series IV: Oversize (Oversized folders are cross listed within their appropriate series, and are contained within boxes 50-52)

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Subject Headings


Series I: City Planning

Box 1   Folder 1

A Beauty Spot; Architecture and Building

Box 1   Folder 2

A Building Zone Plan for Detroit, 1919

Box 1   Folder 3

A Catechism of Zoning

Box 1   Folder 4

A Chart for Changing Cities

Box 1   Folder 5

A City Plan for Springfield, MA; 1922

Box 1   Folder 6

A Home-Made City Planning Exhibit and its Result

Box 1   Folder 7

A Man and His Book, by Cecil Harmsworth

Box 1   Folder 8

A National Plan Study Brief, 1923.

Box 1   Folder 9

'A Place to Rest'; The South Bay Hotel, Indiana Harbor, Indiana

Box 1   Folder 10

A Proposal for the Establishment of a New Town (England)

Box 1   Folder 11

A Public Building Group Plan for St. Louis

Box 1   Folder 12

A Public Buildings Group, St. Louis

Box 1   Folder 13

A Report on a Comprehensive Plan for the City of Brockton, 1915

Box 1   Folder 14

A Review of City Planning in the United States, 1918-1919

Box 1   Folder 15

A Short Account of Letchworth Garden City

Box 1   Folder 16

A Standard State Zoning Enabling Act

Box 1   Folder 17

A Ten-Year Budget of City Improvements for Youngstown, Ohio, City Planning Commission, 1931

Box 1   Folder 18

Abstract from the Halifax City Charter

Box 1   Folder 19

Advance Program of the Annual Convention of the American Civic Association, 1905

Box 1   Folder 20

American Architecture and Town Planning

Box 1   Folder 21

American City Planning-Koester-1912-1914

Box 1   Folder 22

American Civic Association; City Making

Box 1   Folder 23

American Civics Association Materials

Box 1   Folder 24

An Act Respecting Town Planning

Box 1   Folder 25

An Appeal to the Enlightened Sentiment of the People of the United States for the Safeguarding of the Future Development of the Capital of the Nation

Box 1   Folder 26

An Example of Town Planning in Norway

Box 1   Folder 27

An Introduction to City Planning

Box 1   Folder 28

An Open Letter to the Members of the Union League Club, Chicago

Box 1   Folder 29

Ancient Cities 1911-1912

Box 1   Folder 30

Antwerp; City Planning-Harbor Plans, 1905-1909

Box 2   Folder 1

Art Commission of the City of New York; Its Powers, Organization, and Methods. 1904.

Box 2   Folder 2

Art Commission of the City of New York; Publications, 1902-1908.

Box 2   Folder 3

Art Jury Bulletin of Information; Philadelphia, 1913

Box 2   Folder 4

Ask Your State Senators and Representatives to vote for and work for the passage of House Bill No. 978

Box 2   Folder 5

Baltimore Municipal Dock Improvements, 1911

Box 2   Folder 6

Basle-Building Development, 1851-1897

Box 2   Folder 7

Bergedorfer Gtadtbaufragen (2 copies)

Box 2   Folder 8

Berlin City Planning

Box 2   Folder 9

Boston-City Planning and Housing-1900-1912

Box 2   Folder 10

Boston-City Planning-1895-1910

Box 2   Folder 11

Bournville, 1924

Box 3   Folder 1

Bridgeport-Preliminary Report of the City Plan Commission-1915

Box 3   Folder 2

Brinkmann-Platz un Monument-1912

Box 3   Folder 3

Brooklyn Daily Eagle; The Brooklyn City Plan

Box 3   Folder 4

Budapest; Catalog of City Plans, 1910

Box 3   Folder 5

Buenos Aires Town Plan and Potential Planning Project

Box 3   Folder 6

Buffalo is Now Awakening to Her Opportunity

Box 3   Folder 7

Building for the Future of St. John, the Rail and Harbor City of Canada

Box 3   Folder 8

Building Great Cities; Charles Huff

Box 3   Folder 9

Building Zone Ordinance of the City of Everett, Massachusetts Proposed by the Planning Board, April 1926

Box 3   Folder 10

Canadian City Planning

Box 3   Folder 11

Canberra-City Planning-1910-1913

Box 3   Folder 12

Cantor Lectures on Civic Architecture and Town Planning

Box 3   Folder 13

Cedarvale; A Restricted Residential Suburb of Great Natural Beauty; The British and Colonial Land and Securities Company, Ltd.(OVRZ-See Box 51, Folder 6)

Box 3   Folder 14

Chautauqua City Planning-1902-1903

Box 3   Folder 15

Chicago Department of Public Welfare Preliminary Report of Bureau of Social Surveys

Box 3   Folder 16

Chicago Municipal Museum-1904-1905

Box 3   Folder 17

Chicago the Garden City

Box 3   Folder 18

City of Birmingham: Public Parks and Pleasure Grounds, 1892

Box 3   Folder 19

Chicago the Garden City

Box 4   Folder 1

City of Brantford, Ontario.

Box 4   Folder 2

City of Council Bluffs Map and Zoning.

Box 4   Folder 3

City of Erie, PA. Guide for the Laying Out and Development of Subdivisions

Box 4   Folder 4

City of Lansing Zoning Ordinance

Box 4   Folder 4

City of Lansing Zoning Ordinance

Box 4   Folder 5

City of Rochester Rules and Regulations for Use Districts

Box 4   Folder 6

City of Syracuse New York City Planning Commission Report, 1919

Box 4   Folder 7

City Ordinance for Zoning, Providence R.I.

Box 4   Folder 8

City Planning and City Building; Kansas City

Box 4   Folder 9

City Planning at Canton, Ohio

Box 4   Folder 10

City Planning Commission, Jamestown, NY

Box 4   Folder 11

City Planning Conferences and Exhibitions, 1903-1910

Box 4   Folder 12

City Planning Exhibition; What it is, Its Purpose, Its Scope, Why Your City Needs it

Box 5   Folder 1

City Planning in Canada

Box 5   Folder 2

City Planning Laws of the United States

Box 5   Folder 3

City Planning Legislation

Box 5   Folder 4

City Planning Legislation, Andrew Wright Crawford

Box 5   Folder 5

City Planning Means...

Box 5   Folder 6

City Planning Problems in the Reconstruction of French Towns

Box 5   Folder 7

City Planning; Germany, 1900-1910

Box 5   Folder 8

City Planning; Report of Committee on Civic Art and Architecture, Newark Board of Trade

Box 5   Folder 9

City Planning; Ancient Cities, 1900-1908

Box 5   Folder 10

City Planning; General, 1889-1910

Box 6   Folder 1

City Planning; General, 1910-1912

Box 6   Folder 2

City Planning; Germany; 1893-1897

Box 6   Folder 3

City Planning; Great Britain, 1909-1912

Box 7   Folder 1

City Planning; United States, 1894-1904

Box 7   Folder 2

City Planning; United States, 1903-1912

Box 8   Folder 1

City Planning; United States, 1905-1907

Box 8   Folder 2

City Planning; United States, 1908-1910

Box 8   Folder 3

Civic Exhibition; Ireland, 1914 (See Oversize, Box 51, Folder 4)

Box 8   Folder 4

Civic Improvement and Beautification, Cedar Rapids, IA, 1908

Box 8   Folder 5

Civic Improvements; The Case of New York

Box 8   Folder 6

Cologne-Deulsch Werkbund-Austellung

Box 8   Folder 7

Comment on Grandi Les Villes Americaines

Box 9   Folder 1

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Information and Suggestions for City and Town Planning Boards

Box 9   Folder 2

Comprehensive Zone Ordinance Adopted by Alameda, CA

Box 9   Folder 3

Comprehensive Zoning Law for Baltimore

Box 9   Folder 4

Concerning the East River Islands

Box 9   Folder 5

Constitutional Limitations on City Planning Powers

Box 9   Folder 6

Contract for Metal Work for Completion of Clock Tower, Philadelphia, 1889

Box 9   Folder 7

Copenhagen; City and Environs and City Hall, 1905-1908

Box 9   Folder 8

Correspondence re; City Planning Conferences, 1 of 2

Box 9   Folder 9

Correspondence re; City Planning Conferences, 2 of 2

Box 9   Folder 10

Creating the Newest Steel City, 1909

Box 9   Folder 11

Culpin; Garden City Movement Up-To-Date, 1914

Box 9   Folder 12

Das Fluchtlinierigelek vom 2 Juli 1875

Box 9   Folder 13

Delhi; town Planning Reports, 1913

Box 9   Folder 14

Department of Public Welfare of Massachusetts Zoning Technique

Box 9   Folder 15

Der Industriebau; Monatsschrift fur die Kunstlerische und Technische Forderung Aller Gebiete Industrieller Bauten (Oversize, See Box 51, Folder 2)

Box 9   Folder 16

Detroit City Plan and Improvement Commission

Box 9   Folder 17

Die Bedeutung der Gartenstadtbewegung

Box 9   Folder 18

Die Deutche Gartenstadtbewegung

Box 9   Folder 19

Die Einheitliche Blockfront in Stadtbau-Behrendt-1912

Box 9   Folder 20

Die Kunstlerische Gestaltung des Stadtbildes

Box 9   Folder 21

Die Stadt der Zukunft

Box 10   Folder 1

Do We Want a Settlement Franchise?

Box 10   Folder 2

Draft of Zoning Ordinance, Woonsocket R.I.

Box 10   Folder 3

Dresden Building Regulations-1902-1903

Box 10   Folder 4

Dusseldorf-City Planning-1910-1912

Box 10   Folder 5

Dusseldorf-Fuhrer durch die Stadtebau-Ausstellung-1910

Box 10   Folder 6

Economy and Security Through Planning

Box 10   Folder 7

El Nuevo Edificio de la Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores de Mexico

Box 10   Folder 8

Eleventh National Conference on City Planning, 1919

Box 10   Folder 9

Enforcing the City Plan

Box 10   Folder 10

Enskede City Planning, 1907-1909

Box 10   Folder 11

Environmental Influence of City and Regional Planning

Box 10   Folder 12

Erection of Buildings Within the Lines of Mapped Streets in the City of New York

Box 10   Folder 13

Fayetteville's Opportunities

Box 10   Folder 14

Fierenze; Regolamento Per Apertura di Strade e Construzione di Nuovi Quartieri d'Iniziativa Privata

Box 10   Folder 15

First Annual Report; City Planning Commission, Memphis, TN, 1921

Box 10   Folder 16

First City and Town Planning Conference, Massachusetts Homestead Commission, 1913

Box 10   Folder 17

Forest Hills Gardens, 1910-1912

Box 11   Folder 1

Forslag till NY Stadsplan for Malmo

Box 11   Folder 2

Fort Wayne-Improvement Plan-Robinson

Box 11   Folder 3

Frankfurt-on-the-Main-City Planning-1902-1910

Box 11   Folder 4

Fuhrer Durch Die Allgemeine Stadtterbau-Ausstellung in Berlin

Box 11   Folder 5

Garden Cities and Town Planning Associations HT165.9

Box 11   Folder 6

Garden City Movement Up-To-Date-1913 (2 copies)

Box 11   Folder 7

Garden City Movement-England-1902-1908

Box 11   Folder 8

Garden Suburbs, 1910

Box 12   Folder 1

Gartenvorstadttanlagen und Kleinwohnungshauser

Box 12   Folder 2

General Development Plan and Zoning Ordinance, North Adams, MA

Box 12   Folder 3

German Cities

Box 12   Folder 4

Germany-City Planning 1909-1912

Box 12   Folder 5

Gothenburg City Planning Vol. 1

Box 12   Folder 6

Gothenburg; City Planning, 1909-1910

Box 12   Folder 7

Grand Rapids-City Planning-1909-1910

Box 12   Folder 8

Grand Rapids-City Planning-1909-1912

Box 12   Folder 9

Great Crosby-City Planning-1909-1911

Box 12   Folder 10

Greater Berlin-Competition Plans-1907-1910, v. 1

Box 13   Folder 1

Greater Berlin-Competition Plans-1907-1910, v. 2

Box 13   Folder 2

Greater Erie-1913

Box 13   Folder 3

Greater Kansas City; An Address, by Philip J. Kealy

Box 13   Folder 4

Grouping of Public Buildings; Milwaukee, 1919

Box 13   Folder 5

Grundzuge der Modernen Stadtebaukunde-Fassbender-1912

Box 13   Folder 6

Gwinn-Improvement Plan-Manning-1911

Box 13   Folder 7

Hamburg-City Planning-1892-1903

Box 13   Folder 8

Hampstead Garden Suburb-City Planning-1906-1913

Box 14   Folder 1

Hampstead; Garden Suburb, Miscellaneous, 1905-1937

Box 14   Folder 2

Heim and Herd-Gisevius-1907

Box 14   Folder 3

Hellerau, The City of the Future; by Eva Elise Vom Baur

Box 14   Folder 4

Helsingborg-City Planning-1905-1908

Box 14   Folder 5

Hertfordshire Express

Box 14   Folder 6

Holidays at Letchworth

Box 14   Folder 7

Houston Conferences and Exhibitions

Box 14   Folder 8

How New York City Controls the Development of Private Property

Box 14   Folder 9

How to Town-Plan; The Building and Equipment of Cottages in Garden Suburbs

Box 14   Folder 10

How Zoning Works in New York

Box 14   Folder 11

Improvement of Ogdensburg, New York

Box 14   Folder 12

Improvement Plans of Austrian and German Cities, 1890-1903

Box 14   Folder 13

Instructions for preparing a town plan

Box 14   Folder 14

Is City Planning a Joke?

Box 14   Folder 15

Kansas City Zoning Maps

Box 14   Folder 16

Kanton Basel-Stadt; Gesetz uber Anlegung und Korrektion von Strassen

Box 14   Folder 17

L'Esthetique Des Villes, Charles Buls, 1894-1903

Box 15   Folder 1

L'Esthetique des Villes-Magne, 1908

Box 15   Folder 2

La Cooperacion en el Movimiento de las Ciudades Jardines

Box 15   Folder 3

La Question du Metropolitain, Paris, 1888

Box 15   Folder 4

La Ville et Son Image

Box 15   Folder 5

Laws Relating to Art Commissions-City of New York

Box 15   Folder 6

Leipzig; City Planning and Housing, 1901-1907

Box 15   Folder 7

Letchworth Garden City in Fifty-Five Pictures

Box 15   Folder 8

Letchworth Garden City in Fifty-five Pictures

Box 15   Folder 9

Letchworth Plan of Present Development

Box 15   Folder 10

Letchworth; Garden Suburb; Plans and Schedule of 300 Plots to be Let on Lease, 1913 (OVRZ-See BOX 50, Folder 2)

Box 15   Folder 11

Letchworth; Miscellaneous, 1904-1908

Box 16   Folder 1

Letter from the Hon. Edward F. Dunne to Alderman Charles Werno

Box 16   Folder 2

Los Angeles Municipal Architecture

Box 16   Folder 3

Limitations on the Heights of Buildings, Akron, Ohio

Box 16   Folder 4

Liverpool Garden Suburb Souvenir

Box 16   Folder 5

London City Planning

Box 16   Folder 6

London's First Satellite Town; Welwyn

Box 16   Folder 7

London-City Planning-1892-1913

Box 16   Folder 8


Box 16   Folder 9

Major Streets Present and Proposed; South Bend, IN

Box 17   Folder 1

Malmo City Planning, 1901-1910

Box 17   Folder 2

Manila-Improvement Plan-1905

Box 17   Folder 3

Mannheim Building Regulations-1901-1910

Box 17   Folder 4

Manual of the City Planning Commission; Scranton, PA

Box 17   Folder 5

Map of London Underground, 1913

Box 17   Folder 6

Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare, Division of Housing and Town Planning; Planning Boards and their Work

Box 17   Folder 8

Memorial Hall

Box 17   Folder 9

Metropolitan City Planning Exhibition for City and Town Advance, 1915

Box 17   Folder 10

Milwaukee-City Planning-1909

Box 17   Folder 11

Milwaukee-City Planning-1909-1911

Box 17   Folder 12

Model Subdivision Regulations for Village Planning Boards

Box 17   Folder 13

Mothering a Municipality; The Account of a Visit to the Lady Mayor of Oldham, by Mary MacDowell

Box 18   Folder 1

Munich City Planning, 1902-1912 (OVRZ-See BOX 50, Folder 5)

Box 18   Folder 2

Munich-Perlach, Garten-Stadt-1910

Box 18   Folder 3

Municipal and Real Estate Finance in Canada

Box 18   Folder 4

Municipal Art Society of New York Publications, 1893-1910

Box 18   Folder 5

Municipal Ownership-Great Britain-1899-1906

Box 18   Folder 6

National City Planning Conference-1909

Box 19   Folder 1

New York City Planning, 1885-1910

Box 19   Folder 2

New York City Planning, 1910-1913

Box 19   Folder 3

New York Harbors and Docks, 1907-1912

Box 20   Folder 1

New York in the Making; Five Hundred Million Dollars to be Spent in Reconstructing the City

Box 20   Folder 2

Newport, 1913

Box 20   Folder 3

Norrkoping-Hamnplan-Unander and Jonson, 1909

Box 20   Folder 4

Official Ordinances of the City of San Diego, CA

Box 20   Folder 5

Official Programme of the First Australian Town Planning and Housing Conference and Exhibition, 1917

Box 20   Folder 6

Old World Friendliness Between Man and Nature, 1905

Box 20   Folder 7

Omaha-City Planning-1911-1912

Box 20   Folder 8

Onslow Village Limited Prospectus and Descriptive Booklet

Box 20   Folder 9

Opinion on Exclusion Act and Abandoned Rights

Box 20   Folder 10

Our City; Buffalo, NY

Box 20   Folder 11

Pamphlets and other materials re City Planning Conferences, 1 of 3

Box 20   Folder 12

Pamphlets and other materials re City Planning Conferences, 2 of 3

Box 20   Folder 13

Pamphlets and other materials re City Planning Conferences, 3 of 3

Box 20   Folder 14

Paris City Planning, 1910-1913

Box 21   Folder 1

Paris-La Beaute de Paris-Magny, 1911

Box 21   Folder 2

Paris-Le Metropolitain-Dumas, 1901

Box 21   Folder 3

Paris-Les Espaces Libres-Henard 1909

Box 21   Folder 4

Parks on Long Island

Box 21   Folder 5

Philadelphia Harbor 1908

Box 21   Folder 6

Photographs of Town Planning Posters

Box 21   Folder 7

Pioneer Co-Partnership Suburb

Box 21   Folder 8

Pittsburgh-City Planning-1911-1912

Box 21   Folder 9

Plan Commission-Chicago's World-Wide Influence in City Planning

Box 21   Folder 10

Plan for the Development of Grand Canyon, Arizona-1918

Box 21   Folder 11

Plan of Evanston

Box 21   Folder 12

Planning for Seattle's Future

Box 21   Folder 13

Planning Sunlight Cities

Box 21   Folder 14

Planning the Future of your City

Box 21   Folder 15

Platting Guide, City of Milwaukee, 1924

Box 21   Folder 16

Polisei-Derordooug fur den Stadttreis Halle A.S., 1898

Box 21   Folder 17

Portland; The Transformation of the City from an Architectural and Social Viewpoint

Box 21   Folder 18

Portland-Greater Portland Plan-Bennett-1912

Box 21   Folder 19

Practical Chart of Town Planning Procedure

Box 21   Folder 20

Practical Town Planning, South Australia

Box 21   Folder 21

Preliminary Report on Regional Problems, San Francisco

Box 21   Folder 22

Preliminary Report on the Elizabeth City Plan

Box 21   Folder 23

Prince Rupert-City Planning-1909

Box 21   Folder 24

Proceedings of the Engineers' Club of Philadelphia

Box 21   Folder 25

Progetto di Ordinamento Definitivo della Piazza Grande e del Colle di s. Giusto

Box 22   Folder 1

Progress in Civic Improvements in Boston

Box 22   Folder 2

Proposed Building Zones, Portland OR

Box 22   Folder 3

Proposed Canadian Garden Suburb

Box 22   Folder 4

Proposed Entrance and Civic Centre, Ottawa Hills, Toledo

Box 22   Folder 5

Proposed Improvement of the City of Rochester

Box 22   Folder 6

Protecting the Future of New York City

Box 22   Folder 7

Quincy Boulevard and Park Association

Box 22   Folder 8

Reading-Improvement Plan-Nolen-1910

Box 22   Folder 9

Real City Planning Results and What They Mean to Property Owners

Box 22   Folder 10

Reclaim South Water Street for All the People

Box 22   Folder 11

Regional Planning Theory; A Reply to the British Challenge

Box 22   Folder 12

Relazione della Commissione sul Piano Regolatore

Box 22   Folder 13

Report of Commission on Height of Buildings in the City of Boston

Box 22   Folder 14

Report of the Committee of the Albany Chamber of Commerce Appointed to Suggest a Plan for the Improvement of the River Front, 1911

Box 22   Folder 15

Report of the State Capital Planning Commission, Its Investigation of the Planning of the Capital of California

Box 22   Folder 16

Report on a Comprehensive Plan for Civic Improvements in Toronto, Toronto Guild of Civic Art

Box 22   Folder 17

Report on a Park System for Council Bluffs, Iowa

Box 22   Folder 18

Report on the Plan Commission for the City of Columbus, Ohio, 1908

Box 22   Folder 19

Report on the Revision and Extension of the Street System in Southwest Philadelphia, 1917

Box 22   Folder 20

Reports Received on the Tentative Zoning Ordinance for Cleveland

Box 22   Folder 21

Rochester Bureau of City Planning, Rules and Regulations; and Organization, Provisions of Law, and Procedure at Public Hearings of the Advisory Board

Box 22   Folder 22

Rochester Municipal Reconstruction Plan

Box 22   Folder 23

Rome-Piano Regolatore-Sanjust di Teulada-1908

Box 22   Folder 24

Rose Valley-Garden Suburb

Box 22   Folder 25

Ruislip Manor-City Planning, 1911-1913

Box 22   Folder 26

Rules for the City Planning Commission for the Subdivision of Land

Box 22   Folder 27

Rules of Procedure Adopted by Planning Board, New Rochelle, NY

Box 22   Folder 28

Sacramento City Ordinances; Ordinance No. 412

Box 22   Folder 29

Sacramento, California Subdivision Rules and Regulations

Box 23   Folder 1

San Francisco City Planning

Box 23   Folder 2

San Jose Improvement Plan-Robinson, 1909

Box 23   Folder 3

Santa Barbara Improvement Plan, 1909

Box 23   Folder 4

Scope of the Exhibition of American and Foreign City Planning, New York City, 1913

Box 23   Folder 5

Secretary of War Report on Chicago Harbor, 1912

Box 23   Folder 6

Selkirk, Manitoba; Town Planning Scheme

Box 23   Folder 7

South Australian Town Planning and Housing Association Address on Town Planning, 1919

Box 23   Folder 8

Special Assessments in Relation to Public Improvements, New Rochelle, NY

Box 23   Folder 9

Special Park Commission Playground Assn.

Box 23   Folder 10

St. Louis After the War

Box 23   Folder 11

St. Louis City Planning Reports-1904-1907

Box 23   Folder 12

St. Louis-City Planning-1907-1914

Box 23   Folder 13


Box 23   Folder 14

State, City and Town Planning, Thomas Adams

Box 23   Folder 15

Statement and Evidence Submitted on Pending Zoning Ordinance to City Council of Cincinnati, 1924

Box 24   Folder 1

Stockholm City Planning, 1902-1910

Box 24   Folder 2

Stockholm-City Planning-1911-1912

Box 24   Folder 3

Structure of Cities; Alexander Hamilton Inst.

Box 24   Folder 4

Stuttgart Building Regulations-1897-1902

Box 24   Folder 5

Tentative Zoning Ordinance for Cleveland, OH

Box 24   Folder 6

Supplement to Landscape Architecture; A Quarterly, 1913

Box 24   Folder 7

Syracuse, New York City Planning Commission Report

Box 24   Folder 8

Technicsches Gemeindeblatt

Box 24   Folder 9

Tentative Zoning for Akron, Ohio

Box 24   Folder 10

Tentative Zoning Ordinance for Atlanta, GA

Box 24   Folder 11

Tentative Zoning Ordinance; Kansas City, MO

Box 24   Folder 12

The American Society for Municipal Improvements

Box 24   Folder 13

The Architectural Reconstruction of Berlin, the Old Prussian Military Village; A Return to Simplicity and Soberness

Box 24   Folder 14

The Atlanta Zone Plan, 1922

Box 24   Folder 15

The Builder (Canada), 1911

Box 24   Folder 16

The Building Line on the Mall, 1904; Remarks by Francis Newlands

Box 24   Folder 17

The Building Zone Plan of New York City, 1916

Box 24   Folder 18

The California Outlook; Community Patriotism in Old World Cities

Box 24   Folder 19

The City of the Sun; A Synthesis of the Project, both from an Economical and a Moral Viewpoint; its Buildings System, Cost, and Opinions of Many Sociologists (OVZ-See BOX 51, Folder 7)

Box 24   Folder 20

The City Plan and Living and Working Conditions

Box 24   Folder 21

The City Planning Progress Exhibit

Box 24   Folder 22

The Civic Program of the Hamilton Club

Box 24   Folder 23

The Convention City; Sherbrooke, Que.

Box 24   Folder 24

The Development of a Great City, by Otto Wagner

Box 24   Folder 25

The French Regime in Illinois, 1689-1763

Box 24   Folder 26

The Future Extension of the Suburbs of Sheffield, 1911

Box 24   Folder 27

The Garden City Chapter 2; Port Sunlight

Box 25   Folder 1

The Grouping of Public Buildings and Gardens with Adjoining Waterfront, Excursion Docks and Union Station for the City of Buffalo, 1907

Box 25   Folder 2

The Grouping of Public Buildings; Connecticut's Opportunity

Box 25   Folder 3

The Ideal Village

Box 25   Folder 4

The Improvement of Boulder, Colorado

Box 25   Folder 5

The Improvement of South Water Street Cannot be Avoided

Box 25   Folder 6

The Kansas City Zone Plan

Box 25   Folder 7

The Kenosha City Plan, 1925

Box 25   Folder 8

The Metropolitan Organization of Municipal Town Planning in South Australia

Box 25   Folder 9

The Municipality and City Planning

Box 25   Folder 10

The New Berlin; A Monument to Wilhelm II

Box 25   Folder 11

The Planning of Cities, Towns and Village

Box 25   Folder 12

The Problem of City Beautification as Observed in Europe

Box 25   Folder 13

The Relation of Land Values and Town Planning, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 1914

Box 25   Folder 14

The San Francisco Bay Region of the Future; What the Great Regional Plan Means

Box 25   Folder 15

The Surveyor's Institution; Transactions, Session 1915-1916, A Paper Entitled "The Principles and Position of Town Planning"

Box 25   Folder 16

Thornton Hough, Cheshire; A Rebuilt Village

Box 25   Folder 17

Three German Newspaper Articles

Box 25   Folder 18

To Make Our Cities Smaller; A Suggestion for Dispersing Surplus Population

Box 25   Folder 19

Toronto-City Planning-1907-1911

Box 25   Folder 20

Town and Village Zoning and Planning, Niagara Frontier Planning Board

Box 25   Folder 21

Town of Wakefield, Mass. Report of the Planning Board 1925

Box 25   Folder 22

Town Planning

Box 25   Folder 23

Town Planning Achievements in Walpole

Box 25   Folder 24

Town Planning for Winchester, MA; Mystic Valley Improvement

Box 25   Folder 25

Town Planning Act-Commission of Conservation, Canada, 1914

Box 25   Folder 26

Town Planning and Civic Improvement in Canada

Box 25   Folder 27

Town Planning and Housing Association of South Australia

Box 25   Folder 28

Town Planning and Housing Bill

Box 25   Folder 29

Town Planning as Applied to New Cities

Box 25   Folder 30

Town Planning in Theory and Practice

Box 25   Folder 31

Town Planning Institute Distribution

Box 25   Folder 32

Town Planning Institute Zoning Proposals

Box 25   Folder 33

Town Planning Institute; Objects, Lists of Members, and Report of an Address

Box 25   Folder 34

Town Planning Powers-Culpin-1909

Box 25   Folder 35

Town Planning Schemes

Box 25   Folder 36

Town Planning, by George Fowlds, Jr.

Box 26   Folder 1

Traffic Control and its Application to the Redesign of Copley Square, Boston

Box 26   Folder 2

Traveling Exhibit of Up-To-Date City Planning and Housing

Box 26   Folder 3

Trollhatten, Forslag-Unander and Jonson, 1908 NA9429

Box 26   Folder 4

U.S. Municipal Improvement, 1897-1909

Box 26   Folder 5

United States City Planning, 1898-1914

Box 26   Folder 5a

Views of Barre and Vicinity (Vermont), ca. 1890s

Box 26   Folder 6

Villach-Regulierungsplan-Fassbender, 1906

Box 26   Folder 7

Village Art At Home and Abroad

Box 26   Folder 8

Walpole, Massachusetts; Plan Today for Tomorrow

Box 26   Folder 9

War and City Planning; Traveling Exhibit of City Planning and Housing

Box 26   Folder 10

Washington-City Planning-1897-1909

Box 26   Folder 11

Washington-City Planning 1902-1912

Box 26   Folder 12

Waterloo-Improvement Plan-Robinson-1910

Box 26   Folder 13

Welwyn Garden City Limited; Prospectus, 1917

Box 26   Folder 14

Welwyn Garden City-Meanings and Methods

Box 26   Folder 15

West Hartford Zoning

Box 26   Folder 16

Wettbewerbs=Entwurfe zu Wohnhausern fur die Mitglieder des Bauvereins A-G zu Hamburg

Box 26   Folder 17

What Town Planning Means for the Local Authority, For the Landowner

Box 26   Folder 18

Winnipeg City Planning Commission Report

Box 26   Folder 19

Wisconsin State Parks-Nolen-1909

Box 26   Folder 20

Woonsocket, Rhode Island Zone Plan, 1923

Box 26   Folder 21

Zion, IL Pamphlets

Box 26   Folder 22

Zone Ordinance and Land Subdivision Rules for Memphis, TN

Box 27   Folder 1

Zone Ordinance for Omaha, Nebraska, Jan. 1924

Box 27   Folder 2

Zone Ordinance of Evansville, Indiana

Box 27   Folder 3

Zoning for Milwaukee

Box 27   Folder 4

Zoning for St. Louis; A Fundamental Part of the City Plan

Box 27   Folder 5

Zoning Ordinance for Manchester

Box 27   Folder 6

Zoning Ordinance of Birmingham

Box 27   Folder 7

Zoning Ordinance of the City of Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Box 27   Folder 8

Zoning Ordinance, Seattle, 1923

Box 27   Folder 9

Zoning Progress in the United States

Box 27   Folder 10

Zoning-Modern Zoning Legislation, Baltimore

Box 27   Folder 11

Zoning Ordinance of the City of Providence, 1928

Box 27   Folder 12

City Planning Commission, Jamestown, NY

Box 27   Folder 13

Letchworth; City Planning, 1910-1913

Series II: Transportation

Box 27   Folder 14

'A Definite Determination to Municipalize the Street Car Lines of Chicago is the Inevitable and Only 'Solution' to the Traction Question'

Box 27   Folder 15

A Prophesy and its Fulfillment by the Supporters of the Mueller Bill

Box 27   Folder 16

A Protest Against the 'Comprehensive' Subway Question

Box 27   Folder 17

A Protest Against the Passage of the 'Loop' Elevated Railway Ordinance in its Present Form

Box 27   Folder 18

Action Necessary to Assure a Reasonable Return on the Investment

Box 27   Folder 19

Address by Corporation Counsel Samuel A. Ettelson at a Hearing on the Bacharach Bill, 1922

Box 27   Folder 20

Address on the Traction Crisis in Chicago, 1905

Box 27   Folder 21

An Argument Against the Traction Ordinance by George Sikes, Delivered Before the City Club of Chicago, 1918

Box 27   Folder 22

An Open Letter to the Mayor of the City of New York

Box 27   Folder 23

An Opinion with Reference to the Street Railway Ordinances Reported to the City Council, 1907

Box 27   Folder 24

An Opinion with Reference to the Street Railway Ordinances Reported to the City Council, 1907

Box 27   Folder 25

An Ordinance Authorizing the Calumet and South Chicago Railway Company to Construct, Maintain and Operate a System of Street Railways

Box 27   Folder 26

An Ordinance Authorizing the West Chicago Street Railroad Company to Maintain and Operate a System of Street Railways in Certain Streets and Public Ways in the City of Chicago

Box 27   Folder 27

Analysis of the Rapid Transit Contracts between the City of New York and the Interborough Rapid Transit Company

Box 28   Folder 1

Annual Reports, Chicago Railways Company; 1909-1917, 1919

Box 28   Folder 2

Approval of the Traction Ordinance by the Chicago Association of Commerce

Box 28   Folder 3

Before the Public Utilities Commission of Illinois; In the Matter of the Application of the Chicago Railways Companies Operating under the designation of Chicago Surface Lines

Box 28   Folder 4


Box 28   Folder 5

Berlin-Hoch und Untergrundbahm Gesellschaft Berichte-1902-1909

Box 28   Folder 6

Berlin-Passenger Traffic-1911-1913

Box 28   Folder 7

Berlin-Local Passenger Traffic-1898-1908

Box 28   Folder 8

Berlin-Hoch Und Untergrundbahn-1895-1910

Box 29   Folder 1

Berlin-Street Railways-1907-1910

Box 29   Folder 2

Berne-Street Railways-1900-1902

Box 29   Folder 3

Better Transportation League of Chicago Letter and Pamphlet, 1919

Box 29   Folder 4

Bids Wanted for Subways

Box 29   Folder 5


Box 29   Folder 6

Boston-Rapid Transit-1900-1912

Box 29   Folder 7

Boston-Rapid Transit-1897-1909

Box 29   Folder 8

Boston-Street Railway Commissioners Report-1865

Box 29   Folder 9

Brussels-Street Railways-1882-1897

Box 30   Folder 1

Budapest-Street Railways-1898-1901

Box 30   Folder 2

Buffalo-Street Railways-1896-1902

Box 30   Folder 3

Building Zone Ordinance of the City of Newark, New Jersey1920

Box 30   Folder 4

Central Traffic Parkway of St. Louis

Box 30   Folder 5

Committee on Local Transportation, Report to the City Council of Chicago, 1907

Box 30   Folder 6

Committee on Local Transportation, Report to the City Council of Chicago, 1907

Box 30   Folder 7

Chicago Elevated Railways, 1906-1910

Box 30   Folder 8

Chicago Elevated Terminal Railway Ordinance, undated

Box 30   Folder 9

Chicago-Harbors and Waterways-1899-1913

Box 31   Folder 1

Chicago Harbors and Waterways, 1908-1910

Box 31   Folder 2

Chicago Railroads; 1892-1910

Box 31   Folder 3

Chicago Railways Company Modified Plan of Reorganization and Readjustment, 1907

Box 31   Folder 4

Chicago Railways Company, Plan of Reorganization and Readjustment-1907

Box 31   Folder 5

Chicago Street Railways (2 copies)

Box 32   Folder 1

Chicago Railroads; 1909-1912

Box 32   Folder 2

Chicago Street Railways, 1906-1910

Box 33   Folder 1

Chicago Subway and Rapid Transit Development, 1924

Box 33   Folder 2

Chicago Subway Problem

Box 33   Folder 3

Chicago Subway Plans, Including a Discussion of a Compromise Survey

Box 33   Folder 4

Chicago-Suggested System of Passenger Subways-A.L. Drum and Co., 1911

Box 33   Folder 5

Chicago Surface Lines; An Ordinance Authorizing Unified Operation of the Surface Street Railways in the City of Chicago

Box 33   Folder 6

Chicago Traction Finances 1916; Bonds or Indebtedness of Public, Valuation, and Stock Bonds of Chicago Surface

Box 33   Folder 7

Chicago Traction Issue at a Glance; Essential Features of the New Lisman Plan and the Insull Plan in Relation to the Surface Lines

Box 33   Folder 8

Chicago's Campaign for Municipal Ownership; Two Special Articles for The Commons

Box 33   Folder 9

Chicago's Traction Problem; Considerations That Must be Met in Effecting Its Solution

Box 33   Folder 10

City of Columbus, Ohio Planning Commission Traffic Survey of 1926

Box 33   Folder 11

City Planning as a Permanent Solution to the Traffic Problem

Box 33   Folder 12

City Planning Needs of Omaha; Street Widening and Extensions, Inner Belt Traffic Way, River Drive

Box 33   Folder 13

City of Chicago Harbors and Waterways

Box 33   Folder 14

College Men's Republican Club; The Municipal Campaign of 1905

Box 34   Folder 1

Cologne-Street Railways-1900-1903

Box 34   Folder 2

Cook County Real Estate Board Exposes Attempted Traction Steal in Bill Pending Before the Illinois Legislature

Box 34   Folder 3

Department of City Transit, Philadelphia; Statement of A. Merritt Taylor, Director of the Department of City Transit

Box 34   Folder 4

Die Elektrische Schnellbahnsystem der Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika

Box 34   Folder 5

Die Elektrische Untergrundbahn der Stadt Schonberg, 1911

Box 34   Folder 6

Discussion of Services and Service Standards for Surface Street Railways, 1915

Box 34   Folder 7

Draft Bibliography of the Chicago Street Railway Question; 1858-1906

Box 34   Folder 8

Draft of Form for Proposed Ordinance Covering the Lines Operated by the Receivers of the Chicago Union Traction Company, 1907

Box 34   Folder 9

Duesseldorf-Street Railways-1901-1902

Box 34   Folder 10


Box 34   Folder 11

Ein Neues Schnellbahnsystem; Vorschlage zur Verbesserung

Box 34   Folder 12

Elberfeld-Suspended Railway-1900-1901

Box 34   Folder 13

Extension of Rittenhouse and Quackenbos Streets in the District of Columbia, 1927

Box 34   Folder 14

Fairmont Parkway; 1904-1919

Box 34   Folder 15

Fate of the Five-Cent Fare; Old Errors Bear their Logical Fruit in Chicago

Box 34   Folder 16

Five Possible Locations and Comparative Cost of Proposed River Terminals, St. Louis

Box 34   Folder 17

Four pamphlets re; Chicago Unification Traction Ordinance, 1908

Box 34   Folder 18

Frankfurt; Street Railways, 1899-1903

Box 35   Folder 1

Great Metropolitan Railway Company of New York

Box 35   Folder 2

Hamburg; Rapid Transit-1898-1907

Box 35   Folder 3

Highway Entrances to Washington-The Federal City

Box 35   Folder 4

Hooker; Report to City Council of Chicago on Local Transportation Development in Great Cities

Box 35   Folder 5

How Chicago is Attempting to Solve its Traction Problem, 1931

Box 35   Folder 6

Innovations in the Street Architecture of Paris

Box 35   Folder 7

Interborough Rapid Transit; How New York Overtakes its New Transit Facilities

Box 35   Folder 8

Investigation of Transportation Services in Western Cities, 1921

Box 35   Folder 9

Jebt Oder Die! 1905

Box 35   Folder 10

Leipzig-Street Railways-1894-1902

Box 35   Folder 11

Letter by Mrs. James Morrisson, Chairman, Women's Committee of the Citizens Committee for Unification Traction Ordinance, 1918

Box 35   Folder 12

Liverpool-Corporation Tramway Reports, 1885-1909

Box 36   Folder 1

Liverpool-Corporation Tramways-Annual Reports-1910-1912

Box 36   Folder 2

Liverpool Corporation Tramways-Annual Report-1913

Box 36   Folder 3

Liverpool-Harbor, 1895-1906

Box 36   Folder 4


Box 36   Folder 5

Local Passenger Traffic; United States, 1895-1910

Box 37   Folder 1

Local Passenger Traffic-1903-1907

Box 37   Folder 2

Local Passenger Traffic-Germany-1902-1908

Box 37   Folder 3

Locomotives a Air Comprime pour le chemin de fer Metropolitain de Paris, 1886

Box 37   Folder 4

London-Passenger Traffic-1900-1908

Box 37   Folder 5

London Street Railways, 1902-1905

Box 37   Folder 6

Manchester-England-Passenger Transportation Problem-1914

Box 37   Folder 7

Manchester Ship Canal Company

Box 37   Folder 8


Box 37   Folder 9

Map Showing the Through Routes of the City of Chicago, 1907

Box 38   Folder 1


Box 38   Folder 2

Map Showing Lines of the Chicago Consolidated Traction Company, 1909

Box 38   Folder 3

Mayor's Message to the City Council of the City of Chicago Outlining the Provisions of a Street Railway Franchise Renewal Ordinance, 1902

Box 38   Folder 4

Mexican Central Railway Company, Ltd., Annual Reports; 1898-1900

Box 38   Folder 5

Mexican Central Railway Company, Ltd., Annual Reports; 1902-1905

Box 38   Folder 6

Mexican Central Railway Company, Ltd., Annual Reports; 1905-1908

Box 38   Folder 7

Mitigating the Gridiron Street Plan; Some Good Effects Achieved

Box 38   Folder 8

Munich-Street Railways-1897-1908

Box 38   Folder 9

'Municipal Ownership or Municipal Lawsuit-Which Do You Want?' Speech by John Maynard Harlan, 1905

Box 38   Folder 10

Municipal Ownership of Chicago Streetcar Lines Within the Next Two Years

Box 38   Folder 11

Municipal Ownership and Municipal Operation of Street Railways

Box 38   Folder 12

Municipal Railways-San Francisco's Municipal Railways

Box 38   Folder 13

New York; Arnold Subway Reports, Nos. 1-7, 1907-1908

Box 38   Folder 14

New York-Harbor-1895-1910

Box 39   Folder 1

New York; Passenger Traffic-1893-1903 v. 1

Box 39   Folder 2

New York; Passenger Traffic-1903-1912 v. 2

Box 40   Folder 1

New York; Passenger Traffic-1908-1910 v. 3

Box 40   Folder 2

New York; Passenger Traffic-1904-1907 v. 4

Box 41   Folder 1

New Traction Ordinance, Chicago

Box 41   Folder 2

New York Subway Contracts

Box 41   Folder 3

Newspaper Clippings re; Chicago Traction Ordinance

Box 41   Folder 4

Non-Partisan Subway Primer for Voters, Homes, Clubs and Classes

Box 41   Folder 5

Number 116; Resolution Directing the City Solicitor to Apply to the General Assembly for the Necessary Legislation to Provide Rapid Transit in the City of Providence

Box 41   Folder 6

On the Eve of the Crisis; Address by Judge Murray F. Tuley, Delivered at Oakland Music Hall, March 31, 1905

Box 41   Folder 7

Opinions on Legality of Contract Plan

Box 41   Folder 8

Organized Labor Against the Humphrey Bills

Box 41   Folder 9

'Our Fight for Municipal Ownership' by Edward Dunne, Mayor of Chicago; 1906

Box 41   Folder 10

Outstanding Features and Salient Provisions of an Ordinance Providing for a Comprehensive Municipal Local Transportation System

Box 41   Folder 11

Paris-Passenger Traffic-1897-1910

Box 41   Folder 12

Passenger Terminal-Chicago-Chicago and Northwestern Railway

Box 41   Folder 13

Pending Ordinances for the Chicago City Railway Company and West Chicago Street Railroad Company

Box 41   Folder 14

Philadelphia-Department of City Transit

Box 41   Folder 15

Photocopies of Newspaper Articles; 'Reminder on Traction for the Aldermen of the City of Chicago, August 12, 1918; Broken Promises of 1907'; '"Looking Backwards:" Reminiscences on Traction'; and 'The Traction Ordinance Exposed; A Dangerous, Vicious Proposition-Help Defeat It'

Box 41   Folder 16

Piano Regolatore Edilizio; Rapporto della Terza Commissione, Firenze

Box 41   Folder 17

Plan for the Settlement of Chicago's Traction Problem

Box 41   Folder 18

Plan of New York and its Environs; The Meeting of May, 1922

Box 41   Folder 19

Plat Showing the Underground Subway System Connecting South and North Boulevards

Box 42   Folder 1

Port of Liverpool; Rise and Progress

Box 42   Folder 2

Progress Report on the Proposed Intermediate Thoroughfare, Boston

Box 42   Folder 3

Projet de Chemin de Fer Metropolitain Pour Paris

Box 42   Folder 4

Proposed Subway System for Chicago

Box 42   Folder 5

Proposed Zoning Ordinance for Philadelphia; A Letter to the Real Estate Board from the Philadelphia Housing Association

Box 42   Folder 6

Protecting the Future of New York City

Box 42   Folder 7

Public Ownership; The Solution to Chicago's Transportation Problem

Box 42   Folder 8

Railways-United States-1892-1913

Box 42   Folder 9

Railways-United States-1891-1910

Box 43   Folder 1

Railroad Pamphlets

Box 43   Folder 2

Rapid Transit in Great Cities, by Lewis M. Haupt

Box 43   Folder 3

Rapid Transit Situation in Greater New York; A Situation of Vital Interest to Every Citizen

Box 43   Folder 4

Rapid-Transit Systems in Metropolitan Cities

Box 43   Folder 5

Recommendations for the Proposed Merger Ordinance for Surface and Elevated Railway Properties in Chicago

Box 43   Folder 6

Report of the Commission on Local Transportation of the City of Chicago, 1920

Box 43   Folder 7

Report of the City Planning Commission with Proposed Zone Plan for San Francisco, 1920

Box 43   Folder 8

Report of the Committee on Local Transportation, 1901

Box 43   Folder 9

Report of the Committee on Local Transportation, 1907

Box 43   Folder 10

Report of the Special Counsel to the Committee on Local Transportation of the Chicago City Council, 1903

Box 43   Folder 11

Report of the Sub-Committee to the Committee on Local Transportation, Chicago City Council, of a Tentative Ordinance for the Chicago City Railway Company, 1903

Box 43   Folder 12

Report of the Portland City Planning Commission on a Major Traffic Street System, 1927

Box 44   Folder 1

Report on City Planning in Relation to the Street System in the Boston Metropolitan District

Box 44   Folder 2

Report on the Values of the Tangible and Intangible Properties of the Chicago City Railway Company

Box 44   Folder 3

Report on Passenger Subway and Elevated Railroad Development in Chicago, 1912

Box 44   Folder 4

Report to the Public Service Commission on Dual Subway System, Estimated Additional Cost as of May 1, 1916

Box 44   Folder 5

Report to the Chicago Municipal Ownership League by the Committee Appointed to Analyze the Pending Traction Ordinances

Box 44   Folder 6

Report to the Committee on Local Transportation on the Immediate Construction of Subways, 1924

Box 44   Folder 7

Richmond, The Industrial Center of the Pacific Coast

Box 44   Folder 8

Roadsides of North Carolina; A Survey

Box 44   Folder 9

Rules for Distribution of the Cost of Acquiring Streets

Box 44   Folder 10

San Francisco-Passenger Transportation-1905-1913

Box 44   Folder 11

Special Message of William Dever, Mayor, Concerning Chicago's Local Transportation Problem (3 copies)

Box 44   Folder 12

Statement of Bion J. Arnold, Chairman, Board of Supervising Engineers, Chicago Traction-Made to Chicago City Comptroller, 1914

Box 44   Folder 13

Street Improvements; Suggestions for the Improvement of the River Front, Railway Entrance, Triangles, Streets and Highways

Box 44   Folder 14

Street Railway Transportation-General-1912

Box 44   Folder 15

Street Railway Transportation-United States-1910-1920

Box 44   Folder 16

Street Railways-England-1808-1904

Box 44   Folder 17

Subways for New York

Box 44   Folder 18

Suggested Outline of Street Railway Franchise Renewal Ordinance, together with a Discussion of Some of the Features Thereof

Box 44   Folder 19

Suggested system of Main Thoroughfares, Boston

Box 44   Folder 20

Summary of Correspondence Between Judge Edward F. Dunne and Officials of English Municipalities; Actual Municipal Ownership of Street Railways

Box 45   Folder 1

The Merchants' Association of New York; Proposed New Subways and Motorbus Franchises

Box 45   Folder 2

The Municipal Ownership of Chicago's Street Railways; Report on a Practical Method Available to Acquire the Chicago Surface Lines for Municipal Ownership and Operation

Box 45   Folder 3

The National Importance of the Hudson-Mohawk Thoroughfare and Objects in its Landscape

Box 45   Folder 4

The Return on the Investment in the Subway of the Interborough Rapid Transit Company of New York City

Box 45   Folder 5

The River Front; Proposed Unit Terminals for Boats and Railroads, St. Louis, 1914

Box 45   Folder 6

The Street Railway Question in Chicago, 1907

Box 45   Folder 7

The Street Railway Situation in Chicago, 1907

Box 45   Folder 8

The Street Railways of Chicago and Other Cities

Box 45   Folder 9

Toronto-Street Railways-1891-1909

Box 45   Folder 10

Traction Ordinances-A Reply to the Objections of Mr. George E. Hooker

Box 45   Folder 11


Box 45   Folder 12


Box 46   Folder 1

Transportation in Chicago; Another 'Deal'

Box 46   Folder 2


Box 46   Folder 3

United States Development Company; Owners of Subway Patents, Chicago; Diagrams of Cross-Sections for Passenger Subways, 1913-1914

Box 46   Folder 4

Unsigned Letter to Hon. F.I. Bennett, Chairman, Committee on Local Transportation re; Chicago City Railway Company

Box 46   Folder 5

Vienna; Stadthabn, 1898-1905

Box 46   Folder 6

Vienna; Street Railways, 1898-1908

Box 46   Folder 7

Various Cities of Great Britain-Street Railways, 1895-1906

Box 47   Folder 1

Washington-Street Railways-1893-1898

Box 47   Folder 2

Reports of the Mexican Central Railway

Series III: Housing

Box 47   Folder 3

A Town Planning Scheme; Its Effect on Housing and Architecture

Box 47   Folder 4

Becontree Tenants' Handbook

Box 47   Folder 5

Buffalo-A City of Homes-McFarland

Box 47   Folder 6

Dacey Garden Suburb-New South Wales-1912-1913

Box 47   Folder 7

Goodyear Heights (2 vols)

Box 47   Folder 8

Housing Conditions, America-1892-1913 v.1

Box 48   Folder 1

Housing Conditions, America-1895-1910 v.2

Box 48   Folder 2

Housing of the Working Classes-Manchester1904

Box 48   Folder 3

Letter to Hooker re; Housing from Puttkammer & Muhlbrecht

Box 48   Folder 4

Liverpool-Housing, 1883-1906

Box 48   Folder 5

Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare Division of Housing and Town Planning

Box 48   Folder 6


Box 49   Folder 1

Modern Housing-The Ballinger Company

Box 49   Folder 2

Muthaiga-Ideal Residential Area-1913

Box 49   Folder 3

National Housing and Town Planning Council; Summary of the Principal Provisions of the Ruislip-Northwood Town Planning Scheme

Box 49   Folder 4

New York-Housing, 1910-1912

Box 49   Folder 5


Box 49   Folder 6

Philadelphia-Housing Conditions and City Planning-1911-1912

Box 49   Folder 7

Radburn Garden Homes

Box 49   Folder 8

The City of Liverpool Municipal Tenants' Handbook

Box 49   Folder 9

The First Canadian Housing and Town Planning Congress-1912

Box 49   Folder 10

The Housing Problem in St. Louis

Series IV: Oversize

Box 50   Folder 1

Die Elektrishe Untergrunbahn der stadt Schoneber von Friedrich Gerlach, 1911

Box 50   Folder 2

Letchworth, (Garden City), Herforshire, 1913

Box 50   Folder 3

Cartenvorstadtanlagen und Kleinwohnungshäuser

Box 50   Folder 4

Wettbewers=Emtwürfe von F. Ruppel

Box 50   Folder 5

Munich City Planning

  • Zur Restaurierumg der alten Residenz, 1902
  • Continuation Schools in Munich, 1911 by T.C. Horsfall
  • Die Projecktierte Gartenstadt Müchen-Perlach
  • Deutsches Museum von Meisterwerken der Naturwissenschaft aund Technik, 1912
  • Munchen Städtische Baukunst aus den letsten Jahrzehnten-Schülhauser, 1912
Box 50   Folder 6

Report of Committee of the Albany Chamber of Commerce appoint to suggest a plan for the improvement of the River Front, 14 Nov 1911

Box 50   Folder 7

Report of the Plan Commission for the City of Columbus, Ohio, Feb 1908

Box 50   Folder 8

The grouping of Public Buildings and Gardens with Adjoining Water Front, Excursion Docks and Union Station for the City of Buffalo, by George Cary, 1905

Box 51   Folder 1

Progetto de ordinamento definitiveo della Piazza Grande e del colle di S. Giusto

Box 51   Folder 2

Der Industriebau

Box 51   Folder 3

Die Elekrischen Stadtschnellbahnen der Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika, von Ingenieu F. Musil, 1913

Box 51   Folder 4

Civic Exhibition Ireland, 1914: Information, Conditions an Particulars for the guidance in the preparation of competitive designs for the town plan of Dublin

Box 51   Folder 5

"Proposed Improvement of the city of Rochester'" by E. C. Margrander

Box 51   Folder 6

Cedarvale: A restricted residential Suburb of Great Natural Beauty

Box 51   Folder 7

City of the Sun, proposals for low cost housing project

Box 51   Folder 8

Future Extension of the Suburbs of Sheffield, by Edward M. Gibbs, 1911

Box 51   Folder 9

The Kenosha City Plan, 1925

Box 51   Folder 10

Report on a Comprehensive Plan for Systematic Civic Improvements in Toronto, 1909

Box 52   Folder 1

United State Development Company, National Life Building, Chicago, Owners of the Subway Patents

Box 52   Folder 2

"Map, Chicago consolidated Traction Co."