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Kristof, Ladis Donabed. Soviet Posters. Collection




6 linear feet (15 folders)


Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center
University of Chicago Library
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Fifteen posters produced in the Soviet Union and Romania between 1963 and 1990, collected by Romanian-born political science professor Ladis Donabed Kristof. The majority of the posters date from 1963-1971 and celebrate space exploration and holidays or community events, or commemorate Lenin. The two posters from 1990 promote The Christian Democratic National Peasants’ Party, a Romanian political party created after the revolution ending communist rule in Romania in 1989.

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When quoting material from this collection, the preferred citation is: Kristof, Ladis Donabed. Soviet Posters. Collection, [Folder #], Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library

Biographical Note

Ladis “Kris” Donabed Kristof was born on November 26, 1918 in Cernauti, Romania to parents Witold Krzysztofowicz and Maria Zawadzki Krysztofowicz. He studied forestry at the University of Poznan, Poland from 1937-1939, returning to Romania at the outbreak of World War II. Kristof was inducted into the German-allied Romanian army but soon imprisoned for working simultaneously for Polish intelligence; he was released when Romania changed sides in the war in 1944. During Soviet invasions into Romania in the 1940s, Kristof escaped Romania by swimming across the Danube River into Yugoslavia, where he was taken to an internment camp and subjected to forced labor. In 1950 Kristof arrived in Western Europe where he made arrangements to emigrate to the United States, moving to Portland, Oregon in 1952 and eventually becoming a U.S. citizen in 1958. After Kristof earned his BA from Reed College in 1955, he moved to Chicago where he met and married Jane McWilliams in 1956 and had a son, Nicholas, in 1959. Kristof studied political science at the University of Chicago, earning his MA in 1956 and his PhD in 1969 with a doctoral dissertation entitled “The Historical and Political Role of a Nation in Space: A Case Study of Russian and Soviet Concepts, Perceptions, Images, and Identifications." From 1962-1971 Kristof held positions at Temple University, Stanford University, the University of Santa Clara, and the University of Waterloo, Ontario. In 1971 Kristof became professor of political science at Portland State University, earning emeritus status in 1990. Kristof died in 2010 in Yamhill, Oregon, where he and his wife ran a 73-acre farm.

Scope Note

The Ladis Donabed Kristof Collection of Soviet Posters contains fifteen posters produced between 1963 and 1990 in the Soviet Union and Romania. The collection has been organized chronologically. Thirteen posters were produced in the Soviet Union between 1963 and 1971, with text in Russian. Of these, six celebrate and commemorate Lenin, the early twentieth-century Socialist Revolution, and the soldiers who fought in World War II (2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8), three are related to the Space Race, celebrating missile defense technology and advances in space exploration (1, 5, 9), two celebrate community events or holidays (May 1st and the “Communist Subbotnik,” a weekly obligatory community-cleanup effort; 11, 12) and two are related to domestic and international politics (in favor of pan-European peace agreements and against single-source procurement, 10, 13). The remaining two posters were produced in Romania in 1990 to promote the new Christian Democratic National Peasants’ Party (14, 15). The party was founded in December 1989 in the wake of the 1989 revolution which ended communist rule in Romania. The posters call for members to join the party, state the nine tenets of the party’s creed, and commemorate the fall of the original National Peasant Party with the imprisonment of Iuliu Maniu and Ion Mihalache in 1947. The text is written in Romanian.

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Subject Headings


Folder 1

"Glory to the Soviet cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky!" (СЛАВА СОВЕТСКОМУ КОСМОНАВТУ ВАЛЕРИЮ БЫКОВСКОМУ!), 34 x 87 cm, Moscow, 1963

Folder 2

K. S. Andreevich and K. N. Grigoryevna, "Song about Lenin" (Песня о Ленине), 103 x 83 cm, 1967

Folder 3

A. Saldre, "Lenin 1870/1970" (ЛЕНИНА), 87 x 68 cm, Kalinin, Russia, 1969

Folder 4

O. Savostyuk and B. Uspensky, "Lenin" (ЛЕНИНА), 85 x 175 cm, Moscow, 1969

Folder 5

"Motherland Shield" (РАКЕТНЫЙ ЩИТ РОДИНЫ), 77 x 59 cm, Moscow, 1969

Folder 6

B. Berezovsky, "The name and cause of Lenin will live forever!" (ИМЯ И ДЕЛО ЛЕНИНА БУДУТ ЖИТЬ ВЕЧНО!), 118 x 58 cm, Kalinin, Russia, 1970

Folder 7

"Glory to October!" (СЛАВА ОКТЯБРЮ!), 70 x 107 cm, Moscow, 1970

Folder 8

K. V. Pavlovich, "To the Soviet soldier - Glory! 1941/1945" ([Р]АДЯНСЬКОМУ [СО]ЛДАТУ- СЛАВА!), 97 x 68 cm, Kiev, 1970

Folder 9

V. Briskin and V. Viktorov, "I am walking on the moon!" (А я иду, ШАГАЮ ПО ЛУНЕ!..), 88 x 59 cm, Moscow, 1970

Folder 10

N. Vigilyanskaya and F. Kachelaev, "Movement towards single-source procurement [З.О.И.] makes us fight!" (ПОДВИГ ЗОИ ВЕДЕТ НАС В БОЙ!), 91 x 59 cm, Moscow, 1970

Folder 11

K. Mistakidi, "Long live May 1, day of international solidarity of workers in the fight against imperialism, for peace, democracy, and socialism!" (ДА ЗДРАВСТВУЕТ 1 МАЯ-ДЕНЬ МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЙ СОЛИДАРНОСТИ ТРУДЯЩИХСЯ В БОРЬБЕ ПРОТИВ ИМПЕРИАЛИЗМА, ЗА МИР, ДЕМОКРАТИЮ И СОЦИАЛИЗМ!), 59 x 117 cm, 1971

Folder 12

V. Sachkov, "Everyone to the communistic Subbotnik!" (ВСЕ НА КОММУНИСТИЧЕСКИЙ СУББОТНИК!), 59 x 118 cm, Moscow, 1971

Folder 13

"For Pan-European security!" (ЗА ОБЩЕЕВРОПЕЙСКУЮ БЕЗОПАСНОСТЬ!), 88 x 59 cm, Moscow, 1971

Folder 14

"Brothers! Call for the Christian Democratic National Peasant Party" (APELUL PARTIDULUI NAȚIONAL ȚĂRĂNESC - creştin democrat – FRAȚILOR!), 61 x 43 cm, Romania, 1990

Folder 15

"Romanian Brothers. The Christian Democratic National Peasant Party" (PARTIDUL NAȚIONAL ŢĂRĂNESC - creștin și democrat - Frați români), 48 x 34 cm, Romania, 1990