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Guide to the University of Chicago. Office of Public Relations. Records 1924-1926

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University of Chicago. Office of Public Relations. Records




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Contains the correspondence of Henry Justin Smith who, as Assistant to the President, was responsible for publicity and public relations at the University of Chicago, 1924-1926. Also contains some correspondence of Smith's predecessor, Charles Russell Pierce. Correspondence is primarily with editors of newspapers regarding University activities. Other correspondents include Max Farrand, Frank Lowden, William Mayo, H.L. Mencken, Ezra Pound, Julius Rosenwald, and Carl Sandburg. Also includes texts of radio talks given by faculty.

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Historical Note

In September of 1924, Henry Justin Smith was appointed Assistant to the President of the University. He came to the University after some twelve years with the Chicago Daily News, and left again in 1926 to become its Managing Editor. During his time as Assistant to the President, Henry J. Smith was in charge of publicity and public relations for the University. Beginning in the 1920s the University hired public relations officers to disseminate information about University events and programs. Press releases were regularly sent to Chicago newspapers, wire services, and other news offices as appropriate.

Scope Note

Series I: Correspondence, 1924-1925

Some of the papers in this collection predate Smith's tenure in office. His apparent predecessor, although without his title, was Charles Russell Pierce; many of the letters from early 1924 are Pierce's. Most of the collection, however, is Smith's correspondence. It has been left in alphabetical order by individuals or organizations as it was found, with one exception: the correspondence with the various editors of the Chicago newspapers has been pulled together under the names of the newspapers.

The correspondence is primarily with the editors of newspapers and journals about news of activities at the University; frequently Smith acknowledges an article or an editorial, supplies copy for press releases, or imparts general information. In addition he makes arrangements for speakers, for photography, and for occasions like cornerstone layings. His correspondence, as a result, also contains letters to and from many of the faculty members, particularly deans and heads of departments, and the officers of administration. A few persons outside the University who should be mentioned are Thomas B. Costain, Max Farrand (the Commonwealth Fund), Frank Lowden (Governor of Illinois), Dr. William Mayo, H.L. Mencken, Ezra Pound, Dr. Ben L. Reitmen (the Hobo College), Julius Rosenwald, Carl Sandburg, and John N. Wheeler (editor of Liberty). Almost every important faculty member is in the collection.

Series II: Radio lecture series, 1926

Early in 1926 the University launched an extensive program of radio talks given by the faculty. The third and last box of this collection contains the texts of many of these lectures, as well as the press releases that accompanied them. For an overview of the entire radio program the reader is directed to Box 3, Folder 18.

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Office of Public Relations. Press Releases

Subject Headings


Series I: Correspondence 1924-1925

Box 1   Folder 1


Box 1   Folder 2


Box 1   Folder 3


Box 1   Folder 4

Burton, Ernest Dewitt

Box 1   Folder 5


Box 1   Folder 6


Box 1   Folder 7

Chicago Daily News

Box 1   Folder 8

Chicago Herald-Examiner

Box 1   Folder 9

Chicago Tribune

Box 1   Folder 10

Chicago American; Chicago Daily Journal; Chicago Evening Post

Box 1   Folder 11

Chicago Touring Companies

Box 1   Folder 12

Clippings Bureaus

Box 1   Folder 13


Box 1   Folder 14

Development, Committee on

Box 1   Folder 15


Box 1   Folder 16


Box 1   Folder 17

Fairweather, G.E., Assistant Business Manager of the University

Box 1   Folder 18

Free, E.E., editor of Scientific American and science editor of Forum

Box 1   Folder 19

Frost, E.B., Director of Yerkes Observatory

Box 1   Folder 20


Box 1   Folder 21


Box 1   Folder 22


Box 1   Folder 23


Box 1   Folder 24


Box 2   Folder 1


Box 2   Folder 2


Box 2   Folder 3


Box 2   Folder 4


Box 2   Folder 5

Moulds, John F., Committee on Development

Box 2   Folder 6


Box 2   Folder 7


Box 2   Folder 8

Newsletter , University

Box 2   Folder 9


Box 2   Folder 10


Box 2   Folder 11


Box 2   Folder 12

Pierce, C. Russell (personal)

Box 2   Folder 13


Box 2   Folder 14


Box 2   Folder 15


Box 2   Folder 16


Box 2   Folder 17


Box 2   Folder 18


Box 2   Folder 19


Box 2   Folder 20


Box 2   Folder 21

Science Service

Box 2   Folder 22

Stagg, A.A., Physical Education

Box 2   Folder 23

Swift, Harold, Board of Trustees

Box 2   Folder 24


Box 2   Folder 25


Box 2   Folder 26


Box 2   Folder 27


Box 2   Folder 28


Box 2   Folder 29


Box 2   Folder 30


Box 2   Folder 31


Series II: Radio Lectures, 1926

Box 3   Folder 1


  • Abbott, Edith, untitled typescript of radio lecture on facts on the current crime crisis.
  • Allen, T.G., "Sunshine and Shadow," typescript and press release.
  • Angarola, Anthone, "Inspiration of Chicago," typescript.
Box 3   Folder 2


  • Atkins, Paul M., "Our Foreign Investment Policy," typescript.
  • Bassoe, Peter, M.D. "Sleeping Sickness," typescript.
  • Boynton, Percy Holmes, "The Re-Awakening of the American Student," typescript and press release.
Box 3   Folder 3


  • Bretz, J. Harlan, "America's Contribution to Geology," typescript.
  • Bundesen, Herman N., M.D., Commissioner of Health of Chicago, "A Good Bank, A Good Examiner and A Good Place to Deposit Health," typescript.
  • Burgess, E.W., "The Scientific Study of Crime."
  • Burgess, E.W., "The Study of the Family."
Box 3   Folder 4


  • Charter, W.W., "Education and Personality," typescript.
  • Clark, [John M.], "Free Exchange and the Interests of Mankind," typescript.
  • Cox, Garfield V., "The Business Situation," typescript, holograph, press release.
  • Cramp, Arthur J., M.D., "Medical Charlatans," typescript and press release.
Box 3   Folder 5


  • Duddy, Edward A., "Terminal Marketing," typescript.
  • Falk, I.S., M.D., "Prolonging Life," typescript.
  • Fischkin, Rose Mary (Art Institute), "Living Art and the Museum," typescript.
  • Fisher, D. Jerome, "How Long Will Petroleum Last?" typescript and press release.
Box 3   Folder 6


  • Freund, Ernst, "Legislative Aspects of Crime," typescript and press release.
  • Goode, J. Paul, "The American Coal Resource," typescript and press release.
  • Gooneratne, Chandra (U.C. student from India), "India's Awakening," typescript and press release.
  • Harvey, B.G.H., "The History of the Human Body," typescript.
Box 3   Folder 7


  • Hektoen, Ludvig, "Scarlet Fever," typescript and press release.
  • Jernegan, Marcus W., "Benjamin Franklin Citizen and Philanthropist," typescript and press release.
  • Judd, Charles H., "Modern Trends in American Public Education," typescript and press release.
Box 3   Folder 8


  • Kuh, Sydney, M.D., "Heredity and Crime," typescript and press release.
  • Laing, Gordon J., "The Contribution of Ancient Greece and Rome to Modern American Life," typescript and press release.
  • Leland, S.V., "The Next Step in Federal Tax Reform," typescript and press release.
Box 3   Folder 9


  • Leland, S.V., "Significance of Changes in the 1926 Revenue Act," typescript.
  • Long, E.R., "The Prevention of Tuberculosis," typescript and press release.
  • McLaughlin, Andrew C., "American Political Parties," typescript and press release.
Box 3   Folder 10


  • Merriam, C.E., "Crime and Politics," typescript and press release.
  • Mints, L.W., "The Relation of Bank Credit to Business Activity,"typescript. Morrison, Henry C., "The Cost of Modern Education," typescript and press release.
Box 3   Folder 11


  • Mott, R.L., "Law and Administration," typescript.
  • Moulton, Harold G., "The Italian Debt Problem," typescript and holograph.
  • Nerlove, S.H., "The Business Situation," typescript and press release.
  • Norton, J.F., "Vanishing Diseases,"typescript.
Box 3   Folder 12


  • Noyes, W.A., "Achievements of American Chemists," typescript.
  • Park, Robert E., "Negro Race Consciousness as Reflected in Negro Poetry," typescript and press release.
  • Price, Ira M., "Alexander the Great and the Bible," typescript.
Box 3   Folder 13


  • Simpson, [Eyler N.], "Why Study Man as a Social Being?", typescript.
  • Smith, Gerald B., "Science and Religion," typescript and press release.
  • Smith, Henry J., untitled lecture on the press, typescript.
Box 3   Folder 14


  • Smith, T.V., "The Trend of Modern Life,"typescript.
  • Taylor, Archer, "Research in Folk Tales," typescript.
  • Thrasher, Frederic, "Gangs and Crime in Chicago," typescript.
Box 3   Folder 15


  • Thurstone, L.L., "Psychology and Crime,"typescript and press release.
  • Van Ess, John, "The Unrest in the Near East," typescript and press release.
  • Ware, Edith M., "Ancient Days-Modern Ways,"typescript.
Box 3   Folder 16


  • Wells, H.G., M.D., untitled lecture on cancer, typescript and press release.
  • Wright, C.W.,"The Significance of the Disappearance of Free Land in our Economic Development," typescript.
  • Wright, Quincy, "International Relations," typescript.
Box 3   Folder 17

Press releases on various radio lectures without texts of the lectures, January-April 1926.

Box 3   Folder 18

General press releases about the program of radio talks for 1926.

Box 3   Folder 19

Miscellaneous releases about radio programs: Blackfriars, etc.