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Reid, Margaret G. Papers




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Margaret Gilpin Reid (1896-1991) was a Professor of Home Economics and Economics at the University of Chicago between 1951 and 1961. Reid was one of the first economists to theorize the economic contributions of non-market activities such as housework. Her work during the 1930s, which argued the household was a site of production as well as consumption, has been cited as an important forerunner to the "New Home Economics" of the 1960s. This collection contains Reid's research data and drafts of her books and papers. It also contains cards, clippings, professional and personal correspondence, and writings by other scholars. Material spans 1904-1990, concentrated in the 1930s through the early 1980s.

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Biographical Note

Margaret Gilpin Reid (1896-1991) was an economist whose research interests centered on household production and consumption, and later on the relationships between health, income, and productivity. Her work on the importance of non-market activities such as housework is considered to have anticipated "New Home Economics" in the 1960s.

Reid was born in Canada and completed a degree in Home Economics at the University of Manitoba in 1921. She received her PhD from the University of Chicago in 1931. She taught briefly at Connecticut College, moving on to Iowa State College (Iowa State University) where she taught and researched until 1945. Her first book, Economics of Household Production, was published in 1934. Reid, like her PhD advisor Hazel Kyrk, sought to theorize the productive contribution made by domestic activities within the household. She drew much of her data from experimental agricultural stations in the Midwest. Her attention to labour skills and technologies applied in the home led her to conclude that the household was not only a site of consumption, but of production. Feminist economists would later argue that this work was underappreciated and even ignored, pointing out its similarity to Gary Becker's 1965 Nobel-prize winning theory of time allocation.

Reid served as an economic advisor to the Division of Statistical Standards during 1943 and 1944. She moved permanently to Washington the following year, where she served as the Head of Family Economics for the Department of Agriculture. She returned to academia in 1948, taking up a position in economics at the University of Chicago, Urbana-Champaign. She was also a member of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, reporting on price inflation and family budgets to its Committee on Postwar Agricultural Policy. Reid's tenure at Iowa State and at UIUC involved her in controversies about academic freedom: in Iowa, faculty chafed at the dairy lobby's control over the administration, while in Illinois a series of resignations protested the administration's removal of a popular Dean.

In 1951 Reid returned to the University of Chicago as a Professor of Home Economics and Economics. Although she became emeritus in 1961, she continued to research and write until her death in 1991. Her work at Chicago brought her in contact with economists such as Theodore W. Schultz (a colleague from Iowa) and Milton Friedman. She was an active member of Gary Becker's Applications of Economics Workshop. In later years her work was preoccupied with the relationship between demographic factors such as age, race, health, and income, and productivity and consumption.

The American Economic Association named Reid a Distinguished Fellow in 1980, recognizing her as a "truly tireless colleague" whose contributions to the field were complemented by a "felicitous sense of humour." In 1996 Feminist Economics devoted an issue to recognizing her research, and scholarship continues to try to restore her status as a pioneering economist.

Scope Note

This collection is divided into three series:

Series I: Research and Writings, contains Reid's research data and notes. "Data" refers both to raw data and calculations. The series includes correspondence, as well as articles, conference papers, and drafts of papers and books authored by Reid and other scholars. Of note is material related to her early research into household production and consumption, drawn from agricultural stations and farm agencies during the 1930s and 1940s. Oversized data has been transferred to Series III. Material spans the 1937 through 1986.

Subseries II: Personal, contains address books, bills, cards, certificates, clippings, personal correspondence, prints, a passport, and a journal. It also contains photographs of Reid's friends and family. Oversized certificates have been transferred to Series III. Material spans 1904-1990.

Subseries III: Oversize, contains clippings, certificates, and research data, transferred from Series I and II. It includes a copy of Reid's book Consumers and the Market. Newspaper clippings are in poor condition. Material spans 1938-1977.

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Subject Headings


Series I: Research and Writings

This series contains Reid's research data and notes. "Data" refers both to raw data and calculations. The series includes articles, conference papers, and drafts of papers and books. These were authored by Reid unless otherwise noted. Some folders contain related correspondence and one includes teaching materials. Oversize material has been moved to Series III. Material is divided into five subseries:

Subseries 1: Household Economics, contains material related to Reid's early research and publication on household consumption and production. The bulk of the data and notes in this subseries were drawn from agricultural stations and collected by the Farm Security Administration (FSA) and Farmers' Home Administration (FAH); these loan agencies required farm families to keep detailed income and expenditure records during the 1930s and 1940s. These records are of particular note. Also of note are clippings and correspondence on the oleomargarine controversy at Iowa State College during 1943 and 1944, while Reid was faculty there. When faculty recommended wartime use of oleomargarine, the Iowa dairy lobby pressured the administration to change their publication. Some faculty resigned in protest. Material spans the 1930s-1979, primarily covering the period between 1937 and 1951. It is organized alphabetically by topic and title.

Subseries 2: Income and Consumption, covers the middle part of Reid's career and documents her interest in the demographics of income and consumption, particularly in urban areas. This subseries contains data, research notes, and book drafts. It spans 1950-1978 and is organized alphabetically by topic and title.

Subseries 3: Income and Health, contains data, notes, and drafts on the relationship between health, income, and productivity. These topics preoccupied Reid in the final stages of her career. Material spans 1964-1985, primarily covering the 1970s and early 1980s. It is organized alphabetically by topic and title.

Subseries 4: General, contains computations, data, and research notes on unidentified topics. In also contains indexed bibliographies. It includes Reid's cv a list of her publications. Much of this material is undated, though it appears to cover the 1930s up to 1981.

Subseries 5: Writings by Others, contains articles and papers written by other scholars. Reports by government departments or other institutions are filed by topic along with other research material in the preceding subseries. These writings are organized by author and span the 1930s-1986.

Subseries 1: Household Economics

Box 1   Folder 1

"Adjustments of Rural Families to Economic Change, University of Tennessee, 1945

Box 1   Folder 2-3

"Changing Composition of Family Budgets for Selected Groups of Corn Belt Farmers," Department of Agriculture, 1940-1942

Box 1   Folder 4-6

Current Population Survey (CPS), data, 1948, 1950

Box 1   Folder 7

CPS, re-tabulation of data, undated

Box 1   Folder 8

Data, 1940s

Box 1   Folder 9

Economic behavior and value, notes, 1936

Box 1   Folder 10-11

"The Economic Contribution of Homemakers," 1947-1948

Box 1   Folder 12

Economics and sociology, notes, undated

Box 1   Folder 13

"Elasticity of Expenditure in Relation to Income for Families of Different Economic Levels," draft and data, 1940s

Box 1   Folder 14

"Family Economics Tri-annual Report," 1950

Box 1   Folder 14

Family expenditures, draft and correspondence, 1951

Box 1   Folder 16

Family size, data and notes, 1941-1944

Box 2   Folder 1

Farm budget data, Iowa State College, 1940s

Box 2   Folder 2

Farm family budgets, 1941-1942

Box 2   Folder 3-7

Farm family expenditures, data and notes, 1939-1940, undated

Box 2   Folder 8-9

Farm family incomes, data and notes, 1949, undated

Box 2   Folder 10

"Farm Family Living," conference paper, 1946

Box 3   Folder 1

Farm Family Living in Illinois, study, 1946

Box 3   Folder 2

"Farm Family Living Prospects in 1946," 1945

Box 3   Folder 3-7

Farm and home account books, blank, undated

Box 3   Folder 8

Farm and home accounts, computations, undated

Box 3   Folder 9

Farm and home accounts, notes, 1946

Box 3   Folder 10

Farm and home accounts by state, data, 1940-1942

Box 4   Folder 1-6

Farm Security Administration (FSA), data, 1940s

Box 4   Folder 7

FSA, Illinois Office, data, 1946

Box 4   Folder 8-9

Farmers' Home Administration (FHA), Annual Income Reports, 1950-1951

Box 4   Folder 10-13

FHA, loan data, 1940s

Box 4   Folder 14

"Farmers in a Changing World: The 1940 Yearbook of Agriculture," with D.D. Hammerburg and L.J. Norton, 1941

Box 5   Folder 1

Food consumption, farm families in southern counties, data, 1947-1948

Box 5   Folder 2

"Food Consumption of Low Income Families," statement before the Joint Committee on Economic Report, 1950

Box 5   Folder 3-6

Food expenditures, rural and urban families, data, 1940s

Box 5   Folder 7

Household economics, notes, undated

Box 6   Folder 1

Household expenditures, data and correspondence, 1953

Box 6   Folder 2-3

Household income, notes, undated

Box 6   Folder 4-5

"The Household as Producer," conference paper and correspondence, 1979

Box 6   Folder 6-7

Household time and cost, bibliographies, 1930s-1940s

Box 7   Folder 1

Housing, data, 1968

Box 7   Folder 2-5

"Housing and Income," draft, 1961

Box 7   Folder 6

"Human Resources and Community," Iowa State University report, 1975

Box 7   Folder 7

Hurwitz, notes, 1945

Box 7   Folder 8

Illinois, data, 1937-1941

Box 8   Folder 1-2

"Income Expenditure Patterns of Farm Operator Families," draft and notes, undated

Box 8   Folder 3

Intercity Correlations of Food With Respect to Income," draft, 1964

Box 8   Folder 4-6

Iowa, data, 1943-1949

Box 8   Folder 7

Iowa Farm Account Book, blank, undated

Box 8   Folder 8

Iowa Farm Family Budget Records, 1940-1942

Box 8   Folder 9

Iowa home accounts, data, 1939-1941

Box 8   Folder 10

"Iowa Incomes," with Virginia Britton, 1938

Box 9   Folder 1-2

Iowa State College and the oleomargarine controversy, clippings and correspondence, 1943-1944

Box 9   Folder 3

Iowa State College, memoranda, 1941-1943

Box 9   Folder 4

"Is the Inflation Danger Passed?" radio roundtable with J. Kenneth Galbraith, A.G. Hart, and Maynard Krueger, 1944

Box 9   Folder 5

John Wiley and Sons Publishers, correspondence, 1979

Box 9   Folder 6-7

Kansas, data, 1940s

Box 9   Folder 8

Kansas, farm surveys, blank, 1948-1949

Box 9   Folder 9

Kansas and North Carolina, data, 1930s

Box 9   Folder 10

"Major Categories of Farm Consumption," data and notes, 1949

Box 9   Folder 11

Marital status, data, 1960

Box 9   Folder 12

"Measures of Food and Associated Conditions," draft, 1966

Box 9   Folder 13

Mississippi, farm study, correspondence and data, 1949

Box 10   Folder 1

"Nutritional Aspects and Farm Family Needs in a Food and Nutrition Policy," 1947

Box 10   Folder 2

"Obstacles to Better Nutrition," 1945

Box 10   Folder 3

"The Outlook for Family Living," conference paper, 1945

Box 10   Folder 4

Population statistics, 1940s

Box 10   Folder 5

"Postwar Agricultural Policy: Report on the Committee of the Association of Land-grant Colleges and Universities," 1944

Box 10   Folder 6

"Psychological Analysis of Economic Behaviour," Katona, book review, 1951

Box 10   Folder 7

"Reconsideration of the Physiological Energy Value of Foods," Department of Agriculture, 1947

Box 10   Folder 8-9

"Relation of the Within Group Transitory Component of Incomes to the Income Elasticity of Family Expenditures, draft, undated

Box 10   Folder 10

"Research in the Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics," 1951

Box 10   Folder 11

"Survey of Food Consumption by Open Country Families," Department of Agriculture, 1945

Box 10   Folder 12-13

"Trends in Work of Married Women," 1943

Box 10   Folder 14

University of Illinois controversy, Everett E. Hagen, letter of resignation, 1951

Box 10   Folder 15

"Wartime Farm and Food Policy: Food Strategy," 1943

Subseries 2: Income and Consumption

Box 10   Folder 16

Adjusted Food Expenditure, data, 1950-1960

Box 10   Folder 17

Age, income, and male population by city, data, data, 1950-1972

Box 11   Folder 1

"Coefficients of Elasticity of Food," draft, 1960

Box 11   Folder 2

"Comments on Research in Human Capital," conference paper, 1975

Box 11   Folder 3

"Components of Income of Consumer Units by Urbanization and Region," draft, undated

Box 11   Folder 4

Consumer sovereignty, discussion, undated

Box 11   Folder 5

"Consumers and the Market," course materials and student work, 1955-1956

Box 11   Folder 6

Consumption, articles, 1960s

Box 11   Folder 7

Consumption in cities, data, 1977

Box 11   Folder 8

Consumption economics, notes, undated

Box 11   Folder 9

"Consumption of Families in Metro Areas," draft and data, circa 1972

Box 11   Folder 10

"Consumption Levels of the American People," draft, undated

Box 11   Folder 11

"Consumption Patterns and Trends," conference paper, 1964

Box 11   Folder 12

Educational Attainment, 1970 Census, 1970

Box 11   Folder 13-14

"The Evolution of U.S. Agriculture," World Food Forum, paper and proceedings, 1972

Box 12   Folder 1

"Expenditure-income Curves of Food," draft, 1969

Box 12   Folder 2

"Expenditures for Furniture and Equipment," draft, undated

Box 12   Folder 3-7

"Food Expenditures of Urban Consumer Units," drafts, 1968

Box 13   Folder 1-2

Food and income," draft, 1962

Box 13   Folder 3

"Food, Income, and Expenditure," draft, undated

Box 13   Folder 4-6

"Food, Income, and Prices of Areas in the U.S.," draft, 1971

Box 13   Folder 7

"Food With Respect to Income of Consumers," draft, 1964

Box 13   Folder 8

"How Much Poverty and its Relation to H.R. 10440," draft, undated

Box 13   Folder 9

Income, bibliography, undated

Box 13   Folder 10

Income, data, 1942-1970

Box 14   Folder 1-2

Income, data, 1970s

Box 14   Folder 2-4

"Income Components and Consumption," draft, undated

Box 14   Folder 5-6

Income and consumption, data and notes, 1960-1965

Box 15   Folder 1-6

Income and consumption, data and notes, 1970-1971, undated

Box 15   Folder 7

Income and consumption, draft and data, 1978

Box 16   Folder 1-2

Income and consumption, draft, undated

Box 16   Folder 3

income and consumption, excerpt, undated

Box 16   Folder 4

Income and consumption, metro areas, data, 1960

Box 16   Folder 5

Income and consumption, urban and rural areas, data, undated

Box 16   Folder 6-7

Income elasticity, computation, 1978

Box 17   Folder 1

Income inequality, data and notes, 1971

Box 17   Folder 2

"Income and Levels of Consumption," draft, 1952

Box 17   Folder 3

Income and Medicare, data, 1972

Box 17   Folder 4

Income, savings, and consumption, discussion, undated

Box 17   Folder 5

"Income and Welfare in the U.S.," book review, 1963

Box 17   Folder 6

"Increasing the Efficiency of Consumer Buymanship," 1963

Box 17   Folder 7

"Inequality of Average Income of Urban Units," draft, 1976

Box 17   Folder 8

"Inequality in Income Distribution," discussion, undated

Box 17   Folder 9

"Inequality of Income Distribution," draft, undated

Box 17   Folder 10

Metro areas, footnote draft, 1976

Box 17   Folder 11-12

Migration, data, 1978

Box 18   Folder 1

Price indexes of cities, data, undated

Box 18   Folder 2-5

"Structure of Expenditure and Income," drafts, 1968,

Box 18   Folder 6

"Structure of Expenditure and Income, undated

Box 19   Folder 1-3

"Structure of Expenditure and Income, undated

Box 19   Folder 4-7

"Structure of Income and Consumption, Vol. I," drafts, 1967

Box 20   Folder 1-8

"Structure of Income and Consumption, Vol. I," drafts, 1967

Box 21   Folder 1-5

"Structure of Income and Consumption, Vol. I," drafts, 1967

Box 22   Folder 1-6

"Structure of Income and Consumption, Vol. I," drafts, 1967

Box 22   Folder 7

"Structure of Income and Consumption, Ch. 7," draft, 1968

Box 22   Folder 8

"Structure of Income and Consumption, Vol. I," draft, 1969

Box 23   Folder 1-6

"Structure of Income and Consumption, Vol. I," draft, 1969

Box 23   Folder 7

"Structure of Income and Consumption, Vol. II," draft outline, 1969

Box 23   Folder 8-10

"Structure of Income and Consumption, Vol. I.," draft, 1970

Box 24   Folder 1-4

"Structure of Income and Consumption, Vol. I.," draft, 1970

Box 24   Folder 5-6

"Structure of Income and Consumption, Vol. II," draft, 1970

Box 25   Folder 1-9

"Structure of Income and Consumption, Vol. II," draft, 1970

Box 25   Folder 10

"Structure of Income and Consumption," draft, 1971

Box 26   Folder 1-4

"Structure of Income and Consumption," draft and correspondence, 1971

Box 26   Folder 5-7

"Structure of Income and Consumption," drafts, undated

Box 27   Folder 1-5

"Structure of Income and Consumption," drafts, undated

Box 28   Folder 1

"Structure of Income and Consumption," drafts, undated

Box 28   Folder 2-3

Structure of income and consumption, urban consumers, data, circa 1967

Box 28   Folder 4-7

Structure of income and consumption, urban consumers, draft, undated

Box 29   Folder 1-4

"Theories of Consumption and Income Distribution," drafts with review comments, 1971

Box 29   Folder 5

Trends in Social and Economic Conditions in Metropolitan and Non-metropolitan Areas," Bureau of the Census, 1970

Box 29   Folder 6

Urban consumer units by age of head and income, notes and data, undated

Box 29   Folder 7

Veterans, income, data, 1960-1970

Subseries 3: Income and Health

Box 29   Folder 8

"Age Distribution and Death Rates of Populations: Males by Colour," draft, undated

Box 30   Folder 1-3

"Age Distributions and Health of Populations" drafts and data, 1981-1983, undated

Box 30   Folder 4

Age, health, and labour, notes, circa 1970s-1980s

Box 30   Folder 5

"Average Characteristics of Males of Disability Surveys," draft and data, circa 1970s-1980s

Box 30   Folder 6

California Public Health Statistical Report," 1964

Box 30   Folder 7-8

"Changes in Medical Care Prices of Cities," drafts and data, circa 1960s

Box 30   Folder 9

"Characteristics of Economic Resources of Males of Metro Areas and States," draft, 1973

Box 31   Folder 1

Computations, 1983

Box 31   Folder 2-3

Data, 1983

Box 31   Folder 4-5

Data by state, 1978-1983

Box 31   Folder 6-9

Death rates, data, 1977-1984

Box 32   Folder 1-4

Death rates, data, undated

Box 32   Folder 5

Death rates, age, data, 1975

Box 32   Folder 6-7

Death rates, age and race, drafts and data, 1972, 1977

Box 32   Folder 8

Death rates, males, data, undated

Box 32   Folder 9

Death rates, males by state, data, undated

Box 32   Folder 10

Death rates, other variables, data, undated

Box 32   Folder 11

Death rates, statistics and correspondence, 1976

Box 32   Folder 12-14

Death rates, white males, data and notes, undated

Box 32   Folder 15

Death rates, white males, age adjustments, data, circa 1970s

Box 32   Folder 16

Death rates, years, data, 1987

Box 33   Folder 1-2

"Death Rates and Demographic Characteristics of Populations," drafts and notes, 1971, undated

Box 33   Folder 3-5

"Death Rates and Economic Factors," drafts, 1973, 1978

Box 33   Folder 6-7

Death rates and income, drafts and data, 1976

Box 34   Folder 1

"Death Rates of Persons by Annual Income and Schooling," drafts and data, 1980

Box 34   Folder 2-5

Death rates of populations, data and notes, 1982-1983

Box 34   Folder 6-9

"Death Rates of Populations by Age, Sex, and Colour," drafts, 1978

Box 35   Folder 1

"Death Rates of Populations by Age, Sex, and Colour," drafts, 1978

Box 35   Folder 2

"Death Rates of Populations of Areas and their Demographic Characteristics," draft, 1973

Box 35   Folder 3-4

Death rates of state populations, drafts and data, 1976

Box 35   Folder 5

"Death Rates of State Populations by Race, Age, and Economic Factors," draft, undated

Box 35   Folder 6

Disability and labour, data, circa 1970s

Box 35   Folder 7-8

"Disability of Household Populations of Income Groups," draft, 1980

Box 35   Folder 9

Disability surveys, circa 1970s

Box 36   Folder 1-4

"Economic Resources and Health," drafts and data, 1978

Box 36   Folder 5

Education and health, draft, circa 1980

Box 36   Folder 6-9

"An Exploration of Conflicting Evidence of Death Rates and Income," drafts, 1976

Box 37   Folder 1

"An Exploration of Conflicting Evidence of Death Rates and Income," drafts, 1976

Box 37   Folder 2

"An Exploration of Conflicting Evidence of Death Rates and Income," reviews and correspondence, 1976-1977

Box 37   Folder 3-7

Health, data and notes, 1980s, undated

Box 37   Folder 8

Health, footnote drafts, circa 1980s

Box 37   Folder 9

Health, age, and income, data, 1980s

Box 37   Folder 10-11

"Health, Age, and Income of Populations," drafts, 1983, 1985

Box 38   Folder 1-7

"Health, Age, and Income of Populations," drafts, 1983, 1985

Box 38   Folder 8-11

Health, age, and race, data, circa 1980s

Box 38   Folder 12

Health conclusions, draft, 1982

Box 38   Folder 13

"Health and Economic Resources," draft, 1976

Box 38   Folder 14-15

Health and income, data and notes, undated

Box 38   Folder 16

"Health of Members of Populations of Households," draft, undated

Box 39   Folder 1

Health by state, data, undated

Box 39   Folder 2-4

"Health Status and Income," drafts, 1980, 1982

Box 39   Folder 5

Health variables, draft and data, undated

Box 39   Folder 6-7

Homicide and accidental death, data, undated

Box 39   Folder 8

Household membership, draft and data, circa 1980s

Box 39   Folder 9

Household production and health, notes, undated

Box 39   Folder 10

Human capital and poverty, research materials, circa 1970s-1980s

Box 39   Folder 11

Income and benefits, data and research materials, 1970-1982

Box 39   Folder 12

Income and child health, notes, 1981

Box 39   Folder 13

Income and disability, data, 1978

Box 40   Folder 1-8

Income and health, drafts and data, circa 1970s-1980s

Box 41   Folder 1

Income, health, and disability, data, circa 1970s

Box 41   Folder 2-9

"Income, Health, and Disability," drafts, 1975

Box 42   Folder 1

"Income, Health, and Disability," drafts and data, 1970s

Box 42   Folder 2

"Income, Health, and Disability," drafts and data, 1984

Box 42   Folder 3-4

"Income, Health, and Labour Force," draft, 1983

Box 42   Folder 5

Income and race, data, 1977

Box 42   Folder 6

"Income, Schooling, and Health," draft, circa 1970s-1980s

Box 42   Folder 7

Income, veterans, data, 1960, 1970

Box 43   Folder 1-6

"Labour Force, Participation, and Health," drafts and data, circa 1974-1977

Box 43   Folder 7

"Measures of Health and Populations Compared," draft, 1980

Box 43   Folder 8

Medical care expenditures, data, 1950-1960

Box 43   Folder 9

Medical Care Project, correspondence, 1950

Box 43   Folder 10

"Mortality, Income, and Schooling," draft, circa 1970s

Box 43   Folder 11-12

Mortality rates and income, draft and data, circa 1970s

Box 44   Folder 1

New Palgrave Dictionary, correspondence, 1985

Box 44   Folder 2

Race and education, data, 1972

Box 44   Folder 3

Race and medical care, data and notes, undated

Box 44   Folder 4

Smoking, effects, drafts and data, circa 1970s-1980s

Box 44   Folder 5

"Stock of Health of Persons of Age Groups by Demographic Characteristics," drafts and data, circa 1970s

Box 44   Folder 6

University of Chicago Economics Department, faculty list, 1986

Box 44   Folder 7

Veterans, data, 1970

Box 44   Folder 8-9

White males, data, 1970s, undated

Subseries 4: General

Box 45   Folder 1

Bibliography, 1978

Box 45   Folder 2-4

Computations, 1978, undated

Box 45   Folder 5-7

Computer cards, 1960, 1977, undated

Box 45   Folder 8-9

CV and list of publications, 1981, undated

Box 45   Folder 10-16

Data, 1960-1977

Box 46   Folder 1-7

Data, 1960-1977, undated

Box 46   Folder 8-9

Data, demographic, 1978, undated

Box 46   Folder 10

Data, state review, 1978

Box 46   Folder 11-13

Notes, undated

Box 47

Research notes, index cards, undated

Box 48

Bibliographies, index cards, undated

Box 49

Bibliographies, index cards, and computer cards, undated

Box 50

Bibliographies, index cards, and computer cards, undated

Subseries 5: Writings by Others

Box 51   Folder 1

American Statistical Association Journal, 1986

Box 51   Folder 2

American Statistical Association Journal, book reviews, 1952

Box 51   Folder 3

Baker, Georgianne, "Household Production: A Cultural and Cross-National View," 1979

Box 51   Folder 4

Beutler, Ivan, and Alma Owen, "New Perspectives on Production in the Home," undated

Box 51   Folder 5

Consumers and consumption, articles, undated

Box 51   Folder 6

Damus, Sylvester, "A Two Part Ramsey-Optimum Railroad Tariff," dissertation abstract, 1979

Box 51   Folder 7

Davis, Joseph, "Standards and Content of Living," 1945

Box 51   Folder 8

Firebaugh, Francille, and Ruth Deacon, "The Contribution of Women to Development of the Family and the Economy," 1979

Box 51   Folder 9

"Government Revenue and Inflation," table of contents, undated

Box 51   Folder 10

Hartley, Peter R., "Two Essays on Rational Expectations," 1979

Box 51   Folder 11

Heckman, James, "Longitudinal Studies in Labour Economics," 1980

Box 51   Folder 12

Hill, T.P., "Do-it-yourself and the GDP," 1979

Box 51   Folder 13

Hogan, Janice, "Household Production in Contemporary Lifestyles," 1979

Box 51   Folder 14

Household economics, articles, 1930s-1940s

Box 51   Folder 15

Modigliani, Franco, and Richard Brumberg, "Utility Analysis and the Consumption Function," undated

Box 51   Folder 16

Murphy, Martin, "The Measurement and Valuation of Non-market Economic Activities," 1979

Box 51   Folder 17

Mushkin, Selma, "Why Health Economics?" undated

Box 51   Folder 18

Nickell, Stephen, "Unemployment and the Structure of Labour Costs," 1979

Box 51   Folder 19

Otsuka, Keijiro, and Yujiro Hayami, "Theories of Share Tenancy: A Critical Survey," 1985

Box 51   Folder 20

Phipard, Esther, and Hazel Stiebeling, "Adequacy of American Diets," 1949

Box 51   Folder 21

Productivity and rural sociology, articles, 1955

Box 51   Folder 22

Projector, Dorothy S., "Survey of Changes in Family Finances," 1968

Box 51   Folder 23

Reynolds, Roger, "The Joint Determination of Health and Income," with correspondence, 1981

Box 51   Folder 24

Rosen, Sherwin, "Some Socio-economic determinants of mortality," 1980

Box 51   Folder 25

Schultz, Paul, "Individual and Per Capita Family Income Inequality," 1981

Box 51   Folder 26

Sharkey, William Walker, "A Study of Markets Involving Increasing Returns and Uncertain Demand," dissertation abstract, 1973

Box 51   Folder 27

Staab, Josephine, "The Effect of Classification on the Coefficient of Income Elasticity of Farm Family Expenditures," 1955

Box 51   Folder 28

Stafford, Frank, "The Use of Time and Technology by Households in the U.S.," 1981

Box 51   Folder 29

Wages and income, book reviews, 1954

Box 51   Folder 30

Walker, Kathryn, "Time Measurement and the Value of Nonmarket Household Production," 1979

Series II: Personal

This series is divided into two subseries:

Subseries 1: Papers, contains address books, bills, cards, certificates, clippings, personal correspondence, prints, a passport, and a journal. Of note is the journal, which details faculty politics at Iowa State College circa 1943. Oversized certificates have been moved to Series III. Material spans 1933-1986.

Subseries 2: Photographs, contains photographs of Reid's friends and family from 1904-1990.

Subseries 1: Papers

Box 52   Folder 1

Address book and record book, 1988-1990, undated

Box 52   Folder 2

American Economic Association, Distinguished Fellow Award and correspondence, 1979

Box 52   Folder 3

Asian prints, undated

Box 52   Folder 4

Bills, 1982-1984

Box 52   Folder 5

Bowman, Mary Jean, Columbia University Teacher's College Medal, 1982

Box 52   Folder 6

British passport, 1933

Box 52   Folder 7

Canadian Federation of University Women, The Chronicle, 1960-1961

Box 52   Folder 8

Check, 1986

Box 52   Folder 9-12

Christmas and birthday cards, 1980s, undated

Box 52   Folder 13-14

Clippings, 1982, undated

Box 52   Folder 15

Correspondence, 1980-1986

Box 52   Folder 16

Gettysburg Address and Bill of Rights, copies, undated

Box 53   Folder 1

Journal, circa 1943

Box 53   Folder 2

Knight, Frank, memorial speech and papers, 1972

Box 53   Folder 3

Legends of the North Carolina Coast, Pocahontas Wight Edmunds, with postcards, 1941

Box 53   Folder 4

Musical recordings, list, undated

Box 53   Folder 5

Postcards, undated

Box 53   Folder 6

USPS postage rates, list, undated

Box 53   Folder 7

University of Chicago, faculty card and library card, undated

Box 53   Folder 8

University of Chicago, University of Manitoba, and other universities, diplomas, 1918-1982

Box 53   Folder 9

Van Gogh print, undated

Box 53   Folder 10

Who's Who, correspondence, 1983

Subseries 2: Photographs

Box 53   Folder 11

Angus, Bonnie, and Anne, circa 1950s

Box 53   Folder 12

Back garden, undated

Box 53   Folder 13

Cabin in the snow, undated

Box 53   Folder 14

Camping with the cats, undated

Box 53   Folder 15

Christmas, 1980

Box 53   Folder 16

Doris, undated

Box 53   Folder 17

Family, undated

Box 53   Folder 18

Family farmhouse, John Reid, undated

Box 53   Folder 19

Family and friends, undated

Box 53   Folder 20

Gail gets called to the Ontario Bar, 1974

Box 53   Folder 21

Gerry, 1980

Box 53   Folder 22

Jack, 1983

Box 53   Folder 23

Margaret (Jr) with Jordan and Grahame, 1984-1986

Box 53   Folder 24

The McDonalds, 1973

Box 53   Folder 25

McFetridge, Peter Reid as a baby, undated

Box 53   Folder 26

McFetridge, Peter Reid marrying Jean, undated

Box 53   Folder 27

Norway, friends or family, 1982-1983

Box 53   Folder 28

Patricia, 1971

Box 53   Folder 29

Patricia and Ben's wedding, undated, and with their children, 1984

Box 53   Folder 30

Plum, David, 1939

Box 53   Folder 31

Reid, John, and Sarah Clements, 1904

Box 53   Folder 32

Reid, Margaret, undated

Box 53   Folder 33

Reid, Margaret, and Jack, 1954

Box 53   Folder 34

Reid, Margaret, and Jack in Vancouver, 1981

Box 53   Folder 35

Reid, Margaret, and Jack at Beaconhill Lodge, 1984

Box 53   Folder 36

Tree, 1990

Box 53   Folder 37

Trinity Lodge, undated

Box 53   Folder 38

Unidentified children, undated

Box 53   Folder 39

Unidentified couple, 1957

Box 53   Folder 40

Unidentified gatherings, undated

Box 53   Folder 41

Unidentified man with President Reagan, undated

Box 53   Folder 42

Unidentified people, 1948-1961

Box 53   Folder 43-44

Unidentified people, undated

Box 53   Folder 45

Van Haute, Stephanie, undated

Box 53   Folder 46

Van Haute, Stephanie with David and Gillian, 1984

Box 53   Folder 47

Wilcox, Bob and Margaret, 1942

Series III: Oversize

This series contains clippings, certificates, and research data. It includes a copy of Reid's book Consumers and the Market. Newspaper clippings are in poor condition. They relate to controversies at the University of Illinois during Howard Bowen's tenure as Dean of the College of Commerce and Business Administration. Bowen was forced to resign in 1950 and his departure was followed by a wave of resignations by economics faculty. A copy of resignation letter written by chair Everett E. Hagen can be found in Series I, Subseries 1, under "University of Illinois." This series covers 1938-1977.

Box 54   Folder 1

Alphabetical file, blank, undated

Box 54   Folder 2

Computations, circa 1975

Box 54   Folder 3

Data, 1961

Box 54   Folder 4-5

Data, 1965-1974

Box 54   Folder 6

Data, undated

Box 54   Folder 7

Family expenditure and consumption, data, 1950-1970

Box 54   Folder 8

Farm data, circa 1940s

Box 54   Folder 9

University of Manitoba, Honourary Doctor of Laws, 1960

Box 54   Folder 10

Who's Who of Intellectuals, Certificate of Inclusion, 1977

Box 55   Folder 1-4

Champaign-Urbana Courier and University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign student newspapers, clippings, 1950-1951

Box 55   Folder 5

Reid, Consumers and the Market, 1938