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Guide to the Song Sheet and Broadside Poem Collection 1700-1899

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Descriptive Summary


Song Sheet and Broadside Poem. Collection




3.75 linear feet (6 boxes)


Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center
University of Chicago Library
1100 East 57th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60637 U.S.A.


Contains song sheets, poems in broadside format, and lyric books. Predominantly British, but also includes a limited number of Scottish, Irish, Italian, and American items. Subjects range from the evils and benefits of drink, romance and marriage, to satirical commentary on political and social events. Many items are illustrated with vignettes or small panels representation a variety of printing techniques, such as woodcut, engraving, and lithography.

Information on Use


The collection is open for research.


When quoting material from this collection, the preferred citation is: Song Sheet and Broadside Poem. Collection, [Box #, Folder #], Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library

Scope Note

This collection consists of song sheets (song lyrics without music), poems in broadside format, and lyric books which date from the late 1600s to the early 1800s. These materials are predominantly British, but also include a limited assortment of Scottish, Irish, Italian, and American items. In subject matter, they range from the evils (or benefits) of drink, to romance and marriage and star-crossed loves, to satirical commentary on political and social events. One unusual item is a jingle advertising A. Davis's China and Glass Shop, which begins: "Ladies!!! Why Don't You Marry?" (Box 4: 4). Many items are illustrated with vignettes or small panels representing a variety of printing techniques, such as woodcut, engraving, and lithography. The collection is grouped into seven series.

Series I: English Printers is organized alphabetically according to the name of the printer. Each name is followed by a list of the folder's contents by title. Brackets " " around a series of titles indicates that the verses are printed on the same sheet. Items by English printers may also be found in Series VI: Oversize.

Series II consists of lyric books, some of which identify a printer. These are organized alphabetically by country and title. Printer and date of publication are listed when available.

Series III consists of printed sheets which do not identify a printer. These are organized in alphabetical order according to title. Brackets " " around a series of titles indicates that these verses are printed on the same sheet. Items from this group may also be found in Series VII: Oversize.

Series IV represents items from the Harvard Class of 1915's gift in 1922 to Child Memorial Library, Harvard University, in memory of Lionel de Jersey. This group consists of 17th-century printed materials which are mostly satirical verses related to political events. These items are organized alphabetically by title; printer and date of publication are listed when available.

Series V consists of photographs and contact prints of 17th-18th century printed materials from the collection of the Pepysian Library, Cambridge.

Series VI consists of material printed in Scotland, Ireland, and Italy. This material is organized by country, and by printer. When no printer information is available for an item, it is placed alphabetically by title.

Series VII is a collection of 61 broadside ballads, 1765-1890 (bulk dates 1790-1890). Most of the pieces were printed in London, but the series also includes broadsides from Preston and other northern towns, Dublin, and Philadelphia. Genres include social protest, sentimental themes, bawdy and humorous subjects, and minstrel and music hall songs.

Series VII contains oversized items. Box 6 includes material transferred from Series I-VI. Box 7 contains a collection of a variety of broadsides and songsheets dating from the early eighteenth to late nineteenth century; most of the pieces are English and date from the early to mid-nineteenth century. Items in Box 7 are arranged alphabetically by title, subject or author, with the exception of a small number of items in Folder 17.

In all instances, the original orthography has been retained.

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Subject Headings


Series I: English Printers

Box 1   Folder 1

Angus, G.

  • "Geordie Craggs"
Box 1   Folder 2


  • "The Carlisle Weavers' Lamentations" (two versions)
  • "Remarks on the Times," "Mechanics' Lamentation; or Stagnation of the Trade"
Box 1   Folder 3

Applegath, A., and E. Cowper

  • "Returning Spring-Another New Carol Proper for the Present Time"
Box 1   Folder 4

Augus, M., and Son

  • "Predictions and Observations Concerning this Remarkable Year 1801"
Box 1   Folder 4a

Baldwin, A.

  • "Prince Butler's Tale; Representing the State of the Wooll-Case, or the East-India Case truly Stated"
Box 1   Folder 4b

Banks, Allen

  • "The Compleat Swearing Matter; A Rare New Salamanca Ballad"
Box 1   Folder 5


  • "The Maid of Belfast," "The Cordial"
Box 1   Folder 6


  • "British True Blue," "The Heart of a Sailor" "Maid of Bourdeaux"
Box 1   Folder 7


  • "Haymakers," (2 copies)
  • "My Poor Black Bess"
  • "Pop him into Limbo"
  • "Thirteen Pence a Day," (3 copies)
  • "The Old Oak Table," "Lost Lady Found," "Bonny Jean"
  • "The Shabby Swell," "Judy Magrath," (2 copies)
  • "We May be Happy Yet," "Death of Wellington," "Bonny Blue Handkerchief," (3 copies)
  • "Norah the Pride of Kildare," "Young Girls Mind This When You are Married," "The Maid of Gorteen," (2 copies)
  • "The Blackbird," "Lovely Nancy"
  • "The Drunkard's Catechism," (2 copies)
  • "I Cannot Mind My Wheel"
Box 1   Folder 8

Billing, E.

  • "A New Guy Fawkes Speech"
Box 1   Folder 9

Birt, T.

  • The Death and Burial of Cock Robin. London; Birt, n.d. (pamphlet book)
  • The Children in the Wood. London; Birt, n.d. (pamphlet book)
  • "Answer to Isabelle," "The Lass of Richmond Hill"
  • "The Bailiffs Are Coming"
  • "Behold How Brightly the Morn"
  • The Banks of Band
  • "The Blue Bonnets Are Over the Border," "Great Flopping Bonnets"
  • "Brown Jug"
  • "Cherry Ripe," "My Heart and Lute"
  • "Come Landlord Fill a Flowing Bowl"
  • "Commins's Farewell to Ireland"
  • "Dearly I Love You, and True Love," "All's Well"
  • "Englishman's Wife, God Bless Her!," "Love Was Once a Little Boy"
  • "The Exciseman"
  • "The Good Husband"
  • "Here's A Health to the Ladies"
  • "I'm often Drunk and Seldom Sober."
  • "The King! God Bless Him!" (2 copies)
  • "Madam Sneak," (2 copies)
  • "Maid of Staffa," "The Mecahnic's Boy," (2 copies)
  • "The Maiden's Complaint," (2 copies)
  • "Maiden's Lamentation for Her Georgy"
  • "Mary's Dream"
  • "Mrs. Monday," (2 copies)
  • "My Pretty Page"
  • "New York Streets"
  • "O Rare Turpin"
  • "Old England For Ever Shall Weather the Storm," "Brandy For Ever"
  • "The Old Miser"
  • "The Old Towler"
  • "The Oyster Girl"
  • "Rolling Down Wapping"
  • "The Soldier Boy"
  • "Teddy O'Gra"
  • "There You Go With Your Eye Out"
  • "Tom Moody"
  • "With A Helmet On His Brow"
  • "The Blue Bonnets Are Over the Border," "Great Flopping Bonnets," "Buy a Broom!," "The Light Guitar"
  • "The Cast Iron Duke"
  • "A Conversation Between the Abbey and Westminster Hall"
  • "The Queen's Abroad"
  • Jim Along Josey"
  • "Behold How Brightly Breaks the Morn," "Love's Ritornella"
  • "Colin and Phoebe," "In My Cottage," "Going to Chelsea," "The Pilgrim"
  • "The Soldier's Death," "My Own Dearest Home"
  • "New Sailor's Home"
  • "Cobbler's? Confession"
  • "The Interment Bill"
Box 1   Folder 10

Caddel and Son

  • "Kelner's Bazaar and Fancy Fair"
Box 1   Folder 11

Cadman, J.

  • Bonny Lass Milking her Cow," (3 copies)
  • "Song of the Haymakers," "The Oak and Ivy" (3 copies)
  • "Spencer the Rover," "Merry Days of Old," (3 copies)
  • "Ten O'Clock, or Remember, Love, Remember," "Burial of Sir J. Moore," (3 copies)
  • "If I Had a Thousand a Year," "Charity Sermon," (3 copies)"
  • "Old House at Home" "Trotting Horse," (2 copies)
  • "Bold Poacher, or My Delight on a Shiny Night," "The Sailor's Return," (3 copies)
  • "Beautiful Biddy of Sligo," (3 copies)
  • "Days When I Was Hard Up," "Freemasons Song," (3 copies)
  • "Contented Wife," "Far, Far Upon the Sea," (3 copies)
  • "Constant Pair, or the Pretty Prentice Boy," "Rakish Young Fellow," (3 copies)
  • "Bonny Bunch of Roses O," "As I Wandered by the Brookside," (2 copies)
  • "Ben Block," "Cheer, Boys, Cheer," (2 copies)
  • "Jammy's Lamentation," "Jolly Roving Tar"
  • "Dream of Napoleon," "Sporting Hero," (2 copies)
  • "To the West," "Taking Tea in the Arbor"
Box 1   Folder 12

Catnach, J.

  • Auld Lang Syne"
  • "Health to the Ladies"
  • "Merry Row the Bonny Bark," "The Hunter's Horn"
  • "O Rare Turpin"
  • "Old Woman of Rumford"
  • "The Oxford Scholar" (2 copies)
  • "Shop Windows"
  • "When a Man's a Little Bit Poorly"
  • "The xxx History of Jack and the Giants" (pamphlet book)
  • "Present Fashions. Or the Pride of the Times" (2 copies)
  • "Here We Meet Too Soon to Part," "The Beverley Maid and the Tinker"
  • "The Irish Girl" "The Transport"
  • "Pretty Peggy of Derby," "The Beautiful Maid," "The Fisherman's Boy"
  • "To Be Drunk on the Premises" "Thy Smile Was Sweet"
  • "The New Jack of all Trades" "The Sailor's Dream"
  • "Request of the Poor" "Money Is Your Friend"
  • "The Rose of Allandale," "Young William of the Royal Waggon Train"
  • "Will Watch the Bold Smuggler," "The Heart that Can Feel For Another"
  • "The Stage of Life," "The New Song Called the Mermaid"
  • "Old Women's Sayings!"
  • "The Evening Star," "The Tear," "Green Hills of Tyrol"
  • "The Maid of the Mill," "The Lass of Tiviot-side," "Minstrel Boy" (2 copies)
  • "Gentle Moon" "The Banner of War" "The Southern Breezes" "Woodland Maid" (2 copies)
  • "The Golden Glove" "The Keel Row" "The Minute-Gun at Sea" (2 copies)
  • "Highland Home" "Remember, Love, Remember"
  • "Bottle of Good Rum," "The Indian Maid," "The Poor Peasant Boy"
  • "The Bay of Biscay," "The Female Auctioneer" (2 copies)
  • "The Battle Field," "Mary's Love," "Answer to my Heart and Lute," "Blue Bonnets Over the Terrace," "Buy a Broom"
  • "Faithful Ellen's Happy Meeting," "The Sicilian Maid," "Gaily Circling Glass"
  • "The Golden Glove," "The Keel Row," "The Minute-Gun at Sea"
  • "The Evening Star," "The Tear," "Green Hills of Tyrol"
  • "Bottle of Good Rum," "The Indian Maid," "The Poor Peasant Boy"
  • "Sarah Wilson," "William of the Ferry"
  • "The Jenny Lind Mania"
  • "Young Henry of the Raging Main," "The Maid with a Love-Beaming Eye"
  • "The Girl I Left Behind Me," "The Rose of Ardee"'
  • "The Painful Plough," "I'm in Haste"
  • "Bound `Prentice of a Waterman," "The Swiss Maid"
  • "The King! God Bless Him," "The Huge Oak," "Sweet William"
  • "The Waving Greenwood Tree," "Evening Bells," "The Lass that Loves a Sailor"
  • "The Tartar Drum," "Love Has Eyes," "The Poor Little Fisherman's Girl"
  • "The Husbandman and Servant Man," "Smile Again My Bonnie Lassie," "Cottage on the Moor"
  • "Past, Present, and Future," "An Old Man Would Be Wooing," "Revenge!"
  • "The Poachers," "Blue-Ey'd Mary"
  • "The Bold Pedlar and Robin Hood," "Colin Stole My Heart Away"
  • "John Gregory, Aged Thirty Seven"
  • "It was a Winter Evening," "Eveleen's Bower"
  • "New Rigs of the Races"
  • "The World's in a Terrible State," "The Gypsy King"
  • "The Lover's Separation," "The Gallant Mars"
  • "Cottage that Stands by the Sea," "The Belfast Mountains"
  • "Jack Return'd from Sea," "The Washing Day"
  • "Gentle Moon," "The Banner of War," "The Southern Breezes," "Woodland Maid"
  • "The Banks of Inverary," "The Constant Lovers"
  • "Wonderful Adventures of O'Flynn in Search of Old Mother Clifton"
Box 1   Folder 13

Cheap Song Mart

  • "Pretty Susan, the Pride of Kildare"
Box 1   Folder 14


  • "The Heart of the Brave"
  • "My Heart's in the Highlands"
  • "Flare Up Neddy" (2 copies)
Box 1   Folder 15


  • "The Labourer's Return to His Family"
Box 1   Folder 15a


  • "The Character of Wit's Squint-Ey'd Maid"
Box 1   Folder 16


  • "Waithman For Ever! Or Corruption and Curtis Knocked Down"
Box 1   Folder 17


  • "The Prince of Wales's Baby"
  • "Jemmy Mullins the Rascal"
  • "England's Great Exhibition"
  • "Yelverton Marriage Case"
  • "The Dying Sailor Boy at Sea," "Teddy Regan"
Box 1   Folder 18


  • "Anthems Sung at the Dedication of Freemason's Hall, Newcastle, 16 Feb 1826"
  • "Newcastle Champion; or the Battle of Barlow Fell"
  • "The Fishwives' Complaint"
Box 1   Folder 19


  • "The Unfortunate Apprentice," "Heart and Lute"
Box 1   Folder 20

Ellerton and Henderson

  • A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed, or No Land Like Old England. London; Ellerton and Henderson, 1817. (pamphlet book)
Box 1   Folder 21

Evans (formerly Howard and Evans)

  • "The Butcher's Daughter's Policy, or Lustful Lord Well Fitted"
  • "The Berkshire Lady"
  • "The Celebrated Carol called the Creation of the World"
  • "The Cruel Step-Mother; or, The Unhappy Son"
  • "The Faithless Captain; or, Betrayed Virgin"
  • "A Gallant Lord and Virtuous Lady; Together with the Untimely Death of their Two Children" (two copies)
  • "The Gloucestershire Tragedy; or, The True Lover's Downfall"
  • "The Golden Bull; or, Garland of Love's Craftiness"
  • "Jessy, the flow'r o'Dumblain"
  • "The Little Gipsey"
  • "Love in a Barn; or Right Country Courtship"
  • "A New God Save the King"
  • "Merry and Wife"
  • "The Miser Outwitted"
  • "The Nobleman's Cruelty to his Son"
  • "Oxfordshire Tragedy; or the Virgin's Advice"
  • "The Plymouth Tragedy"
  • "Poor Robin's Dream; Commonly called Poor Charity"
  • "Pop goes the Weasel!"
  • "Religion Our Best Choice; A New Carol"
  • "The Rover," "The Thorn"
  • "The Turkey Factor"
  • "The Ulster Tragedy"
  • "The Wanderer," "Answer to the Wanderer"
  • "The White Hat"
  • "The Yarmouth Tragedy; or, the Constant Lovers"
Box 1   Folder 22

Fair, P

  • "The Signal Defeat; or Three Sharpers Outmatched by One Tailor!"
Box 1   Folder 23


  • "To the Friends and Supporter of Mr. Tomes"
Box 1   Folder 24

Ford, W.

  • "The Old House at Home," "New York Streets"
Box 1   Folder 25


  • "Green Hills of Tyrol," "Wake of Teddy the Tiler" (2 copies)
  • "On the Banks of the River," "A New Song Called the True Lovers" (2 copies)
  • "The Cotton Spinners' Farewell"
  • "Over the Seas and Far Away," "Lament for Mrs. Burns"
  • "The Merchant's Daughter and Constant Farmer's Son," "Loss of Amphitrite"
Box 1   Folder 26

Fortey, W. S.

  • "The Drunkard's Catechism"
  • "The Bold Fisherman," "The Wounded Hussar"
  • "I Wish I Was in Dixey," "The Fun of the Fair"
  • "The Great Exhibition, 1862"
Box 1   Folder 27

Goode, T.

  • "Mary Anne, or, The Roving Gardener," "Ye Topers All" (2 copies)
Box 1   Folder 28


  • "Don't You Know Cock Robin"
  • "The Hippopotamus," "The Derby Ram"
Box 1   Folder 29

Hall, William

  • "The Tipity Wichet," "One of Every Sort"
Box 1   Folder 30


  • "The Milk-Maid Coming From the Wake," "The Farmer"
Box 1   Folder 31

Harkness, John

  • "The Cruel Sea Captain"
  • "The Cruel Sea Captain," "Farewell to Your Judges and Juries"
  • "Jessy the Flower of Dumblain," "My Own Mountain Home," "A Love of Godshave" (3 copies)
  • "A Parody on the Song of the Sea," "Auld Langsyne," "Jack-asses over the Water" (3 copies)
  • "Sittin On a Rail," "The Hero of War" (2 copies)
  • "The Rambler from Clare," "Owd Ned's a Rare Strong Chap" (2 copies)
  • "The Wife's Dream," "A New Christmas Song" (2 copies)
  • "William of the Man-of-War," "Mary of the Moor"
  • "Steer my Bark," "Duke William" (2 copies)
  • "The Ploughman Turned Sailor," "Quite Politely"
  • "Rosannah Don't You Sigh," "I Would if I Could" (3 copies)
  • "Same Love to Roam," "Kate Kearney," "Freemason's Song"
  • "Smart Young Bachelor's" "O, Merry Row the Bonny Bark," "A Very Good Hand at It"
  • "The Vegetable Pills," "In the Days I went Drinking a Long Time Ago" (2 copies)
  • "Larry Mc.Flinn" (3 copies)
  • "Umbrella Courtship," "The Foggy Dew" (2 copies)
  • "The Pleasure of Scolding," "John Anderson My Jo, John" (2 copies)
  • "The Ragged Coat," "Stow Brow" (3 copies)
  • "Polly's Love; or the Cruel Ship Carpenter," "The Last Rose of Summer" (2 copies)
  • "The Indian Lass," "Drink, and Kiss the Lasses" (4 copies, in 2 versions)
  • "The Great Meat Pie," "Oh, Rest Thee Babe," "An Old Man Will Never Do For Me" (3 copies)
  • "Sittin On a Rail," "The Hero of War"
  • "Mary-le-More," "He was Such a Nice Young Man," "Little Mary of the Dee" (3 copies)
  • "My Gentle Isabel," "Rose of Cashmere" (3 copies)
  • "May the Queen Live for Ever," "The Bridal Ring," "She Wore a Wreath of Roses"
  • "Pat Finnigan," "I'm a Gent," "The Moon is Up"
  • "Mistletoe Bough," "Billy Jenkins"
  • "My Erin O," "The Witches' Glee," "Fair Jessie" (3 copies)
  • "Lucy Neal," "Barney Brallaghan's Courtship"
  • "Bendigo and Deaf Burke!!," "The Blackburn Poachers"
  • "Some Love to Roam," "Kate Kearney," "Freemason's Song"
  • "Smart Young Bachelors," "O Merry Row the Bonny Bark," "A Very Good Hand at It"
  • "The Ploughman turned Sailor," Quite Politely"
  • "Paddy Conner," "Helmet on his Brow," "Billy Barlow"
  • "Pat Finnigan," "I'm a Gent," "The Moon is Up" (2 copies)
  • "May the Queen Live For Ever," "The Bridal Ring," "She Wore a Wreath of Roses"
  • "The Mistletoe Bough," "Billy Jenkins" (2 copies)
  • Nelson's Monument!" "Soldier's Tear," "Death of Nelson!"
  • "Duke of Marlbrough," "Will Watch" (3 copies)
  • "Death of Parker," "The Battle of the Nile" (3 copies)
  • "Dick Darling the Cobbler," "Paddy's Wedding" (3 copies)
  • "The Damsel's Adventures," "Adieu, My Native Land, Adieu" (2 versions, 3 copies)
  • "Aunt Betty's Days," "Banks of the Dee!," "Happy Land!"
  • "Dolly Dixon," "Ole Tan Tucker"
  • "Lovely Ann," "The Lost Lady Found"
  • "Lamentation of Riley," "The Sailor Boy's Farewell"
  • "Jack's the Lad," "The London `Prentice Boy"
  • "Golden Glove," "Meet Me By Moonlight Alone," "She Blam'd Him Never"
  • "The Girls of Lancashire," "With My Jug in One Hand," "And Home I Came Merry at Last" (2 copies)
  • "France and the Republicans!," "Jeremy Johnson, Squeeze Me"
  • "The Fight Between Jackey Thomas and the Shadow!," "The Lads of Thorney Moor Woods"
  • "Lucy Neal," "Barney Brallaghan's Courtship"
  • "Lass of Gowrie," "Young Jemmy the Highland Boy"
  • "Fanny Blair," "Poor Little Sweep" (2 copies)
  • "William of the Man-Of-War," "Mary of the Moor"
  • "Devil and Hackney Coachman," "My Bonny, Blooming Highland Jane" (2 copies)
  • "Captain Grant," "Th' Mon at Mester Grundy's
  • "Brave Nelson," "The Prentice Boy"
  • "Bendigo and Deaf Burke!!," "The Blackburn Poachers"
  • "The Wife's Dream," "A New Christmas Song"
  • "The Disappointed Lover," "The Good Times are Coming"
  • "The Shannnon Side," "Line on the Accident in the River Lane"
  • "Green Linnet," "The Return of the Admiral"
Box 1   Folder 32

Harris, W.

  • "Down by the Spanish Shore," "The Brave Collier Lads"
Box 1   Folder 33


  • "I'm Going for a Soldier, Jenny""
  • "Answer to Jeannot and Jeannette," "The Convict's Child"
  • "The Poor Labourers," "Jolly Mortals Fill Your Glasses"
  • "The Rochester Lass," "Gaily the Troubadour"
  • "Drinking is a Foolish Thing"
  • "The Woman that Conquered," "The Last Rose of Summer"
  • "Discription of the Bloomers," "Thou Art Gone from My Gaze"
Box 1   Folder 34

Hewison, H.

  • "Wawn Triumphant!"
Box 1   Folder 35

Hill, J.

  • "Old Woman of Rumford"
  • "On the Banks of the Sweet Primroses," "My Beautiful Rhine," "The Gipsy Prince"
Box 1   Folder 36


  • "The Fall of the Leaf" (2 copies)
  • "Catch a Flat" (2 copies)
Box 1   Folder 37

Hobson, E., and Son

  • "Mally"
Box 1   Folder 38


  • "The Great National Exhibition" (2 versions, 3 copies)
  • "Life Trial Sentence and Last Farwell tu the Worrld gf Anne Merritt"
  • "The Death of the Right Honourabl Sir Robert Peel"
  • "Line on the Sorrowful End of Mary and Caroline Back"
  • "The Kingdoms Complaint of Birds with the Golden Eggs"
  • "Crystal Palace"
  • "Sacred to the Memory of Father Matthews, the Great Teetotalist"
  • "Policeman and the Rabbit Skins," "The Racoon Track" (3 copies)
  • "Adventures of Larry O'Flinn"
  • "Chartists are Coming," "The Soldier's Return"
  • "Militia Song and Dialogue"
  • "Mitchell's Address," "My Cottage in the Grove"
  • "Rogue Who Insulted the Queen," "Dark Hair'd Girl"
  • "A Cure for a Dissatisfied Husband," "Cupid's Discovery, or Motives for Going to Church"
  • "An Interesting Picture of Drunkenness"
  • "St. James and St. Giles's"
  • "Shakespeare's House"
  • "A New Song for the Times," "Oe'r the Green Sea"
  • "Battle of Pea Soup," "Banner of Blue"
  • "A New Teetotal Song and Dialogue"
  • "I've Been Australia O"
  • "We Are All Beggars"
  • "The Gin Shop Bar," "The Gem of the Ocean"
  • "Haynau's Retreat"
  • "Buy My Images," "The Pope He Leads a Happy Life"
  • "Flyme Clarke's Wild Lament" (2 copies)
  • "Murder of Maria Marten," Villikins and his Dinah"
  • "The Wives Lamentation," "The Present Times for Eight Shillings a Week"
  • "Courting Down at Battersea," "Churlish Husband Turned Nurse"
  • "Things I Should Just Like to Know," "Dolly Dobbins"
  • "Susannah Don't You Cry," "The Dandy Broadway Swell"
  • "Mary the Maid of the Green," "Dicky Bacon"
  • "Gravesend Steamer," "Carry Me Back to Ole Virginny"
  • "Swell's Address to his Suit of Clothes," Cynthia Sue"
  • "Drunkard's Catachism"
  • "A New Song in Praise of Temperance and Father Hudson"
Box 1   Folder 39

Ireland, A., and Co.

  • "Owd David-at-Major's" (2 copies)
Box 1   Folder 40

Jackson and Son

  • "Loss of Our Hero," "Mrs. Heeltap's Bellows"
  • "Cockney Sportsmen," Bill Jenkins"
  • "Mrs. Clarke"
  • "The Night Coach Adventures"
Box 1   Folder 41

Jacques, G.

  • "Jack Rag" (3 copies)
  • "The Merchant's Daughter and Constant Farmer's Son" (3 copies)
  • "Old Maid of 95" (3 copies)
  • "Wedlock's Joys" (2 copies)
  • "The Rambling Boys of Pleasure" (2 copies)
  • "The Queen's Return from Scotland" (3 copies)
  • "Humours of Bartlemy Fair," "The Turnpike Man," (3 copies)
  • "The Green Mossy Banks of the Lea," Oh, Crikey! Oh, Good Gracious!!" (3 copies)
  • "Fair Phoebe, and her Dark-Eyed Sailor," "Fortunate Factory Girl" (3 copies)
Box 1   Folder 42

Jennings, J.

  • "Johnny and Mary"
  • "The Old Maid's Levee"
Box 1   Folder 43


  • "The Humbugging Swindling Artist," "The Cruel Wife of Tottenham Court Road"
  • "Strange Phenomenon See Over the Town of Plymouth"
Box 1   Folder 44

Jones, J.

  • The Merry Frolics or the Comical Cheats of Swalpo, A Notorious Pickpocket; and the Merry Pranks of Roger the Clown. J. Jones, n.d. (pamphlet book)
Box 1   Folder 45

Jones (Drury-Lane)

  • "The Pope of Rome Will Never Be Conquered"
Box 1   Folder 46

Kendrew, J.

  • "The Farmer's Rent Day," "The Yorkshire Wake"
Box 1   Folder 47


  • "Description of a Sea-Fight"
  • "The Idiot"
  • "Moslem and the Old Soldier"
Box 1   Folder 48

Kidd, P

  • "The Yorkshire Beauty, or the Misfortune of Being Handsome"
Box 1   Folder 49

King, T.

  • "The Low-Backed Chair"
  • "The Pleasures of Being Too Late"
  • "Parody on the Cavalier"
  • "The Pawnbroker" (2 copies)
  • "Mrs. Jenkins, of Billingsgate"
  • "Great Gals at Home," "Wild Boar Hunt," "The Queen's Letter"
  • "You Know My Way"
  • "Wonderful Ducks"
  • "Wait for the Wagon"
  • "The Harmonic Meeting"
  • "Jack Ragg's Statues"
Box 2   Folder 1

Livsey, J.

  • "Country Chap's Adventure's Down in a Coal Pit" (3 copies)
  • "The Girls of Lancashire" (3 copies)
  • "A New Flounce to Your Gown," "The Moon is Up"
  • "The Soldier's Dream," "Star of Glengary"
  • "Sale of a Wife" (2 copies)
Box 2   Folder 2


  • "Westminster Election; A New Song"
Box 2   Folder 3


  • "Doctors Are Madder Than Other People," "Things I Don't Like to See"
Box 2   Folder 4

Macdonald, R.

  • The Nutcracker; a Key to Nuts to Crack or Enigmatical Repository. London; R. Macdonald, n.d. (pamphlet book)
Box 2   Folder 5

Macnie, W.

  • Captain Wedderburn's Courtship, to which is added The Wandering Boy. Stirling; W. Macnie, n.d. (pamphlet book)
Box 2   Folder 6

Maiden, T.

  • The Heart of Oak, Consisting of a Choice Selection of New Songs for the Year 1811. London; T. Maiden, 1811 (pamphlet book)
Box 2   Folder 7

Mann, Charles

  • The British Vocal Miscellany, ed. John Labern, no. 3. London; Charles Mann, n.d.
  • The British Vocal Miscellany, ed. John Labern, no. 6. London; Charles Mann, n.d.
Box 2   Folder 8


  • "Britons, Awake to Glory"
  • "Gallant Escape of Pat Mc'Carthy from the Russians"
  • "The French Royal Visit"
Box 2   Folder 9

Marshall, J.

  • "The Newcastle Swineherds Proclamation"
  • "The Keelmen's Complaint"
  • "Will Watch the Bold Smuggler"
  • "Pedestrianism Failed, or Simpson Done Over"
  • "The Battle of Waterloo"
  • "X Y Z at Newcastle Races; or, Pitmen's Luck," Cappy, or the Pitman's Dog"
  • "The Farmer's Rent Day," "A New Touch on the Times"
  • "The Hofey's Gala Day"
  • "Sailor's Address to Britannia"
  • "Arthur Macbride," "The Constant Shepherd"
  • "The Jovial Tinker," "Cherry Cheek'd Patie"
  • "Peggy Bann," "The Unfortunate Wife"
  • "The Death of Burns," "The Ayrshire Lasses"
Box 2   Folder 10

Marshall, W.

  • "Rolling Down Wapping" (2 copies)
Box 2   Folder 11

McCall, William

  • "The Monks of Old," "The Bould Sojer Boy"
Box 2   Folder 12

Mitchelson, W.

  • "Manchester Cadger, or Ve Vants no Vork to Do" (2 copies)
  • "The Storm," "Ole Joe"
  • "The Comic Divan," "Lord Ullin's Daughter"
  • "Pleasure and Relaxation"
Box 2   Folder 13

Neesom's Song Mart

  • "The Brave Musketeer," "You Would Not Leave Your Norah"
Box 2   Folder 14


  • Trials of the Prisoners Arraigned, Acquitted, and Convicted at the Old Bailey. London; J. Norris, 1804 (pamphlet book)
Box 2   Folder 15


  • The New Mummer's Act; or Morris Dancers' Annual Play of St. George. London; T. Orton, n.d. (pamphlet book)
Box 2   Folder 16


  • "Six Jovial Tradesmen"
Box 2   Folder 17

Pannell, J.

  • "Answer to Riley and Colinband," "Let Us Haste to Kelvin Grove"
Box 2   Folder 18

Paul (23 Fashion Street, Spitalfields)

  • "My Sweet Little Fanny," "I Wandered by the Seashore"
Box 2   Folder 19

Paul, C. (18 Great Street, 7 Dials)

  • "Mary Blane," "Oh. Summer Night"
  • "The Ragged Riots"
  • "Father Mathews"
  • "Little Johny Out of Office"
  • "I'll Do It No More," "The Pretty Girls of Kent"
  • "Birth of the Duke of York"
Box 2   Folder 20

Paul, James, and Co. (Monmouth Court, 7 Dials)

  • "The Maniac," "The Blue Bonnets are Over the Border" "Poor Mary Anne"
  • "The Four Leaved Shamrock," "With All Thy Faults I Love Thee Still"
  • "The Snob's Confession," "The Sons of Fingal"
  • "The Parted Lovers," "My Own Dear Home"
  • "The Red-Ditch, Worcestershire"
Box 2   Folder 21


  • "I Wish That I Could Swim Like J. B. Johnson," "Medicine Jack"
  • "The Deansgate Barber," "Biddy Toole" (3 copies)
  • "The Penny Monkey Show," "Things I Should Like to See" (2 copies)
Box 2   Folder 22

Pearson, T.

  • "Little Jim, Th… Allen's Farewell" (2 copies)
  • "Banks of the Nile" (3 copies)
  • "Cockey Moor Snake" (2 copies)
  • "Dawning of the Day" (3 copies)
  • "Ellen the Fair," "The Music of the Mill" (3 copies)
  • "The Golden Glove" (3 copies)
  • "Grand Conversation on Napoleon Arose" (3 copies)
  • "Henpecked Club" (2 copies)
  • "Irish Emigrant" (2 copies)
  • "Jockey and Jenny" (3 copies)
  • "Polly Oliver's Rambles" (3 copies)
  • "Preaching for Bacon," "She is Black" (2 copies)
  • "Rambling Robin" (3 copies)
  • "Sale of a Wife" (3 copies)
  • "Shannon Side" (3 copies)
  • "Woeful Marriage" (3 copies)
  • "I'd Rather be Working Men of England" (2 copies)
  • "Bonny Bunch of Roses, O" (3 copies)
  • "Death of Nelson" (3 copies)
  • "One Thing and T'Other" (3 copies)
  • "Donald's Return to Glencoe" (3 copies)
Box 2   Folder 23


  • "Bold Poacher, or My Delight On a Shiny Night" (2 copies)
  • "The Swell of Creation," "Bold Poacher, or My Delight On a Shiny Night" (2 copies)
  • "Undaunted Mary" (2 copies)
Box 2   Folder 24

Piggot, Charles

  • "March in May"
Box 2   Folder 25

Piggot, G.

  • "The Breeches"
  • "Call Again To-Morrow"
  • "Caroline Triumphant" (2 versions)
  • "The Gospel Provision"
  • "Oh! Cruel"
  • Poll of Wapping Stairs"
  • "The Redemption" (2 copies)
  • "Amelia's Complaint"
  • "Belfast Shoemaker" (2 copies)
  • "Heigh Cockolorum Jug"
  • "The Poor Man's Wish for a Wife"
  • "Thurot's Defeat"
  • "Sailor and his Truelove"
  • "While Pensive I Thought On My Love"
  • "William and Nancy's Parting" (2 copies)
Box 2   Folder 26


  • "Barbara Allen"
  • "The Beggar"
  • "Bewildered Maid, Or Slow Broke the Light" (2 copies)
  • "Blackbird"
  • "The Bold Prisoner"
  • "The Bottle"
  • "Britain's Guardian Angel"
  • "The Castilian Maid"
  • "Celia's Complaint"
  • "Chorus of Huntsmen, In Der Freitscuhz."
  • "Cold Winter is Past"
  • "The Contented Wife"
  • "The Cottage in the Grove"
  • "The Country Girl"
  • "The Crafty London Prentice"
  • "Cupid the Pretty Plough Boy"
  • "The Curly-Headed Plough Boy"
  • "The Dauntless Sailor"
  • "The Death of Princess Charlotte"
  • "The Disconsolate Sailor"
  • The Doating Mother's Garland"
  • "Donald of Dundee"
  • "Don't Let Me Die a Maid"
  • "The Doting Old Man"
  • "Duett All's Well"
  • "Ellen Aureen"
  • "Fair Ellen"
  • "Fair Helen" (2 copies)
  • "The Gallant Sailor" (2 versions)
  • "The Gentleman Turned Tinker"
  • "The Ghost of Maria"
  • "The Gossiping Wife"
  • "Grageral MacGree"
  • "Grog"
  • "Howls of the Farmers"
  • "Human Mortality, or Tobacco is an Indian Weed"
  • "The Irish Butcher's Frolick"
  • "Lovers, Mother, I'll Have None"
  • "Little Dun Mare"
  • "Le Pipe de Tobac"
  • "Madam Sneak and I"
  • "The Maid I Adore"
  • "The Maid of the Mill"
  • "Maid of Staffa"
  • "March in May"
  • "Maria"
  • "Marian's My Lily, and Fiora's My Rose"
  • "Mary's Dream"
  • "Merry Piper" (2 copies)
  • "The Milkman"
  • "Mister Snout" (2 copies)
  • "Mr, Simpkin" (2 copies)
  • "The Musing Lover"
  • "A New Song Called Going to Chelsea to Buy a Bun" (2 copies)
  • "O Come to Me When Day Light Sets"
  • "Of 'a the Airts the Winds Can Blow"
  • "Oh! Lady Fair"
  • "The Orphan"
  • "The Oyster Girl"
  • "Oxford City"
  • "Parody on Home Sweet Home"
  • "A Peep at Life in London"
  • "The Pretty Chambermaid"
  • "Pretty Polly Hopkins"
  • "Plato's Advice"
  • "Polly Dear Now I Must Leave You"
  • "Polly Oliver's Ramble"
  • "Poor Dicky and his Scolding Wife" (2 copies)
  • "Poor Little Sailor Boy" (2 copies)
  • "Poor Little Sweep"
  • "Poor Joe the Marine"
  • "Poor Mary of the Moor"
  • "Poverty's No Sin"
  • "Pray Goody"
  • "Pray Remember the Poor"
  • "Sailor and his Truelove"
  • "The Sailor's Return"
  • "Sally and her Truelove Billy"
  • "Sally's Love For a Sailor"
  • "Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace Bled" (2 copies)
  • "The Sequel to Briton's Strike Home" (3 copies)
  • Sheep Shearing Over" (2 copies)
  • "Sheffield Park" (2 copies)
  • "Shepherd in Distress"
  • "Shipwrecked Tar" (2 versions)
  • "The Smile and the Tear" (3 copies)
  • "The Soldier's Gratitude" (2 copies)
  • "Soldier's Life" (2 copies)
  • "The Soldier's Orphan" (2 copies)
  • "Spring Water Cresses"
  • "Streams of Lovely Nancy"
  • "Sweet Jane of Tyrone"
  • "The Tailor in a Hobble"
  • "Tally O the Hounds"
  • "Tarpauling Jacket"
  • "The Taylor's Courtship"
  • "The Fay My Sweet Girl"
  • "The Thrasher"
  • "Tom Brown"
  • "The Troting Horse" (3 copies)
  • "The Valiant Soldier"
  • "The Wanderer or My Love Has Lost His Way"
  • "The Wandering Bard"
  • "We Conquer Dear Girls But For You"
  • "The Weaver's Garland"
  • "When Vulcan Forg'd the Bolts of Jove"
  • "Whistle My Love and I'll Come Down"
  • "Will You Come to the Bower"
  • "Wives' Lamentation" (2 copies)
  • "Woodman"
  • "Young Ralph the Waggoner"
Box 2   Folder 27


  • "Kate Kearney," "Boyn Water" (2 copies)
  • "I'd Be a Blue Bottle," "The Gallant Trobadour ," "The Irish School,"
  • "The Grasshopper"
  • "The Bold Prisoner," "The Land We Live In"
  • "Corinthian's Diary," "Dashing Jerry"
  • "Brittania's Lovely Jane," "Short Black Aprons and Dandy Caps"
  • "The Cowslip"
  • "Polly Cox's Party"
  • "Jenny Jones," "Pretty Girls of London"
  • "A Three Part Parody on Cherry Ripe," "The Gallant Sailor"
  • "Braham's Delight"
  • "My Heart and Lute," "Cupid's Delight"
  • "Cupid's Delight"
  • "A New Song on the Times," "The Floating Lovers"
  • "The Galiant Sailor, and Noble Man's Daughter," "A Woman Dear"
  • "Bonny Kate of the Emerald Isle," "Vive! Vive Le Roi!"
  • "The Honest Family"
  • "The Apollo"
Box 2   Folder 28


  • "Address to the Bachelors of North Shields, 1827"
  • "Lines on the Death of Henry Taylor"
  • "Farewell Address, Delivered by Mr. Rayner, 1823"
  • "The Popular Comic Duet of Polly Hopkins, as Sung by Mr. and Mrs. Young"
Box 2   Folder 29


  • "The Rabbit Pie Policeman"
Box 2   Folder 30

Pratt, William

  • "Answer to the Stolen Child!," "The Child's Appeal!"
  • "Answer to T'is Hard to Give the Hand" (2 copies)
  • "Jolly Plough Boy," "All's Well," "Adieu, My Native Home"
Box 2   Folder 31


  • "Wonderful Adventures of Mr. O'Flynn in Search of Old Mother Clifton,"
  • "Memorable Battle of Pea Soup"
  • "Here's A Health to the King, Huzza!" "The Butterfly Was a Gentleman"
Box 2   Folder 32

Richardson, H

  • "Jamie Reilly's Courtship to Coolin Bawn"
Box 2   Folder 33


  • "A New Song Upon the Glorious Victory of the Yellows Over the Blues on the 8th of September"
Box 2   Folder 34

Robson, W.

  • "Canny Sunderland and the Coal Trade For Ever!" (2 copies)
Box 2   Folder 35

Russell, Samuel W.

  • "Exile of Erin"
  • "Harry Hawser!," "Young Dicky Lumskull"
Box 2   Folder 36

(Ryal) Ryle and Co.

  • "Who's Dat Knocking At De Door," "The Banners of Blue," "The Cuckoo"
  • "Pop Him Into Limbo"
  • "The Soldier's Friend," "The Postman's Knock"
  • "The Saucy Plough Boy," "Jockey and Jenny's Trip to the Fair"
  • "The Cruel Lowland Maid," "Why Did My Master Sell Me"
  • "Unfortunate Sally"
  • "Bobbing Around!" "A Young Woman's Wants"
Box 2   Folder 37


  • "Belle Brandon," "They All Have a Mate but Me"
Box 2   Folder 38

Sharp, J.,

  • "Is That Happy England?" "Britannia's Name"
  • "Miss Lucy Long," "Travelling Tinker"
  • "The Green Linnet," "A New Cricketting Song of the Guilford Cadgers"
  • "Nobody's Nice to A Shade or Two"
  • "Sharp's Choice Selection of Favorite Songs"
  • "The Great Sea Shark," "I'm a Cove What Never Holloas"
  • "The Statute Fair," "The Temperance Society Tea-Totalist"
Box 2   Folder 39

Smeeton, G.

  • The Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. London; G. Smeeton, n.d. (pamphlet book)
Box 2   Folder 40


  • "Bet. the Coaley's Daughter"
Box 2   Folder 41


  • "Queen Caroline"
Box 2   Folder 42

Song Mart

  • "Irish Stranger"
Box 2   Folder 43

Spilsbury, C.

  • "Song"
Box 3   Folder 1

Stephenson, W.

  • "The Balloon"
  • "Sweet Home," "Nid Noddin," "March to the Battle Field"
  • "Tom and Jerry at Home"
Box 3   Folder 2

Such, H.

  • "She Lives With Her Own Granny Dear"
  • "The Wearing of the Green"
  • "Do a Good Turn When You Can," "Trial of Willy Reily"
  • "Lovely Young Johnny," "The Rising of the Moon"
Box 3   Folder 3


  • "The Sinner's Redemption, or the Conversion of Joshua Tuckfield." Nottingham; Sutton, n.d. (pamphlet book)
Box 3   Folder 4


  • "Bonny Light Horseman" (3 copies)
  • "Collier Lass" (2 copies)
  • "Exile of Erin" (2 copies)
  • "Fall of Leaves" (2 copies)
  • "The Girl I Left Behind Me" (3 copies)
  • "Land of the Brave and Free"
  • "Last Rose of Summer" (2 copies)
  • "The Light of Other Days" (2 copies)
  • "Love-Sick Luby" (2 copies)
  • "Lowland Queen" (2 copies)
  • "The Maid of Erin's Isle" (2 copies)
  • "Maid of Llangollen" (2 copies)
  • "Maria" (2 copies)
  • "Maurice and his Father" (2 copies)
  • "Nell Flaherty's Drake"
  • "We Shall Never See His Like Again" (2 copies)
  • "William and Nancy's Parting"
Box 3   Folder 5

Taylor (92 Brick Lane)

  • "Paddy Hagerty's Old Leather Breeches," "Going Out to Market"
  • "Simon Grey," "The American Stranger"
Box 3   Folder 6

Taylor (14 Waterloo Road)

  • "Billy Barlow's Breeches,"
  • "A Great Change in Billy Barlow's Household"
  • "Briton's Triumph Over the Tories"
  • "Old Nosey is Coming"
  • "The Table's Turned; or the Tories Reduced to the Workhouse"
Box 3   Folder 7

Thompson (Peter Street)

  • "Discontented Pair"
  • "Poor Mary in the Silvery Tide!"
Box 3   Folder 8

Thompson (Ranelagh Street)

  • "Will Watch the Bold Smuggler," "Robin's Petition" (2 copies)
Box 3   Folder 9


  • "Lines on the Unfortunate Failure of the D-Bank"
Box 3   Folder 10


  • "The Faithless Captain; Or, the Betrayed Virgin"
  • "Catskin; or the Wandering Lady"
  • "The Merry Broom Fields; or the West Country Wager"
  • "The Yarmouth Tragedy; Or, The Constant Lovers"
  • "The Wandering Shepherdess"
  • "The Turkey Factor"
  • "The Cruel Step Mother; Or, the Unhappy Son"
Box 3   Folder 10a

Valesco, Don Pedro et. al.

  • "Scandalproof, or an Heroick Poem on the Renowned Champions of the Good Old Cause"
Box 3   Folder 11

Walker, E.

  • "Croft Spa"
Box 3   Folder 12

Walker, J.

  • "Tom Tough," "The Handsome Man" (2 copies)
  • "The Ghost of a Grim Scrag of Mutton," Sue and Joe," "Kate Kearney"
  • "Missee Jane Crow"
  • "Week After the Fair," "The Breaking Out of Derry Gaol"
  • "Answer to Colin and Phoebe," "Follow the Drum" (2 copies)
  • "The Queen's Anthem," "The Hairy Gap"
  • "Rule Britannia," "Louden's Bonny Woods and Braes"
  • "Hartlepool Tragedy"
  • "Brave Volunteer," "Oh, Say Not Earth's a Desert Drear!" (2 copies)
  • "Mary of the Dale," "The Pilot"
  • "No Tom No," "Sweet Silver Light Bonny Moon," "Wilt Thou Meet Me There Love"
  • "She's Honest," "Creeping Jane"
  • "The Battle and the Breeze," "Speak of a Man as You Find Him," "The Gipsy's Tent"
  • "Ye Mariners of England," "Old Joe," "Buffalo Gals"
  • "I'm Afloat, I'm Afloat," "Who's Dat Knocking at De Door," "Mary Blane"
  • "Flora May," "Don't Be Foolish Joe"
  • "Down Among the Dead Men," "Old Dan Tucker"
  • Oh Saw Ye the Lass Wi' the Bonny Blue E'En," "When I Was Young and Fair," "The American Serenaders"
  • "The Golden Glove," "Rosin, the Beau"
  • "Haswell Cages," "The Exiles Return"
  • "The Bonny Lassie's Answer," "Giles Scroggins"
  • "Sammy Slap the Bill Sticker," "The Maniac"
  • "The Slave Chase," "Kathleen Mavourneen," "The Brave Old Oak," "The Star of Glengary"
  • "Going Out to Market," "The Moon is On the Water," "The Wolf"
Box 3   Folder 13

Walker, R.

  • "Answer to the Wandering Boy"
  • "Robin Adair"
Box 3   Folder 14


  • The British Man of War" (2 copies)
  • "The Lark in the Morning" (2 copies)
Box 3   Folder 15

Watts, T.

  • "Don't Be To Particular""
  • "The Female Tar," "The Banks of Banna"
  • "The Doctor's Boy"
Box 3   Folder 16


  • "Bendigo, Champion of England" (2 copies)
Box 3   Folder 17

Wheeler, J.

  • "Jone O'Grinfilt" (2 copies)
  • "The Spree," "Lovely Harriet, the Lowland Queen of Love"
  • "The Three Butchers" (3 copies)
Box 3   Folder 18


  • "Steam Arm," "The Blue-Eyed Stranger"
Box 3   Folder 19

Wilkinson and Co.

  • "To Teetotallers"
Box 3   Folder 20

Wise, T.

  • "The Valiant Dragoo'n"
Box 3   Folder 21

Wood, T.

  • "The Moon Shines Bright"
  • "The Slumbering Sleeper"
  • "Dives and Lazarus"
  • "Christmas Night"
  • "Fair Jerusalem"
  • "Fountain of Christ's Blood"
  • "The Holy Well"
  • "Whilst Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night"
Box 3   Folder 22

Wright, W.

  • "Death of Poor Lucy Neal" "I've Got All My Senses About Me"
Box 3   Folder 23

Wrighton, D.

  • "The Poor Soldier's Daughter," "Careless Billy"
  • "The Merry Cobbler," "The Merry Sailor"
  • "A Sup of Good Whisky," "Wednesbury Concert"
  • "The Colier," "Tom Starboard"
  • "The Trumpet Sounds a Victory," "How Sweets the Love That Meets Return"
  • "The Voyage Was Past," "The Cottage on the Moor," "The Woodlands"
  • "Women's Glory; or the Tea Drinker's Delight," "The Happy Man"
Box 3   Folder 24

Wrigley, J.

  • "William of the Man-Of-War" (2 copies)
Box 3   Folder 25

Young and Summer

  • "The Land in the Ocean"

Series II: Lyric Books

Box 4   Folder 1

British Songbooks (lyrics only)

  • The Apollo Magazine. London; T. Hughes (printed by W. Lewis), 1823, 48 p
  • The British Melodist and Reciter's Companion. London; Henry Titford, n.d., 14 p
  • The British Vocal Miscellany. 8 p
  • The Eliza Cook Songster. London; James Paul, n.d., 8 p
  • The Ethiopian Songster. London; G. Mansell, n.d., 8 p
  • A Garland of New Songs. Newcastle; n.d., 8 p
  • A Garland of New Songs. Newcastle; n.d., 8 p
  • Harkness's British Songster. London; J. Harkness, n.d., 8 p
  • The Illustrated Melodist for the Million. London; Arthur Dyson, n.d.
  • Johnson's British Concert. London; C. Paul, n.d., 16 p
  • The Jovial Songster. London; E. Lloyd, n.d., 8 p with color lithograph, folded in.
  • The Lilly Dale Songster. Birmingham; E. Smith, n.d., 16 p
  • Pop Goes the Weasel Songster. London; R. Florance, n.d., 8 p (2 copies)
  • The Reciter's Album, or Recitations for the Million. London; T. Goode, n.d., 24 p
  • The Reciter's Penny Magazine. London; G. Drake, 1835, 6 p
  • The Singer's Companion for 1848. London; R. Mann, 1848, 16 p
  • The Singer's Hand-Book. London; Edward Elliot, n.d., 6 p
  • The Syren, no. 13; and no. 19. London; W. Young, n.d.
  • Unknown. London; E. Hancock, n.d., 10 p
  • Yankee Smith's Nigger Melodist. London; W. Strange, 1849
Box 4   Folder 2

British Song sheets (quarto)

  • The British Songster. London; W.S. Fortey, n.d., 8 p
  • The Busy Bee, Being a Selection of Most of the Monstrous Good Songs. London; J. Evans, n.d., 8 p
  • The Cabinet of Love. London; J. Evans, n.d., 8 p
  • The Christian's Closet-Piece. London; J. Evans, n.d., 8 p
  • The Delight of the Muses. London; Evans, n.d., 8 p
  • The New Winter's Amusement. London; J. Evans, n.d., 8 p
Box 4   Folder 3

American Songbook

  • Beadle's Singer's Library. New York; Beadle and Adams, n.d., 16 p

Series III: Songsheets, Printer Unknown

Box 4   Folder 4


  • "Adieu My Native Land Adieu"
  • "Advice to the Fair Sex"
  • "Answer to My Heart and Lute"
  • "The Apostate's Intended Song"
  • "The Artful Soldier"
  • "Away to the Mountain's Brow"
  • "Bagnew's Cat," "Jenny Nettle"
  • "A Ballad"
  • "Ballad Singer's Duett"
  • "Banks of Sweet Dundee" (2 copies)
  • "Battle of the Nile"
  • "Be Careful in Choosing a Wife" (2 copies)
  • "Bessy the Sailor's Bride"
  • "Billy Johnson's Ball," "`Tis But a Little Faded Flower"
  • "The Birken Tree"
  • "Black Flag" (2 copies)
  • "Black Turf" (2 copies)
  • "Boyne Water"
  • "The Butcher and Heifer," "Our Cottage Lay Distant A Mile" (2 copies)
  • "The Buxom Dairy Maid" (2 copies)
  • "Caroline of Edinburgh Town"
  • "Champaign Charlie"
  • "The Chaplet of Love"
  • "Charley Chalk" (2 copies)
  • "The Christian and His Echo"
  • "Cluster of Nuts" (2 copies)
  • "The Contented Wife"
  • "Country John" (2 copies)
  • "The Crafty Lovers; or the Lawyer Outwitted"
  • "Curly Headed Plough Boy" (2 copies)
  • "Dame of Honor; or Hospitality"
  • "Deeds of Napoleon," "She Died for Lo and He For Glory," "Moon Is On the Waters" (3 copies)
  • "The Devil's in the Girl" (2 copies)
  • "Donald and his Mither "
  • "Donald's Return to Glencoe"
  • "Drinking Is a Foolish Thing," "The Banks of Dunmore"
  • "The Essex Ballad"
  • "Fair Phoebe and her Dark Eyed Sailor" (2 copies)
  • "The Farmer's Son" (2 copies)
  • "Favourite Song, Called the Rosy Dimpled Boy"
  • "Female Drummer " (2 copies)
  • "Five Cripples" (2 copies)
  • "Freemason' Song" (2 copies)
  • "Gilligan's Black Cat"
  • "The Golden Bull, or the Garland of Love's Craftiness"
  • "Greatest Lie Out of London" (2 copies)
  • "Greenland Whale Fishery"
  • "Heart and Lute"
  • "The Humours of Rag-Fair"
  • "I Wish Your Mother Would Come!" (2 copies)
  • "Ignoramus"
  • "Irish Transport," "Unfortunate Lad" (2 copies)
  • "Jolly Driver" (2 copies)
  • "Joltering Giles"
  • "Jonathan Brown" (2 copies)
  • King John and the Abbot of Canterbury"
  • "The Labourers Welcome Home"
  • "Ladies!!! Why Don't You Marry?" (2 copies)
  • "The Lads of St. Catherine"
  • "The Lamenting Maid"
  • "Lannigan's Ball" (2 copies)
  • "The Last Will and Testament of Father Petres"
  • "Lines Composed on the Immortal Memory of H. Hunt, Esq." (2 copies)
  • "Lines to Fancy"
  • "The London Prentice Boy" (2 copies)
  • "Ma Chère Amie"
  • "Maid of Lodi"
  • "Maid of the Mill"
  • "A Man That is Married" (2 copies)
  • "March of Intellect" (2 copies)
  • "MAT's Peace, or the Downfal of Trade"
  • "The Match Boy"
  • "The Miller's Asleep In His Mill"
  • "Monaghan Discussion" (2 copies)
  • "Money is your Friend"
  • "The Mower" (2 copies)
  • "The Model"
  • "My Mother Did So Before Me"
Box 4   Folder 5


  • "Nell Flaherty's Drake" (2 copies)
  • "New Bury Loom" (2 copies)
  • "New Mown Hay" (2 copies)
  • "A New Song"
  • "A New Song"
  • "A New Song, Made by a Person of Quality"
  • "A New Song, on the Sea Engagement Fought the First of June Last"
  • "A New Song, Sung By Mrs. Mattocks, in the Farmer"
  • "The Newgate Salutation; a Dialogue between Sir W.W. and Mrs. Cellier"
  • "News from the Thames; or, the Frozen Thames in Tears"
  • Nice Bit of Stuff" (2 copies)
  • "The Nice Young Gal" (2 copies)
  • "Nine Times a Night" (2 copies)
  • "The Nut Girl" (2 copies)
  • "O Good Ale Thou Art My Darling," "The Calico Printer's Clerk" (2 copies)
  • "O'Connell, and the Irish Tinker"
  • "Odds and Ends of the Year 1830"
  • "Old Weaver's Daughter" (2 copies)
  • "The Old Wife Dandled in a Creek"
  • "The Old Woman and the Spanish War"
  • "Owd'ham Streets at Dinner Time" (2 copies)
  • "Oxford City" (2 copies)
  • "Paddy's Wedding" (2 copies)
  • "The Pensioner's Complaint Against His Wife" (2 copies)
  • "The Presumptuous Fly"
  • "The Pretty Chambermaid" (2 copies)
  • "Pretty Sally's Garland; or Johnny's Kind Courtship"
  • "Prince Charlie and his Tartan Plaidie"
  • "The Rakish Husband's Garland"
  • "Rivington Pike" (2 copies)
  • "Rosebud Summer"
  • "The Sailor's Return" (2 copies)
  • "The Slighted Father, or the Unnatural Son Justly Reclaimed"
  • "The Snug Bit of Land In the Ocean"
  • "Soldier's Farewell to Manchester" (3 copies)
  • "Sonnet, by a Husband, but not a Modern One," "Advice to the Fair"
  • "Sporting Youth" (2 copies)
  • "Susan's Adventure's in a British Man-Of-War" (2 copies)
  • "Ten Thousand Miles Away" (2 copies)
  • "To Ten Thousand Miles Away" (2 copies)
  • "Tom Tyler; or, the Nurse"
  • "The Tradesman's Lamentation"
  • "Vanity"
  • "Victoria Bridge On a Saturday Night" (3 copies)
  • "The Vengeance"
  • "What's a' the Steer Kimmer"
  • "White Hare"
  • "Wild and Wicked Youth" (2 copies)
  • "William and Harriet"
  • "William and Harriet," "Bonnie Dundee"
  • "Wise Men of Gotham"
  • "The Woes of Whiskey, or The Sorrowful History of Patrick and Kathleen"
  • "Woman, Is the Comfort of Man" (2 copies)
  • "Wore a Wreath of Roses," "Warbling Wagoner" (2 copies)
  • "You Shouldn't Buy Tripe On a Friday" (2 copies)
  • "Young Norval's Address," "A New Song"
Box 4   Folder 6


  • "After Many Roving Years," "King Death," "The Gipsey Prince," "Robber's Glee," "Brave Old Oak," "Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid?"
  • "Alonzo the Brave and the Fair Imogene"
  • "Always Speak Well Of a Woman," "Willie Safe At Home"
  • "Answer to Ladies' Crinoline"
  • "Another Present for Old John Bull"
  • "The Bad Bargain, or the World Set Up To Sale"
  • "The Battle and the Breeze," "England's Queen and England's Glory"
  • "Bear Good Will to All Men," "Friends are Few When Foak Are Poor," "Mother Kissed Me In My Dream," "Bear Good Will To All" (2 copies)
  • "Betsy Lee," "Phoebe Morel, or the Slave"
  • "Beautiful Isle of the Sea," "The Moon is Up," "Meet Me In the Lane"
  • "The Blackbird," "Oxford City"
  • "Cabman Spare That Whip!"
  • "Cat," "Nine Times a Night" (2 copies)
  • "The Cries of London," "The Fatal Dream," "The Cottage Near"
  • "Curly Headed Nell" (2 copies)
  • "The Children's Delight," "A Child's Welcome to Jesus"
  • "Close the Alehouse Door," "The Sheffield Apprentice"
  • "The Darby Ram"
  • "The Death of General Wolfe," "Give Me, My Love, Before We Part"
  • "Death of Lord Nelson," "Boyne Water" (2 copies)
  • "Death of Nelson," "The Shamrock Green Island"
  • "Delight of the Brave," "Let Us Love One Another"
  • "The Disappointed Lover," "The Good Time Are Coming"
  • "Draw Near the Fire," "I Will Not Heed Her Warning" (2 copies)
  • "English Emigrant," "Logie O' Buchan"
  • "Erin's Clory," "The Spalpeen Yanough"
  • "Every Bullet Has Its Billet," "Tars and Soldiers"
  • "The Fair of Clogheen," "Unfortunate Sally, or Billy Don't You Cry For Me" (2 copies)
  • "The Fine Young English Gentleman," "Jockey to the Fair"
  • "The Fit Comes On Me Now," "Paddy Don't Care"
  • "Going Out A Shoppin," "Happy Moments"
  • "Good Nottingham Ale," "Tyrolese Evening Hymn," "Scots, Come O'er the Border"
  • "The Great Excitement" "Hot Codlings"
  • "Hamlet," "Riding Down To Portsmouth" (2 copies)
  • "The Happy Stranger," "Glasses Sparkle on the Board"
  • "Harry Bluff" "The Banner of War"
  • "Harry Holt," "The Crafty Plough Boy"
  • "Have Faith In One Another," "Three Legged Stool"
  • "The Henpecked Husband" (2 copies)
  • "Home! Sweet Home!"
  • "The Honest Working Man," "Massa's In the Cold Ground"
  • "If Maids Would Marry," "The Memories of Childhood"
  • "I'll Be No Submissive Wife," "Uncle Ned," "The Irish Snob"
  • "I'm King of the Forest," "The Soldier's Lament"
  • "In That Little Old Log Cabin," "Johnny Doyle"
  • "Indian Lass," "Sandy and Jenny" (2 copies)
  • "Irish Courtship," "Would I Were There With Thee!"
  • "Irish Molly, O," "I Can't Bear A Cur At My Heels"
  • "It's Too Cowd to Coart Eawt O'Th' Dur" (2 copies)
  • "John White, the New Policeman," "The Rover's Bride"
  • "The Jolly Driver," "The Mower" (2 copies)
  • "Kates Young Man," "Canst Thou Love Yet Coldly Fly Me"
  • "King Bryan Versus Allen"
  • "The Ladies' Bustle," "Bay of Biscay"
  • "The Last Rose of Summer"
  • "A Laughable and Interesting Picture of Drunkenness"
  • "The Life-Boat," "Lovely Nancy"
  • "Little Jim; or the Collier's Home," "Woeful Marriage"
  • It Is Not on the Battle Field," "Fare Thee Well," "Little Nell"
  • "Lively Flea," "Australia Our Home"
  • Lord Lovel," "Smart Young Bachelors"
Box 4   Folder 7


  • "Maid of Athens," "Good-Bye Biddy Dear," "All That Glitters is not Gold"
  • "Merry Old Uncle Joe," "The Tan-Yard Side"
  • "The Merry Swiss Boy," The Swiss Maid," "O No, We Never Mention Her," "My Boat Is on the Shore," "Follow the Drum"
  • "Mind Your Own Business," "Number One"
  • "The Mistletoe Bough," "Jenny Jones," "Nix My Dolly"
  • "The Moon Behind the Hill!," "Good-Bye, Sweetheart, Good-Bye," "Silver Threads Among the Gold" (2 copies)
  • "Muffins For Tea," "Uncle Sam"
  • "My Ain Fireside"
  • "My Home is Not Here!," "What's the News?"
  • "The New-Fashioned Crinoline," "The Sicilian Maid" (2 copies)
  • "The New-Fashioned Farmer"
  • "Nice Young Maidens," "Bobbing Around"
  • "A Norrible Tale of the Suicidal Family," "The Fashions of this Town"
  • "Of What Is the Old Man Thinking?" "Poor Old Joe," "It is Only the Way It Was Played the Stage"
  • "The Old Water Mill," "Susan Sweet"
  • "On Airthrey Water"
  • "On The Sands!"
  • "Owd Ned's A Rare Strong Chap," "The Cottage By the Sea" (2 copies)
  • "Oxford City," "The Glasgow Lassie"
  • "Platt's Mechanic," "The Shoddy Chap" (2 copies)
  • "Plato's Advice," "The Heart that Can Feel For Another," "The Nightingale," "A New Version of Old Rosin The Beau!"
  • "Polly Brindle," "Friends Are Few When Folk Are Poor" (2 copies)
  • "Pop Goes the Weasel," "Clinker I O"
  • "Prayer of the Dying Soldier" "On Alma's Heights"
  • "Precious Art Thou," "She Once Was Lovely"
  • "The Present Condition of British Workmen"
  • "The Present Times, or Eight Shillings A Week," "Will You Love Me Then As Now"
  • "Pretty Rosaline," "True English Sailor"
  • "Queen Victoria's Trip to the City"
  • "Queer, Boys, Queer," "My Home, My Happy Home"
  • "The Railway," "The Boldest of Burlington Bay"
  • "The Railway Guard," "The Bran New Bobbies" (2 copies)
  • "The Rambling Factory Girl's Return," "Riflemen Form!"
  • "The Rat catcher's Daughter"
  • "Rattling Boys of Paddy's Land," "The Garret Near the Sky" (2 copies)
  • "The Red Hair'd Man's Wife," "Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee," "The Dunn Cow" (2 copies)
  • "The Rent Day; Or Black Monday Morning"
  • "Rory O'More," "The Soldier's Tear," "Light of Other Days," "Isle of Beauty"
  • "Roy Neil; or Dublin Bay," "Larry Doolan"
  • "The Russians Won't Come Out," "The Tars Who've Leather'd the World"
  • "The Sailor's Farewell," "Sweet Were the Hours"
  • "The Sailor's Farewell," "The Rover of the Seas"
  • "The Sailor's Tear," "The Queen of Merry England," "The Sea," "I Am Not Twenty," "Do You Every Think Of Me"
  • "Sale of a Wife"
  • "Savourna Deelish; or the Moment Was Sad," "Courting Too Slow"
  • "The Scullion Sprite"
  • "Shiver and Shakery"
  • "The Soldier's Dream," "Marsellais Hymn"
  • "The Soldier's Prayer Book"
  • "A New Song of Songs," "Thou Art Remembered Still" (2 copies)
  • "A Song of Steam,"
  • "The Step-Mother"
  • "Still I Love Thee," "Annie Dear I'm Called Away"
  • "The Teetotal Mill," "I'll Warm Yer"
  • "A New Teetotal Song and Dialogue"
  • "Tim Snooken the Cadger," "Robin and Granny"
  • "The Tripe Supper," "Norah M'Shane" (2 copies)
  • "True is My Love," "Oh Weep Not Ye Maidens of Erin's Isle"
  • "The True-Born Englishman," "Gentle Mother Dear"
  • "The Trysting Tree," "The Green Bushes," "The Dark-Haired Girl"
  • "Twickenham and Leg of Pork," "Elopement at Hammersmith"
  • "Uncle Ned's Visit to the Exhibition"
  • "The Village Blacksmith," "I'm Not Myself at All"
  • "A Voice From the Factory"
  • "A Voice From the Grave"
  • "The Wants of Princess Alice"
  • "The Warbling Waggoner," "The Bonny Brown Girl"
  • "Water, Pure Water," "Cheer, Boys, Cheer," "The Publicans in a Fix"
  • "The Way to Live Rent Free"
  • "The Weeping Nurse"
  • "What Man Would Be Without a Woman," "When I Behold That Angel Face" (2 copies)
  • "When the Kye Come Hame," "England For Ever!"
  • "Where Are the Friends of My Youth," "The Spell is Broken"
  • "Willie, Drunk Again," "Cheer, Lads, Cheer"
  • "Ye Mariners of England," "A Maiden Sought the Dwey Grove"
  • "Young Donald's Return to Glenco," "Lovely Joan"

Series IV: British Poems, Songs, and Short Stories from the Harvard Library Collection

Box 4   Folder 8

British Poems, Songs, and Short Stories from the Harvard Library Collection

  • "Bowman the Tory and Prance the Rungado," Cranborn Street, near Newport House, in Leicester Fields; J. Dean, 1684
  • "Boys Whipt Home; or, a Rhythme upon the Apprentices Poem"
  • "Bradshaw's Ghost and a Poem," 1660
  • "A Canto to a Canter, or the Pulpit's Complaint"
  • "A Dialogue Between the E. of Sh-and L. Bell-in the Tower, concerning the Plot"
  • "Elogy Against Occasion Requires Upon the Earl of Shaftsbury," London; Ab. Green, 1681
  • "Faux's Ghost, or Advice to Papists," London; Mr. Benkin, 1680.
  • "Fitz-Harris His Farwel to the World, or a Traytors Just Reward," Norwich, n.d.
  • "It Cannot Rain But It Pours, or London Strow'd with Rarities," London; 1726
  • "The Last Sayings of Mouse Lately Starved in a Cup-board," 1681
  • "The Last Will and Testament of Anthony King of Poland"
  • "The Mad-men's Hospital, or, A Present Remedy to Cure the Presbyterian Itch," London; N.T., 1681
  • The Marlborough Garland; A Real Anecdote From Common Life. London; Mr. Edwards, 1795
  • "The New Catholick Ballad," London; E. Rydal, 1681
  • "A New-Years-Gift for Plotters," London; J. K., 1681
  • "A New-Years Gift to the Templers On that Eminent Lawyer Sir Edmond Saunders," London; Nat. Thompson, 1680?
  • "Oxford's Lamentation In a Dialogue Between Oxford and London, Concerning the Dissolution of Parliament," London; T. Benskin, 1681
  • "Poem Upon the Prentices Feast," London; John Spicer, 1682
  • "Popish Politicks Unmaskt"
  • "Rara Avis"
  • "The Saint turn'd Curtezan"
  • "A Satyr Against In-Justice" 1680?
  • "A Satyr Upon the French King," London; Will. Jac-about, 1680?
  • "Sejanus; Or the Popular Favourite," London; Smith, Curtiss, Janeway, Baldwin, n.d.
  • "A Song in Praise of Old English Beer"
  • "A Tory In a Whig's Coat," London; Allen Banks, 1682
  • "A Vision in the Tower," London; N.T., 1681
  • Photographs and Contact Prints of 17th-18th century British Songs from the Collection of the Pepysian Library, Cambridge

Series V: Photographs and Contact Prints, Pepysian Library

Box 4   Folder 9


  • Wit Restor'd ("To the Tune of The Beginning of the World"), p 168-171
  • Folly in Print; or, a Book of Rhymes, p 1-3
  • Resurrection to Joy and Triumph, p 8-11
  • "A Mery New Jigge, or the Pleasant Wooing Betwixt Kit and Pegge"
  • "A Mad Kinde of Wooing"
  • "A Country New Jigge Betweene Simon and Susan"
  • "The Discourse Betweene A Souldier and His Love"
  • "Loyal Soldier's Courtship"
  • "The Soldiers Catch"
  • "The Conquer'd lady"
  • "Clod's Carroll; or, A proper new Jigg, to be sung Dialogue wise, of a man and a woman that would needs be married"
  • "The Second Part, to the Same Tune"
  • "...A Merry Discourse, twixt him and his Joane"
  • "The Second Part, to the Same Tunes"
  • New Northerne Jigge, Called Daintie Come Thou to Me"
  • "The Bonny Scottish Lad and the Yielding Lass"
  • "The Merry Wooing of Robin and Joan"
  • "The Repulsive Maid"
  • "The North Country Lovers"
  • "The Souldiers Farewel to his Love. Being a Dialogue Betwixt Thomas and Margaret"
  • "The May-Morning Ramble"
  • "A Dialogue Between A Baker and His Wife"
  • "The Seaman's Leave Taken of his Sweetest Wife Margery"
  • "Jack Pudding's Fegary"
  • "Now Here Doth Follow a Pleasant New Song, or the Second Part, to the Same Tune"
  • "The Second Part. to the Same Tune"
  • "The Second Part, to the Same Tune"
  • "The Second Part to the Same Tune"
  • "The Lover's Lamentation to his Love Nanny"
  • "The Comfortable Answer of Nanny"
  • "A Lover's Newest Curranto, or the Lamentation of a Young Man's Folly"
  • "A Pleasant New Ballad, Both Merry and Witty, That Sheweth the Humours of the Wive in the City"
  • "The Second part; To the Same Tune"
  • "The Cunning Age; or a Re-married Woman Repenting Her Marriage"
  • "The Second Part. To the Same Tune"

Series VI: Scottish, Irish and Italian Printings

Subseries 1: Scotland

Box 4   Folder 10

Kay, James (Glasgow)

  • "Irish Courtship, or Go Along Out of That," "My Name is Duncan Campbell"
Box 4   Folder 11

Sanderson (Edinburgh)

  • "The Boatie Rows"
  • "Braes o' Birnibouzle"
  • "The Connaught-Ranger"
  • "The Dandy Wife"
  • "The De'il in the Lum"
  • "Emigrant's Farewell"
  • "Erin's Lovely Home"
  • "The Harper of Mull"
  • "Heather Jock"
  • "Highland Jane"
  • "Highland Mary"
  • "The Ivy Green"
  • "Kitty, My Love, Will You Go?"
  • "Lamentation for Eliza W-ie"
  • "The Lass O'Gowrie"
  • "A Life on the Ocean Wave"
  • "Long Lost Child"
  • "Pat Haggarty's Breeches"
  • "The Pensioner's Complaint"
  • "The Pleasures of the Pay-Night"
  • "Pretty Susan, the Pride of Kildare"
  • "The Rambling Soldier"
  • "Rosy Anderson"
  • "Who Dat Knocking at de Door"
Box 4   Folder 12

Scottish Printers

  • Jenny Lind, Songster! Edinburgh; R. Johnson, 1848 (pamphlet book of lyrics, 2 copies)
  • Robinson's Popular Songster. Edinburgh; W. and H. Robinson, 1846, 8 p
  • The Substance of Three Sermons Preached at Edinburgh...July, 1787, by Moses the Jew. Edinburgh; 1812

Subseries 2: Ireland

Box 4   Folder 13

Brereton, P (Dublin)

  • "The Adventures of John Manks and his Pock-marked Cat" (2 copies)
  • "The Adventures of Roger O'Hare," (2 copies)
  • "The Amesty Meeting in Tipperary" (2 copies)
  • "Annie Lisle" (2 copies)
  • "The Banks of the Nile" (2 copies)
  • "Barley Corn" (4 copies)
  • "Barrack Hill Cavan" (5 copies)
  • "The Bold Rake" (3 copies)
  • "Brother Bill and Jamima Brown" (3 copies)
  • "Caroline of Edinborough Town" (3 copies)
  • "Champagne Charlie" (3 copies)
  • "Chimney Sweepers Weding " (3 copies)
  • "The Church Bill"
  • "The Church Bill and the Downfall of Bribery" (3 copies)
  • "Coburn's Challenge to Heenan"
  • "Convict on the Isle of France"
  • "The Defeat of the Robber by the Cork Carman"
  • "A Devine Ipome Written on Saint Francis Founder of the Order of the Cord" (3 copies)
  • "The Drian Naun Don" (2 copies)
  • "Dublin Jack of All Trades" (3 copies)
  • "An Elegy on the Death of the Much Lamented Doctor D.M. O'Brien" (3 copies)
  • "Emegrants Farewell to Donegall" (3 copies)
  • "The Emigrant's Farewell to Ireland"
  • "The Emigrant's Love for his Native Land" (2 copies)
  • "The English Courtship" (3 copies)
Box 4   Folder 14


  • "For Sixteen Months I Courted Her" (5 copies)
  • "The Game of Cards" (2 copies)
  • "Gaol of Clonmalal"
  • "General Taxation of Our Days" (3 copies)
  • "The Glorious Victory of Morrisey Over the Rusian Sailor"
  • "The Golden Glove"
  • "The Grand Procesion of Father Lavell"
  • "Grogan's Grove"
  • "Hagerty's Ball" (3 copies)
  • "The Hireling Day" (3 copies)
  • "The Hireing Fairs of Ulster" (3 copies)
  • "The Hiring of the Servants" (3 copies, 2 versions)
  • "The Hireing of the Servants" (3 copies, 2 versions)
  • "Hymn of the General Judgment Day"
  • "John O'Dwyer-a-Glana" (3 copies)
  • "The Jolly Rake of All Trades" (3 copies)
  • "Lannigan's Ball" (2 copies)
  • "Lines on the Expected Testimonial of...Rev'd Doctor O'Connor, Bishop of Saldis"
  • "Lines Written on the Illiberation of the Clergy" (3 copies)
  • "Lines Written on the Masacree of the Catholick Clergy in Paris"
  • "Lines Written on the Most Dreadful Fire That Broke out in Chicago in America" (3 copies)
  • "Lovely Katy of Piscean" (3 copies)
  • "The Lovely Maid of the Shannon Streamer "
  • "The Lovely Maid of Williams Town" (4 copies)
  • "Lovers Trip to Carrickmagat" (2 copies)
  • "The Loyal Lovers" (2 copies)
  • "Luckey Elopement" (4 copies)
  • "Maid of Ballymoat"
  • "Maid of Lismore" (3 copies)
  • "Malisia Man"
  • "The Mariner's Grave" (3 copies)
  • "Molly My Darling Don't Leave Me"
  • "Most Tragic Lines Written on the Seductian and Lamentable Death of Anny Gray"
  • "Murderous Outrage and Atack on the Tennant Farmers at Douvilla in the Cou Q of Cavvn"
  • "The Organ Grinder"
  • "Poor Wanderer Sighs and Grief On Parting His Native Land" (3 copies)
  • "The Praises of Limerick" (2 copies)
  • "The Pride of Ardagh"
  • "Publican's Lament"
  • "The Red Hair'd Man's Wife"
  • "Shelling Green Peas" (3 copies)
  • "Sporting Races of Cavan"
  • "Sporting Races of Kanturk"
  • "Three Hunts-Man's Tragedy"
  • "Up In a Balloon" (3 copies)
  • "The Wedding Afternoon" (2 copies)
  • "The Whole Account of Our Preists and Nuns"
  • "William and Jane on the Banks of Clyde" (3 copies)
  • "Wire In and Get Your Tea-Pot" (2 copies)
  • "The Young Lady's Lamentation for the Loss of Her True Love" (2 copies)
  • "The Young Man in Search of His Sister" (2 copies)
Box 4   Folder 15

Irish Printers (probably Brereton)

  • "The Battle of Ballycohy" (3 copies)
  • "The Blighted Potates"
  • "The Bold Rake of Limrick" (3 copies)
  • "The Catholick Church of Kantur" (2 copies)
  • "Campbell's Farewell to Ireland"
  • "A Dialouge Between a Schoolmaster and Labourer" (2 copies)
  • "An Elegy On the Death of the Much Lamented Very Rev. Bishop McCabe" (3 copies)
  • "Garry Owen" (3 copies)
  • "Gay Old Hag" (5 copies)
  • "Girl I Left Behind Me" (3 copies)
  • "The Irish Harvests Triumph Over the English"
  • "The Irish Rake" (2 copies)
  • "The Irish Tennant Farmer's Lament from Eviction from His Native Home" (2 copies)
  • "The Jacket Green" (2 copies)
  • "The Limrick Rake" (2 copies)
  • "Love Your Own Land" (3 copies)
  • "Murphy Is Coming"
  • "Murphy the Blighted Potates" (2 copies)
  • "On the Love of Jesus" (4 copies)"
  • "The Papist Ass" (3 copies)
  • "Pleaesnt Looking Wife"
  • "The Races of Roscommon" (3 copies)
  • "The Rake of Rathkeal" (2 copies)
  • "The Releasement of the Political Prisoners"
  • "The Riches of Ireland" (2 copies)
  • "Rights of Man" (3 copies)
  • "The Setilment of the War" (2 copies)
  • "Song From the Backwoods"
  • "The Sorrowful Lamentation For the Loss of the Royal Ship Eagle"
  • "The Sporting Races of Galway"
  • "Tie My Toes to the Bed" (2 copies)
  • "Tipperary Mans Courtship"

Subseries 3: Italy

Box 4   Folder 16

Italian printers

  • La Bella Fruttarola Romana. Lucca; Marescandoli, n.d., 8 p
  • Canzonetta Nuova Sopra la Biondina in Gondoletta. Venezia; Gio. Battista Negri, n.d., 4 p
  • Canzonetta Nuova Sopra un Dialogo fra un Ciabattino, ed un Barbiere, per la Vignata di Ottobre. 2 p
  • Composizione Nuova Dove Si Descrive la Vita che Tenne Giuseppe Mastrilli. Todi; n.d., 12 p
  • Contrasto Ridicolo Tra Una Suocera Ed Una Nuora. Venizia; Miloco, n.d., 8 p
  • Istoria del Gran Marziale. Todi; n.d., 10 p
  • Istoria di Marietta Cortegiana. Todi; 1812, 12 p
  • Istoria della Regina Stella e Mattabruna. 8 p
  • Istoria della Vita, e Morte di Pietro Mancino, Capo di Banditi. 7 p
  • Istoria Nuova di Bartolomeo Romano. Bassano; n.d., 12 p
  • La Malizia delle Donne. Todi; n.d., 12 p
  • La Morte d'Oronzo Albegna. Lucca; n.d., 12 p
  • Narrazione del Giudizo Universale. 8 p
  • Nuova Istoria del Famosissimo, e furibondo Bandito Abbate Cesare Riccardo. 8 p
  • Rime Spirituali Sopra la Natività di Nostro Signore Gesu Cristo et la Venuta dei Tre Re Magi. Roma; Canetti a Pasquino, n.d., 8 p
  • Scelta di Tre Bellissimi Miracoli Fatti dalla Santissima Annunziata di Firenze. Fuligno; n.d., 12 p

Series VII: Broadside Ballads, 1765-1890

Box 5   Folder 1

Broadside ballads, 1765-1890

  • Nightingale in the East
  • Life by de Galley Fire
  • Donald the Pride of Dublin
  • The Saucy Plough Boy
  • Here’s a Health to the Hard Working Man
  • The New Song of the Bungay Informers
  • Female Drummer
  • Sir J. Franklin and his Crews
  • Battle of the Nile
  • The Answer to ‘Oh! Cruel.’
  • Lay of the Lash (2)
  • The British Man of War
  • Plains of Waterloo
  • The Death of General Sale
  • August 1st—‘England Expect Every man to Do His Duty’
  • Never Flog Our Soldiers
  • Brave Nelson!
  • Poor Tom, or Ms’r, Mas’r, I Can Die
  • Jessy, the Flow’r O’Dumblain
  • Brown Jug
  • The Lass of Teviot Side
  • On Alma’s Heights
  • John the Miller
  • The Maiden’s Bantam Cock
  • The New Bury Loom
  • A New Song on Lovely Katey of Liskehan
  • Jone O’Grinfield, Caledonian Laddie
  • Western Railroad
  • At the Terminus at Euston
  • The Railway Belle
  • Miners’ Union Hymn
  • Cheap Repository. Turn the Carpet; or Both Sides of the Question
  • The Gospel Provision. A Hymn
  • My Love is Like the Ivy
  • Twas Night, and All Around was Still
  • Thro’ the Wood Lassie or, Sawney’s Return
  • There’s a Good Time Coming Boys
  • The Redemption. A Hymn
  • Can’t You Love Whom You Please
  • Brudder Bones’ Trip to the World’s Fair
  • Song
  • The ‘Squire’s Change
  • My Old Friend John
  • Tell Me, Mary How to Woo Thee!, Why Did I Love?
  • Polly Won’t You Try Me, Oh!
  • The Old house at Home
  • The Orphan Child
  • The Pretty Chambermaid
  • My Pretty Maid
  • The Wish
  • The Thorn
  • The Birth of Crazy Jane
  • Improbability; or the Bachelor’s Dislike to a Married Life
  • Rolley Polley Over
  • Death of Parker
  • Vilikins and His Dinah
  • The Sun Had Set Behind the Hill
  • A Wife [was] Managed
  • Captain Wattle, a New Song
  • The Bee Hive

Series VIII: Oversize

Box 6   Folder 1

B., W.

  • "A Worthy Panegyrick upon Monarchy; Written anno MDCLVIII"
Box 6   Folder 2

Banks, Al.

  • "A Dialogue Between the Ghosts of the Two Last Parliaments, at Their Late Interview"
Box 6   Folder 3

Bassam, R., "The Newsman's Address," "Ode for the New Year"

Box 6   Folder 4

Catnach, J.

  • "The Sailor's Delight"
  • "The Golden Violet"
Box 6   Folder 5

Dodds, T., "...Hearken to a Tale of Sorrow..."

Box 6   Folder 6

Evans, T.

  • "An Unhappy Memorable Song of the Hunting of Chevy Chace"
Box 6   Folder 7

Hazard, S.

  • "The Market Woman, a True Tale; or Honesty is the Best Policy"
Box 6   Folder 8

Howard and Evans

  • "The Beautiful Carol for the New Year!"
Box 6   Folder 9

Lion Steam Printing Works

  • "I Can't Stand Mrs. Green's Mother"
Box 6   Folder 10

McGlennon, Felix, Ltd.

  • "I Want Some Money," "Julius," "Yoo-Hoo!," "Just a Little Love Song," Cute Little Love-Nest," "Peggy O'Neil," etc.
Box 6   Folder 11


  • "The Batchelor's Delight"
Box 6   Folder 12

Printer unknown, by title

  • "The Ballad of the Cloak; or the Cloak's Knavery"
  • "Billy Johnson's Ball," Paddy Carey's Ball," "Kate Kearney," "Maggie May," "Steer my Bark to Erin's Isle," Teddy O'Neale," "Toasts," "What I Saw in the Fire as I Sat in my Chair," etc.
  • The Caledonian; A Weekly Programme of the Entertainment
  • "A Copy of Verses Humbly Presented to all my Worthy Masters and Mistresses by Edward Roberts"
  • "New Verses Concerning the Plot, London's Fire and Godfrey's Murder"
Box 6   Folder 13

Printer unknown, by title

  • "Off to New Zealand; I Couldn't for Shame; My Friend, the Ma-Jar ; and All the New Songs"
  • "The Oxford Alderman's Speech to the D. of M. when his Grace Made his Entrance into that City, about Sept. 1680"
  • "Queen Eleanor's Confession"
  • "Rome's Hunting-Match for III Kingdoms"
Box 7   Folder 1

Verse broadsides A-C

  • Adulterations, Birmingham: T. King, [circa 1850]
  • [Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex], Gregory, Mrs J.H., Lines on the Interment of His Royal Highness the late lamented Duke of Sussex, in Kensall Green Cemetry, Sheffield: Greaves, [1843]
  • Bateman, James, of Nottingham, Bateman’s Tragedy, J. Pitts, [circa 1810]
  • The Berkshire Tragedy, or, The Wittam miller, 1796
  • The Berkshire Tragedy, or, The Wittam Miller, J. Pitts, [circa 1810]
  • The Birth, Parentage, and Character of a Petition, the Offspring of a ‘Brick and Mortar’ Junto, [1819]
  • Bite upon the Miser; or, A trick on a Parson, by a Sailor, T. Evans, [circa 1810]
  • [Bretton Hall] Lines on a Remarkable Circumstance connected with Bretton Hall, Heckmondwike: J. Watts, [circa 1850]
  • [Bretton Hall], Lines on a Remarkable Circumstance connected with Bretton Hall, [circa 1860]
  • The Bunter’s Wedding, Coventry: Turner, [circa 1810]
  • The Burgomaster, Coventry: Turner, circa 1810]
  • The Butcher’s Daughter’s Policy, or, Lustful Lord well fitted, Howard and Evans, circa 1805]
  • C., B.M., West of England Agricultural Show, [circa 1841]
  • Carriers’ Address to the Patrons of the Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, Saturday, January 1st, 1870, (Buffalo) 1870
  • A Characteristic Analysis of C.B.M., the sagacious author of ‘Both must turn out’, [circa 1840]
  • The Chester Garland, J. Pitts, [circa 1810]
  • Th[e] Battle of Chevy Chase, Durham: George Walker, [circa 1840]
  • [Chevy Chase] The Unhappy Memorable Song of the Hunting on Chevy-Chase, [circa 1760]
  • [Chevy Chase] The Unhappy Memorable Song of the Hunting on Chevy-Chase, Howard and Evans, 1811
  • A Choice Pennyworth of Wit, Office of Grubstreet, [1750]
  • Christmas Carols together with an account of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, [circa 1800]
  • The Coronation Carnival! Or, Novel scenes at Newcastle, A popular song, in the New Farce of the Coronation, As it was performed at Newcastle upon Tyne, on Thursday, July 19, 1821, Sung by the ‘Swinish Multitude’, in full chorus, Newcastle: J. Marshall, 1821
  • The Cost of Coal, [circa 1860]
  • Countryman’s Ramble to London, [circa 1850]
  • Cupid’s Revenge being an account of a certain Indian King who slighted and despised the most wealthy and beautiful women, and at length was obligated (by the force of love) to Marry a Beggar, [circa 1810]
Box 7   Folder 2

Verse broadsides D-P

  • [Deloney, Thomas,] The Most Rare and Excellent History of the Dutchess of Suffolk, and her husband Richard Bertie’s calamities, Nichols & Son, 1806
  • [Dyke Hotel], A Lay of the Dyke Hotel, 1877
  • Electioneering, or The candidates word and honour, Worcester: Hayes, [1832]
  • Elijah fed by Ravens, J. Catnach, Seven Dials, [circa 1835]
  • Eminent Characters, [circa 1810]
  • The Epithalamium of Montem, [1817]
  • The Faithless Captain, or Betrayed Virgin, J. Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • [Foulds, Ann], Ann Foulds’s Last Farewell to York, October 12th, 1827, Leeds: Henry Cullingworth, [1827]
  • The Golden Bull: or, The Garland of Love’s Craftiness, Bow-Church-Yard, [circa 1760]
  • The Golden Bull: or, The Garland of Love’s Craftiness, J. Evans, Long- lane, London, [1795]
  • The Golden Bull: or, The Garland of Love’s Craftiness, John Evans, Long lane, London, [circa 1800]
  • Good Advice to Bachelors & Maids, in choosing husbands and wives, [circa 1840]
  • Hall, John, A Copy of Verses for the Year 1842, J.V. Quick, 1842
  • Hook, Theodore Edward, The Harwich Guide, [circa 1840]
  • Knowles, Herbert, Lines written in the Church-yard of Richmond, Yorkshire, Richmond: Bowman, [1817]
  • Lane, S., of Norwich, Roguery in All Trades; or, Plenty of room for reform, Norwich: Walker, [circa 1831]
  • The Mare’s Nest, [circa 1850]
  • Meredith, Richard, The Good Farmers Prayers, Pitts, [circa 1835]
  • Mewse, John, Bellman, A Copy of Verses, Stamford: Drakard, printer, 1814
  • [More, Hannah] Turn the Carpet; or, The two weavers, [circa 1796]
  • A New Carol for Christmas, [circa 1800]
  • A New Copy of Verses, on the Nativity of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, [circa 1800]
  • An Old Song, Reformed to the Tune of "Bonnets of Blue," Carlisle: James Steel, [1826]
  • The Poet and the Sportsman, [circa 1835]
Box 7   Folder 3

Verse broadsides R-Y

  • Rag, Matthew, Prospectus of a New Play, [circa 1814]
  • Rag, Matthew, To the Greatest Captain of the Age, [circa 1814]
  • Rag, Matthew, Specimen of Matthew Rag’s Descriptive Powers, [circa 1814]
  • Rag, Matthew, Miss Deborah Touchit’s Song, [circa 1814]
  • Ramsay, John, William Readhead, [1827]
  • The Roast Beef of Old England, J. Pitts, [circa 1810]
  • Sheriff of Sheriffs or, John o’ Gaunt’s Sheriff, [circa 1720]
  • [Shore, Jane], The Woeful Lamentation of Mrs. Jane Shore, [circa 1750]
  • [Swaby, Ann], Verses on the Death of Ann Swaby, Louth: Fotherby, 1824
  • Tartar, pseud., Somno Awake! - Up to Fly!! [circa 1820]
  • The Vocal Grove, J. Catnach, Seven Dials, [circa 1822]
  • Waist and Extravagance; or, How to change a sovereign, Pitts, [circa 1835-37]
  • Waist and Extravagance; or, How to change a sovereign, Norwich: Walker, [circa 1837]
  • William and Susan, J. Pitts, [circa 1831]
  • Wilson, Comrade, The Ancient and Honourable Lumber Troop Summer Dinner Election 1830, London, 1830
  • The Yarmouth Tragedy: or, The constant lovers, J. Evans, [circa 1812]
Box 7   Folder 4

Slipsongs A-L

  • Across the Wild Moor, Leeds: Barr, [circa 1850]
  • The Affectionate Mother; or The orphan boy, [circa 1850]
  • [Allen, Barbara], The True Ballad of Barbara Allen’s Cruelty,New and Old Song and Ballad Company, [circa 1890]
  • Allen and Sally, [circa 1850]
  • Alonzo the Brave and the Fair Imogine, [circa 1850]
  • ‘The Altar and Throne Will Weather the Storm, Norwich: Stewardson, [circa 1850]
  • Always Speak Well of a Woman, [circa 1860]
  • The Anchorsmiths, J. Pitts, [circa 1812]
  • Answer to Ladies’ Crinoline, [circa 1860]
  • [Barnwell, George], Georgy Barnwell, E. Hodges, [1846]
  • The Battle and the Breeze, [circa 1854]
  • Be in Time, [circa 1850]
  • Be Kind to Mother When I’m Gone, [circa 1840]
  • Be Kind to Mother When I’m Gone, H. Disley, [circa 1875]
  • [Beecher, Henry Ward], Song of Henry Ward Beecher, the Great American Preacher, [circa 1870]
  • Behold how Brightly Breaks the Morn, Birt, Seven Dials, [circa 1840]
  • The Bells are Ringing for Sarah, [circa 1840]
  • The Better Land, J. Paul and Company, Seven Dials, [circa 1842]
  • [Blair, Fanny], Fanny Blair, [circa 1840]
  • The Blind Girls Petition, Lamentation, and Address to the World, 1796
  • [Bluff, Harry], Harry Bluff, [circa 1850]
  • The Bold Blood Hound, Paul, Spitalfields, [circa 1840]
  • The Bold Boatswain of Dover, H.P. Such, [circa 1865]
  • The Bonny Blue Handkerchief, J. Catnach, [circa 1825]
  • The Brave Volunteer, Otley: Walker & Sons, [circa 1850]
  • The Breeches, J. Pitts [circa 1805]
  • The Blighted Potates, [Dublin: P. Brereton], [circa 1865]
  • Campbell’s Farwell to Ireland, [circa 1870]
  • Champagne Charlie, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • Cronan, Jeremiah, Lines written on the Most Dreadful Fire that Broke Out in Chicago in America, Dublin: P. Brereton, 1871]
  • Daily, Micheal, A New and Much Admire’d Song call’d the Three Lovers Trip to Carrickmagat, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • A Devine Pome written on Saint Francis Founder of the Order of the Cord, Dub(lin): P. Brereton, [circa 1865]
  • An Elegy on the Death of the much lamented Very Rev Bishop McCabe, [1870]
  • An Elegy on the Death of the Much Lamented Doctor D M OBrien, Dublin: P. Brereton, [1875]
  • The English Courtship, [Dublin:] P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • The Jacket Green, [Dublin: P. Brereton], [circa 1870]
  • The Jolly Rake of All Trades, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • Lines written on the Barley Corn, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • Love Your Own Land, [Dublin: P. Brereton], [circa 1870]
Box 7   Folder 5

Slipsongs M-Z

  • A Much Admir’d Love Song call’d The Banks of the Nile, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • A Much Admired Song call’d The Lovely Maid of Willims Town, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1865]
  • Murphy is Coming, [circa 1870]
  • Murphy, the Blighted Potates, [Dublin: P. Brereton], [circa 1870]
  • A New Song ball’d The Barrack Hill Cavan, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • A New Song call’d Annie Lisle, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1865]
  • A New Song call’d The Convict on the Isle of France, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1865]
  • A New Song call’d The Gay Old Hag, [Dublin: P. Brereton], [circa 1870]
  • A New Song call’d the Girl I Left Behind Me, [Dublin: P. Brereton], [circa 1870]
  • A New Song call’d The Hireing Day, Dublin: P. Brereton,
  • A New Song call’d The Papist Ass, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • A New Song call’d The Poor Wanderrer Sighs and Grief on Parting his Native Land, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1865]
  • A New Song call’d The Pride of Ardagh; air The Lass of Gowry, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • A New Song call’d The Three Hunts-men’s Tragedy, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • A New Song call’d The Young Lady’s Lamentation for the Loss of her True Love, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • New Song call’d William and Jane on the Banks of Clyde, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • A New Song Called The Bold Rake, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • A New Song called The Publican’s Lament, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1865]
  • A New Song on Lovely Katey of Liskehan, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1865]
  • A New Song on the General Taxation of our Days, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1865]
  • A New Song on the Hiring of the Servants, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • A New Song on the Hiring of the Servants, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • A New Song on the Pasing the Church Bill, Dublin: P. Brereton, [1869]
  • The Organ Grinder, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • Rights of Man, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1870]
  • Song from the Backwoods, Dublin: P. Brereton, [circa 1865]
  • The Sorrowful Lamentation for the Loss of the Royal Ship Eagle with 250 Passengers on boards Homward Bound from South America, [Dublin: P. Brereton], [1865]
Box 7   Folder 6

Quarter Sheet Ballads A-C

  • The Bride’s Farewell, [1848]
  • British Fleet, [1854]
  • [Brown, Tom], T om Brown and the Alderman’s Widow, Pitts, [circa 1825]
  • [Bull, John], John Bull and the Bear, [1854]
  • A Bumper of English Brown Ale, [circa 1840]
  • Call Again To-Morrow, G. Piggot, [circa 1820]
  • [Cherry Ripe], A Three Part Parody on Cherry Ripe, J. Pitts, [circa 1825]
  • The Christian Sailor’s Dream, [circa 1850]
  • Christmas is Coming, Birt, [circa 1840]
  • The Chummies Society, Pitts, [circa 1825]
  • Close the Alehouse Door, [circa 1850]
  • [Coddle, Molly], Molly Coddle, Preston: J. Harkness, [circa 1850]
  • The Constant Pair; or, The pretty prentice boy, H. Such, Borough, London, [circa 1865]
  • [Cope, John], Johnny Cope, [circa 1840]
  • The Country Girl, J. Pitts, Wholesale Toy Warehouse, [circa 1820]
  • Covent Garden Ramble, J. Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • The Cruel Father, and Constant Lover, J. Pitts, [circa 1810]
  • The Cruel Father, and Affectionate Lovers, Durham: George Walker, [circa 1840]
  • Cupid the Pretty Plough Boy, Pitts, [circa 1830]
  • Cupid’s Delight, My Head and Lute, Pitts, [circa 1810]
  • The Curly Headed Plough Boy, Pitts, [circa 1820]
Box 7   Folder 7

Quarter Sheet Ballads D-

  • [Dale, Lily], Lily Dale, [circa 1850]
  • A Day’s March Nearer Home, [circa 1860]
  • [December, Mr.], Mr. December, Pitts, [circa 1830]
  • Delight of the Brave, [circa 1850]
  • Do it again, [circa 1840]
  • [Donald], Young Donald of the Vale, J. Pitts, [circa 1810]
  • [Donald], Young Donald’s Return to Glenco, [circa 1850]
  • [Drory, Thomas], Copy of Verses on T. Drory and Jeal Denny, E. Hodges, Pitts Wholesale Toy Warehouse, [1851]
  • 18s. a Week, H. Such,[circa 1865]
  • The English Emigrant, Birmingham: T. King, [circa 1845]
  • English Emigrant, [circa 1860]
  • Erin’s Lovely Home, H. Such, [circa 1855]
  • [Erin], My Erin O! Love Not! Banks of the Lea, H. Such, [circa 1855]
  • Every Bullet has its Billet, [circa 1850]
  • The Exciseman, J. Pitts, [circa 1810]
  • [Fauconbridge, Lord], Good Lord Fauconbridge’s Generous Gift! Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • The Female Smuggler, Such's Song Mart, [circa 1850]
  • The Finikin Lass, York: C. Croshaw, [circa 1840]
  • France and England Must Conquer the Russians, Ryle and Company, [1854]
  • Friend and Bottle, J. Pitts, Jennings, Upper Mary-le-bone Street, (Marylebone), [circa 1805]
  • Friendship Out of Fashion, J. Pitts, [circa 1815]
  • The Fuddling Day, or, Saint Monday, J. Pitts, [circa 1815]
  • Folder 8: Quarter Sheet Ballads G-H
  • The Gallant Sailor, J. Catnach, printer, [circa 1820]
  • The Gallant Sailor, Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • Gambler’s Wife, [circa 1850]
  • Our Gallant Young Assemblyman, New York: P. Gearighty, [circa 1860]
  • Gee Up, Gee Ho! Or, A scene on the Dickey, by J.C.P.M, J. Pitts, [circa 1815]
  • The Generous Farmer, or, Poor Soldier, Pitts Wholesale Toy Warehouse, [circa 1830]
  • The Gentleman Turned Tinker, J. Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • Glance But Again, [circa 1850]
  • Go It, Jerry, sung by Mr. Sloman, J. Pitts, [circa 1830]
  • Going Out a Washing, [circa 1850]
  • Going Out to Market, [circa 1850]
  • The Good Humour’d Fellow, J. Pitts, [circa 1815]
  • The Good Looking Man, J. Catnach, [circa 1830]
  • Grandfather’s Clock, Sheffield: F. Jones, [circa 1880]
  • Grandfather’s Pet, J. Catnach, [circa 1830]
  • The Grasshopper, Pitts, [circa 1825]
  • Harvest Song, [circa 1850]
  • Have Faith in One Another, [circa 1850]
  • The Hearty Good Fellow, Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • Henry’s Gone to the Wars, G. Piggott, [circa 1815]
  • [Holt, Harry] Harry Holt, [circa 1850]
  • The Holy Well, Kidderminster: Thomas Pennell, [circa 1835]
  • The Honest Working Man, [circa 1860]
  • [Howard, Shoe Seller] Parody on I’ve Been Roaming, (London.) [circa 1830]
  • Howls of the Farmers, Pitts, [circa 1825]
Box 7   Folder 9

Quarter Sheet Ballads I-

  • I had a Wife of my own, J. Pitts, [circa 1815]
  • I Love Her, How I Love Her, [circa 1845]
  • I Love Somebody, Pitts Wholesale Toy & Marble Warehouse, [circa 1820]
  • I Love to Hear my Daddie Tell, [circa 1850]
  • I Must Not Tell Tales, H.P. Such, [circa 1865]
  • I Will Not Forget Thee, [circa 1850]
  • I'll Wander wi' my Dearie, [circa 1850]
  • I'm Like to be There, [circa 1840]
  • If Maids Would Marry, [circa 1850]
  • [Invarary], Banks of Invarary, Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • Jane, the Woodman's Daughter, Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • [Jane, Crazy], The Ghost of Crazy Jane, J. Marshall, [circa 1800]
  • [Jim], Little Jim; or, The Collier's Home, [circa 1856]
  • [Jobson, Timothy], Old Timothy Jobson, J. Pitts, [circa 1815]
  • [John], Walk Along John, [circa 1850]
  • The Jolly Sportsman, Pitts, [circa 1825]
  • [Jones, Kitty], Kitty Jones, [circa 1850]
  • The Jovial Sailors, [circa 1740]
  • [Kent], Men of Kent, J. Pitts, [circa 1825]
Box 7   Folder 10

Quarter Sheet Ballads L-M

  • The Ladies Concert, Pitts, [circa 1826]
  • Lads of the Village, Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • Lamentation of the Dying Ass, J. Pitts, [circa 1810]
  • The Lamplighter, J. Pitts, [circa 1815]
  • Lane, S., of Norwich, Bob and the Marquis in Coop; or, Plumbstalk’s humbug no go! Norwich: Walker, [1837]
  • Lane, S., of Norwich, Dick and his Musket Come Again! Or, Weathercock Windham and his barley mong!! Norwich: Walker [1837]
  • Lane, S., of Norwich, The Hopes of the Purples Disappointed! Or, The Tories making room for their betters, Norwich: Walker, [1837]
  • Lane, S., of Norwich, The Norwicher’s Lamentation for the Loss of their Guild, Norwich: Walker, [circa 1835]
  • Lane, S., of Norwich, Smith & his Wet Nurse! Or, The Whigs and their purity of election, Norwich: Walker, [1837]
  • Lane, S., of Norwich, The Tax-eaters Triumphant Again! Or, Slavery and Knavery for ever, Norwich: Walker, [1835]
  • Lane, S., of Norwich, The Welcome Tidings; or, Norwich a port, and the downfall of Yarmouth, Norwich: Walker, [1831]
  • The Lass near Primrose Hill, J. Pitts, [circa 1810]
  • The Life-Boat, [circa 1860]
  • Long Time I've Courte You, J. Pitts, [circa 1810]
  • The Lord of the Country, Pitts Wholesale Toy and Marble Warehouse, [c. 1820]
  • The Loss of One Hero, T. Birt, [circa 1830]
  • Love Has Eyes, J. Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • [Lovel, Lord], Lord Lovel, [circa 1860]
  • [Lowe, John], Mr. Lowe and Miss Cundy, J. Pitts, [circa 1845]
  • [McCree, Johnny], Johnny McCree's Journey to Town, J. Pitts, [circa 1810]
  • The Maid I Adore, in answer to The Woodpecker, J. Pitts, [circa 1830]
  • Maiden's Complaint for the Loss of Her Sailor, J. Pitts, [circa 1810]
  • Marian's My Lily, and Flora's My Rose, Pitts, [circa 1825]
  • The Mariner's Compass, Pitts Toy Warehouse, [circa 1825]
  • The Marseillaise Hymn, [circa 1850]
  • The Marseillaise Hymn, Catnach, [circa 1860]
  • Mary's Complaint, Leeds: R. Barr, [circa 1850]
  • Mason's Song, with Wellington's Victories in Spain, [1813]
  • Mat, the Rhymer, pseudonym, The Page, and Funny Lady, Disley, [c. 1870]
  • The Merry Humours of Horn Fair, [London, circa 1709]
  • The Merry Swiss Boy, [circa 1835]
  • Mind All Ye Lads and Lasses, Make your bargain well, Durham: George Walker, jun., [circa 1840]
  • Moses Number'd Men, J. Pitts, [circa 1830]
  • My Home is not Here! [circa 1850]
  • My Wife's First Baby, [circa 1840]
  • The Myrtle, being a collection of newest songs, J. Pitts, Wholesale Toy Warehouse, [circa 1810]
Box 7   Folder 11

Quarter Sheet Ballads N

  • Nancy! I have lost my wig, [1710]
  • [Nancy], Young Nancy, [circa 1750]
  • [Napoleon, Duke of Reichstadt], Young Napoleon; or, The bunch of Roses, J. Catnach, [circa 1832]
  • [Napoleon, Duke of Reichstadt], Young Napoleon; or, The bunch of Roses, J. Catnach, [circa 1855]
  • [Napoleon I], Deeds of Napoleon, J. Catnach, [1838]
  • [Napoleon I], Dream of Napoleon, H. Such, [circa 1865]
  • [Napoleon I], A Dream of Napoleon, W.S. Fortey, [circa 1865]
  • [Napoleon I], Morgan, John, The Removal of Napoleon Buonaparte's Ashes, [circa 1840]
  • [Napoleon I], N.B., Hero of War. J. Paul & Co., [1842]
  • [Napoleon I], Napoleon's Farewell to Paris, Pitts, [circa 1830]
  • [Napoleon I], Napoleon's Farewell to Paris, [1815]
  • [Napoleon III], Bonaparte, Beverley: John Ward, [circa 1852]
  • [Napoleon III], Geoghegan, Joseph B., Napoleon Talks of War Boys, H. Such, [circa 1865]
Box 7   Folder 12

Quarter Sheet Ballads N-Q

  • A New Song, [circa 1762]
  • A New Song, [1790]
  • A New Song Called The Bird Alone, Pitts, [circa 1815]
  • A new Song called Tit for Tat or the Sailor's Frolic, Kirkby Lonsdale: Foster, [circa 1806]
  • New Version of the good old song of Adam & Eve, [circa 1860]
  • New Version of the Return of the Admiral, Birt, [circa 1840]
  • Nice Young Maidens, [circa 1860]
  • Nine Times a Night, [circa 1840]
  • O Come to Me when Day Light Sets, Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • O Say Not Woman's Love is Bought, Pitts, [circa 1840]
  • Oakham Poachers, [circa 1860]
  • Oh! Cruel, written and sung by a gentleman, (In the character of a female ballad singer) at Liverpool Theatre, J. Pitts, [circa 1825]
  • Oh! 'Tis Love, Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • Old Chairs to Mend, J. Pitts, [circa 1815]
  • The Old Commodore, J. Catnach, [circa 1830]
  • Old Gospel Ship, R. Barr, [circa 1840]
  • The Old Miser, Abbott, [circa 1830]
  • Old Women's Sayings, H. Disley, [circa 1875]
  • Oldham Recruit, Preston: Harkness, [circa 1850]
  • [Oliver, Polly], Polly Oliver's Ramble, Pitts, [circa 1825]
  • On the Sands! [circa 1860]
  • Orphan Child, Birmingham: Jackson & Son, [circa 1835]
  • Our Glorious Constitution! J. Masson, [circa 1832]
  • The Outlandish Knight who fell in love with a farmers daughter, Pitts, [c. 1820]
  • The Outlandish Knight, York: C. Croshaw, [circa 1840]
  • Oxford City, Pitts, [circa 1825]
  • Oxford City, [circa 1850]
  • [Parker, Richard], The Death of Parker, Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • Parody on Home Sweet Home, Pitts, [circa 1830]
  • The Parson's Idol, [circa 1880]
  • [Perkins, Polly], Polly Perkins, [circa 1865]
  • [Perkins, Polly], Polly Perkins, variant, [circa 1865]
  • Philadelphia Lass, Watton: J. Hastings, [circa 1835]
  • Le Pipe de Tobac, J. Pitts, [circa 1815]
  • The Poor Lost Child Restored to his Mother, [circa 1850]
  • Poor Sailor, bow, wow, wow, [circa 1850]
  • Pray Goody, J. Pitts, [circa 1810]
  • Prayer of the Dying Soldier, [1854]
  • Precious art Thou, [circa 1850]
  • The Pretty Plough Boy, H. Such, [circa 1850]
  • Queer, Boys, Queer, [circa 1860]
  • Quite Politely, Devonport: E. Key’s Cheap Printing Office, [circa 1830]
Box 7   Folder 13

Quarter Sheet Ballads R-S

  • The Radical’s Dinner! Or, The Purple fragments, a feast for the Blues, Norwich: G. Stewardson, printer, [1837]
  • The Radical’s Disappointed! Or, The tag rag and bob tails floored, Norwich: G. Stewardson, printer, [1837]
  • The Rambling Factory Girl’s Return, [circa 1860]
  • The Ratcatcher's Daughter, [circa 1860]
  • The Rifle Boys, Rial & Co., printers, Seven Dials, [circa 1850]
  • The Robbers of the Glen, [circa 1850]
  • [Rosaline] Pretty Rosaline, [circa 1854]
  • A Rough Rhyme on a Rough Matter, extracted from The Literary Gazette, April 5th, 1851, [circa 1851]
  • The Royal Fortune Teller, [circa 1840]
  • The Royal Robe, [circa 1821]
  • The Russians Won’t Come Out, [1854]
  • [Sadler's Wells], New Sadler’s Wells, J. Pitts Toy Warehouse, [1802]
  • The Sailor's Farewell, [circa 1860]
  • The Sailor’s Hymn, [circa 1860]
  • The Sailors Farewell, [1850]
  • Sale of a Wife, [circa 1860]
  • Sally and her True Love Billy, Pitts, printer, [1823]
  • Sally and her True Love Billy, [circa 1850]
  • Sally(’s) Love for a Sailor, J. Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • Sally’s Love for a Sailor, Pitts, [circa 1825]
  • Sandy and Jenny, Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • Saucy Sailor Boy, Canada, I.O. H. Such, [circa 1865]
  • The Scavengers Ball, [circa 1850]
  • The Sea! The open sea, Norwich: Walker, [circa 1832]
  • The Seducer Outwitted, [circa 1870]
  • Sheep Shearing Over, Pitts, [circa 1815]
  • Shipwreck’d Tar, Pitts, [circa 1840]
  • Shiver and Shakery, [1860]
  • [Snooken, Tim] Tim Snooken, the Cadger, [circa 1860]
  • [Snout, Peter], Mister Snout, Pitts, [circa 1825]
  • Soldier’s Adieu, J. Pitts, [circa 1815]
  • The Soldier’s Dream, [circa 1852]
  • The Soldier’s Gratitude, Pitts, [circa 1830]
  • A Song of Steam, [circa 1860]
  • The Song of the Scaffold, [circa 1850]
  • The Sprightly Painter, Pitts, [circa 1825]
  • [Steggals William, of Needham] My Old Shilling, Norwich: Lane and Walker, [circa 1830]
  • The Storm, Mitchelson, [circa 1840]
  • The Swaggering Man, Pitts Wholesale Toy Warehouse, [circa 1830]
Box 7   Folder 14

Quarter Sheet Ballads T-W

  • The Taylor’s Courtship, J. Pitts, [circa 1815]
  • Taking Tea in the Arbor, Neeson, Spitalfields, [circa 1840]
  • Tarpauling Jacket, J. Pitts, [circa 1830]
  • [Taylor, William], Bold William Taylor, H. Such, [circa 1865]
  • The Teetotal Mill, [circa 1860]
  • Temperance, J. Adams, [circa 1860]
  • That’s the Way She Sarves Me Now! [circa 1850]
  • There’s Bound to be a Row; My Native Land So Green, Leeds: G. Buchan, [circa 1880]
  • [Tichborne Trial] The Conviction of the Claimant, Disley, [1874]
  • ’Tis Hard to Give the Hand, [circa 1860]
  • The True Hearted Woman, J. Pitts, [circa 1830]
  • The True-Born Englishman, [circa 1860]
  • [Turf, Dicky], Poor Dicky and his Scolding Wife, Pitts, [circa 1815]
  • Under the Willow Tree, Strood: Sweets, [circa 1840]
  • The Unlucky Card Player, York: Croshaw, [circa 1840]
  • The Village Blacksmith, [circa 1860]
  • The Virgin’s Complaint, M. Bowley, [1799]
  • The Vision, G. Pigott, [circa 1820]
  • Vittoria, E. Rooke, [1814]
  • Vive la Liberté, T. Birt, Seven Dials, [circa 1835]
  • A Voice from the Factory! [circa 1860]
  • A Voice from the Grave, to all those who wish to attain Everlasting Happiness, [circa 1840]
  • [Vulcan], When Vulcan Forg’d the Bolts of Jove, J. Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • The Vulgar Little Girl, [circa 1850]
  • [Walker, George, of Durham, publisher] 60 numbered quarter sheet ballads, circa 1850-54.
Box 7   Folder 15

Quarter Sheet Ballads W-Y

  • The Wanderer, or My love has lost his way, Pitts, [circa 1820]
  • Water, Pure Water, [circa 1860]
  • [Waterloo], Drummer Boy of Waterloo, J. Catnach, Seven Dials, [circa 1820]
  • [Waterloo], Plains of Waterloo, Birmingham: Jackson and Son, [circa 1840]
  • [Waterloo], Plains of Waterloo, J. Paul and Company, Seven Dials, [circa 1842]
  • [Waterloo], Waterloo Fashions, J. Pitts, [1815]
  • The Waterloo Man, Birmingham: T. Bloomer, [circa 1816]
  • We’re All Cutting, Preston: John Harkness, [circa 1842]
  • Weavers’ Hymns, [circa 1850]
  • What a Stunning Pair of Legs, [circa 1850]
  • What Man Would Be Without a Woman, Taylor, Bethnal Green, [circa 1870]
  • What Wonderful Times We Live In, Carpue, Spitalfields, [circa 1831]
  • When the Kye Come Hame, [circa 1860]
  • Whistling Will, J. Pitts, [circa 1830]
  • [William], Duke Wiliiams (sic) Frolic, G. Pigott, [circa 1830]
  • [William], Sweet William’s Return, J. Catnach, Seven Dials, [circa 1820]
  • William and Mary A(n)ne; What will you do, Love! [Northampton]: Henson, [circa 1845]
  • [William IV], Here’s a Health to the King, Huzza! J. Catnach, Seven Dials, [circa 1830]
  • Willie, Drunk Again, [circa 1860]
  • Willie, We Have Missed You, [circa 1860]
  • A Woman is the Pride of Old England, J. Paul and Company, Seven Dials, [circa 1840]
  • Wonderful Times! Nine cheers for the Girls We Love. Preston: John Harkness, [circa 1840]
  • (My) Wopping Mother-in-Law, [circa 1880]
  • Ye Mariners of England, [circa 1860]
  • [Yorkshire] There was an Old Woman in Yorkshire, J. Pitts, [circa 1815]
  • The Youth of the Garden, J. Pitts, Wholesale Toy Warehouse, [circa 1830]
Box 7   Folder 16

Additional Items

  • A Much Admired Song Calle’d Carroline of Edinborough Town. Dublin: P. Brereton, printer, [circa 1830s-1860s]
  • A New Song, the wants of Princess Alice, [1861]
  • [Lane, S., of Norwich], Old England And her Petticoat Government; or, Queen Victoria for ever, Norwich: Walker, [1837]
  • The Merry Bromm Fields: or, the west country wager, J. Truner, High Street, Coventry, [circa 1830]
  • Lots of Reform, T. Birt, Seven Dials, [circa 1832]
  • Brighton Camp; or, The girl I left behind me. J. Catnach, Seven Dials, [circa 1830s-1860s]