Russian PeasantHere is a larger version
Russian peasant, ca. 1915. Photograph from the Samuel N. Harper Papers, Department of Special Collections

All pamphlets are housed in Special Collections Rare Books under the call number f DK246.S2, with an Online Finding Aid.

Samuel Northrup Harper (1882-1943), son of the University’s first president, William Rainey Harper, was a Professor of Russian Language and Institutions at the University of Chicago and the first American-born scholar to devote an academic career to the study of Russia. As such, he played an important role in interpreting the events of the Russian Revolution and early Soviet period to those involved in forming American foreign policy towards Russia. In 1904, he made the first of his 18 trips to Russia, in the course of which he amassed an invaluable collection of pamphlets, which are housed in the Library’s Department of Special Collections. The subjects of these pamphlets cover a wide range of topics, including agricultural workers societies, the army, art, banks, health, collectivization, commerce, communist party activities of all kinds, economic planning, education, foreign affairs, industry, labor legislation, police, religion, women and youth. The collection also contains the publications of a variety of organizations such as the Obshchestvo sblizheniia mezhdu Rossiei i Amerikoi, Soiuz ob”edinennago dvorianstva, Soiuz Russkago naroda, Soiuz uvechnykh voinov, Vremennoe pravitel’stvo, Vserossiiskii krest’ianskii soiuz and the Zemskie sobory. Other pamphlets include material on various contemporary personages such as Bukharin, Kaganovich, Kalinin, Kerenskii, Kropotkin, Lenin, Molotov, Nikolai II, Plekhanov, Rasputin, Stalin, Trotskii, Voroshilov and Zhdanov.

Access to other Samuel Northrup Harper finding aids is available  from the Browse All Finding Aids link on the Special Collections Research Center page.  These include inventories of Harper’s correspondence, notes, lectures, articles, reports to and translations for the U.S. Department of State, as well as his diaries.

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