Jews in Russia, the Countries of the Former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe

Vilna Street Scene Glasser Street, Vilna (Lithuania)
Art by Lionel S. Reiss. In A World At Twilight: A Portrait of the Jewish Communities of Eastern Europe Before the Holocaust. (New York: Macmillian, 1971)


This list of titles, acquired by the University of Chicago Library in the years since the collapse of the Soviet regime (1990-1997), was compiled as an aid to research and study for those whose interests converge from within the broader fields of Slavic and East European Studies and Jewish Studies. In scope and coverage, the list reflects the long-standing and recently expanded interest within the university, as well as the blossoming of publications on contemporary Jewish history and culture throughout the countries, old and new, of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. This increase in publications is most notable in Poland, the Czech Republic and in the Russian Federation itself.

With the exception of reference materials located in the library's various rooms and of current unbound journal issues, materials listed can be borrowed on Interlibrary Loan.

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