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Catalogue of the Library of the India Office. London : Eyre & Spottiswoode, Printers, 1888-1937.
2 v. in 10 ; 20 cm.

All volumes except volume 2, part 6 (the Arberry Persian catalog), which is still under copyright protection.

Contents: I. pt.1. Classed catalogue. 1888. pt.2. Index. 1888. Supplement. 1895. Supplement 2. 1895-1909 -- II. pt.1. Sanskrit books / by R. Rost. 1897. pt.2. Hindustani books / by J. F. Blumhardt. 1900. pt.3. Hindi, Panjabi, Pushtu and Sindhi books / by J. F. Blumhardt. 1902. pt.4. Bengali, Oriya, and Assamese books / by J. F. Blumhardt. 1905. pt.4. Supplement, 1906-1920. 1923. pt.5. Marathi and Gujarati books / by J. F. Blumhardt. 1908. [pt.6] Persian books / by A.J. Arberry.


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