Sundarayya Vignana Kendram

Aims and Objectives of the Trust
(extracted from the "Trust Deed and Bye Laws" dated 29 July 1985)

The trust known as Sundarayya Vignana Kendram was established "in memory of the late Sri Putchalapalli Sundarayya, a renowned national liberation fighter; one of the founders of the Communist movement in India and indefatigable fighter for the rights of toiling masses of India ....

The aims and objects of the trust shall be:

a. To afford the members of the public facilities for studies, researches in 1. developing socio-economic and cultural activities of the people, 2. scientific theories of Socialism of various schools and thoughts, 3. movements of all kinds, organisation and parties by establishing and conducting institutions like schools, libraries and research centres;

b. To create facilities for advancement and propagation of education and learning including establishment, maintenance and support of colleges, schools, hostels, or other educational institutions, professorships, lecturerships, scholarships and prizes and grants of free boarding and lodging to poor and deserving students;

c. For giving medical aid and relief to the poor including the establishment, maintenance and support of institutions or funds for medical aid and relief;

d. To render help and assistance to women and children and to other institutions and associations of persons which are engaged in activities of similar nature and which in the opinion of the Trustees deserve such help;

e. For the advancement of any other objects of general public utility and not involving the carrying on of any activity for profit."