Romanciers réalistes et naturalistes
Published by Editions Bibliopolis, 1998
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Romanciers réalistes et naturalistes: 1820-1910 presents nearly three hundred entire works of 19th century France's great novelists, such as Balzac and Zola, as well as works by lesser known novelists, such as Duranty and Cladel. By uniting widely read texts with forgotten texts, this database allows the user to recapture a textual dialogue lost to history and see how these authors read and responded to one another in their writing.

SEARCH Romanciers réalistes et naturalistes using PhiloLogic. The PhiloLogic implementation of Romanciers réalistes et naturalistes is based on automatic conversion of the XML-encoded documents provided by Editions Bibliopolis. The database has 21 million words, 150,000 unique forms, in 280 works, listed in the online Bibliography.
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