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Examples from Lincoln/Net

Retrieving Documents and Limiting a Search:
To retrieve a document, enter Riots in the Title Field (leave the Search Box blank). Click on the title to go to the digital table of contents. To limit a search, leave Riots in the Title Field and enter consequences in the Search Box.

Limiting a Search by Multiple Fields
To search the early works of Abraham Lincoln enter Lincoln in the Author Field and the following date range in the Date Field: 1830-1850. Enter the phrase human nature in the Search Box.

Phrase with Boolean OR:
Search the following: natural grasses|meadows

Proximity Same Sentence or Paragraph
First search the phrase unnatural alliance
Now search unnatural alliance in the Same Sentence
You may want to do the same with Proximity - Same Paragraph. Make sure you have the Concordance Report format turned on.

Wildcard Searching:
For simple truncation, search evang.* with KWIC Report turned on.
Search for [ck]atherine to find alternate spellings or try gentlem[ea]n. These can be found by entering gentlem.n. Also, try the following: hono.?r. To look only for proper nouns such as Hamlet, but not hamlet: #hamlet. One can use wildcards for discovering textual emendations. Search inf.*ity with Frequency by Author report clicked on. Notice the list of possible conjectures for a corrupted text.

There are very few diacritics in this English language database. To see the three ways in which users can search words with diacritics in PhiloLogic enter BUFFEL in uppercase, bu"ffel, or simply büffel.

For an inline image search the phrase: Birkbeck's Journey and click on Page.
For a linked image search the phrase: last ditch and click on Page of the first occurrence.

Enter sound in the Type Field and enter We are coming Father in the Search Box.

To see a linked note reference in text search the phrase machinery and cutlery and click on page.
To see a page reference from note text search the phrase: last ditch and click on [Note].

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