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Twin site: Poitiers, France

(c)1994 (1997), Princeton University and Professor Karl D. Uitti.   These materials are placed at the disposal of students and scholars for their personal use only. Their reproduction and/or distribution (electronic or otherwise) are forbidden without the express written permission of the Charrette Project editors and the owners of the manuscript material herein included. 

North American Authors of the "Charrette Project"


Karl D. Uitti 
The John N. Woodhull Professor of Modern Languages in the Department of French and Italian, Princeton University.

Associate Editors
Rafael Alvarado (Database Computing)
Director of Instruction and Database Development, Educational Technologies Center.
Gina L. Greco (Manuscript Transcriptions)
Associate Professor of French in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Portland State University.
K. Sarah-Jane Murray (Database Computing, Format, Rhetorico-Poetics and Manuscript Transcriptions)
Department of French and Italian, Princeton University.
Molly Robinson Kelly (Grammatical and Lexical Analysis)
Assistant Professor of French, University of Alabama.
Peter Shoemaker (Computing and Format)
Assistant Professor of French, Catholic University of America.
Toby Paff (Associate Editor Emeritus)
Unix Systems Programmer, The Center for Information Technology, Princeton University.

2001-02 Fullbright Visiting Research Fellow:

Dr. Alexei Lavrentiev, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk (XML transcriptions)


Graduate Student Contributors

Committee on Rhetorico-Poetic Analysis
K. Sarah-Jane Murray (Oratio, Associate Editor)
Deborah Thalheimer Long (Adnominatio)
Ellen Thorington (Rich Rhyme)
Jessica Chambers Vitz (Enjambment)
Catherine Witt (Chiasmus)
Julia Zarankin (Enjambment)
Proofing and Data-entry:Adele Auxier ('01), Matthieu Boyd ('03), Katherine Brown, Juliet O'Brien.

Committee on Lexical and Grammatical Analysis
Molly Robinson Kelly (Associate Editor)
Emma Goodwin (Visiting Researcher, Cambridge '00, Summer 2000)
Alexei Lavrentiev (Fullbright Fellow, 2001-2002)
Juliet O'Brien (current coordinator)
Maud Simon (Visiting Research Fellow, E.N.S.-Lsh, 2002-03)
David Wrisley

Committee on Proofing of Manuscript Transcriptions
Katherine Brown (Coordinator of XML Transcriptions)
Sinda Vanderpool (Coordinator of Majuscule Studies)
Peter Eubanks
Matthieu Boyd
Maud Simon
Graduate Students:Marie-Line Allen, Carolina Erdocia, Christine Jones, David Morgan, Amy Ogden, Rose Rejouis, Tina Lynn Rodriguez, Layla Ahsan Roesler, Daniel Solovay; Undergraduates:Michole Biancosino (Middlebury '98), Leah Handelsman (Princeton '98)

French Authors of the Charrette Project
Gabriel Biancotto, Professeur de Grammaire et Philologie, directeur honoraire du Centre d'Etudes Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale.
Pierre-Marie Joris, Maître de Conférences de Langue et Littérature Française.
René Pellen, Professeur émérite de Linguistique espagnole.
Cinzia Pignatelli, Maître de Conférences de Langue et Littérature Française.

French Graduate Student Contributors

Anne Bluzat, Maîtrise (1999-2000) 
Élodie Bouyer, doctorante (1999-2000) 
Laurence Chassebleu, Maîtrise (1998-1999) 
Virginie Derrien, doctorante (1998-2000) 
France Dufay, Maîtrise (1999-2000) 
Germain Eba'a, doctorant (1998-2000) 
Cécile Guichon, doctorante (1998-2000) 
Claire Hellier, Maîtrise (1999-2000) 
Marie-Laure Souriau, doctorante (1999-2000)