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A Brief History of the Charrette Project and its Basic Rationale
Introduction to Chrétien's Romance

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Keys to the Transcriptions

The Charrette (Old French version):
Foulet-Uitti edition.
leçons rejetées and Table des noms propres
The Charrette (Modern French version):  Foulet-Uitti edition
Charrette Lexical Search (Foulet-Uitti edition)
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The Present State of the Project on the WWW.

Home site: Princeton, NJ
Twin site: Poitiers, France

(c)1994 (1997), Princeton University and Professor Karl D. Uitti.   These materials are placed at the disposal of students and scholars for their personal use only. Their reproduction and/or distribution (electronic or otherwise) are forbidden without the express written permission of the Charrette Project editors and the owners of the manuscript material herein included. 

The Present State of the Project

To date, we have placed on-line:

  • A Brief History of the "Charrette Project" (essay). 
  • The Foulet-Uitti Old French Edition and Modern French Version of the Charrette (modified). 
  • Brief Biographies of Project Authors. 
  • The complete transcriptions of manuscripts A (fragmentary), C, F (fragmentary), G (fragmentary), T, and V (fragmentary). 
  • Color images of all of the above manuscripts. 
  • A Key to the transcriptions.