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Chadwyck-Healey Editorial Statement: The bibliographic source for the American Poetry Full-Text Database was the Bibliography of American Literature, Yale University Press, 1995-1991, with additional poets included in the interest of presenting a more thorough and balanced collection. American Poetry Full-Text Database aims not to be absolutely comprehensive, but rather to gather as complete a corpus as possible for major poets and for less-known writers of the era. The database essentially covers American poetry from its earliest years through 1900, although a few poets primarily active after 1900 appear in the collection. The general editorial policy has been to rely on complete editions as available or otherwise to include editions published as nearly contemporaneously with each poet's death as possible. If necessary, multiple editions were incorporated in the interest of producing as complete a corpus for each poet as possible.

Generally, translations, non-English works, and prose works containing a small amount of dispersed poetry have been excluded. The emphasis of the database is on the actual text of the poems rather than on textual apparatus and front matter, which are generally excluded. A poet's own notes, however, are generally included. When material from a work is omitted for any of the above reasons the omission if noted in the relevant bibliographic entry.

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The PhiloLogic implementation of the American Poetry Full-Text Database is based on automatic conversion of the SGML-encoded documents provided by Chadwyck-Healey. The database has 18 million words, 196,000 unique forms, in 1,288 works, listed in the online Bibliography.

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