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Retrieving Documents and Limiting a Search:
To retrieve a document, enter Mansfield Park in the Title Field (leave the Search Texts for: field blank). Click on the title to go to the digital table of contents. To limit a search, leave Mansfield Park in the Title Field and enter scruples in the Search Texts for: field.

Limiting a Search by Multiple Fields:
To search the early works of X enter X in the Author Field and a date range in the Date Field: XXXX-XXXX. Enter X in the Search Field.

Phrase Search:
Search the phrase: X X

Phrase with Boolean OR:
Search the following: loyal|faithful servant

Proximity Same Sentence or Paragraph:
First search the phrase: false promise.*
Now search the phrase again: false promise.* in the Same Sentence
Now do the same with Proximity - Same Paragraph. Make sure you have the Concordance Report format turned on.

Wildcard Searching
For simple truncation, search majest.* with KWIC Report turned on.
Search for calend[ae]r to find alternate spellings. This can also be found by entering calend.r. Try the following as well: hono.?r. To look only for proper nouns enter: #bacon
Wildcards for discovering textual emendations: Search inf.*ity with Frequency by Title report clicked on.

There are no images in the database.
For an inline image search the phrase: X X For a linked image search the phrase: X X

There are no notes in the database.
To see a linked note reference in text search the phrase X X and click on page. To see a page reference from note text search the phrase: X X and click on [Note].

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