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Author's Name, [followed by brief introduction]

These paragraphs should repeat basic biographical information found in the Author Index: birth, marriage, children, education, employment, etc. with question marks and discrepancies explained. Additional information such as entry into publishing, important family history, manner of death, names of tutors, etc. should be included.

Note: where there is a discrepancy, i.e., with a date, in sources consulted, decide whether, a) there is reason to believe the validity of one source over another, in which case simply use the information from the correct source, b) indicate the discrepancy in the biography, or c) list only an approximate ("around 1900", "sometime after 1850", etc.]

The next few paragraphs should deal with her writing in general: major themes, genres, critical reception, influences, etc.
Note: works cited by Italian title, unless originally published with a non-Italian title, in which case the Italian title is given second, and date: i.e., Annie Vivanti's The Devourers (1910; I divoratori, 1911).

Sources: [all sources cited, Chicago Style, in an unnumbered list:

  • all sources listed alphabetically, unless you include as a source a work by the author in question (i.e. an autobiography, letters, dedication), in which case list her text first.
  • and so forth

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