Full-Text Input Specifications  
Draft 6/02  

 Field  Name Function Criteria Example Notes
1 ftext_code Push to other tables Unique key field A0014-T001 Made up of the author code and a title number
2 ftext_display_title Search-form and display Simple but informative; uniform title . Include significant subtitles
3 ftext_sort_title Sorting alphabetically Omit articles and initial punctuation . Watch out for quotation marks
4 ftext_alternate_titles Search-form and display Multiple entries; include long subtitles here . Separated by semicolons
4 ftext_date Search-form, display, sorting A single year; numeric field 1768 or 9999 9999 will be converted to "Undated" on output
5 ftext_dialect Search-form and display Pick list . Based on actual work only, not author
6 ftext_prizes Search-form and display Pick list . Separated by semicolons; prize for work, not author's body of work
7 ftext_genre Search-form and display Pick list Letters Genre in Editions table too, but here for collections and such
8 ftext_composition Search-form and display Pick list prose; verse; mixed Not the same as genre
9 ftext_pagination Bibliographic Range of pages for this title from collection pp. 27-78 Only use when whole edition is not used; a single play from a collection of plays
10 auth_code Push to other tables Unique author code same as in Author Table . .
11 edition_code Push to other tables Unique code for the edition of the text used, same as code in Edition Table . .
12 ftext_other_editions Clean push to Edition Index List all other editions' codes . Codes separated by semicolons
13 ftext_resource_codes Clean push to Resource Index List codes for all related resources . Codes separated by semicolons
14 ftext_critical_codes Clean push to Critical Works Index List codes for all relevant critical works . Codes separated by semicolons