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Perseus  Project Texts Loaded under PhiloLogic
Beta Version, Spring 2008

Current State of the Project - Caveats - Desiderata

This is a beta release. We invite your comments about the desirability and viability of further work.

What has been done so far:
Remaining Problems: Not quite all of the Greek has made it, and you may find the occasional English or Latin in 'Greek'. Do please let us know when you find such problems, via the "Report a Problem" link on Results pages.

Caveat 1: The dates given for Perseus texts are dates for publication of their printed originals, so that searching by date will not give you results for 5th century BC. We have disabled this feature.

Caveat 2: This is not foolproof, of course -- it all depends on whether someone manually tagged these things in the first place. So searching in 'sp' will not necessarily get you all Thucydidean speeches, but only what is marked as such.

Desideratum: Still, this is an extremely exciting feature, so if you have a legion of coders available to mark up texts, I'm sure Perseus will be interested:-) And so am I. We have now marked up the speakers in Greek drama properly, so you can do searches limited to particular speakers, for instance.

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