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Welcome to Philologic. Here are some tips to make your search more productive:
  • For pattern matching one may employ wildcard characters (e.g., widow* retrieves widow, widowe, widowhood, etc.).
  • To search without considering diacritics turn on "Caps Lock" and type in all uppercase (e.g., NAIVETE finds both naivete and naïveté).
    • But but but: Greek is accent sensitive! Use Unicode only.
  • Selecting similar word search applies to all words in the database.
Perseus under Philo:

We are grateful to the Perseus Project for making their texts available for this project, and specifically to Greg Crane and Adrian Packel for their help in initial troubleshooting. Please note that the conditions of use of Perseus materials fully apply to the texts on this site as well. For details, view the Header information in each of the texts.
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