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Retrieving Documents and Limiting a Search:
To retrieve a document, enter epistolae aimerici in the Title Field (leave the Search Texts for: field blank). Click on the title to go to the digital table of contents. To limit a search, leave epistolae aimerici in the Title Field and enter christ.* in the Search Texts for: field.

Limiting a Search by Multiple Fields:
To search the letters of unknown authors enter auctor incertus in the Author Field and epistola in the Title Field. Enter familia.* in the Search Field.

Phrase Search:
Search the phrase: amare pecuniam

Phrase with Boolean OR:
Search the following: deus omnipotens|magnus

Proximity Same Sentence or Paragraph:
First search the phrase: corpus christi
Now search the phrase again: corpus christi in the Same Sentence
Now do the same with Proximity - Same Paragraph. Make sure you have the Concordance Report format turned on.

Wildcard Searching
For simple truncation, search christ.* with KWIC Report turned on.
Search for admi[st].* to find alternate spellings and declinations for admitto. Try the following as well: carthag.*. To look only for proper nouns enter: #gallus
Wildcards for discovering textual emendations: Search inf.*ita with Frequency by Title report clicked on.

Other Characters
Greek displays but is not searchable. To see Greek search the phrase sepulcra pulvere sordibusque and click on column.

There are thorns and eths and the letter I with dieresis. To see these search the phrase namin attins unsaris.

For an inline image search the phrase: iambicum praebe and click on column.

To see a linked note reference in text search the phrase feliciore componam and click on column.

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