Criminal Procedure

Criminal Procedure [LaFave et al.], 4th ed. 2015-present. [7 vol.; updated by pocket parts]
XXKF9619.L3422 2015, D'Angelo Law Library, Reserve Room

Federal Habeas Corpus Practice and Procedure [Hertz & Liebman], 6th ed. 2011-present. [2 vol.; updated by pocket parts]
XXKF9011.L54 2011, D'Angelo Law Library, Bookstacks
LexisNexis: FHCPP

Federal Practice and Procedure [Wright & Miller], 2nd ed. 1982-present. [33 vol.; updated by pocket parts, supplements, and revised volumes]
Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure - vol. 1-3
XXKF8840.W68, D'Angelo Law Library, Bookstacks & Reserve Room Westlaw: FPP-CRIM

Orfield's Criminal Procedure Under the Federal Rules [Rhodes], 2nd ed. 1985-present. [7 vol.; updated by pocket parts]
XXKF9619.O70 1985, D'Angelo Law Library, Bookstacks

The Law of Electronic Surveillance [Carr]. 2011-present. [2 vol.; updated annually with new volumes]
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Search and Seizure: A Treatise on the Fourth Amendment [LaFave], 5th ed. 2012-present. [6 vol.; updated by pocket parts]
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