Mansueto by the Numbers


Mansueto Library Automated Storage and Retrieval System
Mansueto Library Automated Storage and Retrieval System
Photo by Tom Rossiter

Number of bins for storing books and journals: 24,000

Number of shelf racks for storing archival boxes and elephant folios: 1,200

Number of North American libraries with automated storage and retrieval systems larger than Mansueto’s: 0

Number of cranes retrieving bins and shelf racks: 5

Height of cranes: 50 feet

Typical book retrieval time: 5 minutes

Number of cubic yards of material removed to make room for the basement: 53,000

Number of panels comprising the slurry wall: 26

Thickness of the slurry wall: 30 inches

Number of tie-backs used to support the wall: 334

Thickness of the basement floor: 2 feet

Depth of the basement floor: 55 feet

Level of the bedrock under Mansueto: 60-75 feet below ground level

Temperature of basement (maintained for preservation purposes): 60ºF

Relative humidity of basement (maintained for preservation purposes): 30%

Above Ground

Mansueto Library Grand Reading Room
Mansueto Library Grand Reading Room
Photo by Tom Rossiter
Height of the dome at the highest point: 35 feet

Length of Mansueto: 240 feet

Width of Mansueto: 120 feet

Number of glass panels on Mansueto’s dome: 691

Layers of glass in each panel: 3

Percentage of UV rays filtered by all dome glass: 99%

Percentage of solar heat rejected by glass: 73%

Percentage of visible light admitted by glass: 50%

Size of each panel: Approximately 2 x 2 meters

Number of rounded panels of glass in the dome: 0

Number of seats in the Grand Reading Room: 180

Coldest temperature that can be reached by Conservation Laboratory freezer (used to treat books that are wet, moldy or infested with insects): –40ºF

Sound frequency of Conservation Laboratory ultrasonic welder (used to weld sheets of stable polyester film for enclosure and protection of fragile items): 20 kHz

Average time needed to scan a typical book with the Digitization Laboratory’s Zeutschel book scanner: 30 minutes