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The University of
Chicago Faculty
A Centennial View

The University of Chicago Library 1992

Flyleaf: Albert A. Michelson addressing the seventh convocation, July, 1984



William Rainey Harper | Semitic Languages and Literatures

Thomas C. Chamberlin | Geology

Charles O. Whitman | Zoology

George Ellery Hale | Astrophysics

Marion Talbot | Household Administration

Amos Alonzo Stagg | Physical Culture and Athletics

Albert A. Michelson | Physics

John Dewey | Philosophy and Education

Thorstein Veblen | Economics

James H. Breasted | Egyptology

Robert Herrick | Rhetoric

George Herbert Mead | Philosophy

Shailer Mathews | Theology

Henry C. Cowles | Botany

Charles E. Merriam | Political Science

John M. Manly & Edith Rickert | English

Robert E. Park | Sociology

William E. Dodd | History

Lorado Taft | Art

Anton J. Carlson | Physiology

Edith Abbott | Social Service Administration

Franklin C. McLean | Medicine

Frank H. Knight | Economics

Robert Redfield | Anthropology

Allison Davis | Education

Enrico Fermi | Physics

James Franck | Physical Chemistry


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