Census of Retail Trade: 1935

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Census of business, 1935
United States. Bureau of the Census
Washington, DC, 1936-
Retail distribution, v.1-7 -- Wholesale distribution, v.8-16 -- Service establishments, v.17-20 -- Banks, v.21 -- Financial institutions, v.22 -- Insurance, v.23 -- Hotels, v. 24 -- Tourist camps, v.25 -- Places of amusement, v.26 -- Construction industry, v.27-29 -- Motor bus transportation, v. 30 -- Motor trucking, v.31 -- Public warehousing, v.32 -- Radio broadcasting, v.33 -- Advertising, v.34 -- Distribution of manufactures, v.35 -- Retail trade survey, v.36 -- Personnel and pay, v.37 -- Bureau of mines, v.38 -- Intra-city business census statistics for Philadelphia, v.39 -- Non-profit organizations, v.40 -- Real estate agencies, v.41 -- Retail chains, v.42 -- Retail operating expense, v.43 -- Wholesale distrib. drug, v.44 -- Wholesale distrib. electrical, v.45 -- Voluntary group and cooperative wholesalers, v.46 -- Geographic distribution of retail trade in Buffalo, v.47.
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Census of business: 1935. Geographic distribution of retail trade in Chicago, Illinois
United States. Bureau of the Census
Washington 1939
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983 cities, 3071 counties; a summary of the 1935 census of retail sales for cities of 10,000 population and over and for all counties in the United States
Katz, E., special advertising agency
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Patterns of stores, sales, and population in the United States ... by W.H. Meserole, Distribution cost section, Marketing research division
United States. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce
[Washington] 1938
"These maps ... originally appeared in Domestic commerce ... The basic data from which these maps have been prepared were taken from the Census of business, 1935; Retail distribution volume III, Kind of business, by areas--Stores and sales for states, counties, and cities, published by the Bureau of the census in December 1936."--Foreword.
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Evolution of the United States Economic Censuses: The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Industry research using the economic census : how to find it, how to use it
Boettcher, Jennifer C. and Gaines, Leonard M.
Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2004
Table of contents link
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Guide to industrial statistics : industrial statistics program, locator guide to published data, types of data presented, publications of major censuses, other sources of statistics
United States. Bureau of the Census
Washington : U.S. Dept. of Commerce. Bureau of the Census : for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1978
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