About Us

The importance of human connection to intellectual discovery and exploration is paramount. There is no research question, no project, no digital transformation that can occur without the help of many others doing both visible and invisible labor. The Center for Digital Scholarship in the UChicago Library is where, through services based in an ethics of care, we create the conditions for people to connect, explore, experiment and share their diverse ways of knowing with each other toward the goal of encouraging knowledge production, dissemination and analysis.

We encourage collaboration and resource sharing related to the acquisition, creation, management, analysis, archiving and dissemination of digital scholarship and research data. We provide education via workshops, consultations and other training on how to create scholarly work that meets long-time archiving and preservation standards. This education provides a framework shift around what it means to be responsible for the research you create and also become more knowledgeable about the decisions that keep that work accessible for years to come.

We are grateful for an incredibly generous gift from Robert, AM’64, and Carolyn Nelson, AM’64, PhD’67, who have helped support the center’s growth and centralization of its work across campus.

What is digital scholarship?

Digital scholarship is the use of technology or digital methodology to explore, acquire, create, manage, analyze, preserve, and/or share research or other scholarly outputs, like data or publications. This work can be executed in many ways, but the emphasis on digital is about the ways in which digital tools and content can be transformative to research and learning.

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