Digital scholarship work is produced as the result of multiple conversations with a variety of stakeholders. It is not work that can always be done quickly, but it is work that can be deeply meaningful because of the different ways of knowing and disciplines that are represented on a single project.

Our library staff are happy to schedule an individual consultation with researchers or teams who want to discuss ideas for digital scholarship tools, methodologies or projects. Some of the library staff we might identify to consult on your project include but are not limited to:

  • A member of our Preservation team or Digitization unit if your request involves digitization or conservation of our existing collections;

  • Your Subject Specialist or Area Studies librarian, who brings a wealth of knowledge on how to use print, electronic, proprietary and open resources in your discipline toward your research, including data management and data outputs across STEM and Humanities disciplines;

  • A librarian familiar with Scholarly Communication topics, such as copyright and authors’ rights, open access, and dissertation formatting and repository deposit;

  • And a member of our Technical Services team, if the project involves metadata creation or migration, or data acquisition.