Digital Publishing

Our digital publishing services comprise consultations, best practices, and referrals to allow people to create infrastructure to support research published on digital or web-based platforms. This includes infrastructure for open access journals and also best practices for web archiving finished projects.

  • Infrastructure
    • Guidance on platform and metadata migration, or ontological development
    • Provide consultation, customized workshops and/or moderate administrative support and best practices around accessibility and ADA compliance; UX; and data rescue from obsolete platforms and formats

  • Production
    • Provide *moderate administrative support* for mass digitization projects and researcher-created digital collections
    • Partner with faculty on digitization or metadata-driven grant proposals
    • Identify digitized collections that can be packaged for training assignments, capstone projects or digital scholarship projects, and data analysis tools
    • Provide recommendations for digitization vendors and/or DIY digitization technology;

*moderate administrative support refers to our ongoing support and maintenance of both proprietary and open source solutions for digital scholarship work, research, and publishing, such as: library-hosted local server storage for digital scholarship projects or digital collections, paying for technical support for any hardware or software the library has already purchased, or maintaining and evaluating subscriptions and licenses to the library’s electronic resources. While our library staff are unable to provide labor on digitization, inventory, or website development tasks outside of grant-funded collaborations, we are happy to assist our users in finding alternative means of completing those tasks, and share professional best practices on labor standards for digital projects, especially those that employ students.