See the Library Calendar for the workshops we are hosting this quarter.

Our workshops include courses, such as: Introduction to ORCiD; Understanding Your Rights as Authors, Creating Digital Collections with Omeka; Data Privacy: Tips and Tricks; Navigating Social Explorer; and Using Images in Your Dissertation.

We additionally have two sequential workshop series that can be customized for your students or department:

  • Data and Donuts, a three-class sequence aimed at undergraduates providing an introduction to data cleaning, access, and analysis. Donuts provided from South Side small businesses/bakeries, such as Abundance Bakery, Dat Donut, Chiu Quon Bakery, St. Ann's Bakery, and Panaderia Del Refugio;

  • Research Lifecycle Series, a multi-session sequence that introduces students to research methodology and scholarly communications topics within an academic library setting. The workshops include instruction on Data Cleaning 101, Understanding Data Licenses, and Creating a Scholarly Online Presence. The Research Lifecycle Series is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students in STEM and Humanities with a heavy focus on research methodology and teaching students how to use open and proprietary resources in an academic library, including using Archives and Special Collections, and historical and contemporary research data.