Request use of a Library Classroom

This form allows faculty to request to use a library classroom in Regenstein Library for a formal instruction session. Some library classrooms provide multimedia equipment and computer projection. All classrooms provide a whiteboard or blackboard.

Library classrooms may be reserved during regular teaching hours (Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 10:00 pm) for the following purposes:

  • For a faculty or Library staff member who is giving a special orientation seminar in the bibliography of a subject or field using such material in the lecture or discussion.
  • As a reserved place for formal seminar instruction offered by a faculty member when one or more of the following conditions prevail:
    • The work of a seminar requires its members, during seminar periods, to use texts or other resources which cannot or should not be taken from the Library.
    • The seminar requires that a selected body of library material be used frequently by all members of the class, and reserve use is for some reason not feasible.
    • The books or other materials required for the seminar are so large or so numerous that taking them from the Library to a classroom would be impractical.
    • When there is a need to examine, discuss, and compare in class a considerable range of library material throughout an academic quarter.

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