Policies & Procedures

For Teachers and Media Specialists at Our Supported Schools:

U of C Woodlawn Charter School (UCW), Hyde Park Academy, Kenwood Academy, and the Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School

How do I schedule a visit?

Teachers or school librarians from UCW, Hyde Park Academy, Kenwood Academy, and the Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School should contact the Library at least six weeks in advance of their visit. To schedule a program contact:

Julie Piacentine

The Joseph Regenstein Library



When can I schedule a visit?

As a University library, our primary mission is to serve our students, staff, and faculty. As a result, our public school programs may be unavailable at specific times in the academic year. We are unable to provide programs in September and October, or during the University's reading periods and finals week. At other times of the year, programs can be held mornings from 8:30 am to Noon. As the number of students and faculty using the Library decrease during Summer Quarter or interim periods, we may be able to provide programs at alternative times during those weeks. View the University of Chicago Academic Calendar.

What campus libraries may we visit?

School groups may visit the Joseph Regenstein Library, our humanities and social sciences library. Visits to the D'Angelo Law Library and the John Crerar Science Library may be arranged upon consultation.

How many students may we bring into the Library?

Groups of up to 20 are allowed, which is the number of seats available in our computer classroom. The Library may accept groups larger than 20 if students can bring their own laptops. However, these visits are dependent on available staffing.

What supervision is required?

All school groups must be accompanied by a teacher or school librarian/media specialist. Larger groups may require additional supervision at the discretion of our University librarians.

What types of programs do you provide?

All school groups are required to develop a program with our University librarians. The program should relate to a specific assignment that makes use of the unique collections held at the Regenstein Library. The assignment should have a specific research goal that can be completed within the allotted visit time.

What types of assignments are appropriate for a visit to the University of Chicago Library?

The most successful Library visits have students working on a project that uses specific types of items from our collection. Below are some examples of good assignments for a Library visit:

How were Asian Americans represented in popular magazines during World War II?

How do paintings of Elizabeth I reflect the growth of Britain as a world power in the 16th century?

Using U.S. Census data, track the demographic changes in a Chicago neighborhood from 1970-2000.

How did African American newspapers cover the development of rock ‘n' roll in the 1950s?

Broad research assignments, such as "Chicago History" or "Education in China", are often difficult for students to complete during a short library visit. Position papers (i.e. "Argue that abortion/cigarettes/guns should be illegal") are also extremely difficult to research due to the size and depth of our collections. It is also recommended that all students are working on the same assignment, or that groups of students work together on a few select research topics so that they complete their assignment during the visit.

Where are the programs held?

At the present time, Regenstein Library's computer classroom is not available due to a construction project.  If you are interested in a hands-on program at Regenstein Library, students will need to bring their own laptop computers.

Can our students use the Library's computers?

During the academic year, we are unable to ensure access to our computers for school visits.  Priority use is given to University of Chicago students, faculty, and staff.  If the visiting students use Library computers, they must comply with the University's Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology. Please be aware that printing and scanning is available for a fee. We strongly encourage the use of portable USB drives for saving any documents you may need.

Can our students check out books?

UCW seniors working on their theses have special borrowing arrangements at the University of Chicago Library.  For more information, contact the ID & Privileges Office.

For groups without borrowing privileges, photocopiers/scanners are available throughout the Library and may be used for a small fee.

Can our students use the Library's electronic resources?

The Library's subscription electronic resources (databases, online books and journals, etc.) are only available from within the Library during your visit.  Off-campus access is restricted to current students, faculty, and staff of the University of Chicago. Learn more about computer access for visitors.

Additional Information for Visitors

For information about campus, such as parking or places to eat, please view detailed information for visitors.