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Berthollet, Claude Louis. Rapport sur une mémoire de M. Cluzel ayant pour object l'analyse du soufre liquide de Lampadius

Manuscript of official report of the verbal proceedings of the Classe des Scienceae, Physiques, et Math‚matiques, Institut de France, 31 August 1812, presenting the findings of [Claude] Berthollet, Jauquelin, and Chenard, regarding Cluzel's work with "liquid sulfur." Findings approved and adopted by the Classe des Scienceae.

Brown, Rachel Fuller. Notebooks

The Rachel Fuller Brown Notebooks collection consists chiefly of class and laboratory notes relating to chemistry courses taken during Brown's years at the University. Included also are notes and materials from a summer course taken at Harvard University. These materials have been arranged in three series: notes identified by the name of the instructor and the course number; notes identified only by course or subject; and miscellaneous notebooks.

Coryell, Charles D. Papers

Charles D. Coryell, Chief of the Fission Products Section of the Manhattan Project. The Charles D. Coryell Papers consist of material the socio-political questions that consumed scientists after the unleashing of the atom, especially arms control and nuclear disposal. The materials in the papers include correspondence, periodicals, articles, and other items related to the atomic age.

Debus, Allen G. Papers

Allen G. Debus, (1926-2009) historian of science who served on the faculty of the University of Chicago Department of History from 1961 until his death in 2009. Trained in chemical engineering and history, Debus was best known for his historical work on chemistry and alchemy and their contribution to the scientific revolution. He was instrumental in founding the Morris Fishbein Center for the History of Science and Medicine at the University of Chicago. The Papers contain correspondence, teaching materials, lecture and presentation materials, drafts of various writings, administrative and professional materials, research grant applications and reviews and evaluative student materials.

Fogarty, Thomas B. Scrapbooks

Seven scrapbooks containing clippings, loose manuscripts, and pamphlets on the process of making water gas.

Harkins, William D. Papers

William D. (William Draper) Harkins, Professor of Chemistry. The William D. Harkins’ papers are comprised mostly of documents which predate his career at Chicago. The collection contains a series of reprints and typescripts, pertains to the research for which Harkins is most famous, as well as documents related to Harkins’ work at the University of Montana on the effects of smoke from the Anaconda copper smelter on local livestock. The remaining documents pertain to Harkins’ family, his father-in-law, Henry A. Hatheway, and his brother-in-law, Thomas G. Hatheway, Harkins’ personal and professional correspondence and photographs of family members.

Harris, Gertrude Epstein. Papers

Gertrude Epstein Harris, student. The Gertrude Epstein Harris Papers consist of Harris's University of Chicago Chemistry 21 examination booklets (1923), lyrics for a song about Chemistry Department faculty (1921), and an annotated chemistry textbook.

Hogness, Thorfin R. Papers.

Thorfin R. Hogness, (1894-1976) Physical Chemistry Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago (1930-1959); Director, Chemistry Division, Metallurgical Laboratory (1944-1945). The Thorfin R. Hogness Papers consist of material relating to the postwar scientists’ movement, including U.S. Senate and House bills and amendments as well as other print and near-print material.

Horton, Horace Everett, Notes on the Manufacturing of Glucose, Grape Sugars and Starches

Volume one contains manuscript laboratory notes and diagrams. Volume two contains Rockford Sugar Refining Company records, laboratory notes, notes, manuscripts, typescripts, and photographs. Volume three contains plant designs, blueprints, floorplans, notes, and correspondence. Volume four contains notes, diagrams, and blueprints.

Hutchison, Clyde A., Jr. Papers

Clyde Allen Hutchison Jr. (1913-2005) was a chemist who pioneered research in magnetic resonance spectroscopy, served on the faculty of the University of Chicago's Department of Chemistry, and participated in the Manhattan Project. This collection documents Hutchison's work in teaching and research, as well as aspects of his career as a lecturer, visiting professor and administrator. Materials in this collection include lecture notes, drafts, notebooks, correspondence, publications and memorabilia.

Jay, Frank Webster. Collection

The Frank Webster Jay Papers contains letters written by scientists from Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. Correspondents include Nicolaas L. Burman, J. A. van Bemmelen, Hermann Boerhaave, Alexander Brongniart, Bory de St. Vincent, Edward Jenner, Antony van Leeuwenhoek, Karl Peter Thunberg, and Casimir Christoph Schmidel.

Kleppa, Ole. Papers

This collection contains the papers of University of Chicago professor and physical chemist Ole Kleppa. The collection includes administrative documents, correspondence, conference material, proposals, grant material, research, and teaching material. Also contained within the collection are records pertaining to the University of Chicago student protests and sit-ins of 1969. The collection dates from 1950 to 2005, with the bulk of the material dating between 1960 and 2000.

Link, Adeline De Sale. Papers

Adeline De Sale Link, chemistry professor. The Adeline De Sale Link Papers consist of notes on class assignments (1912-1913), notes on the role of women in graduate education (c.1940-1941), and a newspaper clipping.

MacDowell, Charles Henry. Papers

An expert in nitrate, Charles H. MacDowell served on President Wilson’s War Industries Board as the director in the Chemical Division. Additionally, he served with the American Commission to Negotiate Peace. The papers of Charles MacDowell relate to his war efforts and his service with the American Commission to Negotiate Peace. The larger part of the papers consist of minutes of the Economic Commission, the Supreme Economic Council, and the sub-committee on Germany and other committees. The latter section of the Papers is comprised of newspaper clippings collected by MacDowell and miscellaneous letters and pamphlets.

Mulliken, Robert S. Papers

The papers of Robert S. Mulliken, comprising 63 linear feet, document most aspects of his long and successful career in the field of chemical physics from the 1920s through 1985. They include correspondence, lectures and writings, research and teaching materials, and files from his affiliations at the University of Chicago and with other scientific organizations.

Nef, John Ulric, Sr., Papers

John Ulric Nef (1862-1915) chemist, who helped establish and develop the Chemistry Department at the University of Chicago. Nef attended Harvard University before completing his doctorate in Munich, Germany. After completing his doctorate, he accepted positions at Purdue University and Clark University, before accepting a position at University of Chicago, where he would stay for the rest of his life. The collection includes correspondence both personal and professional, written for and by Nef, as well as some written by his wife and son; legal documents; certificates; biographical material; academic notes and research. The majority of materials date between 1900 and 1915.

Platzman, Robert Leroy. Papers

Robert Leroy Platzman, physicist, chemist, teacher. The Robert Leroy Platzman Papers consist of a greeting card from James Franck, three cards from Arthur H. Compton on behalf of the Metallurgical Laboratory, and a carbon copy of a letter to Eugene Rabinowitch regarding the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Polanyi, Michael. Papers

Michael Polanyi, chemist and philosopher, was born, Budapest, Hungary, 1891. He received his M.D. (1913) and Ph.D (1917) from the University of Budapest. He worked at Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Fibre Chemistry, Berlin, 1920 to 1923, and the Institute of Physical and Electro-Chemistry, Berlin, 1923 to 1933. He was chair of physical chemistry, 1933 to 1948, and professor of social studies, 1948-58, at the University of Manchester. Polanyi was senior research fellow, Merton College, Oxford, from 1958 to 1976. Died, 1976. The papers of Michael Polanyi contains personal and professional correspondence; research notes; manuscripts of lectures, published and unpublished works, speeches, German scientific writings, patents, and poetry; diaries and notebooks; offprints; and memorabilia, including photographs, clippings, a sound recording of an interview with Polanyi, Christmas cards, and invitations. Also includes photocopies of title pages of the 1,500 books from Polanyi's library. Correspondents include Joseph Oldham, Marjorie Grene, Harry Prosch, Arthur Koestler, Karl Mannheim, Edward Shils, and Eugene Wigner. Manuscripts and correspondence reveal the range of Polanyi's philosophical thought and interests in intellectual liberty and the issue of planning in science. Correspondence also illustrates Polanyi's participation in the organization of the Congress for Cultural Freedom and the Committee on Science and Freedom.

Rabinowitch, Eugene I., Papers

Eugene I. Rabinowitch, biophysicist and co-founder and editor of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. The papers contain material on the Pugwash Conferences, and relating to Rabinowitch's professional and academic career, including lecture notes, research reports and correspondence. The bulk of the papers cover the years 1954-1964, with clippings and articles on science, international relations and domestic politics dating from 1945.

Rice, Stuart Alan. Papers

Stuart A. Rice (1932-) Professor of Chemistry. The collection documents Rice's research and teaching in physical and theoretical chemistry. Includes drafts, proofs and offprints of publications, research notes, and teaching materials.

Schaffner, Joseph Halle, Collection in the History of Science

Contains correspondence and other documents from or related to prominent scientists. Includes the Marie Curie Correspondence with Charlotte Kellogg (ca. 1921-1929) and Curie Memorabilia, the Charles Darwin and Darwin Family Correspondence, the Albert Einstein-Walther Mayer Correspondence (1930-1933) and Einstein Photographs, the Isaac Newton Collection (1642-1727), and Miscellaneous Scientific Manuscripts (1744, 1777, 1820). The Joseph Halle Schaffner Papers (1943-1961) are also included and contain material relating to Schaffner's activities as a collector and how the collections were used by scholars and in exhibits.

Slotin, Louis Memorial Fund. Records

Slotin, born in Canada in 1912, earned his PhD in Chemistry in 1936. Slotin died at Los Alamos in 1946 after being exposed to radiation in a laboratory accident. Following his death, the Louis A. Slotin Memorial Fund was established to raise money to finance lectures in the sciences at the University of Chicago. The collection contains correspondence, donor lists, lists of speakers, and some biographical material about Slotin. The collection also contains two or three letters concerning the disposition of Slotin's personal library, as well as other material pertaining to his work.

Urey, Harold C. Papers

Harold C. Urey was a physical chemist who won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of deuterium, served as Director of War Research for Columbia University's Atomic Bomb Project, then joined the University of Chicago's Institute for Nuclear Studies. This collection consists of scientific notebooks developed by Urey and his students, most dating from the mid-1930s and documenting research in isotope separation, an area in which Urey was the leading authority.

Worner, Ruby K. Papers

Ruby Kathryn Worner (1900-1995) was a chemist who specialized in the textile industry. Worner studied at the University of Chicago where she earned her Bachelor’s, Masters and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry (1921, 1922, and 1925). Worner worked for the United States Bureau of Home Economics as well as Southern Regional Laboratories, making numerous advancements in textile production. This collection contains personal memorabilia; correspondence; academic documents; personal, travel, and professional photographs; awards, diplomas, plaques; and a glass dish. The collection documents both Worner’s personal life -- her travels, and her relationships with friends and family--and Worner’s professional life -- her accomplishments, and her writings. Materials in the collection date between 1880 and 1995.