Finding Aids


Adkins, Arthur. Papers

Arthur Adkins, classicist, University of Chicago (1974-1996). The papers include Adkins’ notebooks collected as a student at Oxford, personal and professional correspondence, teaching notes and materials (including course outlines and exams) relating primarily to Greek subjects, research material including Xeroxed articles, drafts and published copies of articles and papers, documentation by and about the University of Chicago’s Committee on the Ancient Mediterranean World (CAMW), and administrative files regarding the University’s Department of Classics.

Archaismus Graphicus ab Henrico Spelmanno Conscriptus in Usum Filibrum Suorum

Handwritten transcript of alphabetical list of Latin abbreviations and their meanings, in Latin, taken from Spelman's Archaismus Graphicus, 1606.

Bekker, Immanuel. Papers

Immanuel Bekker (1785-1871) Philologist. The Papers consist entirely of correspondence addressed to Bekker. Some are semi-official communications (Niebuhr, W.V.Humboldt); many are of a scholarly nature, occasionally with extensive Greek quotations. Those written by Bekker's closer intimates are often typical of the need felt in the Romantic era to open one's heart to a friend, while a few are no more than short invitations (Reimer). The letters cover the period 1806 to 1853.

Commentaries on Aristotle's Work

Manuscript treatise on Aristotle's system of philosophical thought. Includes "Dilucida totius philosophiae compendia"; "Commentarii in universam Aristotelis philosophiam"; "Commentarii in Ar[istote]lis Categoriae"; Commentarii in Librum Aristoteliae"; "Commentarii in Quatuor Libros Analyticorum Aristoleliae"; "Commentarii in decem LIbros Ethicorum Aristolis ad Nichomachum"; "Commentarii in libros Metaphysicorum Aristotelis"; "Commentarii in Physicam Aristotelis"; and "Tractatus de Mundi Sphaera".

Hale, William Gardner. Papers

William Gardner Hale (1849-1928) was a noted classics scholar and professor of Latin at the University of Chicago, best known for his work on the poet Catullus and Latin grammar. He taught Latin first at Cornell 1880-1892 before coming to the University of Chicago, where he held the Chair in Latin 1894-1899. The collection is primarily composed of personal and professional correspondence between William Gardner Hale and his family and colleagues, as well as reprints of his articles published in scholarly journals. The collection also notably contains Hale family memorabilia and other ephemera, mostly photographs, and Hale's writings and correspondence on the First World War. It spans the years 1880-1928, from his time at Cornell through his professorship at the University of Chicago to his death in 1928.

Horace Opera. Manuscript (Ms 27)

Copies of all of Horace's known works. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 27.

Laing, Gordon Jenning. Papers

Gordon Jennings Laing, Professor of Latin and Roman History. The Gordon Jennings Laing Papers contain teaching materials, lecture notes, translations, students' papers, and honorary degrees.

Marcus, Ralph. Papers

Ralph Marcus, professor at the University of Chicago (1943-1956). Marcus was a professor of Hellenistic Culture at the University of Chicago, serving as a faculty member in the Department of Oriental Languages and Literatures, Classics, and the Federated Theological Faculty. The collection consisted of reprints of selected publications from 1934-1949.

Sage, Evan Taylor. Manuscripts

Typescript of The Manuscripts of Petronius by Evan Taylor Sage. The work was not published.

Scranton, Robert L. Papers

Robert L. Scranton (1912-1993) was a University of Chicago professor of Fine Arts and Classics and Chair of the Art Department from 1969 to 1973. He was the director of excavations at Kenchreai, the port of Corinth from 1963 to 1968. Scranton published widely on the topics of Classical and Medieval Greek art, archaeology and architecture. He was also involved with construction and early operations of the Isthmia Museum, where some of the finds from the Kenchreai excavations are now displayed. The collection contains mostly financial material connected to the excavations at Kenchreai and the construction of the Isthmia Museum. It also contains correspondence relating to Scranton’s professional activities, field reports from the Kenchreai excavation, donor information, and publications. Materials date between 1961 and 1977.

Shorey, Paul. Papers

Paul Shorey, Professor of Greek Language and Literature (1857-1934). The Shorey Papers comprise manuscript and printed materials on literature, the classics, education, and cultural history. Included are typescripts of popular lectures Shorey delivered as the Roosevelt Visiting Professor in Berlin in 1913-1914, lectures and correspondence relating to the "Assault on Humanism," and notes for the volumes which resulted from his "Platonic Studies" project which was funded by the General Education Board.

Vater, Friedrich. Papers

Friedrich Vater, (1810-1866), son of Johann Severin Vater. Professor of Classical Literature and Philology at the University of Kazan, Russia. Notes and manuscripts on classical philology. Also identified as MS97.