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Early Western Manuscripts (pre-1700)

Alberti, Leon Battista, De re aedificatoria. Manuscript (Ms 1)

Treatise on architecture. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 1.

Albertus, Magnus, Saint, De homine. Manuscript (Ms 2)

Philosophical treatise on the soul. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 2.

Almanach durch Barptolomeũ Reysacher... gemacht auff das Jar M.D.LVIII (Ms 1038)

An anonymous diary written in minuscule German script within a printed almanac. Imprint: Wienn, Gedruckt durch M. Zimmermann, 1558. Bound with another printed text titled: Practica durch Barptolomeum Reysacher aus Kändten ... Text in German. Codex Ms 1038.

Anitiphonarium for Matins. Manuscript (Ms 967)

Antiphonarium for Matins, a collection of Gregorian chants, beginning with invitatory tones followed by antiphons for commons of saints, 2 hymns, and texts for Psalms and Canticle for Sunday Lauds. On parchment, with some illuminated letters. Probably 16th or 17th century, written in Spain. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 967.

Antonio de Raho, In rubricas soluto matrimonio. Manuscript (Ms 37)

Unpublished commentaries on the portions of Justinian's Digest dealing with divorce settlements and wills. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 37.

Aristotle, De moribus ad Nicomachum. Manuscript (Ms 5)

Argyropulos' translation of Ethica Nicomachea made for Cosime de Medici. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 5.

Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo, Theological treatises. Manuscript (Ms 110)

Collection of works by Saint Augustine, from the Benedictine Abbey of Saint John in Liege. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 110.

Averroës, Notabilia Dicta; Albertus Magnus, Tractatus Proportionum; Anonymous, Latitudines Formarum; and Robertus Anglicus, Compilatio Super Tractatu de Sphaera. Manuscript (Ms 3)

Copy of Averroes' Notabilia dicta, plus incomplete portions of commentaries on Aristotle's De Anima and Metaphysics, and of the medical tract Al-Kulliyyat. Bound with three unrelated treatises: Albertus Magnus, Tractatus proportionum; Anonymous, Latitudines formarum; and Robertus Anglicus, Compilatio super tractatu de sphaera. Circa 1430-1450. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 3.

Barzi, Benedetto, and Angelo Gambiglioni, Rubricae. Manuscript (Ms 8)

Notes taken by a law student, possibly in Ferrara, Italy. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 8.

Basil, Saint, Bishop of Caesarea, De legendis gentilium libris. Manuscript (Ms 45)

Also includes Vita Sancti Antonii Eremitae of St. Athanasius, Patriarch of Alexandria. Text in Ancient Greek. Codex Ms 45.

Bekanttnus oder Symbolum S. Athanasij: von der heÿligen drÿfelttigkeit, wider die Arrianer. Manuscript (Ms 150)

Manuscript of the the Athanasian Creed translated into German from the original Latin. Text in German. Codex Ms 150.

Bernard of Clairvaux, De consideratione. Manuscript (Ms 9)

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux's advice to Pope Eugene III on ecclesiastical government, composed during 1149-1152. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 9.

Blair, Gavin, Commentarii in libros ethicos Aristotelis. Manuscript (Ms 101)

Commentary on Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics with other miscellaneous commentaries. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 101.

Boccaccio, Giovanni Genealogia Deorum Gentilium Manuscript (Ms 100)

Mythological genealogies, includes illuminations, genealogical tables and capitals. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 100.

Boccaccio, Giovanni, Il filocolo. Manuscript (Ms 57)

Prose romance in five books on the loves and adventures of Florio and Biancofiore copied by Angelo Blasi. Text in Italian. Codex Ms 57.

Book of hours (use of Châlons-sur-Marne.) Manuscript (Ms 26)

French Book of Hours made for use at Châlons-sur-Marne. The text includes a calendar of Châlons-sur-Marne in French, Hours of the Virgin, Seven penitenial Psalms, Litany, Office of the Dead, Prayers and Antiphons in Latin and French. Text in French and Latin. Codex Ms 26.

Bruni, Leonardo, De primo bello Punico. Manuscript (Ms 31)

Collation of materials derived directly from Polybius and Plutarch, which was first printed in 1498 under the title Polybius de primo bello Punico et Plutarchi paralelia. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 31.

Bruni, Leonardo, Opuscula varia. Manuscript (Ms 32)

Four speeches by Leonardo Bruni, together with unidentified speeches. Text in Latin and Italian. Codex Ms 32.

Bulstrode, Edward, Meditations on passages from the Bible. Manuscript (Ms 118)

Collection of Bible passages with commentary by Edward Bulstrode, a senior member of the Inns of Court and a justice of North Wales. The work is dedicated and presented to his son, Richard Bulstrode, an army officer and diplomat. Text in English. Codex Ms 118.

Burchardus de Monte Sion. Descrioptio seu declaratio terrae sanctae. Manuscript (Ms 707)

An abridgement of Burchardus' description of the Holy Land, by an unknown author. Possibly a fragment of a larger manuscript held by the University of Ghent. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 707.

Burnet, Gilbert, History of the Reformation of the Church of England. Manuscript (Ms 114)

Abridged version of Burnet's work. Text in English. Codex Ms 114.

Calderino, Domizio, Commentaria in Martialem. Manuscript (Ms 11)

Commentary on obscure words and phrases, and general interpretation of the text of Martial. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 11.

Colonna, Asconia, Judicium in Caesarem Baronium de Monarchia Sicilia. Manuscript (Ms 13)

Colonna's criticism of Baronio's remarks in 'Annales Ecclesiastici' regarding the Spanish crown; Baronio's reply; and Baronio's letter to Philip III of Spain. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 13.

Confalonieri, Giovanni Aloisio De Fide, Spe et Charitate Manuscript (Ms 148)

Notes of student Jakob Lang of Fribourg of the theological lectures by Confalonieri on faith, hope and charity given at Milan in 1647. Includes a table of contents. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 148.

De mirac[u]lis S[an]c[ta]e Mari[a]e Virg[inis]. Prognosticon futuri seculi. Amphilochei Episcopi Ichonii. In vita et miraculis beati Iohannis elemosinarii. De xv signis xv dierum precedentium diem iudicii. De penetentia Regis Solomonis. [Exposition on the Mass and its meaning]. Hec sunt presepta legis. Expositio brevis Remigii autissioderensis episcopi de ordine misse.

Collection of religious, hagiographical, and liturgical writings written in the Low Countries or the very north of northwest France in the second or third quarter of the 12th century.

Devotional book. Manuscript (Ms 66)

A collection of medieval devotional literature, including meditations, rules, stories, exhortations. Text in German. Codex Ms 66.

Devotional book. Manuscript (Ms 79)

34 "vigils and exhortations" for the salvation of the soul. Text in German. Codex Ms 79.

Diodorus, Siculus, Bibliotheca historiarum, libri I-VI. Manuscript (Ms 241)

A copy of the first six books of Poggio Bracciolini's Latin translation of Diodorus Siculus's Bibliotheca Historica, dedicated to Nicholas V. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 241.

Diodorus, Siculus, Bibliotheca historica. Manuscript (Ms 14)

Books one through five of Bibliotheca historica, translated from the Greek by Poggio Braccioline. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 14.

Diogenes Laertius, De vita et moribus philosophorum. Manuscript (Ms 15)

Biographies of philosophers; translated from Greek by Ambrogio Traversari. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 15.

Ermengaud, Matfre, Breviario de amor. Manuscript (Ms 63)

Prose paraphrase and Spanish translation of approximately 26,000 or the 34,600 lines of the Provencal didactic poem Breviari d'amor. In Spanish. Codex Ms 63.

Eusebius, of Caesarea Historia Ecclesiastica. Manuscript (Ms 18)

Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History, eleven books, in the Latin version of Rufinus. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 18.

Eusebius, of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea, Chronica. Manuscript (Ms 17)

The Chronicle of Eusebius, in the Latin version of Jerome, with his continuation and that of Prosper of Aquitaine. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 17.

Feltrio, Orazio Conatus irriti Ossunae ducis ne a regimine Neapolitani regni amoveretur Liber Unus. Manuscript (Ms 20)

Pamphlet attacking Pedro Tellez Giron (1575-1624), 3rd Duke of Ossuna, for his policies during his tenure as Spanish Viceroy of Naples from 1616-1620. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 20.

Fishacre, Richard, [Sentences-Commentary.] Manuscript (Ms 156)

A fragment of Fishacre's work. Includes red and blue initials and numerals throughout. The work was newly identified by James Long and Margaret Jewett. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 156.

Gerardus Senensi Distinctiones. Manuscript (Ms 22)

The principal work is Gerard of Siena's commentary on book 1 of Peter Lombard's Sentences. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 22.

Giles, of Rome, Archbishop of Bourges, De regimine principum. Manuscript (Ms 533)

Henri de Gauchi's free French translation of the treatise by Egidio Colonna. Originally composed for the education of Philip IV (while still Prince Philippe le Bel). Text in French. Codex Ms 533.

Gregory I, Pope, Morali. Manuscript (Ms 59)

Moral teaching. Text in Italian. Codex Ms 59.

Gregory of Nyssa, Saint, Of the framing of man. Manuscript (Ms 111)

Theological treatise concerning man's creation and nature. Seven leaves at the end are inverted and in a different hand: commentary on the Ten Commandments. Text in English. Codex Ms 111.

Guido de Monte Rocherii Manipulus Curatorium. Manuscript (Ms 23)

Manual for priests; Preliminary leaves of codex contain notes on the Confession attributed to Nicholas of Osimo. Text in Italian and Latin. Codex Ms 23.

Harrison, Samuel, Sermon Notes on the Apostles’ Creed. Manuscript (Ms 149)

Notes for sermons by Samuel Harrison, the rector of Oving, Buckinghamshire, from 1672-1682. Text in English. Codex Ms 149.

Hebrew Tracts on Domestic and Ceremonial Matters. Manuscript (Ms 74)

Sha'arim, a series of 40 provisions as to meats, with special reference to weights and measures. A tract on slaughtering. Also included, 45 rules governing conjugal relations. Text in Hebrew. Codex Ms 74.

Homilies and Religious Treatises. Manuscript (Ms 155)

A compilation of miscellaneous sermons and religious treatises, written in a single hand on Italian paper. Includes: Commendatio de vita solitaria by St. Pietro Damiani; 51 homilies of St. Augustine; several short sermons by St. Ephraim of Syria; anonymous essays on the virtues and seven mortal sins; a life of St. Hieronymus by St. Cyril; a treatise entitled Meditatione; and a fragment of De institutione novitiorum by Hugo of St. Victor. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 155.

Horace Opera. Manuscript (Ms 27)

Copies of all of Horace's known works. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 27.

Isidorus, Saint, Contra Idudaeos. Manuscript (Ms 28)

Treatise on the place of Christ in Christian theology; with remarks on the theological significance of Christ for both Jews and Christians. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 28.

Jerome, Saint Explanationes in Ysayam, excerpta. Manuscript (Ms 25)

Excerpts from Saint Jerome's commentary on Isaiah, probably written at Erfurt, in the Carthusian convent. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 25.

Justinian I, Novellae constitutiones. Manuscript

Revised ordinances. Includes annotations in the margins by Accursius. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 423.

Juvenal, Satirae. Manuscript (Ms 29)

Copy of Juvenal's poetry; includes contents for each book at the end of the codex. Text in Latin. Codex Ms29.

Latin Bible, scattered leaves. Manuscript (Ms 122)

Fragments on vellum with red and blue headings. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 122.

Leo I, Pope, Sermones. Manuscript (Ms 30)

A collection of 93 sermons attributed to Pope Leo the Great. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 30.

Les Narbonnais : chanson de geste. Manuscript (Ms 708)

Late 13th century vellum fragments of Les Narbonnais and Le siège de Barbaste, two chansons from the cycle of Chansons de geste. Text in French. Codex Ms 708.

Lucan, Pharsalia. Manuscript (Ms 33)

Epic poem on war between Caesar and Pompey. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 33.

Mathesius, Johann, Joachimsthaler Chronica. Manuscript (Ms 68)

On church and school reforms. Text in German. Codex Ms 68.

Nicetas, Archbishop of Heraclea, Commentaria in Orationes Gregorii Nazianzeni. Manuscript (Ms 52)

Commentaries on sermons of Gregory Nazianzus. There are brief introductory paragraphs on the time, place occasion and context of each sermon. Text in Greek. Codex Ms 52.

Nicetas, Archbishop of Heraclea, Commentaria in Orationes Gregorii Nazianzeni. Manuscript (Ms 53)

Fragments of commentaries on sermons of Gregory Nazianzus by Nicetas of Heraclea and Abbot Nonnus. Text in Greek. Codex Ms 53.

Otway, Samuel, Syntagmatis disputationum. Manuscript (Ms 119)

Summaries of Protestant Christian doctrine. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 119.

Pelacani da Parma, Biagio, Quaestiones super libro Methaurorum. Manuscript (Ms 10)

Commentary on Aristotle's Meteorologica. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 10.

Peter Lombard, Bishop of Paris, Collectanea in epistolas Pauli. Manuscript (Ms 112)

Commentary on Romans and Corinthians. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 112.

Petrus, Comestor, Historia scholastica. Manuscript (Ms 120)

Chronicle of Biblical history. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 120.

Petrus, Comestor, Historia scholastica. Manuscript (Ms 121)

Chronicle of Biblical history organized in accordance with the order of the Biblical books, omitting books with no obvious significance for the reconstruction of the history. This work has been rebound and leather fragments retained. See Special Collections circulation desk for additional information. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 121.

Pietro da Verona, Rubricae super quartum et quintum decretalium. Manuscript (Ms 34)

Commentary on Books IV and V of the Decretals of Pope Gregory IX. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 34.

Proclus, Elementa theologica. Manuscript (Ms 54)

Theological treatise. Text in Greek. Codex Ms 54.

Procopius of Gaza, Epitome Eclogarum in Heptateuchum et Canticum Canticorum. Manuscript (Ms 55)

Commentaries on Heptateuch and Song of Songs. Text in Greek and Latin. Codex Ms 55.

Razzi, Serafino, Costumi e morte di Papa Alexxandro VI contrario Al P. F : Girolamo Savonarola da Ferrara del ordine de Predicatori. Manuscript (Ms 58)

A copy of Razzi's holograph original biographies. The original is in Biblioteca statale, Lucca, Italy. Text in Italian. Codex Ms 58.

Receptarium de medicinis communiter usitatis. Manuscript (Ms 36)

Medical prescriptions and remedies. Text in Latin with notes in Italian in the margins. Codex Ms 36.

Regulae Grammaticae et Rhetoricae With: Ovid, De Remedio Amoris Manuscript (Ms 99)

Treatise on grammar and rhetoric. Includes decorated initials, pen and ink drawings, and blue and red ornament. Circa 1450. Bound with: De remedio Amoris / Ovid, circa 1450-1460. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 99.

Richard, of Saint Victor, Religious Treatises. With: Hugo, Argentinensis, Compendium Theologicae Veritatis Manuscript (Ms 102)

Two works by Richard of St. Victor: De contemplatione and De exterminatione mali et promotione boni, preceded by a table of Rubrics. With: Compendium theologicae veritatis / Hugo Argentinensis. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 102.

Roger of Waltham, Compendium morale. Manuscript (Ms 103)

Unpublished treatise on rights and duties of princes. Includes an annotated transcript of the manuscript prepared by William Park Hotchkiss in 1931-1934. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 103.

Rosenthal, Samuel R. and Marie-Louise. Collection of Northern Italian Documents

The Samuel R. and Marie-Louise Rosenthal Collection of Northern Italian Documents is a group of 2,455 legal manuscripts, nearly all notorial, dating from the late-twelfth century to the eighteenth century.

Rubricae de accusationibus, etc. Manuscript (Ms 39)

Commentary on Book V of decretals of Pope Gregory IX, the subject of which is crimes committed by clerics. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 39.

Rubricae, libelli, etc. Manuscript (Ms 40)

Legal miscellany composed by law students and jurists in Naples, possibly following the tradition of the Bartolist school. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 40.

Salgado Correa, Alejo, Libro nombrado memorial de martires de Hespana. Manuscript (Ms 64)

Poems on deaths of martyrs. Text in Spanish. Codex Ms 64.

Sebastian of Naples, Declarationes supplectiones as remissiones. Manuscript (Ms 41)

Collection of historical documents. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 41.

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, Spurious works. Manuscript (Ms 42)

Philosophical texts on morality. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 42.

Sermones Domicales. Manuscript (Ms 158)

Sermons. Includes vermilion initials throughout and blue tracework. Work is rubicated. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 158.

Sermones de Adventu Domini. Manuscript (Ms 157)

Sermons by the Dominican theologian. Includes vermilion and blue initials throughout. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 157.

Statius, P. Papinius, Achilleid. Manuscript (Ms 704)

A manuscript copy of the epic on life of Achilles, unfinished, by a scribe named Iohannes de Sancto Quirichio. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 704.

Thomas, Roger, Reply to accusations made by Puritan ministers. Manuscript (Ms 109)

Six miscellaneous manuscripts in six hands. Text in English and Latin. Codex Ms 109.

Ubaldi, Baldo degli, Consilia de Iure. Manuscript (Ms 6)

Legal consultations. Consilia by Pietro degli Ubaldi, Angelo degli Ubaldi ... [et al.] interspersed throughout the manuscript. In Latin. Codex Ms 6.

Usuard, Martirologium. Manuscript (Ms 116)

Martyr book. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 116.

Vom Greulichen Laster des Volsauffens. Manuscript (Ms 67)

Text and music of a hymn, "Vom greulichen Laster des Volsauffens" concerning the vice of drinking. Text in German. Codex Ms 67.

Wandel Collection of Manuscript Fragments (Ms 686)

Fragments of Latin Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts. Codex Ms 686.

Wigmore Abbey chronicle and Brut chronicle. Manuscript (Ms 224)

Chronicle of Wigmore Abbey, with a copy of the Brut Chronicle and genealogical tables of the Kings of England and the House of Mortimer. In Latin and French. Codex Ms 224.