Finding Aids

Great Books and General Education

Adler, Mortimer J.. Papers

Mortimer Jerome Adler, philosopher, educator, writer. The Mortimer J. Adler Papers include information on his work with the Great Books, Encyclopaedia Britannica, and the Institute for Philosophical Research as well as material relating to his many publications. The collection consists of articles, correspondence, manuscripts, memoranda, newspaper clippings, notes, reading lists, reprints, and other materials relating to the career of Mortimer J. Adler.

Benton, William. Papers

William Benton (1900-1973) was an advertising executive, publisher, university administrator, U.S. senator and diplomat. Contains personal and professional correspondence, reports, legal documents, account books, diaries, manuscripts, speeches, research notes, transcripts of radio and television broadcasts, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, photographs, awards, and mementos. Papers highlight Benton's business and investment successes as well as his contributions to education and public affairs. Includes material relating to Encyclopaedia Britannica (1941-1973); Encyclopaedia Britannica Films (1939-1973); America First Committee; the Committee for Economic Development (1942-1973); Muzak (1941-1973); Benton & Bowles (1925-1973); the U.S. State Department (1941-1973); UNESCO (1946-1973); the McCarthy era; the establishment of Voice of America; the University of Chicago Board of Trustees; the Benton Foundation (1958-1973) commitments to Brandeis University, the University of Bridgeport, the University of Connecticut, the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, and the American Shakespeare Festival; and Connecticut and national politics (1948-1973).

Hutchins, Robert Maynard. Papers

Robert Maynard Hutchins (1899-1977) was a leader in education reform, dean of the Yale Law School, president and chancellor of the University of Chicago (1929-1951), and an executive at the Commission on Freedom of the Press, the Committee to Frame a World Constitution, Encyclopædia Britannica, the Ford Foundation, the Fund for the Republic, and the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. The collection includes material pertaining to Hutchins' research, writing, and speaking; material relevant to his professional activities; correspondence; subject files; personal ephemera; honors and awards; annotated books; and photographs and audio recordings. Materials date between 1884 and 2000, with the bulk of the material dating between 1921 and 1977.

Paepcke, Elizabeth H. Papers

The Elizabeth H. Paepcke Papers consist of 151 linear feet and include biographical, personal and financial material, correspondence, subject files, photographs, audio-visual materials, awards, honorary degrees, ephemera, typescript drafts, publications, and newspaper and magazine clippings. The collection documents Elizabeth Paepcke's many interests in cultural, social and philanthropic activities. This includes material related to the Aspen Institute for the Humanities and the Goethe Bicentennial Foundation. Her interests in the arts, environment, education and politics are also reflected by the records of her art collection, interest in works of numerous artists and involvment in the Art Institute of Chicago and Museum of Contemporary Art. The collection also includes personal and family material in the form of calendars and guest books, correspondence, and photographs. Her extensive correspondence concerns both her cultural and social activities and personal and family relationships. The collection focuses primarily on the years between circa 1950 and 1993, although the earliest material dates to 1889.

Paepcke, Walter P. Papers

The Walter P. Paepcke Papers consist of 72 linear feet and include biographical material, correspondence, subject files, financial documents, publications, scrapbooks, ledgers, newspaper clippings, and photographs. The collection also includes information pertaining to the Container Corporation of America, a business founded by Walter Paepcke in 1926. In addition to materials that refer to Paepcke's paperboard container business, the papers also document some of his philanthropic, cultural, and educational interests. Included among them is the Goethe Bicentennial Foundation, which organized a festival in 1949 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Included among Paepcke's other cultural and educational activities are materials relating to the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. The AIHS, founded in 1950, became an intellectual and cultural center of continuing education that provided seminars, lectures, and forums conducted by leaders in commerce, industry, science, education, religion, and government.

Singer, Milton. Papers

Milton Singer (1912-1994) anthropologist. The Papers document Singer's career as Professor of Anthropology at the University of Chicago, including his role in the Redfield Comparison of Cultures Project and his scholarship as an expert on India and on semiotic anthropology. Collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, notes, course materials, photographs and audio and video recordings.

University of Chicago. Office of the President. Hutchins Administration. Records

This collection contains records of the University of Chicago Office of the President, covering the administration of Robert M. Hutchins, who served as President from 1929-1945, then as Chancellor from 1945-1951, after the title of the office was changed. Included are administrative records such as correspondence, reports, publications, budgets and personnel material.

University of Chicago. University Extension. Records

One of the five original divisions of the University, the Extension was created "to bring as far as possible its [the University's] many advantages for culture and instruction to people who are prevented by circumstances from going to the University itself." The Records contains correspondence, reports, minutes, student examination grades, syllabi, course descriptions, and scrapbooks of promotional and informational material. Includes minutes of the Board of the University Extension (1901-1911). Also includes administrative and financial files from the Extension's constituent units, including: the Home Study Department (1892-1961), particularly the Navy Correspondence Courses Research Project (1949-1962); the Lecture-Study Department (1892-ca. 1902); and the University College/Downtown Center (1892-1979), especially the Self-Study Project (1933-1962) and the Union Research and Education Projects/Union Leadership Program (1949-1965).