Finding Aids


Abraham, Alton. Collection of Sun Ra

Alton Abraham (1927-1999), entrepreneur and hospital technician, was a longtime friend and business associate of Sun Ra (1914-1993), the influential jazz composer and musician. Alton Abraham collected manuscripts, business records, printed ephemera, artifacts, photographs, audio and video recordings, and other documents of his work with Sun Ra. The collection contains textual, graphic, and audio-visual records of the work of Sun Ra and his collaborators, as well as professional and personal papers of Alton Abraham. The collection spans 1822-2008, with material concentrated in the late 1950s-1980s.

Anderson, Charles B. Fake Books. Collection

The Charles B. Anderson Fake Books Collection contains sets of master fake books and verse-chorus fake books, which are used as informal cues by performing musicians and as tools for learning.

Braxton, Anthony. Collection

Anthony Braxton, music professor, composer, and jazz musician. The Anthony Braxton Collection contains concert and lecture ephemera as well as a score titled L/C-J-637 (for orchestra).

Campbell, Wilbur and Valarie. Collection

Wilbur and Valarie Campbell. Wilbur Campbell, Chicago drummer; Valarie Campbell, wife and jewelry maker. The Wilbur and Valarie Campbell Collection contains correspondence, articles, artifacts, photographs, publications, posters, audio-visual material, and event ephemera.

Choice, Harriet. Collection

Harriet Choice, journalist, editor and publishing executive, worked as a jazz critic for the Chicago Tribune. She was also a founding member of the Jazz Institute of Chicago. The collection contains photographs documenting jazz performances at festivals and concerts held around 1972-1973.

Clark, E. Payson., Jr. Papers

E. Payson Clark, Jr., jazz collector, lawyer, and archivist. The E. Payson Clark, Jr. Papers contain correspondence, photographs, jazz publications, catalogs, discographies and record lists, jazz festival programs and pins, concert and event mailings, and newspapers.

Deems, Barrett. Papers

Barrett Deems, drummer. The Barrett Deems Papers contain articles, correspondence, photographs, obituaries and funeral programs, concert and event ephemera, publications, organization newsletters, and a poster.

Feeney, Jim. Collection

During the 1990's, James "Jim" Feeney worked for Robert Koester, owner of Chicago's Delmark Records and the Jazz Record Mart. The Jim Feeney Collection consists of sheet music and monographs documenting the work of jazz performers Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Henry "Red" Allen.

Grzeca, Dan. Collection

Dan Grzeca artist, painter, and printmaker. The Dan Grzeca Collection contains posters, programs, and print works for various concerts and venues.

Hilliard, Thomas. Papers

Thomas Hilliard, saxophone, clarinet, and flute teacher. The Thomas Hilliard Papers contain printed music and jazz pedagogical instruction books.

Howell, Standley. Collection

Standley Howell, jazz collector. The Standley Howell Collection contains a copy of the book Glenn Miller’s Method of Orchestral Arranging, piano instruction books, music scores, and sheet music.

Hughes, George Warner, Jr. Collection

George Warner Hughes, Jr., jazz drummer. The George Warner Hughes, Jr. Collection contains a DVD interview with Hughes printouts of photographs of Hughes, family, friends, club ephemera, and a program from his memorial service.

Isaacs, Roger, Collection of Bud Freeman Papers

Lawrence “Bud” Freeman (b. April 13th, 1906, d. March 15th, 1991) was a jazz tenor saxophonist from Chicago, Illinois, who lived and played all over the world, including New York City, London, Paris, Chile, and Japan. Freeman was a leader of the “Chicago style” of jazz, inspired by musicians like Louis Armstrong, Earl Hines, Jimmie Noone, Bessie Smith, and Bix Beiderbecke as well as the New Orleans jazz scene. This collection contains correspondence, magazine and newspaper clippings, memorials, obituaries, photographs, and interview transcripts. Also included are transcripts and drafts of Freeman’s book entitled Crazeology: The Autobiography of a Chicago Jazzman. Materials date from 1918 to 1999, with the bulk of materials dating from the late 1980s to the early 1990s.

Jackson, Franz. Papers

Franz Jackson, jazz clarinetist, saxophonist, vocalist. The Franz Jackson Papers contain correspondence, newspaper articles, publications, brochures, programs, and photographs documenting his performances, recordings, and life as a prominent jazz musician.

Jacobs, Phoebe. Papers

Phoebe Jacobs, Executive Vice President of The Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation, Inc. The Phoebe Jacobs Papers contain correspondence, announcements, brochures, advertisements, articles, event ephemera, and press kits.

James, Stafford. Collection

Stafford James, bassist and composer. James' career started in the 1970s and he plays classical and jazz music. He is unique because he plays the melodies, thereby making the bass the lead instrument. The Stafford James papers contain compact discs, press kits, and scores.

Jazz Institute of Chicago. Artwork and Posters. Collection

The Jazz Institute of Chicago. Artwork and Posters Collections contains artwork and posters for Chicago-based jazz festivals and concerts, album cover artwork and compact disc booklets.

Jazz Institute of Chicago. Crilly, Edgar. Collection

Edgar Crilly, former board member of the Jazz Institute of Chicago. The Jazz Institute of Chicago Edgar Crilly Collection contains photographs, publications, newspaper articles, correspondence, drawings, and event ephemera.

Jazz Institute of Chicago. DeMicheal, Don. Papers

Don DeMicheal, vibraphonist, music journalist, and critic. The Don DeMicheal Papers contain articles, book reviews, and liner notes written by DeMicheal as well as catalogs and discographies, jazz periodicals, a record journal, and other publications.

Jazz Institute of Chicago. Figi, Jamil. Papers

Jamil Figi, American jazz critic. The Jazz Institute of Chicago Jamil Figi Papers contain Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) newsletters, concert and event fliers and programs, photographs, and ephemera. These papers document Figi's work with the AACM and his advocacy and promotion of jazz performers.

Jazz Institute of Chicago. Gillis, Frank. Collection

Frank Gillis, pianist, jazz historian, and archivist. As a pianist, Gillis played with Bobby Hackett, Red Nichols, Jack Teagarden, Doc Cenardo, and Doc Evans. Gillis served as the Director of the Archives of Traditional Music at Indiana University. The Jazz Institute of Chicago Frank Gillis Collection contains stock arrangements, which are published orchestrations for instrumental ensembles--bands or small orchestras--that enable them to perform popular songs or piano works that were previously unpublished or published only as piano or piano-vocal works.

Jazz Institute of Chicago. Granato, Jimmy. Collection

James "Jimmy" Granato, clarinetist, jazz musician, composer. The Jazz Institute of Chicago Jimmy Granato Collection contains photographs, newspaper articles, sheet music, and fake books.

Jazz Institute of Chicago. Martin, Terry. Papers

Terry Martin, professor, jazz author, critic, and collector. Terry Martin is a Professor in Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology at the University of Chicago. He has been involved in the Chicago jazz scene for over five decades, including as a board member and committee chair of the Jazz Institute of Chicago, participation in the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, and author of liner notes and articles. The Jazz Institute of Chicago Terry Martin Papers primarily document activities of the Jazz Institute of Chicago and other Chicago jazz events, as well as a few non-Chicago events and organizations, and contain publications, record catalogs, fliers, calendars, announcements, and other ephemera of jazz events and concerts.

Jazz Institute of Chicago. Oral Histories

The Jazz Institute of Chicago Oral Histories contains drafts, transcripts and audio and video recordings of interviews with Chicago jazz musicians. There is also an interview with jazz historian and collector John Steiner.

Jazz Institute of Chicago. Peck, Robert. Collection

Robert Peck, jazz collector, radio host, and writer. The Jazz Institute of Chicago Robert Peck Collection contains auction lists, correspondence, essays, catalogs, publications, newsletters, newspaper articles, ephemera, scrapbooks, and playbills.

Jazz Institute of Chicago. Records

The Jazz Institute of Chicago is a non-profit organization founded in 1969 to help preserve the history of jazz in Chicago. The Jazz Institute of Chicago Records contain administrative material, publications, photographs, audio-visual material, articles, ephemera, and audio material which document the institution's events, board meetings, and involvement in the Chicago jazz community.

Jazz Institute of Chicago. Sheet Music. Collection

The Jazz Institute of Chicago Sheet Music Collection contains two handwritten arrangements by Prince Shell.

Jazz Piano Song Sheet. Collection

The Jazz Piano Song Sheet Collection contains printed sheet music and books ranging from 1885-1967 and includes showtunes, fox trots, waltzes, and jazz, arranged alphabetically by title. The inventory contains the song title, lyricist(s), composer(s), publisher, and date.

Jazz Serial Publications. Collection

The Jazz Serial Publications contains magazines, newspapers, journals, newsletters, and other publications of music, jazz, blues, and Chicago. Publications are primarily from the United States but also Australia and Japan.

Jazz Sheet Music. Collection

The Jazz Sheet Music Collection contains printed music and is arranged alphabetically by title. Each piece is documented with some or all of the following: lyricist, composer/arranger, publisher, and date.

Jazz Subject Files. Collection

The Jazz Subject Files Collection documents primarily jazz in Chicago, from the 1990s through the present. The collection is compiled by the Chicago Jazz Archive and contains articles, programs, ticket stubs, calendars, fliers, postcards, photographs, posters, buttons, and other ephemera about musicians, festivals, concerts, performances, venues, organizations, record companies, radio stations, television, film, and other events related to Chicago jazz.

Jazz Textile. Collection

The Jazz Textile Collection contains t-shirts promoting jazz-related events and organizations. The t-shirts date from around the mid-1990s through 2001.

Koester, Bob. Collection

Bob Koester, record collector, owner of Delmark Records and Jazz Record Mart in Chicago. The Bob Koester Collection includes issues of Jazz Report and Music Memories and Jazz Report.

Lang, Harvey. Collection

Harvey Lang, drummer. Lang started playing the drums at age three and played for over sixty years, primarily in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Disneyworld in Orlando. He played for a long list of performers including Wayne Newton, Herbie Fields, Ginny and the Gallions, Lee Caron, Frank Sinatra, Bubba Kolb, Louis Prima, and Clark Terry. The Harvey Lang Collection includes lists of Lang's record album collection, and thirty-eight scrapbooks containing photographs, newspaper articles, programs, brochures, correspondence, advertisements, postcards, and other ephemera documenting his career as a drummer.

Lewis, Leon. Papers

Leon Lewis, jazz enthusiast and advertiser. The Leon Lewis Papers contains articles, correspondence, handwritten music, record catalogs and discographies, publications, and restaurant ephemera.

Longstreet, Stephen. Collection

Stephen Longstreet was a writer, cartoonist, and painter. He published over one hundred novels. This collection contains watercolors, sketches, and collages.

Manning, Richard. Band. Collection

Richard Manning, band leader, composer, and music arranger. The Richard Manning Band Collection contains stock and handwritten arrangements for dance bands, music books, newspaper articles, advertisements, and correspondence.

McPartland, Jimmy and Marian. Collection

Jimmy and Marian McPartland, cornetist and pianist. The Jimmy and Marian McPartland Papers contain photographs, reviews, concert ephemera, correspondence, and material from the making of The Magic Horn, a television program part of the television series The Alcoa Hour.

Montgomery, Mike. Collection

The Mike Montgomery Collection contains a copy of "Pekin Rag" by Joe Jordan, photocopies of Toddle News from the 1920's, an article about a lecture by Montgomery, and blank stationery.

Richards, Bob. Productions. Collection

The Bob Richards Productions Collection contains a photograph of Ray Brown and Roy Eldridge.

Rompon, Peter. Collection

Peter Rompon, jazz collector. The Peter Rompon Collection consists of periodicals, catalogs, discographies and record lists. There are also handwritten music and arrangements, songbooks, and fake books.

Spink, George. Collection

The George Spink Collection contains transcripts and audio cassettes of interviews with saxophonist Bud Freeman and Richard "Dick" Wang.

Squibb, Francis P. Papers

Francis P. Squibb, jazz musician, curator, and writer. The Francis P. Squibb Papers contain advertisements, articles, correspondence, interviews, photographs, songbooks, fake books, method books, programs, publications, liner notes, record catalogs and discographies, essays, and manuscripts. There is handwritten, printed, and photocopied music as well as music transcriptions.

Stanger, Philip. Collection

Philip Stanger, drummer and drum instructor. The Philip Stanger Collection contains drum, xylophone, marimba and other percussion pedagogy books and manuals, sheet music, advertisements, articles, magazines, and photographs.

Steiner, John. Collection

John Steiner, jazz collector, record producer, chemist. The John Steiner Collection contains sheet music, articles, photographs, scrapbooks, correspondence, interviews, ephemera, and publications. The collection spans 140 years and documents Chicago jazz and blues, musicians, clubs, printed music, recording companies, and recording technology.

Stiernberg, Ed. Collection

The Ed Stiernberg Collection contains photographs depicting Joe Segal at the Roosevelt record listening club. There is a photograph of Muggsy Spanier, Pee Wee Russell, and Miff Mole from the October 16, 1948 Dave Garroway concert at the Chicago Opera House, as well as photocopies of the concert reviews.

Thoma, George F. Collection

George F. Thoma, musician. The George F. Thoma Collection contains photographs of various members of the Artie Shaw Band at the navy barracks of Pearl Harbor in 1943.

University of Chicago. Library. Chicago Jazz Archive. Exhibits. Records

The University of Chicago Library Chicago Jazz Archive Exhibits Records contain publicity material, photocopies, brochures, announcements, articles, and ephemera related to Chicago Jazz Archive-produced exhibits, primarily "From Dreamland to Showcase: Jazz in Chicago, 1912-1996" and “Jazz-The Chicago Scene: The Art of Stephen Longstreet.”

Velvet Lounge. Collection

The Velvet Lounge Collection of the Chicago Jazz Archive conserves a range of materials pertaining to the history of one of Chicago's last Black jazz clubs on the South Side. Established in 1982, the Velvet Lounge operated as a jazz club until 2010. Covering that 30-year span, the collection consists of artifacts, event ephemera, newspaper articles, and photographs of musicians, including the club's founder, saxophonist Fred Anderson.

Walton, Charles. Collection

Charles Walton, drummer and author. The Charles Walton Collection contains a photograph of jazz musicians, including legendary vibraphonist Lionel Hampton, circa late 1930s-1940s.

Weeks, Charles Bryant Frederick. Papers

Charles Bryant Frederick Weeks, drummer, banker, and board member of the Jazz Institute of Chicago. The Charles Bryant Frederick Weeks Collection includes ephemera on events and organizations in Chicago, administrative records for the Jazz Institute of Chicago, correspondence, catalogs, method books, audio material, articles, photographs, and a scrapbook. The collection documents Weeks' professional life and involvement in Chicago jazz, jazz events, and organizations in Chicago, particularly the Jazz Institute of Chicago.

Zuccarello, Paul. Collection

Paul D. Zuccarello, band leader and music arranger. The Paul Zuccarello Collection contains stock and handwritten arrangements, sheet music, composition notebooks, instruction books, and songbooks of jazz and popular tunes for dance bands.