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American Association for Public Opinion Research. Records

The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) was founded in 1947 as a professional society of individuals engaged or interested in public opinion research and its allied fields. The Association supports standards and best practices in the collection, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of survey data. This collection contains administrative correspondence, memoranda, meeting materials, by-laws, reports, directories, newsletters, publications, photographs, audio cassettes, video tapes, and other documents representing the activities of AAPOR. Materials date between 1946 and 2010, with the bulk of the material dating from 1960 to 2000. The records primarily document the administrative functions of AAPOR, its annual conference, and publications.

Austrian, Celia and Delia. Papers

Celia Austrian(1874 - c.1907). Delia Austrian (1874-1928), journalist. The papers in the Austrian Collection are primarily diaries of the trips to Europe prior to 1915, both by Delia and her mother, working and finished manuscript for novels, stories, plays, and articles, assignments, and college notes. There are a few family pictures, three notebooks by Celia, diplomas from the various schools Delia attended, and one painting by Delia.

Barron, Elwyn A. Papers

Elwyn A. Barron (1855-1929) was a drama critic and playwright working in Chicago between 1877 and 1895. The Elwyn A. Barron Papers contain correspondence, memorabilia, dramatic criticism, and drafts of plays, novels, and poetry.

Bay, Jens Christian. Scrapbook on Pulitzer Prizes in Journalism

Bound volume of newspaper clippings compiled by Jens Christian Bay concerning primarily the Pulitzer Prize. Includes articles on general information and recipients. The volume also includes clippings on lynching, chivalry, Southern American culture, and international politics.

Bonner, Amy. Papers

Amy Bonner (1891-1955) journalist and poet. From 1937-1947 she served as Poetry’s eastern business representative. The bulk of the Papers represent the correspondence Bonner received as Poetry’s business representative. Also included is a small amount of earlier correspondence, particularly with Harriet Monroe.

Brooks, Shirley. Collection

Charles William Shirley Brooks (1816–1874) was a British journalist and novelist. This collection contains correspondence between Brooks and various recipients, including Horace Mayhew. Also included is a collection of autographs from various artists associated with the British satirical magazine, Punch. The collection dates from 1858 – 1865, although some of the materials are undated.

Castle, Henry Northrup. Papers

Henry Northrup Castle (1862-1895) Journalist and political leader in Honolulu. Attended Oberlin College. The papers contain personal correspondence, college essays and other writings, the personal correspondence of Castle's immediate family, miscellaneous family papers, and typed copies and printer's proofs of a volume of Castle's letters that were edited by George and Helen (Castle's sister) Mead in 1902. Letters include correspondence with George Herbert Mead.

Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey. Records

The collection consists of 120,000 typewritten pages translated from newspapers of 22 different foreign language communities in Chicago, ranging from Lithuanian, Slovene, and Filipino to Chinese, Albanian, German, Greek, and Ukrainian communities. The dates of the original articles span the period of 1861-1938. The collection is arranged alphabetically by language group, beginning with Albanian newspapers and ending with those of the Ukrainian language press.

Commission on Freedom of the Press. Records

The Commission on Freedom of the Press was appointed in 1944 to investigate the freedom, function, and responsibilities of the major agencies of mass communication operative at the time. The Records include copies of all Committee memoranda, reports, and minutes. These materials were distributed to its members during the tenure of the Commission as individually numbered "documents." After publication of the Commission's final report, Robert Redfield and Charles Merriam presented their copies of these unpublished papers to the University of Chicago Library.

Der Monat. Records

The records of Der Monat comprise correspondence files, reports, and papers of the American editor Melvin J. Lasky. Der Monat, a German-language political and cultural journal, first appeared in Germany in October, 1948. The purpose of the publication was to serve as a weapon against communism and fascism and to be a voice for western ideals. After six years of U.S. government sponsorship, Der Monat became a private journal, independently published by the Gesellschaft für Internationale Publizistik. The last issue appeared in 1971 after a long association with the International Association for Cultural Freedom.

Gunther, John. Papers

John Gunther, journalist and writer. The John Gunther Papers consist of different draft versions of Gunther's books along with correspondence, articles, and notes related to these projects. Papers related to Chicago Revisited.

Hansen, Harry. Papers

Harry Hansen, writer, literary critic, and editor. The Harry Hansen Papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts by Hansen, reviews and production notes of his books, and an extensive collection of clippings of his book review columns, World War I reporting, and other short writings.

Keddie, William. Papers

William Keddie (1809-1877), editor, scientist, collector, and author. The Papers contain correspondence, an autograph book, manuscripts, and newspaper clippings. The collection reflects Keddie's concerns as editor of the Scottish Guardian, as well as his interests in religion, science, history, and collecting manuscripts and letters. The papers also include letters addressed to John Parker, printer, publisher, and superintendent of the Cambridge University Press.

Lincoln Collection. American Political Cartoons

The American Political Cartoons forms part of the William E. Barton Collection of Lincolniana and contains an array of cartoons and drawings from the period prior to and during the political career of Abraham Lincoln.

Mencken, H. L. Collection

Henry Louis “H.L.” Mencken (1880 –1956) journalist, satirist, and scholar of American English. The collection contains eight letters written by Mencken from 1925 to 1933.

Morgan, Thomas J. Papers

Thomas J. Morgan (1847-1912), socialist activist and journalist. Born in England in 1847 and migrated to U.S. in 1869. Active in the machinists labor movement and the Socialist Labor Party. Editor and publisher of The Provoker. Contains correspondence concerning The Provoker, party correspondence, drafts of committee resolutions and statements with which Morgan was associated. Also includes drafts of speeches and articles by Morgan, miscellaneous clippings, journals and publications reflecting Morgan's activities in the Socialist Labor Party and politics in general, as well as Morgan's diverse public welfare interests.

Native American Educational Services. American Indian Press Association Records

This collection consists of press releases produced by the American Indian Press Association. The collection forms part of the archives of Native American Educational Services,

Norris, Hoke. Papers

Hoke Norris, reporter, novelist, director of Public Affairs for the University of Chicago. The Hoke Norris Papers primarily consist of newspaper clippings of articles written by Norris. There are also six letters, including one from Bülent Ecevit, the prime minister of Turkey in 1974, 1977, 1978-1979, and 1999 to the present.

Panarity, Gerim M. Papers

Gerim M. Panarity was an Albanian-American activist, journalist, and longtime editor of Dielli, the first Albanian-American newspaper in the United States. This collection contains correspondence, clippings, diaries, legal documents, manuscripts, photographs, maps and copies of Albanian and Albanian-American newspapers, including Dielli. The Gerim M. Panarity Papers document the Albanian-American community and modern Albanian history and politics.

Sandburg, Carl and Ruth Falkenau. Correspondence

Letters and manuscripts sent by Sandburg to Falkenau between 1919 and 1930. Includes two poems and a short story.

Sheean, Vincent and Ruth Falkenau. Correspondence

Letters and texts sent by journalist and novelist Vincent Sheean and his wife Diana Sheean to Ruth Falkenau between 1919 and 1986. Includes personal correspondence describing Sheean's work and travels and a manuscript, "The Voice of the Turtle."

Wells, Ida B. Papers

Ida B. Wells, (1862-1931) teacher, journalist and anti-lynching activist. Paper contain correspondence, manuscript of Crusade for Justice: the Autobiography of Ida B. Wells, diaries, copies of articles and speeches by Wells, articles and accounts about Wells, newspapers clippings, and photographs. Also contains Alfreda M. Duster's (Wells' daughter) working copies of the autobiography which Duster edited. Correspondents include Frederick Douglass and Albion Tourgee. Includes photocopies of correspondence of Wells' husband Ferdinand Barnett and a scrapbook of newspapers articles written by him.