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Alberti, Leon Battista, De re aedificatoria. Manuscript (Ms 1)
Treatise on architecture. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 1.
Albertus, Magnus, Saint, De homine. Manuscript (Ms 2)
Philosophical treatise on the soul. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 2.
Albright, Ivan, Medical drawings made direct from patients & in operating room in Base Hospital # 11 located at Nantes, France, Manuscript (Ms 1560)
Medical drawings of soldiers’ wounds by artist Ivan Albright, made in a military hospital in Nantes, France, 1918-1919. Codex Ms 1560.
Almanach durch Barptolomeũ Reysacher... gemacht auff das Jar M.D.LVIII (Ms 1038)
An anonymous diary written in minuscule German script within a printed almanac. Imprint: Wienn, Gedruckt durch M. Zimmermann, 1558. Bound with another printed text titled: Practica durch Barptolomeum Reysacher aus Kändten ... Text in German. Codex Ms 1038.
American Recipes
Manuscript collection of cooking recipes. Includes recipes and home remedies. Also includes newspaper clippings, pasted in, with additional loose recipes in multiple hands, laid in.
Anderson, William H. and the Anti-Saloon League. Papers
Contains correspondence, press releases, speeches, and reports. Material documents Anderson's work with the Anti-Saloon League and the League's relations with John D. Rockefeller and the Black Belt Farms Company. Correspondents include Charles S. Whitman, two-time governor of New York.
Archicofradía del Santísimo Sacramento y Caridad. Records
Mexico (City). Archicofradía del Santísimo Sacramento y Caridad. Records of the Archconfraternity of the Blessed Sacrament of the metropolitan cathedral of Mexico City, from 1555 to 1858. Contains legal, financial, and other documents relating to the activities of the confraternity.
Aristotle, De moribus ad Nicomachum. Manuscript (Ms 5)
Argyropulos' translation of Ethica Nicomachea made for Cosime de Medici. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 5.
Averroës, Notabilia Dicta; Albertus Magnus, Tractatus Proportionum; Anonymous, Latitudines Formarum; and Robertus Anglicus, Compilatio Super Tractatu de Sphaera. Manuscript (Ms 3)
Copy of Averroes' Notabilia dicta, plus incomplete portions of commentaries on Aristotle's De Anima and Metaphysics, and of the medical tract Al-Kulliyyat. Bound with three unrelated treatises: Albertus Magnus, Tractatus proportionum; Anonymous, Latitudines formarum; and Robertus Anglicus, Compilatio super tractatu de sphaera. Circa 1430-1450. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 3.
Bakwin, Dr. Harry and Dr. Ruth Morris Bakwin. Soviet Posters. Collection
This collection contains nineteen Soviet political posters produced in the early 1930s, collected by the American physicians Dr. Harry Bakwin and Dr. Ruth Morris Bakwin during two trips to the Soviet Union. The majority of the posters promote the First Five Year Plan (1928-1932), a series of industrial targets designed by the Stalinist regime to build up heavy industry in the Soviet Union. Most of the posters are in Ukrainian, with the remainder in Russian. The posters depict various aspects of the industrialization and militarization drive of this period, as well as general themes in the communist worldview and important moments in Marxist history.
Baldwin, Loammi. Papers
Loammi Baldwin was a pioneering civil engineer who lived in Massachusetts from 1780 to 1838. He planned and executed public works projects in several Eastern states including canals, public monuments, dams, and tunnels. His lifework was a series of dry docks he built on commission by the United States government in 1833. The collection contains 247 handwritten letters both from and to Baldwin and his business associates, colleagues, and family members. The letters reveal aspects of Baldwin's personal life as well as his professional projects and meditations.
Barzi, Benedetto, and Angelo Gambiglioni, Rubricae. Manuscript (Ms 8)
Notes taken by a law student, possibly in Ferrara, Italy. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 8.
Bekker, Immanuel. Papers
Immanuel Bekker (1785-1871) Philologist. The Papers consist entirely of correspondence addressed to Bekker. Some are semi-official communications (Niebuhr, W.V.Humboldt); many are of a scholarly nature, occasionally with extensive Greek quotations. Those written by Bekker's closer intimates are often typical of the need felt in the Romantic era to open one's heart to a friend, while a few are no more than short invitations (Reimer). The letters cover the period 1806 to 1853.
Bernard of Clairvaux, De consideratione. Manuscript (Ms 9)
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux's advice to Pope Eugene III on ecclesiastical government, composed during 1149-1152. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 9.
Blair, James. Collection
James Blair, correspondent for Philadelphia mercantile house, Stewart, Nesbitt & Co., operating primarily out of the Caribbean island of Dominica in the late 18th century. This collection contains letters written Blair from 1781 to 1792. Also included in the collection is a letter from William Lawrence to Alexander Nesbitt.
Book of hours (use of Châlons-sur-Marne.) Manuscript (Ms 26)
French Book of Hours made for use at Châlons-sur-Marne. The text includes a calendar of Châlons-sur-Marne in French, Hours of the Virgin, Seven penitenial Psalms, Litany, Office of the Dead, Prayers and Antiphons in Latin and French. Text in French and Latin. Codex Ms 26.
Brainerd, Mary Bowen. Papers
Mary Bowen Brainerd, writer. The Mary Bowen Brainerd Papers consist of correspondence, research notes, and drafts of a dissertation.
British Lottery Handbills
The collection contains handbill advertising lotteries held in Great Britain from 1806 to 1826.
Bruni, Leonardo, De primo bello Punico. Manuscript (Ms 31)
Collation of materials derived directly from Polybius and Plutarch, which was first printed in 1498 under the title Polybius de primo bello Punico et Plutarchi paralelia. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 31.
Bruni, Leonardo, Opuscula varia. Manuscript (Ms 32)
Four speeches by Leonardo Bruni, together with unidentified speeches. Text in Latin and Italian. Codex Ms 32.
Burchardus de Monte Sion. Descrioptio seu declaratio terrae sanctae. Manuscript (Ms 707)
An abridgement of Burchardus' description of the Holy Land, by an unknown author. Possibly a fragment of a larger manuscript held by the University of Ghent. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 707.
Butler-Gunsaulus. Collection
Chiefly letters and manuscripts by notable American men such as John Adams, William Cullen Bryant, DeWitt Clinton, Stephen A. Douglas, Frederick Douglass, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Horace Greeley, Washington Irving, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, William Henry Seward, George Washington and many more. Also contains a small number of manuscripts by Europeans, including Erasmus and the Marquis de Lafayette.
Butler, Demia. Papers
The Demia Butler Papers consist of a diary written during Butler's first year as a student at the University of Chicago, 1892-1893.
Caballero, Fernán. Papers
Fernán Caballero, pseudonym of Cecilia Francisca Josefa de Arrom, (1796-1877), Spanish author. The papers consists primarily of correspondence from Caballero to French scholar Antoine de Latour, but also includes other correspondence, manuscripts and articles.
Calderino, Domizio, Commentaria in Martialem. Manuscript (Ms 11)
Commentary on obscure words and phrases, and general interpretation of the text of Martial. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 11.
Carter, Henry Kendall. Papers
The Henry Kendall Carter Papers (1823-1880, bulk 1840-1870) are made up of business documents, primarily concerning Carter's time in New Orleans (circa 1842-1874), personal and business correspondence, and personal memo books and diaries (1850-1878). Together, these items shed light on business life in Antebellum New Orleans, and on the realities of personal and business life in a divided country during the Civil War.
Century of Progress International Exposition Publications
Published informational and promotional material produced for the Century of Progress Exhibition, Chicago, Illinois, 1934. Includes guidebooks, pamphlets, and brochures distributed by exhibiting corporations and the national, state, and city concerns, as well as official publications from the Century of Progress Exhibition, Chicago, Illinois.
Chicago Committee of Fifteen. Records
Also known as Manuscript Codex 1028, these twenty-six volumes were gathered for an investigation of Chicago crime, focusing on prostitution and the illegal sale of alcohol. Notes are from on-scene investigations, summaries of court records and newspaper clippings.
Colonna, Asconia, Judicium in Caesarem Baronium de Monarchia Sicilia. Manuscript (Ms 13)
Colonna's criticism of Baronio's remarks in 'Annales Ecclesiastici' regarding the Spanish crown; Baronio's reply; and Baronio's letter to Philip III of Spain. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 13.
da Verona, Pietro, Rubricae super quartum et quintum decretalium. Manuscript (Ms 34)
Commentary on Books IV and V of the Decretals of Pope Gregory IX. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 34.
Davis, Jefferson, Trial Papers. MS 979
MS 979 Jefferson Davis Trial papers. These fourteen documents indicate the legal entanglements, ambiguous delays, political floundering, and shifting of responsibilities that occurred during the period from Jefferson Davis' first indictment for treason, on May 10, 1866, through March 6, 1868, when the trial, finally set for March 26, 1868, was postponed again. The collection includes seven original letters and two copies of correspondence between L.H. Chandler, U.S. District Attorney for Virginia; Henry Stanbery, U.S. Attorney General; Edwin Stanton, U.S. Secretary of War; William M. Evarts and Richard H. Dana, assistant council for the prosecution; and Charles O'Connor, Davis' lawyer.
Diodorus, Siculus, Bibliotheca historica. Manuscript (Ms 14)
Books one through five of Bibliotheca historica, translated from the Greek by Poggio Braccioline. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 14.
Diogenes Laertius, De vita et moribus philosophorum. Manuscript (Ms 15)
Biographies of philosophers; translated from Greek by Ambrogio Traversari. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 15.
Dixson, Zella Allen. Papers
Zella Allen Dixson (1858-1924), librarian, served as de facto head of the University of Chicago Library from 1891 until 1910. The papers consist of loose leaves from a scrapbook compiled by Mrs. Dixson from 1876 to 1910. Except for three topical folders, the material is arranged chronologically. Included are letters from Melvil Dewey and Thomas W. Goodspeed; brochures describing her library science courses at the University; offprints of various ephemeral articles; and photographs of her summer home, Wisteria Cottage, in Granville, Ohio.
Drew, Helen L.. Correspondence
Helen L. Drew received her M. A. degree in English from the University of Chicago in 1915. She was appointed an instructor in English at Wellesley College in 1917 and in 1919 joined the faculty of Rockford College. The Helen L. Drew Correspondence consists of thirty-seven letters which Miss Drew received from a group of her friends, mainly graduate students with whom she had studied in the English Department at the University, during and shortly after World War I.
Duckworth, Sir John Thomas. Papers
Contains correspondence, naval orders and instructions, and reports. Also includes an 1811 broadside printed in Newfoundland. Topics highlight some of Duckworth's decisions as British governor and naval commander of Newfoundland on the eve of the War of 1812.
Ermengaud, Matfre, Breviario de amor. Manuscript (Ms 63)
Prose paraphrase and Spanish translation of approximately 26,000 or the 34,600 lines of the Provencal didactic poem Breviari d'amor. In Spanish. Codex Ms 63.
Eusebius, of Caesarea Historia Ecclesiastica. Manuscript (Ms 18)
Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History, eleven books, in the Latin version of Rufinus. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 18.
Eusebius, of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea, Chronica. Manuscript (Ms 17)
The Chronicle of Eusebius, in the Latin version of Jerome, with his continuation and that of Prosper of Aquitaine. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 17.
Farr, Shirley. Papers
Shirley Farr, student, faculty instructor, donor. The Shirley Farr Papers consist of a letter from Daisy E. Wood to the residents of Beecher Hall at the University of Chicago (1904); copy of The College Girls' Record, annotated by Farr; and photographs.
Feltrio, Orazio Conatus irriti Ossunae ducis ne a regimine Neapolitani regni amoveretur Liber Unus. Manuscript (Ms 20)
Pamphlet attacking Pedro Tellez Giron (1575-1624), 3rd Duke of Ossuna, for his policies during his tenure as Spanish Viceroy of Naples from 1616-1620. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 20.
Field, Eugene. Correspondence
Eugene Field, writer, poet. The Eugene Field Correspondence consists of 301 letters written to Eugene Field by various admirers, friends, family members, and business associates during the years 1884 - 1895. The collection also contains newspaper and magazine clippings pertaining for the most part to Field and his poetry.
Fuessli, Heinrich Lebens Beschreibung Hrn. Joh. Jac. Breitingers. Manuscript (Ms 332)
Biography and writings of Breitinger. The frontispiece is an etching of Breitinger by C. Meyer. Text in German. Codex Ms 332.
Gerardus Senensi Distinctiones. Manuscript (Ms 22)
The principal work is Gerard of Siena's commentary on book 1 of Peter Lombard's Sentences. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 22.
Geschichte der Philosophie nach Hegel, Notes Taken in Lectures
Notes taken by an unidentified student in lectures by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel on the history of philosophy, at the University of Berlin, in winter 1829-1830. Codex Ms 430.
Goodrich, Adelaide Eunice. Collection
Adelaide Eunice Goodrich (1861-19??). Actress and author. Collection contains prompt books of plays, scrapbooks, photographs, and a small group of patents and other legal documents of her father H. C. Goodrich. The collection also includes newspaper clippings featuring interviews with Goodrich in which she voices her opinions on comedy, drama, and the theater in general, as well as her impressions of the towns and cities where she performed.
Guido de Monte Rocherii Manipulus Curatorium. Manuscript (Ms 23)
Manual for priests; Preliminary leaves of codex contain notes on the Confession attributed to Nicholas of Osimo. Text in Italian and Latin. Codex Ms 23.
Hart, Schaffner and Marx Labor Agreement. Records
The Hart, Schaffner and Marx Labor Agreement grew out of the unsuccessful nineteen-week strike of workers in the Chicago men’s clothing industry in 1910. It was initially signed by representatives of the workers and Hart, Schaffner and Marx and represented a compromise between the United Garment Worker’s (UGW) demand for a closed shop and management desire for an open one. The Records contain correspondence, grievance cases, and trade rulings.
Heaton, David F. Papers
The David F. Heaton Papers contain personal and professional correspondence, documenting Heaton's work as a clerk in the General Land Office during the presidency of Andrew Jackson and in the private sector as an expert in land transfer and ownership. The collection also contains family correspondence exchanged between Heaton, his wife, and his sons.
Henderson, Charles Richmond. Papers
Charles Richmond Henderson (1848-1915), Baptist Minister, sociologist. The Charles Richmond Henderson Papers contain correspondence, lectures notes, student term papers, and research materials relating to prisons in Europe and Mexico, including International Prison Commission Congress (1910) and prison reform.
Hoebeke, Cornelius. J. Papers
Cornelius J. Hoebeke, student. The Cornelius J. Hoebeke Papers consist of five letters (1893-1895) written by Cornelius Hoebeke to his cousin Cornelia Hoebeke while he was a student at the University of Chicago. Also includes a graduation photograph of Cornelius.
Horace Opera. Manuscript (Ms 27)
Copies of all of Horace's known works. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 27.
Hutchins, Robert Maynard. Papers
Robert Maynard Hutchins (1899-1977) was a leader in education reform, dean of the Yale Law School, president and chancellor of the University of Chicago (1929-1951), and an executive at the Commission on Freedom of the Press, the Committee to Frame a World Constitution, Encyclopædia Britannica, the Ford Foundation, the Fund for the Republic, and the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. The collection includes material pertaining to Hutchins' research, writing, and speaking; material relevant to his professional activities; correspondence; subject files; personal ephemera; honors and awards; annotated books; and photographs and audio recordings. Materials date between 1884 and 2000, with the bulk of the material dating between 1921 and 1977.
Hyde Park Center. Collection
Established in 1908, the Hyde Park Center was an independent welfare organization providing services to children and youth in the neighborhood, such as a free kindergarten and playground, clubs and activities, and job training for youth. The organization was established in response to the problem of homeless and wayward young boys in the neighborhood. It was affiliated with the Hyde Park Juvenile Protective League, a branch of the Juvenile Protective League founded by Jane Addams in 1901, and relied heavily on mostly female volunteers from the neighborhood and local churches. This collection consists of six bulletins published by the Hyde Park Center.
Isidorus, Saint, Contra Idudaeos. Manuscript (Ms 28)
Treatise on the place of Christ in Christian theology; with remarks on the theological significance of Christ for both Jews and Christians. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 28.
Jackson, William Henry. Photographs
William Henry Jackson, photographer (1843-1942). The William Henry Jackson Photograph collection consists of 85 unique photographs and 17 duplicate prints of the West taken for the U.S. Geological Survey of the Territories (1870-78). Areas include Colorado, Mexico, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. Prints in box 4 are not identified as part of the Survey, but appear to be from roughly the same time period.
Janowitz, Morris. Collection
Morris Janowitz, sociologist. Papers include professional correspondence, biographical materials, research and subject files, manuscripts of Janowitz's books and articles, course materials, and papers concerning the Inter-University Seminar on the Armed Forces and Society, founded by Janowitz in 1960. Most dates from the late 1960s through the mid-1980s. Earlier material includes Janowitz's research using World War II military, and psychological warfare documents.
Jerome, Saint Explanationes in Ysayam, excerpta. Manuscript (Ms 25)
Excerpts from Saint Jerome's commentary on Isaiah, probably written at Erfurt, in the Carthusian convent. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 25.
Joliet Penitentiary Testimony. Records
The Joliet Penitentiary Testimony Records contain a one volume manuscript of testimony given before the Commissioners of the Illinois state Penitentiary at Joliet in 1878. The Commissioners were responsible for investigating reports of brutality in the discipline of prisoners confined at Joliet.
Juvenal, Satirae. Manuscript (Ms 29)
Copy of Juvenal's poetry; includes contents for each book at the end of the codex. Text in Latin. Codex Ms29.
Kittinger, Isaac. Collection
Isaac Kittinger (1818-1867) Union Army soldier during the United States Civil War. The collection contains correspondence between Kittinger and members of his family in 1863 and 1864.
Lafayette Manuscripts
Contains documents, primarily correspondence written by or to Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Montier, Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834). Also included are letters related to Lafayette's son, George Washington du Motier de Lafayette (1779-1849) and grandson, Edmond du Motier de Lafayette (1818-1888). Codex Ms 303.
Lane, Ebenezer, Family. Papers
The Ebenezer Lane Family Papers contain materials relating to Lane and his son, also named Ebenezer. The papers of the father (1793-1866) document his career as an attorney and judge, with materials including financial records, legal documents, letterbooks, notes on law cases, and a travel diary. The papers of the younger Lane (1819-1892) contain a diary kept while attending Kenyon College; medical school notebooks; and miscellaneous reports, invitations, announcements, and clippings relating to the Calumet Club in Chicago. The collection also includes clippings and a catalog relating to Lane's interest as a collector of rare books, manuscripts, and autographs.
Lee, Elon N. and Edson S. Bastin. Papers
Elon N. Lee and Edson S. Bastin, early students. The Elon N. Lee and Edson S. Bastin Papers consist of Edson S. Bastin's correspondence (1866-1919), Elon Lee's diary (1864-1865), drafts of essays, and miscellaneous ephemera concerning the Old University of Chicago (1867-1881).
Leo I, Pope, Sermones. Manuscript (Ms 30)
A collection of 93 sermons attributed to Pope Leo the Great. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 30.
Les Narbonnais : chanson de geste. Manuscript (Ms 708)
Late 13th century vellum fragments of Les Narbonnais and Le siège de Barbaste, two chansons from the cycle of Chansons de geste. Text in French. Codex Ms 708.
Lewis, Fielding. Papers
Fielding Lewis, plantation owner. Papers contain business records, legal documents, tax receipts and other records that document the management of an ante-bellum plantation on the James River. The collection also includes receipts for purchase of slaves as well as daily expenses.
Lincoln Collection. Lincoln Miscellaneous Manuscripts
The Lincoln Miscellaneous Manuscript section of the William E. Barton Collection of Lincolniana contains an array of material relating to Abraham Lincoln, his parentage, the Civil War, and his presidency. This section includes briefs, pardons, and commissions in Lincoln's hand, original letters of Mary Todd Lincoln, one of the few extant letters written by Lincoln to his wife, and a letter written by Willie [William Wallace] Lincoln while accompanying his father on a trip to Chicago. It also includes letters written by members of the Lincoln cabinet and other notable political and military figures of the time, material by Gideon Welles.
Lincoln Collection. Robert S. Todd. Papers
The Robert S. Todd Papers consists of approximately two hundred-eighty documents from the settlement of the estate of Mary Todd Lincoln's father, Robert S. Todd of Lexington, Kentucky. The papers form part of the William E. Barton Collection of Lincolniana.
Lloyd, Alice. Papers
Alice Lloyd, early student. The Alice Lloyd Papers consist of her diary (from October 29, 1901 to December 5, 1901), nine essays written by Lloyd around the fall of 1901, and handwritten copies (by Lloyd) of verses and essays by O.W. Holmes and John Ruskin.
Lucan, Pharsalia. Manuscript (Ms 33)
Epic poem on war between Caesar and Pompey. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 33.
Manning, George, Adventures of a Half Guinea. Manuscript (Ms 626)
The author's draft of an unfinished and unpublished novel. Codex Ms 626.
Middle Eastern Posters. Collection
The Middle Eastern Posters collection comprises posters produced by government offices and private organizations, primarily in Iran and Afghanistan.
Murdock, Fanny Bristol and Sarah Bristol Family. Papers
These papers contain the personal correspondence of Fanny Murdock, her mother Sarah Bristol, and other family members in the mid-19th century. They document the family life and war-related difficulties of a Mississippi family. Material in the collection dates from 1836 to 1866.
Nef, John Ulric, Sr., Papers
John Ulric Nef (1862-1915) chemist, who helped establish and develop the Chemistry Department at the University of Chicago. Nef attended Harvard University before completing his doctorate in Munich, Germany. After completing his doctorate, he accepted positions at Purdue University and Clark University, before accepting a position at University of Chicago, where he would stay for the rest of his life. The collection includes correspondence both personal and professional, written for and by Nef, as well as some written by his wife and son; legal documents; certificates; biographical material; academic notes and research. The majority of materials date between 1900 and 1915.
O'Gorman Mahon. Papers
James Patrick Mahon, also known as "The O'Gorman Mahon" was an Irish politician and adventurer. The collection contains correspondence, materials from court cases, documents pertaining to business ventures, a letter book, a diary, a passport, election posters, and two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings. Papers document Mahon's various political, military and business activities. Correspondents include Ann Choquet, John Adams-Acton, Arthur Richard Wellesley, William O'Shea, and Charles Parnell.
O'Hara, James E. Papers
James E. O'Hara (1844-1905), Lawyer and Republican Congressman, 1883-1887. Contains letters from family and constituents, photographs, a biographical sketch (1970) written by O'Hara's granddaughter, Vera Jean O'Hara Rivers, and memorabilia.
Old University of Chicago. Records
The first University of Chicago, a Baptist school, was incorporated in 1857 on land donated by Senator Stephen A. Douglas. The University closed in 1886 due to financial difficulties. The records contain records of the Board of Trustees, and faculty, matriculation records, catalogs, student publications, and other historical materials, including two scrapbooks.
Paper Dolls. Collection
This collection consists of paper dolls and accompanying paper clothing and accessories. The dolls were found in an 1839 volume of the New York Mirror, a weekly gazette of literature and the fine arts. Made by hand from scraps of magazines and wallpaper, the dolls are each unique, well-preserved examples of a typically fragile and ephemeral folk art.
Pelacani da Parma, Biagio, Quaestiones super libro Methaurorum. Manuscript (Ms 10)
Commentary on Aristotle's Meteorologica. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 10.
Postcards on Wright's Airplane Ascension at Le Mans
Three picture postcards from "Agnes," Chartres, France, to "Blanche," providing eyewitness description of Wilbur Wright's flight at Le Mans, France.
Prass, Marjorie Whitney. Papers
This collection contains papers, photographs, costumes and ephemera belonging to Marjorie Whitney Prass, an alumna of the University of Chicago and an avid dancer. The bulk of the collection is comprised of over 200 pieces of costume clothing, accessories and props. The majority were made for Prass by her mother, Mathilde Muller Whitney, for performances at the University of Chicago. The collection also includes choreography notes and programs from dance performances in Chicago from the 1930s through the 1980s.
Receptarium de medicinis communiter usitatis. Manuscript (Ms 36)
Medical prescriptions and remedies. Text in Latin with notes in Italian in the margins. Codex Ms 36.
Republican National Convention. Collection
The collection includes items from the 1888 Republican National Convention, held at the Auditorium Building in Chicago, Illinois, on June 19-25, 1888, and a ticket from the 1884 convention.
Rubricae de accusationibus, etc. Manuscript (Ms 39)
Commentary on Book V of decretals of Pope Gregory IX, the subject of which is crimes committed by clerics. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 39.
Salloch, William and Marianne, Collection of Prints and Drawings: “People with Books.”
The eight prints and drawings in the collection depict people reading or holding books in various settings. The works date from the 16th through 19th centuries. Two etchings by Rembrandt are included.
Schaffner, Joseph Halle, Collection in the History of Science
Contains correspondence and other documents from or related to prominent scientists. Includes the Marie Curie Correspondence with Charlotte Kellogg (ca. 1921-1929) and Curie Memorabilia, the Charles Darwin and Darwin Family Correspondence, the Albert Einstein-Walther Mayer Correspondence (1930-1933) and Einstein Photographs, the Isaac Newton Collection (1642-1727), and Miscellaneous Scientific Manuscripts (1744, 1777, 1820). The Joseph Halle Schaffner Papers (1943-1961) are also included and contain material relating to Schaffner's activities as a collector and how the collections were used by scholars and in exhibits.
Slavery and Indentured Servitude Collection
Contains seven documents pertaining to indentured servants (1766-1785). The remaining documents relate to slavery and include bills of sale, a memorandum describing the slave trade in Havana (1783), estate inventories, public notices, letters, deeds, a will, and indemnity bonds. Many of the documents are facsimiles.
Song Plugger Cards. Collection
The Song Plugger Cards collection contains 55 advertising cards from Chicago and other locations in Illinois, and one from Indiana. These advertising cards were used to promote a dance, celebration or other event and included new songs lyrics on the back of the card.
Starr, Frederick. Liberian Research Collection
Professor of Anthropology at the University of Chicago, Frederick Starr, maintained these research materials for his book, Liberia: Description, History, Problems.
Starr, Frederick. Papers
Frederick Starr (1858-1933) Assistant professor of anthropology, University of Chicago, 1892-95; associate professor, 1895-1923. Curator of the anthropological section, Walker Museum, University of Chicago, 1895-1923 Contains professional and personal correspondence; research material; field notebooks; diaries; class lecture notes; memorabilia; photographs; bibliographies; and scrapbooks. Correspondents include Frank Boas, W.E.B. Du Bois, Federico Gamboa, William Rainey Harper, John Haynes Holmes, Jenkin Lloyd Jones, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Julius Rosenwald, and Albion Small. Topics relate to Starr's interests and involvement in the former Belgian Congo, Liberia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Mexico, Central America, and the World's Columbian Exposition.
Statius, P. Papinius, Achilleid. Manuscript (Ms 704)
A manuscript copy of the epic on life of Achilles, unfinished, by a scribe named Iohannes de Sancto Quirichio. Text in Latin. Codex Ms 704.
Ubaldi, Baldo degli, Consilia de Iure. Manuscript (Ms 6)
Legal consultations. Consilia by Pietro degli Ubaldi, Angelo degli Ubaldi ... [et al.] interspersed throughout the manuscript. In Latin. Codex Ms 6.
University of Chicago. Board of Trustees. Minutes
Minutes from meetings of the University of Chicago Board of Trustees. Minutes of the regular meetings of the full Board of Trustees document the founding and development of the University, including the selection of the first president and adoption of statutes and by-laws. Also included are reports of standing and special committees, reports of gifts, grants, fellowships, and bequests, and designs for the University coat of arms and seal.
University of Chicago. Founders' Correspondence
Consists of typewritten transcripts of correspondence between John D. Rockefeller, founding donor of the University of Chicago, and others involved in the establishment of the University. Correspondents include William Rainey Harper, Thomas W. Goodspeed, Frederick T. Gates, and others.
University of Chicago. Laboratory Schools. Work Reports
The Laboratory School Work Reports are made up of monthly and quarterly reports about the Elementary and Secondary division of the University of Chicago's Laboratory School.
University of Chicago. Office of the President. Harper, Judson and Burton Administrations. Records
This collection contains records of the University of Chicago Office of the President, covering the administrations of the first three presidents of the University: William Rainey Harper (1891-1906), Harry Pratt Judson (1906-1923), and Ernest DeWitt Burton (1923-1925). Included are administrative records such as correspondence, memoranda, and reports.
University of Chicago. Office of the Registrar. World War I Service. Records
The World War I Service Records consist of 3X5 cards recording war service of University of Chicago students, including dates of enlistment and discharge, ranks and assignments, and war service credit given by the University, 1917-1919.
University of Chicago. Web Archive. Collection
The University of Chicago Web Archive Collection contains snapshots of websites documenting the history of the University of Chicago, the work of its faculty, and the life of the academic community. Websites relating to the Hyde Park, Kenwood, and Woodlawn communities, and to the holdings of the Special Collections Research Center may also be included. Websites have been collected since 2016.
Wagoners’ Guild of Apolda, Germany. Records
This small collection contains documents relating to the Wagoners’ Guild of Apolda, Germany, and its members. It consists of 33 pieces from 1677-1862, including a journeyman’s passbook of 1820, numerous certificates of apprenticeship and journeyman’s work, birth certificates, and miscellaneous guild documents.
Wallin, Madeline. Papers
Madeline Wallin was one of the first female graduate students at the University of Chicago. A student of political science, she received her Ph.M. in 1893. Contains personal correspondence, graduate school papers, articles, and photographs. Includes accounts of student life at the new University of Chicago and material relating to the University of Chicago Settlement League.
Wells, Ida B. Papers
Ida B. Wells, (1862-1931) teacher, journalist and anti-lynching activist. Paper contain correspondence, manuscript of Crusade for Justice: the Autobiography of Ida B. Wells, diaries, copies of articles and speeches by Wells, articles and accounts about Wells, newspapers clippings, and photographs. Also contains Alfreda M. Duster’s (Wells’ daughter) working copies of the autobiography which Duster edited. Correspondents include Frederick Douglass and Albion Tourgee. Includes photocopies of correspondence of Wells’ husband Ferdinand Barnett and a scrapbook of newspapers articles written by him.
Whitman, Walt, "The Bible as Poetry." Manuscript
Original manuscript of Whitman's essay, first published in The Critic in 1883. Included with the manuscript are two portraits of Whitman, a copy of the published essay and Whitman's cover letter to the publishers Jeannette Leonard Gilder and Joseph B. Gilder. Codex MS 263.
Wigmore Abbey chronicle and Brut chronicle. Manuscript (Ms 224)
Chronicle of Wigmore Abbey, with a copy of the Brut Chronicle and genealogical tables of the Kings of England and the House of Mortimer. In Latin and French. Codex Ms 224.
Winston, Thomas. Papers
Thomas Winston was a physician with Illinois troops during the Civil War. These papers relate primarily to Winston's activities as a surgeon during the Civil War. Includes biographical material, case histories, lists of medical supplies, receipts for effects of soldiers, and various documents relating to individual soldiers. Also contains some material relating to real estate after the Civil War.
Woodruff, Timothy Lester. Papers
Timothy Lester Woodruff (1858-1913), Republican politician. Lieutenant Governor of New York, 1896-1902. Contains correspondence and a speech. Material deals primarily with campaigns, patronage, and other political issues, some with references to Theodore Roosevelt and Lemuel Quigg. Correspondents include Thomas Platt, Frank S. Black, John D. Rockefeller, James Sherman, and James Wadsworth.
World's Columbian Exposition. Records
This collection includes documents and ephemera from the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. It includes photographs, newspaper clippings, reports, guides, and visitor memorabilia.
Yoshitoyo, Ichiryusai. Mashin teate kiho no ben, Makiyama Sensei dempo
Handwritten text in Japanese, "About the special way to treat the measles; Dr. Makiyama's remedy." Illustrated with colored woodcut. Includes typescript translation of text from Japanese into English.